Friday, March 20, 2009

I Am & Barely

So Lori heard the first single off the next album at my concert tonight so I thought I'd put it up for everyone to hear.  Didn't want the blogger girls to be left out.

Also, I put up a demo of one of the songs we wrote for Gina's eventually-coming project.  Clint Lagerberg, Gina and I wrote this one...I think it turned out pretty fantastic.  It's called "Barely"


Hischild said...

Bless you Chris for thinking of us and posting so quickly!!

I totally LOVE "I Am"! Soaring vocals so characteristic of you. Love the key change. Ha, bet you've never heard that before.
And the modulation (is that the right word?) on "freedom to be loved and known". Vital gripping lyrics. Well done!

Anonymous said...

What about Gina, Melinda, Phil, and Chikeze singing Here Comes Goodbye on their tour according to LA Times video?

gdahimself said...

The title "I Am & Barely" at first look sounds like you've been run ragged.

Very nice but I don't if how my pc is eq'd but the percussion/cymbals sound like they too far forward in the mix, probably in another five listenings I wont notice.

The lyrics, would be a good thing to see them in print.

HstryQT said...

You only put it up because I TOLD you to :). I'm so glad you shared it!

I'm just thrilled with I Am. Clearsa you're so good at expressing yourself regarding music. I can never add anything intelligent to the conversation -- I'm just in awe of the beauty of the melody and lyrics. It's so poignant for this time and, as I said before, it will impact a lot of people. It already hit the hearts of everyone in that audience last night; God was there.

Since I joked about my "review" (not much of a review) being like a blog; I went ahead and made it a blog. If you hadn't read the prior post before, here you go:

Barely is beautiful too & I think it has "hit" potential for Gina, for sure!

Badpacifist said...

I am, lyrics that really grab you and shake you. Gina's "barely" ...wouldn't that make an awesome video. The possibilities are numerous.

robyn said...

I couldn't help but think of Natasha Richardson's husband while listening to "Barely". Sorry, but that has been weighing on my mind since it happenend, she was such a down to earth person and so beloved by all and they had such a strong love (as attested to by many close to them) I know it's silly but it just struck a chord with me for some reason as to how very sad it was for him & her boys to lose her so young...
But...I know that song can be a very personal thing like that to many people, that's how wonderfully written it is that it can touch your heart on all kinds of levels.

AND...listening to "I AM" Gosh!! I just teared up like you wouldn't believe!!! That really touched my heart! The vocals on the chorus got to me every time. I can't wait to hear it all refined and the new cd!! It'll really get me then!

risalea said...

"I Am"--POWERFUL lyrics. And for the rest-why search for words when I can say: What Clearsa said!

"Barely" is a lovely song, and Randy hit the nail on the head...

Thank you, Chris, for thinking of the blogger girls (and guys!)

Sister Cindy and her kiddos (from the picnic) are coming in for Spring Break, and of course, I am running behind. Later, guys!

Cathy Storms said...

Thank you so much Chris. "I Am", Wow...Awesome song and I am sitting hear crying like a baby. Beautiful.I love this song. Hit me somewhere deep like "Faith Begins" did.
"Barely" again, Wow...beautiful song.

Thanks again for sharing these with us.

gibler6 said...

Great show last night in Avon.

America got it wrong with you but God has gotten it right!

Carry on and God Bless

chamilton said...

I listened to the songs. GDA you might try to listen to the demo through headphones because it souds better. Just a thought. I relly liked the lyrics for I am, very touching. Good job.


risalea said...

Robyn, hey haven't seen you for awhile and welcome to the blog, gibler6!

Rob said...

Chris great show last night in Indy (avon) My wife and I enjoyed your stuff and thought you were quite entertaining would have loved to hear more.

DJ in AL said...

Lori you may have TOLD him to put it up, but he's a smart boy, he knows he has a few blogger girls to keep happy:)(and may I say he does an excellent job)

Without question I AM, is in my top 3 favs, dude that voice of yours, what can I say? it is a freaking amazing thing to hear!

Sending you love and props from DJ in Sunny AL

HstryQT said...

Very true DJ! :)

I'm loving all the Avon representation on the blog. And if I'm reading Twitter right, it sounds like Chris sold out of cds at intermission at my show. Avon loves him, what can I say??

Nique's Nana said...

Love them both Chris, thanks for sharing them with us. As usual, magic has flowed from you. You are so blessed.

Kel6270 said...

The concert on Friday was my 2nd time getting to meet and hear Chris and it was great. Chris you are always entertaining and a pleasure to hang out with. The new song is awesome as is Here Comes Goodbye CONGRATS!!

EmilyBoo said...

I Am is beautiful in both tune and lyrics, I look forward to hearing the final version!

Barely... I was sitting here with tears in my eyes, thinking about my friend who lost her husband a couple weeks ago, and her little boys.

rosalee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rosalee said...

Nice work, Chris.

Here's the set list for Phil Stacey, Melinda Doolittle, Chikezie and Gina Glocksen in "American Stars in Concert Spring Tour":

Note "Here Comes Goodbye" towards the end of the program.

Also, click on the video on the right to hear the crew performing "Here Comes Goodbye".

DJ in AL said...

Why in the world would Gina, Melinda Phil and Chieze be singing HCG on their tour? i don't get it?

DJ in AL said...

And um did they mention that Chris cowrote this song or did I miss that in the interview"? I'm hoping I did, going back to know me, have to be sure my boy gets his credit.

robyn said...

Hey risalea!
I've slipped a little comment in here & there..mostly I've just read stuff...been so busy movin my wrk to a different city now I gotta commute...takes an hour one way, whew! Glad to still have a job though! I'll hafta be more vocal (verbal?)

HstryQT said...

I'm sure the Idols give Chris loads of credit on their tour; they're probably so proud of him - great press for Chris! I didn't hear them say anything in the video, but in the set list it says "Written by former Idol Chris Sligh" in parentheses, so that's good :).

HstryQT said...

Here's the link to "I Am" Live in Avon, IN! (Sorry it took me awhile, I've been inundated with 1st birthday festivities). Reattach the link by deleting the space before "watch". It's only a small chunk of the song; I wanted to be able to enjoy it without concentrating on holding the camera steady :).

I also have Here Comes Goodbye up on my list of videos.

DJ in AL said...

Lori hmmm...well it's not enough imo but I guess it'll have to do. It seems so strange for them to have chosen that song of all songs, but maybe it is a tribute of sorts to Chris. That's how I'm going to think about it anyway.

risalea said...

OK, I've got an extra ticket to the concert in Alma, AR on April 2nd if any blogger friends out there want to meet me there. Holler! Chris, I want you to know what I am giving up to go to this. It's HUGE! I'm missing my monthly BUNCO group! A very big deal. : )

DJ, I think them singing the song, HCG, is another way to bring a member of the season 6 group into the action in their show, since Chris wrote it, and he's a close friend of both Phil and Gina. I'm sure they are giving him due recognition. Calm down, Auntie DJ! LOL

Cathy Storms said...

Oh man Risa..I so wish I was closer. You know I would be there.

Carmen said...

If April 2 was during my spring break I would so totally be there for you girl.

DJ, I hear you girl. I was thinking " I hope they give Chris credit." I am sure they did though like Risa said. I guess we are just protective "aunties" LOL


DJ in AL said...

I'm sure all of my blogger gal pals are right, but you know me, I want to make sure Chris gets his props, I never thought AI treated him with the proper respect he deserved and I actually think they changed how they did a few things as a result of Chris.

Anyway, that's all, if they're gonna sing his song, they need to tell them who wrote it!

Nicholas said...

Chris I'm so happy to hear you're guest blogging on Idol chatter on Thursday!!! This blog and chatter are two that I regularly check each week. Good luck, I'll be reading with much interest!

"I am" is great, the arrangement reminds me alot of "empty me"(minus the piano). "I am" is a classic Sligh song for sure.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful lyrics and vocals on "I Am". I clicked on it twice on accident so it was playing with an echo... I was like what the heck? til I realized what I did. (I was born blonde you know :P)

Gina sounds great on "Barely" although she was my 2nd favorite, I haven't really kept up with her post Idol which I feel bad about.

risalea said...

For those who might have missed it, Chris is blogging on idol chatter tomorrow (Thursday, 26th).

robyn said...

Oh YEAH, I just bought tix to the "Make It Matter" concert in Greensboro, NC on April 24th!!!!!

Can't Wait... (doin' a dance...)

Luv that Natalie Grant too, but our Chris ROCKS!!!!

Cathy Storms said...

robyn~that's really cool!! You'll have to fill us all in on how the concert is. With pictures.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link Risa. It'll be interesting to see what Chris has to say. I have no idea who he likes this season.

I was randomly rewatching Chris's AI performances and I still laughed at his humor and was annoyed by the judges comments most of the time ;) Season 6 was definitely a memorable season.

Anonymous said...

I read along to Chris' commentary. I pretty much agree with who he likes. Adam & Allison are my favorites of the top 9.

I laughed at this...

"Seriously, the week I went home, I had to hear Akon's auto-tuned "wa-hoo-hoo" 48 times along with Gwen Stefani. And Michael gets Stevie Wonder? Jealousy has now returned."

I really liked Michael. His live performances didn't add up to the potential I thought he had earlier on before the top 13 started but I really like his studio recordings. I'm happy for him & his family that he made the tour.

HstryQT said...

Chris loved reading your Idol Chatter especially after getting to chat with you this past week. I was wondering what you thought of Adam's un-Broadway-like performance this week (which is atypical, as we mentioned). Your thoughts on the Top 9 very much reflected out convo.

Go Danny Gokey! And he's lucky to have a mentor in you, Chris. Keep passing along that encouragement - they need to keep their heads on straight through this - as you know!


risalea said...

Chris, it's always interesting to read your take on Idol. I think Kris A. has really improved each week as he's gotten more comfortable on stage. I think he's got a spot on voice and he's got the "look". I think he may surprise folks on how far he goes, cause everyone in Arkansas is voting for him. Seriously. Like you have to move to a border state if you're not up to the challenge. : ) Danny for me, while a great singer, has not brought his best game the last couple of weeks. I think he needs to step it up if he has a chance of taking it all. And Adam, I'm so annoyed with him, cause I was ready for him to take his flamboyant self and be gone after crucifying a classic country song, but then he blew me away this week. If he can leave Broadway at home, as he did this week, he may very well be the one to beat. (every time before when I heard him, in my head, I keep hearing the drama teacher saying "Project! Project!") America's going to have to get past his very public lifestyle, however, and as a family show, don't know if he can pull it off. Allison is a wonder...a 16 yr. old who sings the lyrics like she has an old soul...we'll be seeing her around after this season is over, for sure.

OK, off to bed...after Idol, and keeping up with Chris's blogs, and getting my bootie whooped at Nertz by the family, I'm beat! Night all!


DJ in AL said...

Chris, you were spot on with your commentary at Idol Chatter.
I'm with Risa on Adam, and it has nothing to do with his lifestyle, I just can't get into his whole look but that might be because I'm older. I also couldn't listen to him last week, I mean literally I changed the channel when he sang, it totally creeped me out. Having said that he really changed my opinion with his performance this week. I think he'd be smart to focus more on his vocal ability than his outrageous look.

I still love Danny and he's still my fav guy but I think he has lost his mojo and I'm not sure why. It may very well be the pressure of being in the top 10 etc. Chris you could speak more to that having been there youreself.

I think Kris is great but agree, do we really need another Justin Timberlake? I think he would do really well commercially though because of his similiarity to JT if he can project more of his own personality, it's early yet I think he will stick around long enough to fully develop who he is.

The 16 year old girl has my girl vote, the kid has the pipes.

Ok, that's all I got, I'm just not that into Idol this year, not sure why. Well actually I haven't been into it since Chris' season.

Happy Friday from a rain weary DJ in AL!

rosalee said...

Risa -
I'm glad you commented in the Idol Chatter Stevie Wonder blog about Stevie's age....

Here's another tidbit about Stevie (some old news):

You're as young as you feel! LOL

Cathy Storms said...

Chris~Really enjoyed your commentary on Idol Chatter.
I'm just not that into AI this year either. Not sure why.
I really like Alison. She is such a cutie pie and the girl can sing.
Megan is so beautiful and I really do like her voice and I think she'll do pretty good after idol.
I just don't really have a favorite this year. Season 6, it is not....

risalea said...

I think Matt is the one they are comparing to Justin Timberlake, not Kris, DJ.

Anonymous said...

I heard the theme this week had something to do with top itunes sales and I saw someone mention they wanted Matt to sing "Here Comes Goodbye" :)

Adam seemed too over the top for me until the top 36. I've liked him since the semi's because he's toned his crazy vocals & performance down some. I don't think his lifestyle is much of an issue, there were personal pictures floating around but I don't think the average AI viewer pays attention to that.

Kris has a really nice voice but if he doesn't show more personality onstage soon, he may be introuble. He seems like a sweet, laid back type of guy and I know that's his style but it'll become a bit repetitive if he doesn't try something new.

I've never liked Justin Timberlake but I like Matt. I think he's a better singer than Justin and he's great on piano. I liked that he came off of the piano and performed this week, changing things up is good.

risalea said...

Have you submitted your votes for Chris for the Dove? AND text DOVE CSLIGH to 72648.

Also, here's an app for you Facebook people if you haven't seen it to add to your profile and send to your friends. I think you can use it other places as well. Spread the word!

Hischild said...

Hey gang! I'm feeling a bit...ahem... "unfaithful" today. I attended the Rock and Worship RoadShow last night and saw Addison Road and Tenth Ave North - (a couple of other New Artist Dove nominees).
Was able to assuage my guilt somewhat remembering that I *did* post the Vote for Chris widget on my facebook earlier that morning. Thanks, Risa, for making it so easy.
AND I kinda tried not to enjoy them a lot. ha ha

(Just doing my little part to advance our guy). :o)

risalea said...

Hey, as long as you don't vote for them, it's all good, Clearsa! LOL

Hischild said...

Risa! Why I would NEVER!!! I might pray for them but NEVER would I vote for them. :o)

risalea said...

Did anyone catch the making of the "Here Comes Goodbye" video on GAC (Great American Country)? My friend, Deb just called to see if it was our turn in the church nursery this AM and said it was on last night and they interviewed Chris and some other guy (I'm assuming that was Clint L.) Gaylon said if it was on last night, it might repeat today. Just a heads up if you want to look for it. Risa

risalea said...

Found this on their schedule on the GAC website:

Rascal Flatts: Behind the Video
Get a sneak peek behind the scenes of Rascal Flatts new music video from their new smash hit single, "Here Comes Goodbye". Hear from Gary, Jay & Joe Don as they give you a personal backstage tour and watch never before seen footage.

March 29, 2009 5:30 PM ET
April 03, 2009 1:00 PM ET
April 04, 2009 2:30 PM ET
April 04, 2009 9:30 PM ET
April 05, 2009 1:30 AM ET

rosalee said...

Hey guys -
There is a small poll over at Rodney Ho's Access Atlanta/American Idol Buzz. The question is:

Who is your favorite "Idol" contestant to finish 10th?

Go vote.

risalea said...

One of Chris's stops on the "Make it Matter" tour this week will take him to the Baptist church in Illinois where the minister was gunned down earlier this month. I watched a clip from one of the morning shows of the minister's wife, Cindy Winters. She was absolutely amazing, totally forgiving, and such an example of what one should strive for in the wake of such a tragedy. I hope Chris gets a chance to meet her and that Chris and the ladies on the tour can minister to her through their music.

Looking forward to Thursday night!

DJ in AL said...

Wow, great story Risa. I too hope Chris has an opportunity to talk to Ms. Winters. What a testimony on forgiveness.

DJ in AL said...

22 days 'till the Dove Awards! Have you voted? Has your mother/father/brother/sister/son/daughter/soninlaw/daughterinlaw/grandmother/grandfather/aunt/uncle/
pastor/precher/rabbi/postman/hair stylist/manicurist/grocery clerk/walmart manager/sororitysister/fraternitybrother/teacher?????

You get the point.

Happy April Fool's Day from a fool for Chris Sligh in AL!

DJ in AL said...


It cut off grandmother
grandfather, aunt, uncle etc.
oh well......just vote.

Cathy Storms said...

Yep...Everyone go vote..Tell everyone you know as Risa said. EVERYONE!!!
And Happy April Fools Day...

rosalee said...

Rascal Flatts is allowing everyone to preview the songs from "Unstoppable" here:

There are 4 songs out now and they are adding a song each day until the album drops on April 7th.

gdahimself said...

"the album drops on April 7th"
I wish the term street date was still popular. It sounds like their laying an egg, having grown up with it as theatrical/performance term, the following comes to mind;
"lay an egg, Informal. to fail wretchedly, esp. to be unsuccessful in front of an audience" from

I trust all this effort in pulling the vote is successful.

risalea said...

Oh, my gosh, you guys will never believe what all has happened to me today!
1)Brad Pitt is leaving Angelina Jolie for me.
2)I won big at the slots in Tunica!
3)I found out Rascal Flatts is coming to the picnic!
4)American Idol has asked me to blog about the rest of the season and will feature me on the website home page.
5)Chris and his tour entourage are stopping by here for lunch on their way to Alma tomorrow.

(April Fool!) I can't believe none of you folks have tried to pull a joke on the bloggers. I miss the kiddos at school and their tricks today. : )

It's a beautiful first day of April!

gdahimself said...


Is "It's a beautiful first day of April!" a statement of Arkansas fact, because of where I'm standing it's been a gray and now rainy day. Not another All Fool's Day gag.

risalea said...

I think we're in for some of that tomorrow, GDA, but today (in Arkansas) it was loverly!

HstryQT said...

I demand a picture of the short fro!! (Re: Twitter)

risalea said...

More than a wonderful show, you could feel His presence there tonight. Here's some pics...coming tomorrow...a video invite to the picnic from Chris!
(FYI-date change to July 3rd!)
Got to go to bed...I have to get up in 4 hours to get ready to take Ethan to a college preview day. More later.

Carmen said...

Thanks for posting the picture of the short fro. It looks good. I also love the button you made!!
I was able to see the new shirt you described in the background of one of your pics. Very cool and I am so looking forward to adding that to my collection.
It seems you had a good time. I wish I could have been there, but the Doves are only three weeks away. We are going to have a blast!!!! I am so looking forward to going!! After the crazy week I have had, the Doves will be such a welcome treat.

DJ in AL said...

Hmmm.......can't make up my mind about the hair.

However I want the shirt, how do I get?

Risa glad you had a good time, didn't doubt you would.

Can't wait 'till the Doves!

Happy Friday!

Cathy Storms said...

Risa~Thanks for the picture and update.
I love the new hair!!! It looks really awesome.

HstryQT said...

Ask and I shall receive, eh? Great pictures Risa! I'm liking the hair too.

That shirt must be VERY new because it wasnt available at my show -very cool!

Meredith Andrews is easy to fall in love with - she's awesome!

rosalee said...

Thanks for the pics, Risa!
Nice haircut. The eyeglasses look new, too.

Carrie said...

Hey everyone! Listened to those songs -- LOVE them. I've been waiting for more songs from Gina for awhile.

I've been SOOOO busy lately. In April, I'm showing some of my photography in a gallery and planning for opening night is so stressful. We had to paint the walls of a huuuge room yesterday and I'm still running around trying to get my stuff framed in time. I'm excited, but will be more excited when my work is ready to hang and can move onto worrying about what I'm going to wear opening night! Lol.

Love all of the concert reviews and photos that keep coming in! It makes me happy that Chris is still going and fans are still interested. I hope I can swing going to the picnic this year!

DJ in AL said...

Carrie, how cool, your own show, is this your 1st or one of many? I think it's awesome. I have always envied people who can do what they love for a living, lucky girl!
Please send us pics of your pics!

Hey, and if you don't come to the picnic this year, well....IT'S ON!

risalea said...

Lori, I had my "orders" to post pics before I left home! LOL

Got to say I like the hair. Now, I guess I can say it, I was not a fan of the headband. : ) It will be cool and comfortable for the hot weather ahead, and I know it's easier to care for. I'm guessing it's a lot longer than it looks, since you've got those curly locks. Ethan's is like that, too.

Great, great concert...definitely recommend you going to the "Make It Matter" tour if it comes your way. My only complaint...Chris's set should be longer! It's a little different to not have Chris headlining when you're used to seeing him with the band and all(and we love the band), but he was awesome and amusing, and the crowd loved him. Meredith Andrews is wonderful, in fact, I really enjoyed her even more than Natalie Grant, and that's saying something. This was my second opportunity to hear her. She has that pure kind of voice and when she sings, it sounds effortless. Definitely would recommend you get her

As always, enjoyed visiting with Chris...he's always generous with his time, and it's always fun to get a doesn't take much to keep the blogger girls happy. LOL

As I posted before, the picnic is moving up a day to July 3, as Chris has a gig out of the area on the 4th. We'll get stuff corrected this weekend.
If I can keep my eyes open, going to work on getting the video up. Back in a bit!

risalea said...

Chris's invitation to the Fro Patro Picnic:

We're in the process of updating the website....we're also moving to Granny White Park in Brentwood...we couldn't get them on the 4th, but they are available on the 3rd! They have a very nice facility, with lots of features--playground, basketball, etc.

DJ in AL said...

Loved the video, and after much consideration I like the hair it's hot, I mean, er it won't be so hot!

20 days 'till the Doves and man the picnic will be here before you know it! Wondering if the blogger girls should go in on a timeshare in Nashville? Something to think about.

Happy Weekend Fro Patroers and if you haven't vote, um, what are you waiting for?

Sending you love from DJ in AL!

risalea said...

Girl, great minds think alike...just look at all the money we'd save. I'm sure if we explain it to our husbands in just that way, they'll jump right on the bandwagon! : )

You're right DJ, the folks need to let their voices be heard...over and over and over again!

One idea...I made that button I'm wearing in the pictures from last the buttons at Michaels, and it's easy to whip something up to go inside of it. I used that "Vote Sligh" widget that came out, and added the text instructions to it. Pin it to your purse, girls. The reason I used the text option is EVERYBODY is carrying a cell phone and most of them text.

Cathy Storms said...

great video for the picnic!!
Time share is a great idea and I need to get my pilots license and a plane...ok..if we're going to dream might as well dream big right....

DJ in AL said...

If you get your pilot's license that may take care of all of our problems:)

Badpacifist said...

Country Music awards now! I am so proud for you Chris....its your song they are singing at the end!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, did you know that the song you wrote with Zac Hanson at the Fool's Banquet called "Wait Here For You" will be on's 2009 Membership CD?

Cathy Storms said...

Hearing Rascal Flatts sing your song brought tears to my eyes. Awesome!!
You perform it much better than they do...
Next year...Song of the Year.."Here Comes Goodbye"
You'd better start saving your money girls...road trip to Vegas baby....

ChrisSligh said...

I didn't know that! I can't wait to hear how they produced it! My band did a demo of it a while back.


risalea said...

Chris, I was just wondering how your show went in Maryville, IL where the minister was killed recently. I was so amazed after seeing his wife on a morning show clip at how forgiving she was. Wondered if you had the chance to meet her.

I didn't get a chance to say this the other night, but there were three songs that really touched me from the Alma show and helped remind me that no matter where we are in our life, in a valley or on the mountaintop, God is always there. One was your new song, "I Am". Another was Meredith's "You Are Not Alone." And not new to me, but a favorite was Natalie"s "In Better Hands."

I totally missed Rascal Flatts on the awards show. I read something on aol about the show and tuned in just in time to see Carrie Underwood get Entertainer of the Year. If my husband would watch something besides "Sci Fi" or "The History Channel", I might know when something is going to be on TV. Can any of you girls relate?!

We are excited that the picnic reservations are coming in, including folks who are new this year (one even found us on facebook!) Make your plans to be'll be so sad if you miss it! Go to for all the info.

risalea said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Clearsa! (ok, where are my girls out know I am date challenged!!)

Hope it was a great one!

Clearsa said...

Thanks Risa.
Weekend birthdays are the BEST! I finally went to see Curious Case of Benj Button (now at the Dollar Theater). I remembered 10 min before the end of it that Chris uncharacteristically cried and I was supposed to bring Kleenex. I'm still scratching my head cause I didn't come close to a sniffle and I cry at everything. Now THAT'S curious. LOL Great movie, though.

Now next big thing to look forward to (after Easter) is DJ's Birthday, if ya know what I mean. :o)

Good night everyone!

Anonymous said...

here's some more information about the Hanson member cd/tracklist, there's 5 songs in total all from the Fool's Banquet. Its usually sent out around May each year.

"Wait Here For You" and "All I Have To Give" are really the only 2 new songs as the other 3 leaked well over a year ago!

rosalee said...

A belated Happy Birthday, Clearsa!
Which day was it?
I hope that you will come to the picnic. Harry want wants to play some more basketball with your husband.

Rascal Flatts' "Unstoppable" CD is out today!

Hischild said...

Thanks for the wishes. It was Sunday.
My husband asked the other day if the two of you were going to be at the Doves. I'm hoping and praying he is willing to do the picnic again, or at least let me and my daughter come. Time will tell.

risalea said... must learn and embrace my motto: "It is better to beg forgiveness than to ask permission."

: )

rosalee said...

Clearsa -
Sadly, we will not be going to the Doves. However, we will be going to the picnic and combining that with a trip down to South Carolina to see family.

gdahimself said...

A koan from the Zen of Risa.

"It is better to beg forgiveness than to ask permission."

Personally, I think the greater social harmony benefits from turning that statement around rather than,
"A fine mess you've gotten me into".
"Sorry Ollie!"

Frank Jenkins said...


I had a couple visitors from your blog and I was just so happy. I looked to see if you had me linked, but it doesn't matter. Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the show in Avon and thank you for taking that last 30 seconds of intermission to take a photo with me. I really appreciate it.