Monday, March 10, 2008

Baltimore Is Beautiful

Well, I think it's beautiful...yeah, it is.

Anyway, we have added 2 shows in Baltimore on top of the radio promo stops. Check out for more info.

The radio tour is going great. We were, once again, the #1 added AC song for the 3rd straight week (last week we were tied for 1st for AC monitored, this week we won both monitored and indicator straight out!). We got 10 more stations this week in AC and 2 more in CHR (the more rock flavored stations). We're up to 32 stations total spinning the song. We should debut on the Billboard & R&R chart next week in the top 30! We are only 2 and a half weeks into this and we're already going to be charting! Amazing! My team has done an incredible job!

I'm tired as crap and I miss Sarah...but she's coming to see me in Baltimore and will be at both shows over the weekend, so that gives you guys another reason to come see the show.

Anyway, thanks for all the support.


risalea said...

OK, Chris, I hate to be a nag, but how close are you going to get to Little Rock when you do your concert mini-tour? I'm willing to drive, just need a bit of a timeframe. Us busy girls have to get you in our datebook. : )
Bmorebamma, where are you, he's coming your way!
Take care of yourself while you're on the road. So glad Sarah gets to join you. I know being separated is hard. Risa

Carrie said...

Congrats, all the hard work seems to be paying off. I was wondering if you had seen Sarah in between all of that traveling but it's good you get to see her, soon.

Now come to Buffalo! (I'm going to keep asking until you actually do. :p)

Also, Tawny and I want to know:
Who is your favorite guy and girl on Idol this year?

I'm going to assume female is Brooke, but I could be wrong. She's the only one I like watching this year. It isn't the same without you and Blake.

Anonymous said...

I <3 that the awesome news keeps rolling in, keep it up!

Since everyone else is telling you where to go.. SOUTH FLORIDA! ;)

Yeah, what Carrie said lol I asked if she knew who was your favorite was but she only knew you liked Brooke.

Carrie, I miss our guys too :(

Sum Sum said...

Hey, stumbled on your Myspace page and went searching for lyrics to your new album (that's what I always search for first!) but couldn't find them. I found this site, however. As a closet wanna-be Christian rock star, I can't wait to see where things are headed for you. Especially being married, (I am as well and have a daughter). It's hard to balance dreams and family. It's way inspiring!

Carrie said...

Hey sum sum,
One of the blogs on Chris' myspace actually does have the lyrics. I'm not sure which one, just click view all and you should come across them. Hope that helps.

Good luck!

risalea said...

Hey, I'm not telling...I'm asking nicely. : ) (but if begging, pleading or whining will work, I'm there! LOL)

Y'all have a great day. I'm off to a school.

EmilyBoo said...

I'd say I'd like you to come to Detroit on your tour, but I'd probably have a hard time getting out to see you without a ton of notice. The good news is, I may meet you and all of these fine fro patro-ers yet, because hubby and I have been talking about coming down for the picnic, along with our two kids. Hubby's kind of indifferent as to where we go, as long as we do actually go somewhere, but I'll make him a fro patro-er yet!

Speaking of Christian rock stations, I believe Dave at VFTW had a question about requesting Empty Me there, and possibly at mainstream stations? (I like to keep tabs on your thread and Josiah Leming's thread there, they love you guys!)

What does "monitored" and "indicator" mean?

One other question that perhaps anyone can answer... I asked a few posts back, but I don't think anyone answered, unless I missed it somehow. I would like to get an autographed copy of "Running Back to You," but I prefer to buy in stores rather than online. Are the autographed copies only going to be available on the official website?
(Oh wait, maybe I can get an autograph at the picnic instead... hadn't thought of that before.)

HstryQT said...

Be sure to pop in on Duff of Ace of Cakes while youre in Baltimore - you two seem like you'd have fun together! :) If I were still at home in VA, I'd definitely be driving up to B-more to see you, 39 weeks pregnant or NOT! :)

Have fun! and Im glad you get to see Sarah soon!

Cathy Storms said...

I'm so glad you finally get to see Sarah again. So is California on that list of shows for your tour?

Tom in ATL said...

Hey Dude -

Great News on the charting. It wasn't all that long ago on your blogs you were debating which label to sign with - made the conscious decision to follow your heart and go CCM - and now look - you know you made the right choice, for the right reasons. And not only will you be able to do what you love (and were born) to do - but you get to inspire people with your songs and music. Pretty good call there, Chris.

Finally got around to getting "Empty Me" on Itunes - and must say - once you can hear it on a good sound system, and not on tiny computer speakers - it's even better than I could have imagined. The production is brilliant.

Good luck in Bmore - I'm likely not going to make it to the picnic - but am planning on going to Greenville May 1st. Will this be a "meet and Greet" - or will you be performing with the band?

Peace -

Tom in ATL

HstryQT said...

I just checked your radio tour schedule on myspace again (little late to the party on that one..) and realized youre all OVER Virginia and DC. Come on now Chris, why'dya have to tour all over my OLD stompin' grounds now that I'm in Indy? :) :) Just for that you have to talk Mitch into throwing an Indy stop in there somewhere. hehe.

rosalee said...

If you guys have a few minutes to spare, this is a very nice recap of the Season 6 guys' American Idol journey. It's also up on the fansite.

Nique's Nana said...

Chris, I'm asking too - does your tour bring you back to Southern California?

Carrie said...

Pfft, all copying me. Kidding of course, can't blame you all for wanting to see Chris! You're all 10x more likely to have him come near you guys. :p Buffalo is pretty much known for two things: chicken wings and snow. And that's it. Haha.

Lori, I love that show!

John Noble said...

As long as everyone is bugging you to come to a location...

How about coming to Baltimore? That's my home, and a great place to visit!

Oh, your going to be here...this weekend? :-)

Hope to see you at one of the venues!

Carrie said...

John! Funny, but so wrong. Haha.

Have fun because I'm shaking my e-fist at you right now!

Cathy Storms said...

I just saw Phil's new video on youtube. It's really good. So, Chris, are you going to make any video's to go with your new CD?

Carrie said...

You're probably too busy to reply but Chris, are you writing for EW tonight?

ChrisSligh said...

I am.


SLIGHtly Unhinged said...

Go North young man.

Carrie said...

Thanks, Chris.

AH! I just found out Blake is going to be doing some radio press in Rochester on Thursday. Normally I'd be all YEAH LET'S GO! but I currently have no car (it died!) and so that's the end of that idea!

Oh well, I'd rather see Chris perform.

risalea said...

Are we too late to help you with your review? I've always wanted to write one. LOL

Kristy Lee Cook, what were ya' thinking?
David Hernandez, it's time to go back to the pizza place. Or wherever that is you used to work. ahem!

OK, I'm up WAY too late for having to hit the road at 7 am (which is really 6! Still not into the time change. And what smart guy decided to start it in March? Bah, humbug!)

ChrisSligh said...

You know what's seems like every interview they do is trying to lead David Hernandez into simply admitting he was a gay stripper. Tell us about your life. Tell us where you worked. Tell us what you did before the show. It makes me laugh at how he has to squirm every time. Please, America, send him home...put him out of his misery.

Plus I can't wait to see his Q&A once he's off.


HstryQT said...

Chris how perfect that you get to write the EW review on Lennon/McCartney night! I have to admit, I was somewhat somber about David Cook doing Eleanor Rigby, because I knew you would've jumped to perform that if you had the chance last year. At least he rocked it - still made me sad you didnt have the opportunity though.

I thought last night was full of intriguing and comment-provoking moments - I'm surprised there arent more thoughts on the blog this morning! Looking forward to reading the EW review though.


DJ in AL said...

Chris and Lori, and all-

I have plenty of observations about last night. First, my husband had to talk me into watching, what's up with that?

David H.? Just ew! Buh Bye! Kristy Lee Cook, ditto, sorry we just don't need another Carrie Underwood wannabe and I'm with the esteemed judges on this one, what the heck did she do to that song? I know this sounds harsh but I am so OVER how fabulous AI thinks this group is, I just don't see it.

Poor David, I wanted to reach through the screen and hug him (mother instinct). Poor baby. I don't think he'll win this thing but I think he has a bright future in music, but what do I know? I definitely have a soft spot for him I guess, who can resist that face? That said, I'm not sure he's ready for the world that is the Music Industry yet.

I wish someone would explain to me why the judges despise the ballads? That's probably not the correct term, but it seems that they hate, hate the slow songs. With the exception, and I can't think of her name, the blonde nanny?, they loved her and I didn't thinkk she was that good. Maybe I am just completely out of step with the rest of the world.

So who do I like? You know what, I'm still not sure yet. The Aussie dude is good, a little intense. Carly I think is her name, is very good, something about her already getting a shot at the industry has be holding back for her. I think the jury is still out for me. I'll read Chris' review and see what he has to say.

Anyway, happy Wednesday! Lori, any closer to Teddy making an appearance?


Carmen said...

I am so excited for you. I was just thinking the other day about that very cold Good Friday last year when my son & I met you the first time outside of a radio station in South Carolina. You have come so far in the last year. It is just awesome! I know that this is really only the beginning for you. You are going to do so much more!

I unfortunately missed the AI performance last night so I am trying to catch up via youtube.
Look forward to your review.

Cathy Storms said...

I loved Chikezie!!! I thought he did such a great job. I was also sad that Chris didn't get to perform something from the Beatles. This season is not the best as the judges say it is. I still don't have a favorite.

rosalee said...

OK – My two cents on last night:

Syesha did a decent job with “Got to Get You Into My Life”, but I would have preferred to hear Carly sing that one.

Chikezie – What a riot! Not the best singer, but he put on a good show with “She’s a Woman” – like Taylor Hicks. He deserves to stay. I hope he makes the top 10.

Kristy Lee Cook and David Hernandez can go home this week and next week. Kristy really murdered Eight Days A Week with that manic country version. David’s performance of “I Saw Her Standing There” was really cheesy.

Amanda was still a scream fest with “You Can’t Do That”. She can go home soon, too. If you close your eyes while she’s singing, she sounds like an 80 year old woman. A poor Janis Joplin. She’ll probably make the tour, though, and will add to the variety of musical styles.

Ramiele did a decent job with “In My Life”, but it was not memorable. The same with Jason C with “If I Fell”. I didn’t like the high key of “In My Life”, either.

I thought that Brooke did a good job, but to me “Let It Be” falls into the same “boring” song choice
category as “If I Fell” (which really depends on the harmony) and is more boring than “In My Life”.

Michael J. also did a good job with “Across the Universe” – better than he was given credit for. Again, though, it’s a draggy song.

I was not particularly enthused with David C, especially with the first half of “Eleanor Rigby”, but people seem to like him.

Carly gave a great performance with “Come Together”, but she’s had a lot of practice for it.

David A completely fell apart last night with “We Can Work It Out”. The backup singers had to jump in and bail him out. I didn’t like his song choice anyway and he had no business trying to compete with Stevie Wonder’s version. However, his fans will vote more furiously than ever and he will come out on top, as usual.

I wonder who is in charge of the arrangements on these songs. They also have an influence on the ratings of these singers. I wonder if the contestants just come to them with a “concept” and someone fleshes it out for them, or if the musical style is suggested to them….

edlives said...

You came by CBN to enjoy worship with us. We were truly blessed.
Praying for your continued blessings, and hope you'll be able to come back and see us.
you can visit my blog anytime, and although I have a blogger account, I normally use Xanga. (

Nique's Nana said...

Chikezie was a kick! Although not the best of the guy singers, I'd like to see him make it to the top 10.

Was very surprised to see little David A. fall apart. Isn't it a cardinal sin to foget the lyrics? Was it nerves that made him forget? At this point of the contest, no one should be fogetting lyrics.

I disagre with the judges - this season singers are not the best.

rosalee said...

Here are some year-old articles about the Christian Radio Industry from Christianity Today:

This initial chapter discusses history and growth of Christian Radio:

This chapter deals Christian Radio’s with the target demographic – 35-44 year old females:

The third chapter is very appropriate…. It talks about how decisions are made as to what gets played on the air:

The last chapter is about the future of Christian Radio:

rosalee said...

Oh - the links do work. Just highlight the link and at least one line below it.

risalea said...

Rosalee, I think blogger is chopping off your links again.
No wonder Chris has such a following of ladies of a certain age...according to the headline, we're in the pocket! OK, well, a few of us are hanging out of the pocket, but we're right in there! : )

I tried to catch Chris on the 700 Club broadcast online but didn't ever see him. Maybe it's a short piece that airs randomly like the one they did they have in the archives from last May.

I was supposed to be at a school 45 min. from here...had faulty directions..couldn't find it until it was too late to go (have to arrive by a certain time), so I had to come home to try again tomorrow. Good grief!

DJ in AL said...

It has to be said, David A. is 16 years old. I was stunned that he forgot the lyrics and it is a cardinal sin. That said, he is 16, can you imagine what it's like to get on that stage in front of millions of people? I can't. I know, I know, if he wants to be a star he has to perform on cue, blah, blah, blah.

Just sayin.

rosalee said...

Risa -
The links are working - you just can't see the whole thing. Just highlight the link and the line below it before you copy and paste.

rosalee said...

If you can't get it to work, let's try breaking it up into pieces:

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Link 4

risalea said...

Thanks, Rosalee! That third story explains why you hear the same songs on KLove over and over. I guess we'll be glad when it's Chris in heavy rotation.

I do feel sorry for David A. A lot of pressure for a guy his age. I've often thought the age minimum should be higher...I mean it seems silly to have kids so young on tour they have to have a chaperone. He is a great little performer, but his biggest competition is going to be himself....he's done well so early, I think it's probably difficult to maintain that week after week. The pot definitely got stirred this will be interesting to see what happens.

edlives said...

The filming that occured today will be aired sometime in April on the 700 Club - according to those people. About the same time that the CD is released, from what I heard.

rosalee said...

Chris's EW review is here:,,20007164_20171835_20183699,00.html

risalea said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
risalea said...

Try this:

GirlyGirl45 said...

"At this point in the contest, no one should be forgetting the lyrics."

Oh, let's not all catch the Simon disease of staring down our noses at a young person trying to realize a dream in a pressure cooker environment. Nerves can get the better of anyone at any stage in the competition. I mean, if a performer doesn't give a darn and blows off practice, yes, that's inexcusable, but that's clearly not the case here.

Not that I'm a huge David Archuleta fan. He's got talent, and he's so tiny and adorable he could fit in my back pocket. I don't have a clear favorite and am not invested in this season. But I think we need to root these folks on.

So, Chris, someone asked a good question about arrangements---can you talk about how that process works? Does it start out with a discussion with the vocal coach and then the band? do contestants drive the ideas, or do they ask for a few different slants?

Carrie said...

I feel bad for David Hernandez. He came out of nowhere, was doing really well and now between the controversy and his performance last night, he's probably in trouble.

I don't GET Amanda. She can obviously sing if she's there, but she's starting to be the same thing every week. Regardless of if a performance is bad or not, it's hard to tell what she's even saying. I'd like to see her slow down and try a ballad, but I'm guessing she can't do that. One trick, for sure.

I was kinda shocked to see Archuleta going last since he bombed so badly. I was also surprised to see that he DID do so badly and yet still apparently managed to get the most amount of votes. It's all in the placement of contestant performances for sure. Not really fair for some of the others who did great. I just remember season 5 when it was Top 3 night and Elliott's turn to sing last, they put Kat there instead and basically screwed him over on making Top 2. But he's doing better than her now so in the end, it doesn't matter. I was pretty bitter at the time, though.

I guess everyone (surprisingly to me) LOVES Brooke (Simon, Randy, a lot of past contestants...) so I'm hoping that she makes top 2. You know how Idol loves to push for those male/female finales.

Okay enough rambling. I'm going to the gym now. I'll have more to say after, I was only going to say one thing about Idol but I always have so much to say. Haha.

DJ in AL said...


You crack me up girl-re: David A. -fitting him in your back pocket! Love it!

Hey, while I know forgetting lyrics is horrible, he isn't the first and pretty sure he won't be the last. I realize we are down to the top 12 but I don't think he should get the boot bc of last night's performance.

Need to go read Chris's review and see what he thought about David.

DJ in AL said...

Chris-great review! I agreed with most of what you said and was interested to see you changed your mind on David Cook. The jury is still out for me.

Also a little surprised at how much you like Brooke, and bc you do I'm gonna listen with more of an open mind.

Totally agree with you on the push for Carly. Last night was actually the only performance of hers I enjoyed.

But as I've said at least a 100 times, just not that into it this year.

But hey it's entertaining.

Chris, miss you around here. Know you are crazy busy and happy for you about that. But do miss ya!

risalea said...

Well, of course, they want Carly to do well...didn't Randy have some connection to the record company she lost so much money for? She does have a great voice, but anymore it takes more than that. Who knows what it takes to capture the public's heart....maybe curly hair, a robust figure, and some distinctive glasses with a voice to die for! : )

America got it right tonight. (IMHO) I do think David H.'s background went against him, but his performance was lackluster as well. Several folks are going to have to step it up next week.

OK, I can't pull a late night like last night and get up and work tomorrow, so I'm hitting the hay. Night blogger friends! Night Chris! Night John Boy!

Anonymous said...

I read Chris' review and agree with most of it. I'm with you on David Cook. I wasn't too sure of him until the last 2 weeks or so but now he's defintiely my 2nd favorite.

I think the pressure and hype finally caught up with David Archuleta last night. He knows he's called the front runner everywhere and he had the pimp spot on a song he wasn't sure of. He looked so nervous in the pre video and that didn't change when he walked out on the stage. Of course there are no excuses for forgetting the lyrics but towards the end he kind of brought it together. There are articles going around now about his father being a huge stage dad, ack.

That being said, I think he'll come out ready to impress next week. He looked comfortable and sounded great in the group performance tonight.

I'm thinking last night was missing some Danny Noriega lol. He just added so much to the show with his personality and I truly feel he is a very strong singer. I wish he would've taken his performances a bit more seriously though. He was on Ellen today and sang "Superstar" he was great.

Lori-Anything going on with Teddy yet? Amelia's already 3 weeks old as of tuesday! The time is flying by.

rosalee said...

So, where is everybody?

Girlygirl -
Did you see the Sanjaya links from TMZ and MTV that Rickey put up yesterday?

I think that it's possible that David A. messed up the lyrics on purpose. He seems too professional to stumble so badly. Maybe AI doesn't want him to peak so fast, like Lakisha. It could also be that he needed to be taken down a peg so that he wouldn't be so consistent like Melinda and turn the show into a boring one-horse race.

Did anyone notice in the phone-in segment that on the first screen they took questions from a 12 year old, two 22 year olds and skipped over the 50 year old? On the second screen they started with a 26 year old, discarded it and ended with a question from a 40 year old.

I think that AI should allow the full top 12 to go out on tour. It seems a shame to have them come so close, only to be cut. They accomplished enough to deserve to go on tour with the others.

Tatch said...

Hope you are enjoying your time! Check out a few of the neighborhood restaurants they are great!!

rosalee said...

I'm also glad that the bottom three got to sing before anyone was cut instead of just the loser singing at the end. It was more merciful that way.

risalea said...

I've posted so much under this particular blog, I look like the stalker poster, but you've persuaded me to do one more, Rosalee. LOL

I totally agree about the top 12. I wondered why have them do photo shoots and all the other hoopla, just to miss out on the tour? (maybe they don't want to pay them?)

I thought having the bottom three sing ahead of time was a good idea, too, though I think I got up and went for a snack when Kristy Lee sang the country version of "Eight Days a Week" again. I couldn't listen to it one more time. LOL Not only what was she thinking, what was the band thinking?

If David A. messed up his lyrics on purpose, he should go into acting. He looked genuinely scared, that deer in the headlights look. I think he's a young guy with a lot of pressure on him. I think he had a song he had no experience with, and that might trip him up again in the coming weeks if the short time frame that Chris has explained to us and in his column for EW this week, is too much for him. We shall see.

I better get to bed. I'm going to try and catch a bit of Chris's interview in the AM before I head out to Searcy.

Night, all!

GirlyGirl45 said...

Having the bottom 3 sing in advance seemed--almost--humane. (well, to the contestants; the reprise of 8 Days was hard on the audience, but at least Kristy Lee sort of apologized in advance).

Yes, Rosalee, I saw the Sanjaya clips--woohoo! I'm glad he's doing some charity stuff and keeping his name out there while he works on stuff. As an added bonus, I saw Access's interview of one Chris Sligh--nice!

Chris, I really enjoyed your EW review this week. So, you revealed a little about the arrangement process, but I'm still curious about who "drives" it. Okay, what I really want to know is Who's responsible for the 8 Days debacle!! I think it was the frantic rhythm more than the twang that got me (and I hate twang).

Tawny, I was missing some Danny too. I LOVED his visit with Ellen and his performance of Superstar. Awesome.

John Noble said...

Chris Sligh spent about an hour this morning on WRBS, a Christian radio station in Baltimore. He played a couple of songs from his upcoming album live on-air, and otherwise was his normally entertaining self. The DJs on WRBS mentioned that his time on air would be posted on as a podcast, but I haven't seen it posted there yet. You might want to check there later and see if the podcast is up.

On a another note, they did say that tomorrow night's concert at the Open Door was sold out. Great for Chris, but not so good for me, as I didn't even know tickets were being sold in advance. Oh well, maybe next time...

rosalee said...

John -
Chris is the first one to post his gigs. I think that he posted this one on his Myspace site last weekend. Although it is sold out, there is also a "waiting list", so on the off chance that some folks don't make it, you might want to get yourself on that list...

bmorebamma said...

darn it mr. sligh was here and i didn't know it iam waaayyy behind . was having phone line issues with my dsl any whoo , iam back and i have missed A WHOLE LOT darned " hangs head in disgust"

bmorebamma said...

wrbs that's the station i listion too , was it am or fm , iam also waitng to here mr sligh's music on there , but i don't think i have heard it STILL " hanging head in disgust".

rosalee said...

Bmorebamma -

I sent you an email just before Chris came to Washington DC and Baltimore to let you know. I guess you never got it with your DSL problems. Check out the fansite or Youtube - there are a couple of WRBS videos there -