Sunday, August 30, 2009

Only You Can Save

Hey guys, I just wrote this song...and I'm really pumped about it. It feels like one of those special ones. I don't know if it's a huge single or anything, but message-wise, it's exactly what I want to say...go over to and listen to the first song up: "Only You Can Save"

Here are the lyrics...

Only You Can Save
words and music by Chris Sligh

I saw a man today, his whole world across his back
A living monument opposed to my success
I tried to look into his eyes as his shuffled past my car
Sweat beading on his skin, his clothes and hair a mess
As the light turned green and I pulled away, he slowly disappeared
Just a memory of another chance I failed to show your love here

I wanna love because you loved
I wanna give because you gave
I wanna reach my hand out to the lost
'Cause I know your hand will save
Yeah, only you can save...

Sometimes I have to wonder if I really want to know
The struggle and the pain that others feel
Do I want to hear the stories I see echoed in their eyes
Or is this love I say that I'm reflecting even real
As the light turns on inside my head and I slowly disappear
I steel myself cuz what you call for me is to show your love here...

I wanna love because you loved
I wanna give because you gave
I wanna reach my hands out to the lost
'Cause I know your hand will save
I wanna love just like you loved
I wanna give just like you gave
I wanna reach out with your hands
'Cause only you can save
Yeah, only you can save...

Only you can save...
Only you can save...
So let me be your hands...
So let me be your eyes...
Help me understand
That I'm your hands and feet hidden behind this frail human disguise...



Anonymous said...

Good Stuff!!!! Keep bringing the truth.


Badpacifist said...

What a wonderful way to start a Sunday morning. It should be on the radio least that is my wish.

Hischild said...

LOVE it!

Just yesterday I chose to pass up an opportunity when I ignored a crying/screaming woman in her car w/several small children parked next to me at the grocery store. (It was VERY hot and my ice cream was melting). That's really haunted me ever since.

...a living monument opposed to my success...

Perfect wording, Chris. Grateful for that encouragement to do the right - next time. :o)

DJ in AL said...

"Reality Check" lyrics. Love em!
I shudder to think how many opportunities I let pass me by to touch someone else with God's love.'s a new day, no time like the present eh?

Happy Sunday!
Sending you love and acceptance from DJ in AL!

risalea said...

We talked about these verses in Bible class this morning:

Matthew 22:36-40 (New International Version)

36"Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?" 37Jesus replied: " 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' 38This is the first and greatest commandment. 39And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' 40All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments."

The lyrics talk about "trying to look into his eyes", but I think the problem is, we often cast our eyes downward, avoiding eye contact, because if our eyes meet, that person becomes real. And then we can't ignore.

Lord, help me show my love for You by loving others. Even when it's not convenient in my "busy" life.

Amen. Thank you, Chris for this powerful song.

Cathy Storms said...

Great song Chris. I think we are all guilty and struggle with this every day. I can't even imagine how many missed opportunities to share God's love has passed me by.
Someone once told me that they thought some of the homeless people were angels god sent to us to test us. I always think about that when I see someone asking for $ or food.
Great song again and it really does hit close to home.

Brenda (BBC) said...

I've been that person that people have passed by. I've stood in church, griefstricken and invisible, watching longtime church members pass by without a glance.

risalea said...

Guys, stopping by to ask your prayers on two fronts:
1) Safe travel for me as I fly to Ohio tomorrow.
2) Prayers for my niece Madeline (y'all know who she is if you came to last year's or this year's picnic). She's having kidney surgery and will be hospitalized for several days so they can monitor her.

I'm going to help our sister Cindy for a few days.

Appreciate y'all. Risa

Cathy Storms said...

Safe journeys Risa. I'll be praying for Madeline.

Badpacifist said...

I just saw this on my comcast page Chris is number 70 of all time according to them

DJ in AL said...

Prayers coming your way and Madeline's too!


risalea said...

Randy-obviously none of us participated in that poll! LOL

runaussie2 said...

At first I thought - hmm - lyrics reminiscent of Give me your Eyes by Brandon Heath which is still on the charts but then I listened - and I really like it. In fact, I want to go listen to it again.

EmilyBoo said...

Very powerful. I know I've passed up more opportunities to show God's love than I have taken. I LOVE the song. Thanks Chris, for putting to words and music concerns that are on my heart!

Risa, praying for you and your niece!

Kara said...

Great song Chris!

DJ in AL said...

Just a reminder to the Fro Patro to please send prayers to Risa's neice Madeline who is having surgery today and to her family who will be anxiously waiting. I figure the more we send the better!

Happy Hump Day!

Cathy Storms said...

Sending my prayers..

Amy's Purple Poodles said...

Chris-I love the message in the song "Only You Can Save". I listened to it several times-just awesome! You always have the perfect words for the right message. After a few listens I was in tears.

Risa-I will keep Madeline, your sister in Ohio, and you in my thoughts and prayers. Let us know how everthing goes.

Cathy-I hope you are safe from the wildfires in CA. I just saw on my home page where it says it was determined they were started by man, not nature. It makes me sick to think how careless people can be.

Hope everyone is having a good hump day!


Cathy Storms said...

Thanks Amy. Yeah we are all safe and sound. The fires are actually north of us but we expect a couple here before this heatwave is over. They are really awful.

DJ in AL said...

I know Risa will drop by to tell everyone that Madeline's surgery went well! God is good! But ya'll knew that didn't ya?

Thanks for the prayers I know ALL of you sent their way!

risalea said...

Thanks, everyone. Maddie Lou's surgery went well--she'll be in the hospital for monitoring until the weekend and probably out of school through next week, but the doctor thinks everything looks great. I appreciate all your prayers, as does Madeline, Cindy and Eric!

I want to ask your prayers for another Fro Patroer who has been facing a lot of difficulties the last few months and was hit with another one today, but yet is keeping a positive attitude. God is indeed good, even through the hard times.

ChrisSligh said...


If you see this:

Sarah and I are taking a trip down to Raleigh this weekend and are wondering if you were serious about wanting one of the cats?

Let me know and we'll figure out a way to hook up and drop it off!


robyn said...

Sure 'nuff am serious! I let Sarah know...can't take but one though, already have two, but the young one misses his playmate that passed on a few months back. The other one is an old fuddy duddy that won't play. (She thinks she's the bees knees and too good for romping) but she's 12 and I have to cut her some slack...

bright said...

I would like "Vessel" to be made into an accompaniment CD - any chance?

DJ in AL said...

Hey Chris, if I say I'll take one will you schlep over to B'ham?
Just asking!

Robyn, smart, smart girl!

Headed to the Lake this weekend, hope all my Fro buddies and the Fro himself and his chick have a great Labor Day!

Carmen said...

So glad that Madeline had a a successful surgery. You are right, God is good-- in the hard times and the good times.

Chris, love the lyrics to this song. Like Risa, it made me think of my favorite scripture--
John 13: 34 - 35

34: A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.
35 By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.

For many years I was used to praying each day, "Father, help me to have a good day today." Or I would ask for something specific like "Father help me pass my test and make a good grade in biology" One day I decided that that was a rather selfish/ self center way of praying. I felt moved to do something for my Heavenly Father, so rather than asking, ‘Help me to have a good day,’ I asked Heavenly Father, ‘How can I help thee to have a good day today? What can I do for thee today? How can I make thee happy today?’

And then the words came into my head so clearly, distinctly and so beautifully. ‘If you want to make me happy today, go out and find someone who needs you and do something for him. If you want to make me happy today, obey my commandments.’

I guess what I am trying to say, is showing your love for God and making him happy is simply doing just that—serving his children and living his commandments. I believe that by treating others with kindness and respect we show love for our Father in Heaven. We can show that love to a family member, our friends or as Chris articulated so eloquently in his song a complete stranger who happens to shuffle past our car.

Thanks Chris for the beautiful song and the message that it brings.


Hischild said...

Nice, nice post, Carmen.

DJ in AL said...


You claim not to communicate well via the written word-I disagree!

risalea said...

Happy Labor Day weekend to all blogger friends. Any of you traveling, stay safe on the roads out there. Love to all, Risa

EmilyBoo said...

Speaking of kittens, those of you who have me friended on facebook may have seen the pictures of the kittens my family adopted this week. As we mulled over names, we thought we might like them to be named after cheeses (haha, I LOVE cheese.) One of the names we tossed around was Fromage (cheese in French.) I thought if I named one of the kittens Fromage, I could call her Fro for short (how cool would a Fro Patro kitten be?) but it looks like Fromage is not one of the chosen names. At this time it looks like we are going with Brie and Gouda.

Carmen, great post!

risalea said...
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risalea said...

I think I've posted that this is probably my favorite hymn because of the lyrics and the wonderful harmony. Another way to express the thoughts shared throughout this blog.

The Greatest Commands
Love one another, for love is of God.
He who loves is born of God;
And knows God.
He who does not love, does not know God,
For God is love, God is love, God is love.

Love bears all things,
Believes all things,
Love hopes all things,
Endures all things.

God is love, God is love, God is love.
God is love, God is love, God is love.
God is love, God is love, God is love,
God is love, God is love, God is love.

Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart,
With all thy soul, all thy strength,
All thy mind.
Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart,
For God is love, God is love, God is love.

Cathy Storms said...

Carmen~What a beautiful post. Rings so true.

I agree with DJ~If I say I'll take a kitten, would that get you to California?

Happy Labor Day Weekend from a very hot and humid Southern California.

DJ in AL said...

Emily-LOL, you should have stood your ground on Fro, love it!~ Think I'll hold on to that idea for my next kitty.

robyn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
robyn said...


Hey! ya'll have gotta go to Briggs Restaurant while you're here for breakfast or has the best Florentine Benedict on the face of the earth!!!! The best EVERYTHING on the face of the earth!!! coffe included....the pancakes are to die for....ooohhhh I wnna go right now......there's one in cary at 1225 nw maynard rd...raleigh at 8111-169 creedmoor rd (near crabtree valley mall) and one in durham and wake forest...the one in cary is my fav...i'll take ya if ya want! I have a mini van...i could meet ya there for the kitty transport even...

runaussie2 said...

Off-topic question -

Chris, do you have any advice for a 17 year old young man with aspirations to be a music producer such as Christian colleges that he might consider attending with that goal in mind?

EmilyBoo said...

Haha DJ, you can have the name Fromage. But Robyn may beat you to it! LOL

Have you guys heard of a band called Tim Be Told? I get weekly emails from Gospel Music Channel with a free music download... this week's download is by them. After hearing it and wanting more (it was very short,) I checked out their myspace. Really catchy stuff! And they're still unsigned!

Free download:


Nique's Nana said...

Wow Chris, what powerful lyrics.

risalea said...

Quick thanks to the FB friends on here who sent email messages to my niece via the hospital. She got so many that we had the wall covered. The power of Facebook and the power of friends...can't beat it. : ) She's going home tomorrow. yay! I can't say enough good things about Akron Children's Hospital...I'm going to pay more attention when the Miracle Network does their marathon for children's hospitals all over the country. They do a fantastic job and are so attentive to the kids.

robyn said...

hey guys, project kitty went off without a hitch! She's at home with me now, taking like her 4th or 5th nap of the day...she kinda bonded with our youngest cat a little, older cat is being nonchalant and ignoring right now...daughter went with me to retrieve said kitty, love at first sight...son played w/her endlessly a bit later and he's hooked too!(they were raised luvin' kitties)

Anonymous said...

I think self worth (both good and bad) make reaching out for others difficult. Perhaps in singing about it, and how it is not only possible but within reach, perhaps it will encourage those of us who always need it.

Like Mother Theresa said, We can do no big things, we do small things with great love. Believing we have something to offer someone else, that is the hard part.

rosalee said...

Just a reminder -
The 2009 CMA nominations will be broadcast on Good Morning America tomorrow:

Tune in if you can.

risalea said...

And, of course, I'm back home and leaving the house early for a TA tomorrow! Someone please email me in case I miss it!

Somewhere in Nashville, awesomeness abounds as the guys start rehearsing for the "Back to School Tour"....Y'all have fun, Chris!

DJ in AL said...

Don't worry Risa, if Chris is nominated you will hear the Fro Patro cheering in the distance!

Cathy Storms said...

Since I'll be the last to know because of the time difference, someone please email me also.

Glad your home safe and sound Risa.

And Chris...So, where is the So. California date on your "Back To School Tour"? I promise I can get ton's of fans to come see you...Plese..Please...
I know, enough whining...

DJ in AL said...

GMA is supposed to announce in the 8:30 hour...........fingers crossed and all that.................

rosalee said...

Well, I guess we're out of luck this time. Good Morning America announced 5 categories at 8:30 AM:
Event of the Year
New Artist of the Year
Male Vocalist of the Year
Female Vocalist of the Year
Entertainer of the Year

CMT announced more categories at 10:00 AM:
Musician of the Year
Single of the Year
Song of the Year
Vocal Group of the Year
Vocal Duo of the Year
Music Video of the Year
Album of the Year

Rascal Flatts was nominated in the Vocal Group of the Year category, but that was it. HCG didn't get a nod. Boohoo.

DJ in AL said...

Ok, so that STINKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I actually have stronger words but am not allowed to use them.

Totally bummed for our dude!

Hischild said...

I check in to find good news and bad news. At least there's a balance.

A So CA BTS date???? Where??? When? I'd LOVE to drive to CA!

risalea said...

Cathy and Clearsa-You girls need to put your heads together and plan a concert for both of your places. Remember that Chris needs more than one to make that do-able money wise for that distance. If y'all could plan yours within a couple days of each other, who knows? Talk to him about it!

I'm such a concert promoter now. LOL

risalea said...

CMA's-bah, humbug, boycotting this year! (do you think they'll miss me? LOL)

DJ in AL said...

TOTALLY boycotting the CMA's this year!

I was already planning and scheming my trip to Nashville! I'm NOT a happy camper and NOT doing the happy dance around my office...............she says as she stomps out the door on her way home! %$#@(*CMA!!@@!!!!!!!!! ARGH!

DJ in AL said...

Just so you know, the Word Verification that I had to key to post my last comments was conSULK!

I kid you not.
So SULKING I'm doing!

Cathy Storms said...

I'm so boycotting the CMA's this year. You were robbed!! I was already planning my trip to Nashville. Grrrr...

Risa, we need your help in getting a concert here in Calif and Arizona. You are so good at it.
Clarissa, we need to figure out a way to get him here. Niques Nana can help also.

randyrogers said...
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Badpacifist said...

I heard "Ellen" was going to the fourth judge on Idol. I hope this is wrong. I haven't watched anything she has done since Chris appeared on her show. I didn't like the way she acted. Until Chris was on there she was OK with me.

Hischild said...

Oh, I see, Cathy. You were just asking FOR a CA date, not letting people know you had heard of one.

If tour dates aren't already closed off, I'd like to see what can be done to add show(s) out West.

DJ: I thought the CMA's were in Vegas? No? I'm SO confused. And disappointed along w/you, my friend.


I like Ellen and I think she'll be a TON of fun! Not sure what she knows about music besides just being a fan but I have a feeling I'm gonna like her way more than Paula. Woohoo!

risalea said...

The award show in Las Vegas, I believe is the Academy of Country Music Awards and the next one is in 2010-not sure about the date, but the website said to look in Oct. 2009 for tickets...The CMA's is a different outfit, held in Nashville in Nov.

Not sure of the difference...maybe Chris can fill us in on that. Hey, I'm up for a Las Vegas trip if they're smart enough to nominate our guy for song of the year!

DJ in AL said...

BadPacifist-it's funny you say that, I had the same thought. I love, love Ellen but I didn't think she gave him his props when he was on, to her defense his spot was cut extremely short so maybe there just wasn't enough time, I dunno. Not sure what she brings to the show other than the obvious comedic relief. She certainly doesn't bring a music background to the table. However she's funny, and probably would have loved Chris' sense of humor had she had the pleasure of seeing him in action.

Pam and Brian said...

Awesome and powerful lyrics. That's my prayer, but it's not an easy prayer to pray at times. I appreciate the honesty in your music.

risalea said...

It's "Back to School" day! Have a GREAT tour, Chris! I'm sad the schoolbus is not coming close to my bus stop till later in October, but I guess I'll live. LOL Be safe and stay well! (a tip from my bag of tricks for the Pre-K rooms I assist in my job-a tbsp. of bleach in a quart of water kills just about everything. Just have to leave on for 10 seconds. Get you a jug of bleach and a spray bottle. Solution has to be made daily. But spray things, not people. LOL It's OK to have HOG fever, but not Swine Flu!)


Cathy Storms said...

Happy tour day...Still very sad that it's not coming anywhere close to me and I can't make it Springfield but that's okay....
Hope it's a great tour..

gdahimself said...

It' the eighth anniverary of 9/11.
I think this good song for today.
The song is better than the visual.

risalea said...

Thoughts and prayers going out to the family and friends of those lost and the survivors who still deal with the horror of that day. A special thank you to the men and women who defend our freedom.

DJ in AL said...

Well said sista and amen! It's so hard to believe it's been 8 years. I can recall every detail of that day and I was no where near the Towers. But my heart was with everyone affected and it changed forever the way I viewed the world we live in.

Love and prayers and healing thoughts to all those connected or affected that day!

Amos said...

This is one of the best songs I have heard in a while. I pray we start loving those around us just in a way that is honoring to God.

Amos Tarfa

greymare said...

Chris, I love your songs and your voice, but this song is really amazing. Oh my gosh, I can hardly sing along without choking up. The Lord's anointing was certainly on you when you penned it.