Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Catch Up

At some point soon, I will catch everyone up on life. I'm so incredibly busy and I travel so much that it's kind of hard to keep you guys up to date...I need to do a better job of that. When I'm driving now I don't have wireless like I did on the buses during Idol tour, and usually when we get to the hotel at night, it's time to crash.

So, I will try to do a better job, but the next few weeks are crazy.

American Idol Extra was great yesterday. I had fun with the staff and seeing old friends. Jon and I went out with Haley, Gina and Blake after the taping. Reminiscing about good times and talking about Gina's wedding and Blake's new single and Haley's recording. Seriously, I didn't realize how much I missed everybody until we got together. It's like a family...we just pick up where we left off the last time. So great.

I performed "In a Moment" as Cathy and Nana talked about below. What kind of sucked was they told me it had to be less than three and a half minutes, so I did an arrangement without the last chorus...then everyone else's song was over 4 minutes. Oh, well, I thought the arrangement worked. The interviews were great. Let's see if I can remember...Access Hollywood, Billboard, Extra (not to be confused with Idol Extra), InTouch...and I know there's more I'm forgetting. But it was fun. Fred, the guy from Billboard magazine, hung out with Jon and I for most of the day just shooting the breeze, talking about music...the guy is like a walking encyclopedia of music charts knowledge. So, we talked our favorite bands and how they did on the charts. It was so much fun.

So, we'll play catch up every now and again. And it will be fun.


Anonymous said...

Chris! So good to hear from you again. I'm sure we all understand you are busy. That's what we want. For you to be in demand, getting your well deserved exposure and notoriety. Great to read of your CA adventures, (seeing your old friends) and I can't wait to see everything you taped. I'm sure Rosalee will keep us informed so nothing escapes our notice.
I'm getting impatient waiting to hear Empty Me on the radio. I've only heard it on your KLOVE interview morning and the Countdown Mag. What's up?? I don't think I can stand to listen to that station as much as I do much longer.

Blessings to you!

(who is longing for Empty Me to be played to DEATH like those 10 other songs on KLOVE!)

Cathy Storms said...

Chris~you were really awesome yesterday at the AI Extra taping. I was watching you back stage with Gina, Haley & Blake and you guys looked like you were having so much fun. I can only imagine how good it was to see them again.
It's funny, that guy Fred was talking to me outside the venue because of my shirt. He said something like "Well I guess I'm in the right place because of your Chris Sligh shirt". Pretty funny...

rosalee said...

That's right, Clarissa - I'M FEROCIOUS!! ROFL!!!!

That 3 1/2 minute song story reminded me of what "Regis and Kelly" did to Ringo not long ago:


See? Even Ringo gets pushed around. I'm glad you didn't walk off the set, though!! LOL

HstryQT said...

Great to hear from you - an like Clarissa said, we know you're busy and are GLAD you're busy. Sounds like you had a blast out in LA seeing old friends.
Can't wait to see and hear more!

Nique's Nana said...

Last night when we left, we were kinda hoping to see you again. But I figured you and the gang were meeting up to go out and catch up. I'm happy for you that you had this time to meet up again with them and catch up on what's been happening.

You are one busy guy and that is really wonderful. Everyone wants to hear from our Chris. Have fun and take care. Eat well and get plenty of rest.

May God bless you and keep you safe and healthy.

You looked so good last night and your performance was outstanding. You sang my favorite song, and it was so good to get a big bear hug from you.

Carrie said...

When I heard you were going to be seeing some of the other idols again I was super excited because when you think about it, it's been over a year now since the show and you've all been so busy going your separate ways.

Rosalee is pretty good at keeping us updated when you can't, but we do miss you around here! Still, keeping busy (and healthy!) is great for your career, so I don't think we're too upset. Plus there's news everywhere and it's almost impossible for me to keep up haha.

As for the concert thing, it's good to hear Chris came out when none of the other idols did. It just shows how much he values all of us. I can't wait to see it on TV.

risalea said...

Well, I'll just admit it, I'm pea green with envy, but also so glad that Cathy and Nique's Nana got to see Chris and get their hugs. Chris, honestly, you're doing great keeping us up to date, but you might want to think about a phone with internet capability? hint hint. LOL Though I have had trouble in the last few months getting the blog to load on my BB--it keeps telling me it's too big. The only way I have been able to access it is if I ask for email notification of replies, then I can get to the blog and read it all.

Glad you got to see and visit with old friends. Nothing beats that. Continuing prayers for your safe travels.

And guys, do you realize that tomorrow we're just 4 months from the picnic? Unbelievable! Risa

Carianne said...

i am so happy that all of you guys had such an awesome time at Idol Extra! I wonder when it will air... It will be fun seeing Chris's performance and looking for cathy and nique's nana in the audience! :)

I'm glad the Fro Patro was able to go and represent!

Carrie said...

Risa, I think Chris mentioned he had an iphone before and I thought they DO have internet access on them. He just doesn't like us anymore. :p Just kidding, obviously.

rosalee said...

Carianne -

I was told that it's tentatively set to air on Apr. 24th. (subject to change)

risalea said...

I thought I remembered that. HMMMM...perhaps Chris has decided that surfing the net while driving is not a good idea. Unfortunately, I know that from personal experience and that's all I'm gonna' say. :)

Carmen said...

Glad that you got to meet up with friends and that you are so busy. Busy is a good thing. Rosalee has been doing an awesome job keeping all of us informed.
See that you will be in Florida this week. The weather is suppose to be nice. If you get some time, do visit the "evil rat empire" (Disney World). I recommend riding rock & roll roller coaster at MGM Studios and Mt. Everest at Animal Kingdom. Awesome rides! I have ridden each one well over 100 times and I still love them.

Cathy and Nique's Nana I am so excited that you got your bear hugs and heard Chris sing. I love that you wore your shirts. Ya'll are fantastic fans. But we all know that Chris has the best fans!!

DJ in AL said...


It's about time dude! Oh, I'm kidding, I have to say that before I get grief from my fellow fro patoers, but we have MISSED you big time! But as Slimpickens says we really do understand and busy is a great thing for you! Glad you got to hang out with the old AI gang.

Like everyone said, Rosalee is doing a phenominal job keeping us in the know about all things Sligh so that helps. But Rosalee is no substitute for the real thing, so don't forget to throw us some love now and then!

Safe travels!

Sending you love from DJ in AL!

cdld1234 said...

Hey Friend....it's been awhile....been busy with my dad...can't wait to get your CD so he can hear it. I must say, you've kept true to your heart. Thanks.

Your Kindred Spirit

Cathy Storms said...

I also have to say that Rosalee is doing a really great job keeping all of us informed on your whereabouts...
Safe travels...

rosalee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rosalee said...

DJ -

Is this more like the "real thing"??


Carrie said...

Rosalee, HAHAHA! That's the best thing I've seen all day.

DJ in AL said...

Rosalee-the link didn't work for me.

Carrie said...

DJ, what I do is triple click it so that it highlights the entire link (even parts that are hidden) and then copy/paste it. It's awesome so you have to see it.

I think Rosalee should make it her myspace default. Or the picture she uses here for awhile. It's that great.

rosalee said...

DJ - just highlight my whole post, including the timestamp, before you do the copy and paste.

DJ in AL said...

Um, Rosalee, no this is not an adequate substitute for Chris! Not even.


Anonymous said...

It was good to hear from you again, and get a more personal check-in. Thanks for sharing with us about the show, and seeing the other Idols--it's a nice thought for us.

I hope it all was great. Can't wait to catch some of that!Take Care.