Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Chris Sligh songwriting

Hey guys,

I've created a new myspace - /chrisslighsongwriting where I'll post new song demos as I write stuff that isn't necessarily for me.

I thought it be a cool thing to do to differentiate Chris Sligh productions and Chris Sligh artist stuff...


Anonymous said...

Awesome is an understatement, but I'm stating it anyways. Great tunes!

Carmen said...

Ok I know I said this once before Chris, but I am telliing you that LOVE IS STRONG ENOUGH equals major hit!!!! I relistened to it again and I am even more sure that that song is a killer # 1 hit than the first time I heard it.
Also after thinking some more on Can Do Man, I am thinking maybe Brad Paisley even if he ususally does his own material. Thanks so much for putting these songs up. I loved hearing them the other night so this was a real treat for me to hear them again.

Cathy Storms said...

These are great songs. Every one of them.
"Love Is Strong Enough" has either Carrie Underwood or Jennifer Nedles (Sugarland) written all over it. This is a hit as Carmen says.

"Barely", Would love to hear Kelly sing this one.

"That's what I see in Her", Tim McGraw

"Can Do Man", I agree with Carmen, Brad Paisley

"My List of Regrets", again Kelly

"Dust", Taylor Swift

Chris, these are awesome songs. AWESOME!!! Do you ever sleep?

Thank you so much for sharing these with us.

Nicholas said...

Barely, isn't that the song that was supposed to be Gina Glockson's first project? This is such an amazing idea to make a seperate songwriting page. I'm in a hurry for a big event I need to be at soon, but I'll give you my thoughts on these songs when I get back.

HstryQT said...

Thanks for reminding me how much I love Gina's "Barely."

I really hope Danny takes and runs with "It's You" because it's amazing.

"Can Do Man" is SO fun and reminds me of "Aint Goin Down Til the Sun Comes Up." I'd like to see Kenny Chesney do it.

"Wide Awake" is beautiful. I'm curious who you would like to record it. I have ideas but want to hear your thoughts/hopes on the path it takes...

Nicholas said...

These are definately some great songs! It almost sounds like Carrie underwood is singing the demo of "Love is Strong Enough". " Barely" and "it's you" are both awesome, not much else to say about those.

"That's what I see in her"- I always like songs with imagery and personification, this one looks like yet another country hit waiting to happen.

Can Do Man- Interesting song, not sure if it would be a great radio single, but definately a song worth slapping on any country singer's album.

My List of regrets- Ahh this is the type of song I've been waiting to hear from you. This one seems destined for Top 40 radio if the right singer picks it up. Love the edge on this song.

Dust- Now that's a depressing song even if it is completely true, not sure who might sing this one though.

Wide Awake- One of the best in this set, just another all-around well written song.

rosalee said...

Great stuff! I must go listen again.
I see that "My List of Regrets" is on Gina Glocksen's website.

risalea said...

"Love is Strong Enough"-good song that definitely fits Carrie. And appropros for today's times.

"Can Do Man"-I think Brad P. writes his own stuff, but there are lots of other guys out there this could work for. My only complaint--"shuck the corn" seems like it doesn't belong on a honey do list...sort of stereotypical, if you ask me, which you didn't, but that never stopped me from giving my opinion anyway.LOL Of course finding an appropriate replacement that will fit the 3 syllables, not so easy.

I can SO hear Kelly singing "Barely", (I was thinking that was Gina's at one time, too and is that her singing it?) and I thought about Allison Iraheta for "My list of Regrets", until Rosalee said it was on Gina's page, plus the line about the drink and the cigarette probably makes it too mature for Allison right now, though if you didn't know she was barely 17, and were just listening to her, you'd think she was much older and had been around the block with that husky voice of hers. I really like "Wide Awake" and don't have a suggestion for who to sing it right now, but someone should!

OK, nighty night!

Carrie said...

Those are some really good songs. My mom asked me how Chris was the other day and I was listing off all of the stuff with Rascal Flatts and everything haha.

chamilton said...

okay I think that I might be a little bias given my current situation but I really love "Love is strong enough" and what "I see in her" is a really good one too. When I hear "My list of Regrets" I hear Pink. Good job going back to listen to some more. Take care


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris! Sounds like you have been super-creative of late, and I just love to hear that. Keep on writing!

Think of you every night at work, the eleventy-hundred times the radio plays your song. I personally am betting it gets Song of The Year when the awards come rolling around. Stay real, and keep writing from the heart, okay?

Sending a hug for your weekend--

risalea said...

This has nothing to do with anything, except my sister posted it on FB, and it brought back memories from my teens...I love summer!

risalea said...

Non-twitterers: More demos up at LOVE the lyrics on "Opposites Attract".