Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Requiem Update

So some of you have asked for an update on Requiem....here it is...

In talking with management and publishing, we decided to hold off on Requiem as a solo project right now.  Everyone feels like it's a bigger thing than just an add on to an album.  It took me a while to come around to that, but that thinking did allow me to dream a little bit and come up with a bigger plan and a bigger idea...an idea that we are following through with some meetings.

The idea is to now expand Requiem to be a multi-artist album in the vein of City on A Hill or My Utmost For His Highest.   The album would be 12 or so songs (including the 6 from Requiem), all based on liturgical texts.  Requiem would most likely end the album.  The 6 songs that are Requiem will feature several different artists, obviously including me.

For the first 6 or so songs of the record, we would go to different artists who catch the vision for this project and have them write songs based on other texts, or write songs straight from the texts.  Each song will likely feature more than one artist, even if an artist writes the song for themselves....this will be a community record.

The vision I have for this record is to approach the idea of writing worship music that is deeper both musically and lyrically than the normal "every day" worship music.  Plus basing it off of liturgical texts in the first place kind of gives it a different angle to begin with.

I had a meeting yesterday with a major producer who is becoming a friend.  We talked about the idea and he is excited about the whole thing.  We're getting together on Saturday to actually listen to the whole Requiem a couple of times, then talk about the project in this light and in light of him hearing the music.  

I really believe in this project and could see it being like that City on a Hill kind of thing...so hopefully we can start to see some project in the near future.  I have a feeling that with the right team around it, that it won't be a hard sell to some major artists and if the artists are on board, the labels should be easier (it's never easy LOL) to get on board.


risalea said...

Now, that is really exciting, and something that will likely get Requiem into many more hands than it might as a solo project. Folks who don't know your music might be attracted to their personal favorite artist who is one of the featured players. And in the process, they are going to become familiar with your work.

And those who already love your music will have the pleasure of a whole project that is spun around your original vision.

Win, win!

(Have we ever told you we LOVE being in on the ground floor of all these creations?)

EmilyBoo said...

It sounds like an exciting twist on your previously described Requiem project! And yep, as Risa said, fans of the other artists will become familiar with you. So this is what you twittered about the other day! I remember you saying something about City on a Hill.
Thanks for the update, glad I asked!

risalea said...

OK, thought this was fun...a report on a party given by Rascal Flatts celebrating their #1 hit, "Here Comes Goodbye":

Rascal Flatts had a number one party today to celebrate their 11th number one song. Also there were the writers of “Here Comes Goodbye” Chris Sligh and Clint Lagerberg.

“We couldn’t be any more proud of it and what it turned out to be,” the band says.

Joe Don Rooney spoke to musiccitytv.com about co-writer of “Here Comes Goodbye” and former American Idol contestant Chris Sligh.

“Chris is an awesome artist in his own way, and you know, he’s a great songwriter obviously and I think this is big, you know, big No. 1 and you know I think he’s going to have many more after this.”

The guys said the first time they heard the song “It was a Rascal Flatts homerun.”

Joe Don, get in line, hon, we knew it, too. LOL

Rhonda said...

I really loved the requiem clips that were on the site for such a short time :(

I'll be watching and waiting for them to be available for purchase!

Continued good success, Chris!

DJ in AL said...

“Chris is an awesome artist in his own way, and you know, he’s a great songwriter obviously and I think this is big, you know, big No. 1 and you know I think he’s going to have many more after this.”

Um, Yeah, WE know! And have for gee, I don't know, YEARS!!!!!!

Cathy Storms said...

Risa~Thanks for the awesome update on the party.

Yeah, we have known about these awesome abilities for a very long time. We are so proud of you Chris.

Very excited about the Requiem being put out there by lots of different artists. What an awesome idea.

Kacie said...

Love this idea - I love liturgical music and old creeds and songs... so this would be awesome.

My ideas for people that would be great on this project:
Chris Rice?
Shaun Groves?
Kris Allen!
Sara Groves

maybe someone more on the fringe and known for being artsy and independant?

Hischild said...

Thanks for giving the Requiem update. I agree that a compilation sounds like a great way to go with it. 2 of my most favorite CD's EVER are compilations: (Coram Deo and Coram Deo II.)

I like your suggestions. You including Kris in there made me think that it would be cool to have it be all AI artists. Phil Stacy, Mandisa, Kris, Jason Castro, Melinda, Danny. OH MY!! Of course Chris should write ALL the songs, IMO. Wonder if that would sell more or less than filling it w/the standard/established CCM artists? Hm...

HstryQT said...

I'm so thrilled that you're going bigger and better with Requiem. You're so savvy about all of this stuff and know how to surround yourself with great people and make the most out of your ideas. It's really fantastic to watch!

It seems like it will definitely be WORTH THE WAIT! and I can't wait to see what cool CCM artists you end up working with --- this is such a great idea, you're going to have them lining up to work on it!

Side thought: have you ever watched JPL (Jon Peter Lewis') online show "American Nobody"? It's witty and funny and a cool way for former Idols to promote their work. I always liked JPL and his sense of humor and whenever I watch I think, "Chris would have so much fun doing this show!" .. just an idea when it comes time to promote your tour... your next album... anything! www.americannobody.com

HstryQT said...

Ok I'm totally getting in on this list of artists to do requiem with. My dream list would include...

- Danny Gokey
- Cliff Young of Caedmon's Call
- Michael W. Smith

HstryQT said...

Thought of another

- Jonathan Foreman of Switchfoot

Anonymous said...

It sounds like there are constant negotiations with the record company on every stage in bring an album into existence

ChrisSligh said...


That would be a correct assessment. With every album made...well almost every album...with a record label, there are negotiations of how to make the record when to make the record, etc.


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