Thursday, May 21, 2009

If you missed it...

If you missed my twitter stream last it is along with what I was talking about...

Show start

All right Slighterers, let's rock!

Show open with all the top 13 in white, singing "So What"  

Yay! Let's wear white, sing a song about divorce a make it as dumb as possible with really bad dance moves!!!

As Ryan announced the awards section

Yay! Really long really stupid awards section!!!

After Nick/Norman won the award for best male...


As Norman sang his song AGAIN....LOL

Oh my gosh ...he is so freaking genius!!!!!!!

That guy needs to be making movies yesterday....

As Queen Latifah takes the stage with Lil Round in a form-fitting body suit

Um...what is Queen wearing? Note2self..just b/c it's a slimming black Chris Sligh should never wear a form-fitting body suit. Even w/ spanxx

Don't get me wrong Queen Latifah is a true multi platform artist...but man what not to wear! For the bigger boned of us out there a warning!

As Jason Mraz takes the stage with the top 13

Jason Mraz is literally 1 of the best singers I've ever been around..we wrote out at Hanson's ranch last yr & he srsly put on a clinic

As Black Eyed Peas performed their new single "Boom Boom Pow"

What a strange performance. That is it. Some things were meant to only be on record..this might be 1 of them. Still processing.

As Ryan asked Bikini girl what was new, when all of us could clearly see what was new...

Ty Ryan for saying what we're all thinking!

Kara comes out behind Bikini girl and Bikini girl has no freaking clue what's going on...

Thiis might be the best finale evah!!!!

My initial joy over Kara's performance turns to possible horror when she strips off her dress to reveal a

I'm not sure if I find Kara's performance/stripping entertaining or pathetic. Still processing. Brain might explode!

During Allison's performance with Cyndi Lauper...

Allison sounds great as always...Time hasn't been too kind to Cyndi's voice..after time

As Danny Gokey takes the stage, eventually with Lionel Ritchie...

Hello Gokey!

As always Danny rocked it

As Adam takes the stage wearing domed shoulders, eventually with KISS....

Dude is freaking rock star...I wish I had the guts to wear that outfit...domed shoulders & all

As KISS came down from the ceiling and rocked....

This just makes me want a diet dr pepper

As Carlos Santana rocked with the Cowbell on "Black Magic Woman" intro....

I need more cowbell! MORE freaking cowbell! Noooooooowwwwwwww!!!!!

As the top 13 joins Carlos on stage all wearing matching outfits...

I'm glad everyone is wearing clothes to match Carlos's guitar

I wouldn't have been able to process the performance otherwise.

As Steve Martin takes the stage with Michael and Caw-Caw Girl (LOL Meagan)....

Little known truth: Steve Martin is a world-renowned banjo player

Another little-known truth: Michael Sarver is a world-renowned scrabble player

As Rod Stewart starts "Maggie May"...

Maggie May!!!! Yes!!! One of the best mandolin based songs ever right behind "These 8 Strings Make My Fingers Bleed"

As Tatiana wins and they show a video of her telling off all the "record execs" who told her she had to sleep with them to get her album made...

Um...every guy who said I have to sleep with them?!!! What?!!! What the crap is happening right now?!!!

As Tatiana tries to rush the stage with security chasing her...

My brain just exploded! TY Tatiana!!!

As Queen takes the stage behind Kris and Adam's "Champions"...

It's freaking Queen yo! I'm freaking out right now!!! Queen!!!!

After Kris's win leaves him speechless....

I don't think there's ever been an idol more surprised at to him!

Anyway, hope you guys enjoyed the recap...


gdahimself said...

“Jason Mraz … srsly put on a clinic” – What does this mean?

Would have been interesting to see the cavalcade of performers of my generation in action, but some comments…

Word of warning, local girl Queen Latifah (Dana Owens) is not a woman to tell what not to do or wear. Girls who went to EOCH with her will confirm.

Black Magic Woman, would of been nice if late Buddy Miles who sang the lead on Santana’s recording was there. He drummed behind Jimi Hendrix, had a solo hit, also did the vocals for the California Raisin commercials.

Rod Stewart a little old to be the boy toy narrator of Maggie May.

HstryQT said...

You -Sligh- dog, you left out your Tweet where you accidentally announced to your west coast Twitterdom that Kris won :).

I had a BLAST twittering along with you during the finale last night. You made the cheesy parts bearable and the cool parts even better with your witty insight!

GDA - If you recall, Chris went to the Hanson Writers Summit last year and Jason Mraz was there. It also is probably called a "Writers Clinic" or like a mini-conference of sorts, in other words. A handful of writers were invited to Hanson's studio/house and they all wrote together, Chris and Mraz included. Hope that helps! (I distinctly remember it because I was thrilled at the prospect of a Mraz-Sligh song... maybe one day that will come about!)

DJ in AL said...

Chris your twittering was definitely a highpont of the Finale for me! As usual your commentary was spot on.

Spencer said... makes more sense now. I couldn't even open my twitter client for several hours for fear of me reading something that would ruin it for us west-coasters.

I think you can pull off the domed shoulder look.

Hischild said...

Thanks, Chris, for posting your twitter here. After the fact reading is better than nothing.

Gotta agree w/ya on Queen wardrobe malfunction. Very distracting.

Steve Martin: I knew he played banjo. First time I ever saw him, was on Tonight Show w/Johnny Carson playing w/the arrow thru his head, boy, I'm old!! BUT didn't know he was releasing album or that he wrote songs too? I loved the song.

Gotta whine though, why no duet for Scott???? He got the snub.
You know who else did too? Kris' wife. Adam's friend (who stood up w/his parents), Tatiana (LOL). Lotsa snubbing going on last night.

Greeat to see Norman Gentle under that hoodie. And great to see a Kris win and to see how much he and Adam genuinely care about each other.

Hischild said...

Just curious. Did you spend your 31st Anniversary night in front of the TV?? :o)

Cathy Storms said...

I loved all your twitter's. I didn't read them till after the show. I wanted to be surprised who won and since it's on so late here on the West Coast it's always hard to keep finding out early.

EmilyBoo said...

Ha! Thanks for posting the explanations! I figured out most of them on my own, but this cleared up a couple things.

Just found out Tenth Avenue North is coming to my church in July! This is somewhat exciting for me, but I think everyone knows who I would rather have here!

Awesome! My word verification for this post is "blesses".

-Di. said...

I really enjoyed yesterday's Idol. I basically agree with most of your comments but I respectfully disagree with your comment about Cyndy Lauper.

I think the overall sound system on Idol is poor at its best. I found Cyndy's voice to be as good as it ever was. I think she blended nicely with Alison. That's a duet that I would throw down $0.99 for.

I look forward to more live twittering events!


Anonymous said...

You forgot the Kris/Urban duet. I think it was fantastic, by far my favorite performance of the evening.

gdahimself said...

Steve Martin released two banjo pieces on the b side of the single King Tut (backing was The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band), "Sally Goodin" and "Hoedown At Alice's".

According to Wikipedia, he was 2nd banjo on the Flatt and Scruggs album Foggy Mountain Breakdowne released in 2002.

Carmen said...

Gotta say I loved your twittering while watching the show. It made the finale that much better with your commentary. As usual you were spot on.
Looking forward to you r Jacksonville show next weekend.

risalea said...

The only thing missing are the brilliant comments tweeted back at ya'! LOL HMMM, Blogger Girls, wondering if we talked too much about Spanx while we were in Nashville? : )

DJ blogging from the lake? I'm impressed!

Clearsa, I plead the 5th on your question. LOL Actually, we weren't even together that night. I preferred being with my peeps at the local watch party and Gaylon stayed home in peace and quiet which he prefers. (Probably for the best, since he went from the frying pan to the fire with his request for me to "rewind that part back to that bikini girl" while we were watching the tape later together) It's kind of hard getting excited about an anniversary on a Wednesday...we're making an anniversary weekend of it, starting with Riverfest tonight watching the B-52's at the Riverfront Amphitheater (where K.A. was a couple of weeks ago). Now you know that is my gig...we'll go see "Star Trek" for him tomorrow.

My JL girls were there and they started following your tweets as well, and that was fun, cause we got to laugh together.

I'll leave you with this final word of wisdom which is my personal mantra..."just because it comes in your size, doesn't mean you ought to buy it." (especially if it is made of spandex) ; )

Have a WONDERFUL Memorial weekend, friends, and God bless the servicemen and women who have given their lives to make it possible for us to enjoy it in our free country.

Cathy Storms said...

Risa~that cracks me up about Gaylon wanting to rewind back to bikini girl. Remind me to punch him in the arm at the picnic. I was wondering if I could get the name of her plastic surgeon? lol...

Everyone have a great weekend and stay safe.

gdahimself said...


Until three days ago I've never heard of it, Thought it might be an alternate spelling of Spandex.

Being the person to most likely to do a search on anything.

My discovery on YouTube.

"Red Carpet Spanx" by Sara Blakely
with clips of Oprah, Ellen Degeneres, and...Queen Latifah

risalea said...

LOL, GDA, I PROMISE if you come to the picnic, we will have an award for you that says "blogger most likely to research anything!" Spanx are the bomb!

Unfortunately, Star Trek plans were waylaid by the need to shop for a new dryer this afternoon, as the motor went out in ours this morning. Plans for Heart tonight at Riverfest are looking iffy...we may just have to start over tomorrow.

Amy's Purple Poodles said...

Chris-I loved reading your blog about the Idol Finale! I was laughing so hard-it was a riot. Probably one of the best finales I've ever seen (I missed six because we were at the Missouri River). Loved Danny and Lionel Ritchie, Cyndi Lauper and Alison, and David Cook's song for his brother. I thought it was awesome that Kris won! I was in total shock.

Risa-Happy anniversary! Congrats again on your son's graduation!

Chris-Please don't stop blogging here. I don't have twitter. I'd have to get one of those Dummies books to figure out how to use it. All I have is a simple cell phone for the technologically stupid! Good luck with your next record label-whoever gets you will be the luckiest people in the world. Can't wait for your next album!


rosalee said...
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rosalee said...

Amy's Purple Poodles -

You can join Twitter online at:

La loca del ahorcado said...

I heard your voice just once, and only once was enough to realize that the magic of music really exists.
You're a great singer and a great songwriter and American Idol did not make you justice.
Although I still think you ought to win, because your vocal quality is excellent.
Growing up together :)
Madchelle ^^
You are really cute ;)