Saturday, May 16, 2009

To the Future

So, if you've kept up with my twitter (@ ChrisSligh) you know that I am no longer with Brash Music.  I wanted to take a little time to quickly bring everyone up to date with what is going on.

Officially, Brash decided not to exercise the option to make my 2nd and final album on my deal.   This was a decision that ultimately was a mutual decision, though Brash had the final decision.  You see a lot of people who come out of record deals and claim it was mutual...I'm pretty sure they're not always fact I have a couple of friends who were dropped that said at the time it was mutual, but if you asked them now, they'd admit that - though they weren't exactly surprised or necessarily upset with the new - they were dropped.  In this case, I assure you, that though Brash had the ultimate decision, it had come to the place that both of us were ready for a decision.

Now, some may ask me how it could come to this, when they read my glowing words about Brash in the recent Christianity Today article.   Everything I said about Brash in that article was remarkably true.  The guys at Brash are incredible men who have integrity and are genuinely trying to make the record business better.  My opinion of them has not changed through any of this.  

Ultimately, what it came down to was that we disagreed on a very basic level on how this 2nd record should be treated.  From what I can understand they liked the songs, so it wasn't that.  It was how I wanted to treat the record and how I wanted to the record the record as well as the campaign I wanted to use in promoting the record.  Also we disagreed on the co-production of the record and how much a co-producer should be used.  

It's strange that something that seems so small on paper was so large in real life.  But both of us were at a place where we weren't willing to budge on certain points - unfortunately the points we wouldn't budge on happened to be the exact same ones.  

So...the next label will soon be announced.  And the album will be recorded very soon.  Hopefully we'll have a single out by the fall tour.  

So, there are mixed emotions involved...ultimately parting ways was the best thing to happen.   But it also stinks because I'm parting ways with great guys.  But I look to the future with hope and excitement...

More to come...


DJ in AL said...


Life is full of decisions like this one. You have to do what you feel is right in your heart particularly when it comes to your music or for that matter when it comes to your life.

You get smarter and smarter as you navigate your way through this business, something tells me you will continue to make the right moves.

Glad you remained friends with Brash. I think it speaks to your character that you could fundamentally disagree but still part on good terms.

Carry on dude, I anxiously await what comes next!


risalea said...

I'm so glad that you were able to leave Brash with respect on both sides and no bridges were burned. That's something that doesn't always happen in the business world (and not just music). And you never know when a bridge might come in handy.

I'm sure you've prayed over your decision and are praying for the right fit for your music as you bring new partners onboard. We are, too.

Take care, friend, and I hope you have a great weekend. We're going to the Greek Food Festival today if the next round of rain (UGH!) holds off. Risa

Brenda (BBC) said...

Chris, thanks for sharing. I don't Twitter and don't want to! I'm encouraged by your attitude.

Risalea, where are you? Greenville is having a Greek festival this weekend, but it's supposed to rain off and on. My daughter and I are going this afternoon if the weather behaves.

Cathy Storms said...

I can't even imagine how tough some of the decisions you have to make must be. Everyone has to make major decisions in their career of choice but I can't imagine making them with basically everyone watching. That would be really tough.

I can't wait to see what comes next. I know it will be awesome..

Hischild said...

Well, I am surprised by this announcement but it sounds like all is well. You are on good terms w/Brash and they w/you. RBTY was a big enough success that other labels should be jumping at a chance to sign you. Your demos sound great and you always have great music pouring outta your pores. :o)
I was imagining that Brash wasn't liking your idea of putting Requiem on this album and you were being insistent. I'm such a simpleton sometimes! There is SO much that goes into cutting a new record. I'm sure your future is still extremely bright, Chris. You're always in good Hands!

I gotta get on twitter.

risalea said...

Brenda, I'm in central AR. The festival is an annual event at the Greek Anunciation Church in west Little Rock. I've heard it's fabulous and this is our first time to go. Hope you have fun at yours!

risalea said...

Oh, make sure when you get on twitter, Clearsa, you selectively pick what you want coming to your phone (if you get twitters that way). Otherwise, if you follow several folks, it can get a bit cumbersome.

Brenda (BBC) said...

Our upstate SC Greek Festival is an annual event too, held at the Saint George Grek Orthodox Cathedral. It gets bigger every year! My daughter and I went and had some lemonade and some chocolate-drizzled baklava, watched the dancers, listened to music, looked at what the vendors were selling, enjoyed the aroma of gyros and souvlaki, took a few photos, and then left. It was hot and humid today!

Hischild said...

Thanks for the twitter tip, Risa.

risalea said...

Ok, prospective tweeters, just noticed Chris just needs 1 more to get to 1000 followers...Hey, if Ashton Kutcher and CNN can get to
1,000,000, is there any reason why we can't get our boy up there?

Oh, yea and PLEASE vote Kris Allen on Tuesday night! For any not familiar, here's some video footage and info:

risalea said...

OK, AI trivia for you. I just found out that GSpinelli (my friend, Gina's line-I do her website), along with Faux Pax, is creating the jewelry for Kris Allen's mom, Kim, for Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Chris, FYI for Sarah, Gina is the one who made the earrings the blogger girls brought her. I volunteered to hand deliver, but no go. LOL Hopefully, we'll have some pics up after the shows.

That's all!

HstryQT said...

I just have to come here and do my happy dance (with Risa) about Jason Mraz officially doing the Idol Finale on Wednesday, presumably for a Kris Allen duet. Risa/Clearsa/Emily what have I been saying this whole season in my After Idol Thoughts and what did I wish/predict last week with the Kris/Adam finale? Wooo hoooo! Can't wait! :) Now if only Chris would show up too - it'd be all of my favorite things in one hour of television!

risalea said...

Attn: One more reason to sign up for Chris's twitters....Thanks to one of DJ's GOOD friends (AHEM!) she is now sitting at an event with Chris that came up at the last minute near where she lives in AL. Needless to say, DJ is now a twitter convert! Tweet, tweet!

risalea said...

Lori, I went back and reread your show reviews and saw the "f" word a lot (forgettable) and I think you'd have to agree, with the help of hindsight, that Kris has been anything but. You redeemed yourself, though, when you came round to Kris later in April, so all is forgiven and you get the "Honorary Arkie" award for that! LOL Nothing I've read has said he's dueting with Jason Mraz--I've actually heard Keith Urban, but we know these things can turn on a dime, so who knows? It's going to be great couple of nights, for sure!!

Chris, you've shortchanged us on your AI analysis this year....just sayin'!

DJ in AL said...


You're not kidding! If not for twitter and you being the amazing friend that you are I would have missed my fav ex-Idol less than 60 miles from home! Man, Mondays normally suck, but not tonight! Risa called, my wonderful, precious son, said let's do it Mom, and so we did! Chris played at Cullman High School for a youth ministry and outreach program called OutCry- a very energetic and enthusiastic crowd of around 700-800. Chris rocked the house, just he and his smokin hot guitar! He played our favs from RBTY. The crowd loved him! He had a nice sized group waiting to meet & greet after the show and he signed any number of unusual items, my cell phone, (yea not sure where my head was on that one) shoes, jeans, and a guitar pick (I'd like to see that one) He even made a phone call to a fan's Mom-typical Sligh stuff right? No wonder we love him!

Anway, a word of advice, if you aren't already Risa's friend, you may want to get in line. The girl definitely takes care of her Fro Friends and Blogger Girls.

Chris thanks as always for taking the time to chat and take pics with us, and Alex enjoyed officially meeting you. I think he's had a hard time figuring out what's happened to his Mom with this whole Sligh fan thing. He's pretty hard to impress, but I think you made a new fan tonight.

So getting up tomorrow will be a challenge, eh whatever, I can sleep when I'm dead.

Nite from an elated DJ in AL!

Hischild said...

I saw your facebook comment about twitter and raced over here to see what I was NOT in the know on! So glad you got a Chris concert tonight!!! Very cool!

700 to 800 people?? That's SO great! I'll bet they raised a lot of money for a good cause. Another perk to fame, being able to help so many people!
I'm all smiles as I go to bed tonight. :o)

Hischild said...

Another thing I'm gonna miss about Idol ending is your After Idol Thoughts posts.
It's been fun. I'm jazzed about Jason being there too. Wonder who else? My most favorite shows of Idol begins in less than 24 hours.

Badpacifist said...

Chris....I am happy and sad about Brash. Nominated for two Doves even though no one could buy your CD's where most people buy CD's was very impressive. I always thought more people outside of the Christian music box should have known about you because even now they still remember you and your voice from Idol. This doesn't mean you have to be a pop artist because you are what you are. Good music could be about a jelly bean and people will listen. I guess Brash didn't have any part of your songwriting pie. Too bad, so sad for them. Tee Hee
Anyway blogger girls I just wanted to say I just saw Jason Mraz and the Plain White T's here in Kansas City May 6th. He is very awesome in person. His latest CD has a live DVD on it. If you haven't got it you should pick it up.

DJ in AL said...

Thanks Clearisa! It was totally unexpected, I mean come on, it's Monday, nothing good ever happens on Mondays, LOL!

I'm sure I'm the last to know, but just in case I'm not, listen out on your local Christian station for Vessel and Something Beautiful-they're playing. Heard Vessel yesterday afternoon and I had forgotten what a fantastic song that one is! I gotta say our local Christian station loves them some Chris Sligh. They had zero notice about Chris being in Cullman last night but we heard at least 3 spots promoting him and playing his songs yesterday afternoon!

Ok, back to reality a full day of work and a volunteer stint for Meals on Wheels! No rest for the wicked!


rosalee said...

Harry's friend's son, a musician named Michael Bram, plays drums with Jason Mraz.

Hey Randy - are you coming to the picnic?

rosalee said...

Here is an article on record labels and their various departments/functions:

Anonymous said...

chris you were never meant for christian music

go for rock

risalea said...

DJ, so glad you had a fab Monday show with Chris. A good way to start the week!

Feeling a little weepy today...I think it's just now hitting me, my baby is graduating.

Hope you guys are having a wonderful day! I wish we could all have a Fro Patro Watch Party tonight together....with Chris giving commentary. Now, wouldn't that be a blast! Take care, much to do.


HstryQT said...

DJ - Congrats on the spontaneous Chris concert!!

Risa - Thank you for the honorary arkie title :), means a lot going into the final tonight. Maybe I can make a tee-shirt...
Anyway, yes I won't hide the fact that I've been tough on Kris. I've always liked the fact that he's Jason Mraz-y but have thought many of his performances were forgettable. I also admit I reached a lot with giving praise to Danny. After considering the whole season, Danny was just consistently "good." Whereas Kris had some super surprising performances. I am open to "I told you so's" from Kris fans -- that's totally fair game! :) I actually like Danny, Adam & Kris for different reasons (though I don't like them equally - let this be known). Anyway -- this isn't the place for my Pre-Idol Thoughts. I just wanted to respond to your Kris comments - which are all very true!
Clearsa - Thank you for reading and participating in my After Idol Thoughts - I've had so much fun with it!! I love that Facebook people from all walks of MY life have come together who all like Idol and have shared their thoughts with eachother, via my "Thoughts" notes - it's been a blast! I'll miss it too!.. Danny won't. lol. He's sick of random people saying "Oh yadda yadda ..your Idol thoughts.. blah blah blah". haha.

We shall reconvene in a few hours, guys!
Happy Idol Finale!

Rosalee - That's really cool that you have a Mraz connection!! He's like Mraz's Jon Skaggs :).
My Mraz connection is that my professor (who I went on my study abroad trip to Ireland with) is a close family friend of Mraz. Mraz is from Mechanicsburg, VA not far from where I lived. My professor's brother is one of Jason's best friends and he had cancer - Jason wrote "The Remedy" for him. He first debuted it at a family picnic with the family. Her brother was actually "born on the 4th of July" as the song suggests. Yay me.

PS: Risa you're right on the duet rumors. Apparently Mraz may be performing with Matt - not Kris. Weird but oh well - I'm just happy Mraz is there!

HstryQT said...

Sorry that was so crazy long.

DJ in AL said...

Thanks Lori and I gotta give you props girl, you are womaning-up and taking your lumps, lol! Hey, it goes with the territory anytime you critique, it's a tricky business.

Risa, you on the other hand can say you "knew it all along!" as you have been behind Kris and in his corner from the beginning. Course the boy is from Arkansas so it's not like you had a choice right? Gotta support the hometown boy!

So do we have bets about which way this is going to go tonight? Is it a lock for Adam or does Kris have a shot?

Guess we'll know in a few hours.

All you AI fanatics have fun tonight and I'd say may the best singer win, but we know that doesn't always happen on AI! (obviously)


DJ in AL said...

... So I was gonna delete my post about who the winner will be er tonight bc well obviously I'm a day ahead, but I'm just too tired.

Did I mention I'm sleep-deprived?

Anyway have fun tonight and tomorrow night and how many ever more nights they drag out the suspense:)

Badpacifist said...

Rosalee, can't make it this year unfortunately. On the bright side we just moved to a town with only 6000 people, 3 minutes away from all the grandchildren, and doubled our square footage.

DJ in AL said...


Say it 'aint so man!!!!!

You will be missed!

risalea said...

I'm sad about that, Randy, but how blessed you will be with your family close by.

risalea said...

Lori, not only am I making you an Honorary Arkie, I think you just qualified for a hog hat, the ultimate gift to a new Arkansan. : )

HstryQT said...

Thank you for my hog hat Risa! I am truly honored :).

Anonymous said...

Dear Chris, I was watching American Idol that day you had your audition singing "Kiss from a rose" and from that day on I'm a fan and have been trying to follow the development of your carrer post idol. I live in Brasil and unfortunaly people here dont know you and i have never seen your cd in any store. But only recently I bought "Running Back to You" from a friend in Virginia who visited my city Recife, Northeast coast of Brasil. Even more recently I found your official website. Gotta tell you guy, you are one of the best singers i've heard in my over 40years old age, of which I've been devoting at least more than 30 of these years to Music, always with a full Faith that Music is a GOD gift and that we are nothing but instruments of his Glory. Your cote about being "...first and foremost a Christ-follower. I am also a wanna-be rock star. I don't feel the two are diametrically opposed" just make me even more proud of you. Nor only you are an incredible musician, but also a decent human being. I really wish you could someday come and share your beautiful talent here in the south of Americas, but if not here, I am sure that I will watch your concert and meet you there in USA Summer 2010. I'm right now running the mixing of first CD of my band Persona (Brazilian Pop Rock oriented) which I'm already in contact with some pals in USA to have my band playing there in some small places.
Peace and Love Chris, we're Brothers in Christ!
Sincerely, Paulo Smith