Monday, June 08, 2009

Yesterday... changed for me. Not really sure why.  Not really sure how.  But I woke up yesterday and it finally clicked.  

I was an athlete my whole life.  I played basketball at a pretty good level in high school and college.  Ran track.  Tied the DOD high school record for the 200m my junior year.  I was athletic.  Then life after college happened.  I don't make excuses.  I ate the same as I always did - a lot - but without all the exercise to go along with it, weight gain happened.

Now, here I am at 31.  I took a stab at health a year ago.  But it didn't take.  I think in processing it now, it was because I was doing it for everyone else.  I wanted everyone to go "Wow, he lost weight".  I've never been good at doing what other people want me to do.  Just my character for some reason.

But yesterday I woke and it finally clicked.  I don't care if I lose weight.  I just want to be athletic again.  Obviously weight loss will probably happen if I'm becoming athletic.  But I want to enjoy athletic things again.  I want to go play basketball and be able to play more than 15 minutes.  I just want to enjoy more than music again.  I've worked really hard to be great at what I do...still working.  But I'm ready to focus on other things now. 

Like health.

So I woke up yesterday.  And I copied my dad.  In his late 30's my dad was fat.  He just decided one day he wanted to play basketball again.  So, one day, he just went out and ran as far as he possibly could before he collapsed.  Then he walked back home.  First day, he ran less than a quarter of a mile.  Within a year, he was running 5-6 miles a day 3-4 times a week.  And he got skinny.  But more importantly, he played basketball again.  With me.  

So, I'm starting a diet.  Not rigorous.  From all I've read lately, it's about doing things in steps.  I'm limiting myself to 2k or less calories a day.  Plus exercise.

Yesterday, I ran 1/3 of a mile and walked back home.  Embarrassing?  Yeah.  But only to myself.  Today I ran almost a half mile and walked back home.  And I should note that I'm running up and down hills here.  I'm tired.  

But it's a good tired.  'Cuz this is for me now.  Not anyone else.


risalea said...

It never does work, unless you do it for you, regardless of personality. : ) And it's amazing, how we so often put ourselves last on the list. (doing some self-talk now)

It's hard to believe your slim dad was ever heavy. It's changing one's mindset, and lifestyle that does the trick. You're a goal oriented guy, have no doubt you can do what you decide is important for you.

Adding some carrot sticks to the July 3rd menu. ;)

Sallie P. said...

Yay for you! I'm fighting the same "be healthy" battle. I'm trying to eat more regular food instead of fast food, and I'm walking 2-3 miles every morning. I've always been such a low energy person, and walking just 1 mile was leaving me beat at first. I'm feeling a bit more energetic these days. I had to decide to take care of myself for me as well. I always resented eating healthy and exercising when other people told me to do it. Hang in there! Walking with the dogs can make it more fun. :)

Brenda (BBC) said...

I can relate! I was an athletic youngster, but I stopped enjoying it and started enjoying food instead. I've tried several times over the years to lose weight, but I never stuck with it. Last year I had a serious health scare, and finally I had a "good" reason to start eating better and getting more exercise - I don't want to have medical problems! I've finally had success at the weight loss/get healthy thing, and it's because there's no other goal but feeling good - and that's for me.

erin said...

Good for you! It really does have to be for yourself or it won't stick.

Have you heard about It's a free website that lets you track food and exercise, and it will even generate meal plans and strength training for you if you want. I have used it for the past 16 months, and I've lost 70 pounds. No gimmicks, just sound healthy living principles. You should check it out!

Nolan Bobbitt said...

Good for you, Chris. I am in the same boat literally, except I am 39 rather than 31. BTW, I lost 14.5 lbs last week. I exercised 6 days for 30-45 minutes and ate under 2K in calories each day. I am amazed at how much food you can eat and lose weight--you just have to plan ahead. You can read my blog post about the reason I am going on this journey from fat to flat if you care to at June 1st Entry

DJ in AL said...

Dude! You are my Hero!~

Weight is such a tricky thing, so much emotional crap attached to it for some of us, but I never got the sense it was that way for you. I've always felt it was more about convenience for you, on the road all the time, food that is easily acessible is rarely healthy.

I laughed when you said you couldn't do it for others cause I totally get that, and you are such a rebel, LOL.

Hey at least you know everyone who already loves you, loves you, for YOU!

You can SO do this!

Should we change the Picnic menu:)

Sending you love from your chubby friend in AL!

Cathy Storms said...

Good for you Chris. Weight is such an emotional issue. It is for me anyway. I can't lose weight for anyone else either, it has to be for me. I'm a rebel also..

Hmmm...maybe salad and healthy food for the picnic. But we have to have sweet tea!! I do have my priorities ya know..

HstryQT said...

Good for you! I love life-changing "click" moments. Doing things for you is always important.

I wonder if you had signed on to Celebrity Fit Club, would it have clicked then? or would you have just gotten frustrated by doing it for everyone else? I guess it's a good thing you got a chance to come to it on your own terms.

Random: Food Network Challenge last night was the Shrek on Broadway 100 shows (or 1 year anniversary?) cake competition. They had the Broadway cast around and showed the Shrek guy a lot. I couldn't help but think - that could have been Sligh! For the record, I'm glad it wasn't, because we get to enjoy your talent so much more this way. Either way - there was always the possibility of Shrek :). Do you still have the coloring book I got you on the Idol tour that Jordin and Melinda colored or did they claim it?? :)

I also have a Requiem question I just asked you on Twitter.

And with that, I think I'm done now :).

risalea said...

Lori, thought about the Shrek thing watching the Tony's. And totally agree, that it was the best thing that DIDN'T happen to Chris Sligh, at least not right now anyway.

Besides that, he's gonna' be too skinny for that role! (Chris, positive affirmations are the bomb, put some on your mirror, your dash, etc....with an affirmation written as if it has already taken place--i.e. "I am the fittest, healthiest, good lookin' guy on the planet!" Well, you get the point. LOL

Anonymous said...

i know it has nothing to do with this

but chris

where can we buy half past forever 1st cd ever?

Victoria Sandberg said...

Best wishes for you to find your inner athlete, Chris!

DJ in AL said...

Ok, so I want to agree about the whole Shrek on Broadway thing, but how COOL would it have been to go see him in NY? Did you even think of that girls? Talk about a road trip for the books!!!

Brenda (BBC) said...

Okay, people! I just went and booked a room and paid for me and my teens to attend the picnic! This will be our first fro patro picnic. I can't believe I'm doing this! LOL

DJ in AL said...

OMG, Awesome Brenda! I am so excited that you and your fam are coming this year! Chris loves new faces and so do we!

Hischild said...

I, too, am SO happy that you will be there! Wishing I could make it and meet you and your kids and all the others. Nice to know the homeschool moms of the country can still be represented even if I stay home. :o)
Looking forward to reading all the reports.

Hischild said...

You go, Chris! I'm pulling for you. I like your dad's method. Run till you collapse and then walk back. Go further next time.

To think of the millions of books that have been written on weight loss when it all simply boils down to burn more than you take in for a WHOLE LOTTA days in a row. I have no doubt you can and will do it. I raise my water bottle to you. Mazeltov!

risalea said...

Yay, Brenda! Sending you an email now.

Cathy Storms said...

Brenda~I'm so excited that you are coming to the picnic. We are going to have so much fun.

risalea said...

Ok, I just read the Adam Lambert interview with "Rolling Stone" online and I've decided I am pretty darn naive. (No, that doesn't mean I didn't know he was gay, blogger girls LOL) And I think I was happier with a little less 4-1-1.

DJ in AL said...



That is all.


Cathy Storms said...

Risa~I so agree...

Kel6270 said...

Chris that is awesome. I call those click moments ah hah moments and I too had one about 2 months ago. I have been workinig out 5 days a week and I feel so much better. I went to Chicago over the weekend and I was walking so fast I looked around and my family was a block behind me. The wii fit board, My Fitness Coach for wii and Gold Gym cardio are awesome if you can not not get outside or if it is just too hot!! Good luck.

HstryQT said...

The Rolling Stone article was definitely shocking. I think you said it well, Risa.

Adam is free to be who he is & more power to him for that. But I just kept thinking about the horror of parents who have precious innocent little teenage girls worshiping Adam.

HstryQT said...

Please continue to pray for the family of the security guard (Stephen Tyrone Johns) who was killed today at the DC Holocaust Museum. I'm extremely saddened for (essentially) my hometown. It hits you a little differently when something so scary happens in a place where you've STOOD, quite literally. It's an amazing museum that DC is proud of and it's incredibly sad that something like this should happen anywhere, but especially there.

risalea said...

Why these killings based on hate must happen anywhere is the question...the museum guard in DC because a man didn't like Jews, a soldier in LR, because a man didn't like US policies, a doctor in Kansas, because a man decided to take the law into his own hands.

Sad times, indeed.

DJ in AL said...


As always, you are 10 steps ahead of me. (I try but you are quicker).

I just don't get it, I really don't.

Cathy Storms said...

Chris~Just found out Graham Colton has a new EP out. You can hear it at It's actually really good.

Kara said...

Wow! Good for you Chris! You are very inpsiring! With a different mindset and attitude you are bound to be successful. It is really hard to do these things when you are doing them for other people. I think the motivation of just wanting to enjoy things that you used to enjoy is great!

risalea said...

Oh, meant to put this tip on there: if you are a fan of ice cream sandwiches, put fat free (they even have sugar free now, I think) Cool Whip between chocolate graham crackers and freeze. Almost as good as the real thing, well not exactly, but it hits the spot if you are having a chocolate/sweet craving, and it's a good cold treat for these hot months. Summer is a good time to start a lifestyle tend to have less of an appetite when it's hot. That's all.

michael said...

I am two years older and I do the same thing. Everything in stages. first a 1/4 mile, then a 1/2. First get rid of soda, then desserts. Eventually you get to a place where you are really cooking, pun intended. Then you go on vacation and your back to square one. That's life.

Val said...

Wow, you spoke to my heart! Thanks for writing.

sandmoran said...

so where have I been
a little lost but now found
so can I come back?

rosalee said...

Sandy -

Of course - jump back in!
Have you been following us?
We've missed your Slighkus.

ChrisSligh said...


We'd love to have you back!


sandmoran said...

Chris, I am with you
on this particular trip
sweating it off too

wishing us both luck
perhaps one day we will meet
and compare results

risalea said...

Good to see you, Sandy. Where ya' been hangin'?

sandmoran said...

first with david cook
as for season 8, well girl
you don't want to know

Anonymous said...

b ? I love your lyrics.
eating is so emotions