Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jaded? Not I...

Some people have wondered why I have struggled with's all good.  No Jaded-ness here.  I can't go into details, nor do I want to, but I have a clear vision for the next album.  A clear artistic vision and some people involved with the process have, over the last couple of weeks, decided to peek their head into the process and start to confuse the vision.  That leads to frustration, which leads to anger which leads to being's the story of the music business.  I tried to put myself into a situation with all the people around me from management to band to label that would shelter me from the jade, but it still has crept in.  Thankfully, I'm at a place of peace.  More later...

However, I am in the midst of putting up some new demos!  So you guys can start to digest some of the new music!  Head over to and check it out!  Do remember that these are ROUGH demos...they will sound better and different in the final version (this is more for the people who weren't around for the first time we did this...)


DJ in AL said...

jaded (jād′id)
tired; worn-out; wearied

Dude, I think it'd be ok for you to be jaded if you felt like it. Sorry I had to pull a GDA but I got to thinking about what jaded really meant. To be honest I'm surprised how anyone in your business keeps themselves from being jaded at some point.

Excited about the demos, will listen tonight! Keep cranking them out!

Peace man!

Hischild said...

Hm...thanks for doing a GDA, DJ. I never thought it meant simply tired. So...I ran to thesaurus.

jade - noun: hussy, shrew, wench (FEMALE); drab, harlot, Jezebel (SEX); nag, hack, Rosinante (HORSE)

jaded - adjective: blase (F.), sick of, surfeited (SATISFACTION)

Now I'm REALLY confused!

Forget the reference books - I think it means Chris needs encouragement. Your vision for the next project - Are TPTB telling you it's not commercially viable?? You need wisdom too and I know Someone who imparts that liberally. So, I will talk to Him about that on a fairly regular basis and wait to see the incredible way He will lead you.

Hang in there, Chris and I can't wait to hear the " more later".

EmilyBoo said...

Chris, thanks for putting my active imagination to rest. I'm glad to hear you're fighting the jade. You will be in my prayers, you need guidance from a higher source than those who are confusing the vision.

I don't have time right now, (and possibly not tomorrow either,) but will be back ASAP with comments on the new demos.

DJ in AL said...

Yea, I saw those definitions too and honestly tired and worn out didn't really fit the definition I had in my head. Blase comes close.

Anyway since Chris has decided not to go down that road guess it doesn't matter either way.

Don't forget Chris, this is your music-do it your way!

gdahimself said...

GDA was understanding it his mother used it, to be disenchanted and weary of, that the experience was getting tarnished or the blush is off.

Looking up myself, I discovered that, like a great many words with multiple meanings, it's meaning is dependent on the context.

DJ in AL said...

Disenchanted works GDA. I should leave this kind of thing to the master eh?

risalea said...

Well, I'm definitely not feeling jaded tonight! : )

Chris, we love you, we're with you, we have full confidence in your abilities as a songwriter and musician to turn out another killer album, and just remember...if you twitter it, they will ask. : )

Going off to listen now!

Victoria Sandberg said...

Some nice songs. I personally like the "rough" demo quality.

HstryQT said...

Like many things, I suppose being aware of the jade is the first step towards avoiding it.

OK, so an awesome night of TV (amazing LOST finale and a shocker Idol final two!) and now Sligh demos up? What a fantastic thing to wake up to!
- It’s You is my absolute new favorite, as well as Making Up Time & Catching Up.
- You should have seen Teddy head banging/rocking out to Cmon Cmon. Hilarious.
- Mystery has elements that sound like The Killers which I think is really cool.
- Downhill is beautiful and I can see it use in praise and worship services.
Overall I really get a sense of how you’ve evolved and grown. Everything is so different and yet each song is great in its own way.

Which songs would be on “the album” and which songs would be “the singles” as you’d mentioned before? And are all of these definite contenders for the album or are they just some of your favorites among many – I know with RBTY you had tons you were sorting through.

runaussie2 said...

Love the new songs - especially Catching Up. Hope you do something with Danny Gokey at some point - would love to hear him doing that song, also.

Cathy Storms said...

It is really good to hear from you. All of us being protective of you as usual. Just remember how much we all love you and support you.

If the new songs you put up are any indication of what the new CD is going to be, all's I can say is WOW. It's going to be awesome and I for one can't wait for it to come out.

DJ in AL said...

Hey Fro Patroers and Picnic goers!

Wanted to send out a reminder that
we have booked blocks of rooms at the Residence Inn Brentwood and at the Courtyard for this year's Annual Fro Patro Picnic. The cutoff date is Tue, Jun 2nd for both blocks and at that time any unreserved rooms will be released back into the hotel inventory.

So if you are planning to attend this Year's Picnic, and we certainly hope you are, don't forget to reserve your room prior to the cutoff date!

We hope everyone will be there this year! We had such a good time last year and we are really looking forward to seeing old faces and meeting new ones!

Happy Thursday!

chamilton said...

Hello All,
Chris hang in there. I am sure you will be all right and remember "It all good" and I am sure that someone higher up than all of us is watching out for you and has a plan. Is there a set concert event for the picnic? I have never seen it and so I thought I would ask the source of all wisdom... THE BLOGGER GIRLS!!!! Take care all.


ChrisSligh said...

All the songs up on myspace are on the album section...none of the singles are up.

It's You is infortunately not for me...that is a song I wrote to be pitched bad as it sounds it's too much of a pop hit (I think) to hold onto myself...we actually wrote it for Danny Gokey, but I still am not sure where he'll go artistically.


DJ in AL said...

Hey Candy!

I'm not sure Chris had decided on a concert venue for the picnic. It may be something less formal for this year-whatever he decides it will great!

I'm looking for you to be there girl!

DJ in AL said...


Any desire to comment on last night's Idol results?

I know, I know, but I had to ask:)

risalea said...

Hey, guys....just a follow-up to DJ's reminder. You can get all the info at If you're like me, with everything else going on in your life (kids graduating, work, chasing Kris Allen around central AR-LOL), this has probably snuck up on you. So as she said, get those reservations made. We're probably going to release the Courtyard rooms by Mon., since all the reservations made so far have been for Residence Inn. We don't want to tie up the inventory unnecessarily. We lose our special price after June 2nd, and we'd like to have everyone registered for the picnic by June 20th.

Thanks, guys!

Anonymous said...

Hey DJ-- Jaded definitely has the meaning of being wearied and worn-down by the world, and it's cruel carelessnesses. Growing hard, and even expecting,the world to be this selfish way...yes, a context thing. ;-) I am glad that while the world may be trying to grind away at our hero with the fortunate/unfortunate Number One Hit in America, he is spacing himself from such influences. Don't let the turkeys get you down, Chris! (that's an oldie but a goodie!)

The Number One thing has a "problem" attached to it that way, and so if you have a vision for your new album, don't let them pull you from it. Keep your head clear, my boy.

I like the idea of you helping write Gokey a good song. Maybe Tour and being pitched songs will cheer him up, and get his feet placed on a road that will suit him. If he wants to do music, he can-- but I suspect his heart right now is Home, and missing his church peoples. I hope Tour is fun for him, and can show him he could have a greater purpose, than just his own church home. JMO, of course.

Thanks for addressing the question, Chris. ((Hugs))

Carrie said...

I think you should make the kind of music YOU want and like, don't let anyone hold you back!

Love the demos, but that's no surprise. I always do! Lol.

gdahimself said...

You could do it the traditional Arista way. Record three songs with the intent of them being singles to draw attention to the album and record the rest of the album to satisfy yourself.

HstryQT said...

Thanks for answering my questions~! That's great! I'd love to hear Danny Gokey sing your song. I was wondering if you'd written one with him in mind. I've been telling the Gokey fans not to worry about him - that at the very least, Sligh will make sure he's taken well care of!

Amy's Purple Poodles said...

It's been interesting hearing all the different definitions of "jaded". I kind of like the definition disenchanted, hardened, worn down.

Don't let society and all these people who are trying to tell you how to do your music wear you down. You have so much strenghth and such a positive attitude. There are so many people who support and love you! I can't listen to the demos until I get rid of the dial-up (all the songs just fade in and out right now). I'm getting high-speed internet-just fed up with the snail pace of dial-up.

I think Danny Gokey was royally robbed last night. I feel bad for Kris because I think Adam's just going to walk all over him-the judges think Adam can do no wrong. Obviously you can tell I don't like Adam. It'd be nice to see Kris win, but I have a sick feeling that's not going to happen.
I'm glad that Chris is thinking of a song for Danny-if you have Chris helping you out, you can't go wrong!

I already have my reservations for the picnic and can't wait to meet everyone who's coming!


Cathy Storms said...

Happy Birthday Audra...

DJ in AL said...

Happy Birthday Audra!

rosalee said...

Happy Birthday, Audra!

robyn said...


Chris has been released by Brash records...he's huntin' for a new label!

Wish you tons o luck, Chris!! Whoever gets you is sure the lucky one!! It's a wonder they aren't all lined up at your doorstep. With all the great songs just rattlin' right off your brain and fingertips all the time I can't see how anybody can contain you (not that they would)! So you sure need a label soon just to put all that talent out there for us to listen to (well for the rest of the world since we get first dibs...)

EmilyBoo said...

Robyn, where did you hear that? I haven't seen any news about it.

DJ in AL said...

Chris twittered about it yesterday I think.

robyn said...

yes, Emily...I saw his twitter about it. and today he said he was going in to talk to another label that he thought could be 'the one'!!!

EmilyBoo said...

Oh! I don't check twitter every day, and yesterday I was on an all day field trip with daughter's class.

I just checked... glad to see the tweets are all positive!

BTW Chris, I see 30 Rock is your favorite comedy. My pastor's son is on that show! (Lutz)

robyn said...

I guess I shouldn't have said he was released...he just said:

ChrisSligh: I'm officially no longer with Brash Records! It's bittersweet..great guys, great vision..but it was time to move on! Future's exciting!

HstryQT said...

Congrats on the good label meeting Chris!

Danny Gokey just started Twittering @dannygokey

EmilyBoo said...

OK, I finally got the chance to finish listening to the demos. On first listen, I think my two favorites are Love Is The Answer and Chasing Down A Name.