Tuesday, April 07, 2009

American Idol Generationals Reunion!

This week, I'm out in Los Angeles writing.  Wrote yesterday with Lindy Robbins and Jess Cates who have written some HUGE songs for people like Nick Lachay, Backstreet Boys, Faith Hill, and many more.  We wrote a KILLER song to pitch...I think it'll definitely get cut!

Anyway, the title of the blog...what's that about?

Well, some of you may know that Danny Gokey and I have become friends...not close or anything, but friends via phone calls and texts.  When I found out I was coming out to L.A., I let Danny know and we decided to get together if his schedule allowed.  American Idol is notorious for not letting the contestants know what's going on till the last minute, so our plans to get together Sunday night were thwarted.  But last night, he called me as I was finishing up my writing session and told me he had some time to hang out!

So I went to Rickey Minor's studio and picked him and we headed over to a nice Italian restaurant and ate.

Meanwhile, on the way to pick up Danny, I called Jason Castro to say hello and found out he's living in the L.A. area now working on writing his album.  I won't steal his thunder but congrats to Jason on his success.  Anyway, he asked if he could join Danny and I and when I asked Danny it was of course okay, so Jason met us at the restaurant.

We spent the next 3 1/2 hours just talking getting to know each other, and building a friendship between the 3 of us.  All of us are believers so it was awesome just talking about faith and what God was doing in us and about our experience with Idol.

Seriously - I don't say this lightly - I think God has some big things for Danny.  Maybe it's not selling millions and millions of records, maybe it is.  But his heart is to use his foundation - Sophia's Heart - to change people's lives is contagious.  

Jason is doing great, too.  He's writing like crazy and is excited about what's happening for his career.  Again, there's not much else I can say at this point, nor should I say...but know that Jason is doing great!

Hopefully I'll get to hang out with the guys again before I leave on Saturday.


Kel6270 said...

That is awesome you and Danny have become friends because I think you two are so much alike. From meeting you I can tell you are kind hearted and the same seems true about Danny. It was great seeing you again a couple of weeks ago and the more I hear Here Comes Goodbye the more I like. I must say I like when you sing it!!

Hischild said...

What a cool post! My top 3 "idols" from the past 3 seasons together at one table being all friendly and such!
One of the reasons I like the show so much is I can see kids from across the country become good friends right before my eyes. A real "we are the world" vibe. :o)

Excited about your newest songs, Chris. Next obvious question - got demos up??
Hope your time in LA is VERY productive and satisfying. Am I gonna spot you in the audience tonight or tommorrow???
Loved seeing Jason there last week!

risalea said...

OK, if you are at AI this week, you need to twitter so we know to look for you.

If you get together with folks, I'm gonna' boldly suggest you see if you can meet Kris Allen. Also a believer, a heck of a nice guy from all I've heard, and definitely not only a singer, but a musician. And he's from Arkansas, so that makes him pretty much perfect, right? : )

I'm glad you and Danny have become friends and Jason as well. I know Danny appreciates your support, not only with the AI thing, but spiritual support as well.

OK, off to Curves to work on losing those 100 lbs. before the Doves in 2 weeks.

cleanaturalady said...

That is really cool. I have to echo what Hischild said. My top 3 AI contestants from the past 3 years. I always love to hear that people are doing well after the show. God Bless.

Kacie said...

Yeah, how fun is that? From my research, it sounds like this year Danny, Kris, Scot, Michael, and Matt are all involved in the music at their church, which is really sort of stunning. I SO wish I was a fly on the wall in AI and could see how their faith plays out in each of their lives.

I'm a huge Danny fan, though. I think his popularity peaked early, so in the next few weeks he really needs to stand out to regain some of his momentum, since some people have come from behind and gained a lot of excitement recently.

The Nadeau Family said...

Chris...I am enjoying reading your blog! I have to say I just recently found it. You came to my church last year, Lenexa Baptist Church in Lenexa, Kansas, and I was blessed by your heart and music.
I am so glad to hear you and Danny hooked up. God does have great things for him. He wouldn't have taken him through the things he has these last few months if he didn't!
God bless you on your journey and I look forward to hearing more from you!! Take care!

Cathy Storms said...

Very cool that you got to hang out with other "idols".
Your in LA? You couldn't have picked a better week since the weather is beautiful. Although did you happen to feel the little earthquake we had today. No worries..they happen all the time.

Hmmmm...I'm close to LA...
If I would of known I would of made it up your way for lunch or coffee or something. Oh well...I know how busy you are when you come to LA. I'll let you get by with it this time but next time....NO!!!

I'll be out of commission for the rest of the week because I'm having surgery (again) tomorrow.

So have a good rest of your stay and enjoy your writing sessions. Can't wait to hear the new stuff. Hope you get to hang out with Danny again. It's really cool that you guys have become friends.

As others have asked, will you be going to the taping of AI at all while your hear? Let us know so we can look for you in the audience...

risalea said...

Welcome new posters!!

Think about coming to our picnic this year!

(((Cathy))) Love you!

Rebecca said...

So cool! I didn't know Jason was a believer. I thought perhaps Danny was, for some reason.

I think "Idol" is so cool on so many levels, the least of which has anything to do with the music (if you know I mean that in the BEST way).

Victoria Sandberg said...

Great post Chris. Thanks for sharing.

HstryQT said...

Chris that is awesome that you got to hang out with Danny & Jason! It just tickles me to pieces that I connected with Danny from his audition, just like I did you, and now you guys are friends. Things just come full circle sometimes.

Although I'm a Danny fan though, no season of Idol will ever compare to 6, and that's the truth!

Can't wait to see what the years bring -- more Idol Generational Reunions ...and collaboration, I hope!

*And ::waves:: to Kelley and Kacie :) :).*

chamilton said...

Hello All,
I am glad that you are getting to have some hang time. That's cool. Cathy.... What now girlfriend??? Sending you love and good wishes. Risa you crack me up.. If you loose that 100 pounds in the next two weeks let me know how you did that after you become a billionaire by selling your secret. I hope everybody is doing well and I have been reading just not posting much going on here.. So in honor of our girl DJ..

Sending you love from a WIND blown Kansas !!


Michelle Buckingham said...

This seriously brought a smile to my heart! :) It is so great to hear all three of you all staying true to who you are and there is a strong support system of Christians even in the idol world! :) Chris you are amazing! It seems you are a great support system for Danny! :)

CFPhilfan said...

Chris, this is awesome! I love both Jason and Danny. Can't wait for more great news from Jason. Danny has taken so much heat from so many. It is great that you have become friends with him. He needs all the encouragement and support he can get. I think that you all were missing 2 other great ones, though: Phil and Felicia, :-). I wish Felicia could have stayed on longer. She was visiting with Phil, according to his blog, and sharing with him about the contestants. And this may be a bit off-topic, but congrats, Chris, on the success of "here Comes Goodbye." It was cool to see Rascal Flatts perform it at the ACM Awards, and to hear it sung by Phil, Melinda, Gina, and Chikezie during the Am. Stars tour.

Badpacifist said...

Danny was really good last night but I rewound "mad world" at least five times and watched it. I remember doing that only for the Slighmaster many times. I also did it for Cooks music of the night and Daughtry ring of fire.
It is good the Adam has held back his crazy vocals a bit. Not so over the top is a good move for the moment.

DJ in AL said...

I'm not the least bit surprised that you connect with Danny, I could actually see the 2 of you becoming great friends. Sounds like you are working hard and in a constant state of creativity. Have fun in LA dude!

Cathy sending you love and prayers today.

Candy, where you been girl? I have missed you around here! Hey are you coming to the picnic this year? I hope so!!

Welcome, welcome, welcome to the new posters. It's always wonderful to have new folks on the blog!

Happy Wednesday from DJ in AL!


Kara said...

Very cool!

Cathy Storms said...

Welcome to all the new bloggers!!
Hope you keep joining us.

Candy, haven't heard from you in quite awhile. Please tell us your coming to the picnic.

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers today.

Anonymous said...

I think you all would be interested in Jason's video on the "I Am Second" website. When the video has finished playing you can click on other sections for Jason. Here is the link:


I am so happy to see Chris, Jason and Danny got together.

julie said...

I agree with Hischild that one of the nicest aspects of the show is seeing the friendships that develop among superficially very different people. So nice to hear that you and Danny and Jason have formed this bond. Danny seems to be a remarkable person and while he isn't my Idol pick I wish him all the best! He has a beautiful voice.

Saw Chris Richardson in the audience at the results show last night. How is he doing? Such a sweet kid. My daughter still smiles about meeting him.

I don't regularly listen to country, but while changing stations the other day a melody caught my ear. It was "Here Comes Goodbye" and I was delighted. Congrats, Chris, on this well-deserved success!

risalea said...

Julie, it's funny you should mention that AI has brought folks of different backgrounds together. I was telling a friend recently that this blog had done just that over the last two years. I got a reminder of that this week, when Tammy posted an album of pics on Facebook of Amanda and her friends at St. Jude when "Country Cares" brought Miley Cyrus, Jewel, Blake Shelton, and Randy Owens to the hospital. She looked SO happy that day. Had it not been for Chris and the blog, Tammy and Amanda wouldn't have come into my life. Truly a blessing to me and to everyone Amanda met, it is an honor and privilege to have the picnic be a fundraiser for St. Jude in her memory. BTW, we have a donation link up on the picnic website....whether you can come to the picnic or not, you can still donate and add to the donation we will present them in July. Help us make a giant impact in Amanda's memory! (www.fropatropicnic.webs.com)

Candy, good to hear from you! I know you must be swamped doing your very important work with children, but stay in touch. We're saving a plate of BBQ for you and your mama!

Working on taxes..had to come up for air! Later, Risa

robyn said...

How cool is that? I would love to someday hear all three of you guys singing a song together!!! I bet ya'll could make some wicked harmony...

Maybe one of these days you could invite them to the fro picnic!

I'm really glad to hear good things are happening for Jason! I knew he was a Christian and he gives off such a sweet and peaceful kind of feeling. And watching Danny, he seems to have a great following already ...he does seem to be contagious! I hope his foundation takes off!

risalea said...

FYI-Just saw a note on Facebook (I'm a multi-tasker, what can I say?) that Rascal Flatts will be on "Ellen" on Monday. I'm betting they'll sing "Here Comes Goodbye." Check your local listings! Wait...an idea just came to me...is this another reason you're in LA this week, Chris?

julie said...

risalea, it does seem to be a special thing that happens among fans as well as contestants. I also made several lovely real-life friends through online conversations about Chris' season of Idol. What you folks are doing in Amanda's memory is wonderful- I look forward to contributing! My extended family lost someone to leukemia long ago, so institutions like St. Jude's have my admiration. The Blaker Girls raised money for similar causes- it's such a good thing for performers and fans to do with the attention that comes their way.

Hischild said...

In case some of you didn't know, Chris will be performing at the Dove Awards April 23rd!! Yeah! Gospel Music Channel will televise if you want to catch him. Check your local listings as I'm not sure if it will air live or not. No GMC in AZ for me. Boohoo. I'd love to have it recorded.

I'm happy to see there will be a tribute to Dottie Rambo. As a kid I hated her old fashioned sound but had to listen to her stuff but now that I'm not so stupid, I really appreciate her and her music. She was quite a remarkable lady. RIP.

William Devereaux said...

Chris...I have to say I'm somewhat slow. I just bought your "Running Back to You" album primarily for "Empty Me". But then discovered alot of great songs also on the album. But "Empty Me" is the one that really ministers to me to the point of tears. I live in the LA area and would love to thank you personally..but I'll say thanks here in hopes you'll see it. My email is whdevereaux@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

American Idol is becoming a vocational school for a select group of performers.
Any offical reunions planed?

Terrie said...

Chris, thanks for blogging again. I was wondering what was up. Nowadays I always assume you are busy in a good way.

When the online backlash started against Danny, I thought immediately of what happened to you on some of the fan boards after you Randy and Paula identified you as the AI6 early frontrunner. Some of the stuff people write about his church and his wife is just brutal.

I think it is wonderful that you reached out to Danny as you did last year to Jason. I pray that God will continue to use you and raise up your music.

Season 6 ended for me when you left, but your talent is undeniable. I can see a long career ahead of you in singing, songwriting, and producing.

Blessings of the resurrection weekend to you and your family.

ChrisSligh said...

To the anonymous who keeps posting that gluttony is a sin.

First off, we know.

Secondly, have you actually freaking seen Danny? The dude weighs less that 200 pounds. Seriously, don't be a complete idiot.


Terrie said...

P.S. This is meant as a comment about Danny, not a question, because I don't expect you to divulge your private conversations with friends.

I just wonder if 19 would market any contestants they sign as CCM. I can easily imagine Danny or Jordin making a CCM album.

I don't know how the sales numbers compare -- although I bet you do! -- but I have been told that Country and CCM are growing markets while most others are declining.

chamilton said...

I have no idea who Danny is because I am boycotting AI this year siblings of the idols audition... No mention of CHRIS AND JON. Anyways... Well said as usual.

julie said...

Chris, being in LA did you get the chance to see Blake's gig- the T-Mobile Grammy Tour thing? It sounds like a blast. I can see him doing the whole performing/DJ mix thing. It's great to see he signed with Tommy Boy- they're more in his line. Still think his talent could blow up in a big way.

Blessed Easter to you and to all!

risalea said...

Happy Easter weekend, one and all. It's great to see so many new faces on here, and some old ones we haven't seen in awhile.

Chris Sligh, you are backsliding, responding to Negative Nellies instead of your loyal and faithful readers. (I'm just teasing you, I'm sure you get tired of having to delete posts we never even see.)

I worked on taxes all day, looks way better than last year, (hallelujah!) and now I'm going to reward myself and go shop for a new Easter frock and see if I can find something Dove worthy out there.

I hope everyone has a blessed Easter, filled with family and friends, and that we will rejoice in the words of John 3:16, not just on Easter, but every day of the year.


DJ in AL said...

Sending love and good wishes to all my fellow Fro Patroers, Blogger Girls, Dove's Divas and to my fav Idol- Chris and his fam.

Have a blessed and joyous Easter!

Love from DJ in AL!

gdahimself said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gdahimself said...

To the anonymous who keeps posting that gluttony is a sin.

Gluttony is derived from glutton which also means
“a person with a remarkably great desire or capacity for something“*,
just like incontinent basically means "wanting in self restraint" or “ lacking in moderation or self-control”**

Judging by Chris’ response, your comments were based on ones proportions being greater than fashionable because of over-indulgent eating habits ignoring other considerations, but if you are as persistent as indicated, you have your own problems with the sins of gluttony and incontinence to address.

* Dictionary.com: http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=glutton&db=luna
** Dictionary.com: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/incontinent

DJ in AL said...

GDA I love you.

That is all:)

HstryQT said...

Happy Easter to all and Happy Early birthday to Chris! (If my memory serves correctly.. for having a history degree, I'm uncannily horrible with birthday dates).
Any fun bday plans Chris?

Wrapping up the end of an exhausting "vacation" back to Virginia. Traveling tomorrow -- we'll be glad to be back home and in our usual routine.

Then it's countdown to the Dove awards!!

risalea said...

Speaking of the Doves, it's crunch time, folks. Call out the troops, anyone that owes you a favor, present friends, former friends, your in-laws, your out-laws, anyone with an email address and/or a cell phone, and get them to vote!

www.gospelmusicchannel.com/dovesvoting AND text DOVE CSLIGH to 72648!

JR said...

Hey, Chris:
Great to hear about you and Gokey supporting each other as believers; I appreciate the humility I see in Danny, and it's good to know he has friends like you and Jason Castro who understand the challenges of AI!

I remember hearing you on Rick and Bubba's radio show last year, and you were pretty confident that you'd written a country song that was going to be a hit -- maybe something about a sitting on a bar stool and seeing someone come in? Has that song been cut?

Regardless, you did write a great song with Clint Lagerberg, and I think I heard that "Here Comes Goodbye" just went #1! What a birthday present! Congrats!

Just stay humble, man. You don't need to ring your own bell; relax and let God promote you, and know that your hard work speaks for itself!

Congrats, again!

deanne said...

Happy belated birthday, Chris!!

Like the other poster, I was hoping you had met Kris Allen too since he's a believer. He's also a very humble guy with a huge heart.

And I'm disappointed that you haven't blogged about idol this year! If you have, I missed it. I like to hear your take on things...such as Kris Allen. ha!

I still love Arise...my favorite song of yours!