Saturday, November 03, 2007


Well, the record deal has been negotiated and has been sent back and forth and next week (fingers crossed) I'll be signing the deal. It's a great deal. Once the deal has officially been signed I'll announce the name of the label, but know this: I'm excited about the deal, I'm excited about the label and people at the label, and I'm excited about making this record. If I sign the deal next week, then Monday of the next week I should start recording. I have 3 producers that will be working on the record. Brown Bannister will be producing the whole record. He will be co-producing several songs with Will Owsley (of the band Owsley - you need to check out this was one of the bands that Blake and I connected on very, very early - we both loved the band, so it's really cool to have him work and play on this record) and several other songs with Stephen Leiweke (who produced HPF's first album). Brown is one of Christian Music's legends, so it's incredible to have him signed on for this record. He is taking a significant paycut to work on this record - it's pretty great to have someone of his stature believe in the project.

Anyway, the title of this post is "Songs". I'm going to talk about the songs that look like will make this record. I love the double meaning of make here...they will make it on the album and they will make the album. Anyway sorry for that. These are the songs that look like they'll make the album...obviously in the studio that could change, but here's what it looks like right now.

Running Back - I love this song. I rewrote the lyric with Tony Wood and rewrote the chord structure on the chorus and it went from an "off-the-radar" song to one of my favorites. The message of God's mercies being new every morning is something important to me, since I'm an idiot and need mercy & forgiveness a lot. On the 1st verse I tried to paint a picture of morning coming...there's not a lot of tension until the pre-chorus. The 1st verse is just a poetic picture of the sun rising. I don't think I've ever seen the line "Stars go down in the Western sky" or anything like it...I'm sure it's been said before, but I haven't seen it said like that. The 2nd verse talks about the idea of darkness covering up my faults, only for light to stream in, illuminating my sins. The message is definitely one I need to remind myself of. Musically, it has what I call the signature Chris Sligh brooding verses, building pre-chorus and soaring, epic chorus. I can't wait to hear what Brown does with this song.

Empty Me - I wrote this song with Tony Wood, too. This one, though, we wrote together from start to finish. He had an idea for a chorus and then we wrote about my life in the verses. It's idea that fame and fortune can tear lives apart and one can buy into their own hype. My prayer is to empy me of me and get rid of the stupid things: pride, the be filled with God. We feel like this is going to be the first never know till you get in the studio, but everyone feels really good about this one.

Know - I think this is my favorite song that I've ever written. It was on the HPF album.

In a Moment - this ballad seems to move people. It was also on the HPF album.

Cry Tonight - again...a song from the HPF album...another favorite of mine personally.

Love Is Raining Down - one of the things I wanted to make sure with this album was to walk the fine line between making an album that we can take to radio both on the CCM and the mainstream side (i.e., look at the first 5 songs) and making an album with songs that we think will work live and just rock out. This is one of the live/rockout songs. It has an aggressive dance/rock beat, an 80's synth rock sound and a lyric where I tried to describe coming out of a depression into a celebration of dancing because of love raining down on me.

Good Intentions (Loaded Gun) - this is another live/rockout songs. It is very aggressive guitar rock, again with a dance/rock beat. But what will be different with this song will be having a huge string sound on the song. The lyric basically talks about the idea that love is a loaded gun that we should let go daily but we usually hold onto. I love the line at the end of the chorus that says, "Love can change the world, but it's gotta start with my heart"...because that's where it all starts.

Somewhere - this is from the HPF album...I chose this one over some of the others from that record because it's one of those songs with the anthemic sing-along chorus that just works live. Plus it rocks faces off. And I love singing it. This was the hardest decision, honestly, from that record because there were other songs we thought about...but this one just works live, so in the end, we chose a live/rockout over other songs.

Hero - again, from the HPF album. We chose this one for possibilities in tv/film. Plus it rocks out pretty good and has always worked live.

Pleased - we're not sure on the final arrangement yet, but the message is what puts this song on the record. The idea of checking ourselves to make sure we are living like we should is an important sentiment. Melodically, this song is a favorite of mine. From a message standpoint I love it, too.

Something Beautiful - I love this song. I mean, obviously I love each song on the record, but this one just feels really great. Plus, the message of finding beauty in the things that normally beauty isn't found is a cool idea to me. It is crazy that beauty is found in 2 wooden stakes nailed together to kill a man...yet it's what my belief system is built on. There's something beautiful about that.

Grace Finds Me - I wrote this one with Chad Cates and Nate Campany, both very distinguished writers. This one is a cool little 6/8 rocker that feels really good. I love the lyric on the chorus. It's cool to look back as we thought through things that find each other like grace finds me.

Potential - This is a favorite of mine. It conveys a very personal idea of never quite feeling grown up. I think it's something that a lot of people can identify with. Plus musically, it's one of the only 2 ballads that will be on the album.

Anyway, as I said before, these could change, but right now, these are the 13 songs that I think will make this record.

And the thing that's nice is that I think you guys have heard all of these songs at one point or another...or have had the chance to hear them.


Carrie said...

Congrats! I'm definitely feeling confident that you'll do great now.

Cathy Storms said...

Chris~I am so excited for you and for all of us. I am pumped that you are putting "Cry Tonight" on your new album. I love all your songs, but this one is really my favorite. I've been listening to Half Past Forever all day today while at work. It makes for a really good day.
I think this is going to be one of the CD's where you'll have to buy a few copies because you keep wearing them out playing them so much.
I feel like a proud mother hen. I am really excited for you. I know you have been waiting for this.
No one deserves this more than you.

Cathy Storms said...

I also think "In A Moment" will become a classic wedding song.

Cathy Storms said...

Okay..1 more comment..sorry I am just so excited about your news.
Does this mean we will get to see perform these songs live? This day just keeps getting better & better...

Chad Roper said...

Chris thank you for taking the time to share with us everything that is taking place. Honestly before now, i didnt know what took place in creating an album and signing a record deal..but with your kind heart we/i are learning new things about the music industry every day. I love music and it is a passion of mine, hence you should see my limewire downloads and uploads...etc..i cant wait to buy your cd! and see you in concert, in Greenville SC!!!

keep up the good work.

Also question.

If you tour, will your friends from HPF be your touring band? Do you still keep in touch with them/as far as music goes, where are they going to be now? i know yall/they signed with a management distribution, but they dont have a lead singer what is that like? if you have time would you/could you answer these for us.

HstryQT said...

This is information overload - especially after piecing together your thought process on "songs that *might* make the album" for so long. It's exciting to see the whole list of them like that - I'm sure I'll be more capable of a detailed response later :). Right now I'm just overwhelmed by how great your record is going to be! :)

Carrie said...


I just want to let you know I still feel like a complete idiot for being unsure about Potential when I saw the lyrics. I remember being like, what, this isn't what Chris normally writes? But then when I heard it.... I mean, since then, it's become one of my favorites. I'm really glad it'll make the cut.

Carmen said...

I really like the selection of songs that have made the album. I am also excited that you might be announcing your label within the next week. We all are anxiously awaiting the news.

How soon after you wrap up recording this album before you hit the road touring?? Any ideas?? Please keep all of us posted about possible upcoming concerts/shows. I think I pretty much speak for the majority of your fans when I say that we want to be able to attend as many concerts & shows as we can afford & that time will allow.

Let us know of anything else we can do (besides buying the CD and calling radio stations to request songs) to support you and help make this CD a success. You know that all of us really want you to be successful. We got your back, Chris.

risalea said...

I'm very excited about your song selections for your album. All my faves from TACOSB made the cut and love the new ones you've shared as well. ("Empty Me"--best song IMHO--it comes from your heart!, "Potential" and "Grace Finds Me" are my picks there.) My only disappointment (and I hesitate to use that word, considering the caliber of what is included) is the absence of "I'm Ready". But I'll get over it. : )

Here's what we're all going to do for you this weekend (and you, too!). Just think about your record deal like it is already signed. As in "I've signed the best record deal ever for my new album and it's heading up the charts faster than a speeding bullet." Believe it and you can achieve it!

OK, got to run. We're going to some friends' house to play spades and I'm bringing the soup and cornbread. Any spades players out there for the picnic? Carmen's already talking about a game she's bringing.

Awesome awesome news, Chris. Later! Risa

p.s. I just saw Carmen's comment when I refreshed. One thing I personally want to do is buy copies (and I'd really like them autographed! hint hint) for all the kids in our youth group. Let us know how we might be able to have something like that happen. I've got to start saving my pennies..I think we have around 40!

Cathy Storms said...

Yes what Carmen said. Anything we can do to help make this CD a success and to support you we will do.
Risa, thats a great idea about buying copies for the kids in youth group.
This is so exciting.
**And don't forget to tell Sarah "Happy Birthday" from your blogger girls & guys.** This news is a great birthday present, but I hope you got her something fabulous also..
And as Carmen said, "We got your back".

Cathy Storms said...

I know this totally off topic and I'm sorry , but Chris, if you watch college football, try to watch the half time of the Aztec's (San Diego team). My 6 year old grandaughter Rebekah is performing with the Aztec cheerleaders. Pretty cool huh?

Carrie said...


My football team is kicking ass.

Carrie said...

But on a serious note, that's pretty cool, Cathy. You must be proud!

gdahimself said...

To Chris Sligh,
From GDA,

"Typical", was it ever considered for inclusion on the album. You rather associated with it.

I wish I could comment on MySpace posted recordings but dial up connection makes it difficult to listen to them properly.

Carrie said...


I was thinking a lot about this earlier and how when/if Chris goes on tour if he would sing his entire CD and possibly add something else in. A lot of bands I have seen like to do a cover song here and there so maybe, even though Typical probably wouldn't fit on the album, it would be something he could perform live if wanted to.

Brade said...

Shoot, I thought Running Back would be a song about Walter Payton...

ChrisSligh said...



And good joke.

I woulda chosen Marshall Faulk or Reggie Bush, though.


ChrisSligh said...

About touring:

Some people have asked about what I mean by touring.

I've actually had some interest for the spring to open up for some of the biggest CCM bands. Those could be really great opportunities. But we're actually talking about not taking the normal route with touring.

I really believe in the grassroots way of touring. I want to start off small and intimate and hopefully grow into playing larger venues. I think from the very beginning, we'll go out as a headliner and play (hopefully) 100-300 seats a night. Small. Really small. But it will give me the chance to hang out with fans more and really connect in that way. We would play churches, youth groups and clubs.

We will probably make a loop across the country of about 45 cities (over a 2 month period). Then, right away, we'll make the same loop of 45 cities, playing the same venues or comparable venues...the goal being to double the amount of people that came the first time. Then, we'll turn right back around and play the same 45 cities again, hopefully jumping up to a larger venue.

That first year, we're hoping to play about 200-250 shows hitting a lot of the same areas repeatedly until we start to see success in filling up rooms.

The only time off will be for the festivals during the summer. Summer is typically a bad time for touring, so I'll be doing all the major festivals next year.

So, that's kind of the plan for touring. With 45 cities, I'm sure we'll be able to get near almost everyone here.


Carrie said...

Why is summer bad for touring? I've always gone to a ton more concerts in the summer than during the regular year so I've never heard that before.

Also, Buffalo better be added in those dates! ;)

debjinal said...


Well I got nothing original to add, but I love the line up. I am so stoked Hero made it. Know has been my fav from the very first "getting to know Sligh" music, that has not changed. IAM is obviously going to be a hit, I don't think there is any question. I am now addicted to Empty Me. I CAN NOT WAIT for this album to come out, did I miss it in all the info about when you expect this to be released?

Anyway, I can't wait for the label announcement. And Chris, you don't need crossed fingers, you've got God working it all out.

Lastly, you know I adore you, but when you say things like
"I'm an idiot and need mercy & forgiveness a lot"....well my admiration goes to a new level. That's about as real and honest as it gets.

Keep doing what you're doing Chris!

P.S. I know B'ham is probably not on your list of shows, but get as close as you can!

Sending you love from AL!


GirlyGirl45 said...

Woohoo, Chris! Signing a deal and settling in on which songs make the cut are wonderful accomplishments chug chug chug along. This is very exciting. I like that all of your songs sound very different musically. Thanks for telling us a little bit more about the songs and your decision process.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I've missed alot so far tonite! This was an AWESOME thing to find, though. Seriously loving you Chris, for all the info!

I really really like knowing the stories behind songs. It just makes me feel good, to see the things reflected then in the writing. yeah. And listen, we all are idiots sometimes...and every day, I have to remind myself to think positive, and trust in God. That's part of my blog-writing every day, that some people just don;t get. But I think we have to get right with ourselves and with God, before we can be good for other people. We have to be ready, when opportunity shows up.

Good music, and good content, that is super nice. It makes it something you can be proud of, and a message that you know might actually help people out there. Well done you.

Thank you for sharing, tonite.

Brenda said...

I haven't posted much lately, but I need to pop in and say THANK YOU for sharing this amazing journey with us! I'm learning that Nothing is as simple as it seems on the outside, and I just love feeling like I'm on the inside and seeing the work that goes into putting an album together.

Off-topic: my son's vocal instructor asked him to learn Seal's "Kiss from a Rose" and I said, "Hey! Chris Sligh auditioned with that song!"

Off-off-topic: I'm moving, y'all! I'm a single mom, lost my home to foreclosure after my husband abandoned me and the kids, and God has blessed me with a writing career and the ability to buy a house all by myself! hehehe! I thought I'd be renting for the rest of my life! I'm giddy with joy! Just had to share!

risalea said...

DJ said, "Lastly, you know I adore you, but when you say things like
"I'm an idiot and need mercy & forgiveness a lot"....well my admiration goes to a new level. That's about as real and honest as it gets."

To add to that: Chris, as my hubby would say, "Don't feel like the Lone Ranger." We've all been there, done that, bought the t-shirt, own the print shop! You speak for us all when you sing about His wondrous mercy and grace He shows us daily.

Your touring plan is an interesting one. I had just assumed you'd start out as an opening act. I'm excited because that means more chances to see you in concert.

Before I hit the hay, here's a birthday ditty for Sarah for tomorrow. I miss singing this with my kiddos at school:

Happy, Happy Birthday
On this your special day
Happy, Happy Birthday
Is what we've come to say
Happy, Happy Birthday
May all your dreams come true
Happy, Happy Birthday
From all of us to you!

Have a great day, Sarah! Risa

Karen Burns said...

Awesome line up!!!!! How long once you sign will it be ready for sale? (ok so i'm a little excited) LOL
Put in some overtime! We are waiting.
I'm so happy for you Chris. You rock!!!!

gdahimself said...

To Chris Sligh & All,
From GDA,

A short video clip of Roy Wood (post Move, Electric Light Orchestra & Wizzard) that may be of interest because it starts with him explaining the miking of the vocal he is doing.
I like much of Roy Wood's work over years. He has done some great pop & rock songs.

Roy Wood - If This Love Is Magic (1991):

Anonymous said...

Just popping in to echo everyone before me. Great song selection and CAN'T WAIT for the album release. I will be first in line w/money in hand.

And, how awesome your touring plan. I think there is much wisdom in that. I know I would MUCH rather see you and only you at a small venue place than opening for a CCM group.


gdahimself said...

To Chris Sligh,
From GDA,

I trust you are going to make this a special Birthday for Sarah given the events that have occurred over the last year.

Carrie said...

I'm kinda stupid and almost forgot so...

Don't forget to set your clocks back, everyone!

Anonymous said...

I would've forgotten to change my clocks back if my phone and laptop didn't automatically change. I love gaining an hour!

Question.. Colts or Patriots?

I don't like the Patriots (In my team's division, although we're horrible.. but still) so I'm hoping the Colts can pull off the upset win, the whole world seems to think the Patriots will win.

Chris, thanks for sharing this with us. It'd be an amazing album with this song list. Hopefully it'll all fall into place in the studio, good luck and have fun!

HstryQT said...

Oh Tawny I asked Chris the same thing, Colts or Pats, and no answer. :( I know he's a Colts fan but - this is a BIG ONE! Hopefully, being in Indy, I don't get scowls today for not attending church in blue facepaint!

Chris thanks for sharing your touring plan with us - that's a really cool idea. Are you talking about doing that this spring or next fall? I need to know when I should start talking you up to the pastor and music director at Lakeview - because you're definitely coming there :D. (If I had it my way at least).

Happy Birthday to Sarah!!!


rosalee said...

The Fro Patro sends Sarah Sligh happy birthday wishes today:

And look who's doing a Happy Dance in celebration!

Have a great day!!!!

(Sorry for the slow motion - file conversions sometimes don't translate well.)

Carmen said...

I like that you will be doing small venues. I was watching an interview of Jimmy Buffet the other day, and he mentioned how much he missed the smaller venues that he used to do, where he had a chance to interact with the fans.

What kind of festivals will you be doing? Will it be like ShoutOut?? (BTW-- they are coming to the Jacksonville area next weekend. Actually will be in Clay County where I live this year. Yeah!!) Just curious. Also do you plan to do anything with Adam & Cole in the future??

Well, have a good weekend. Please wish Sarah a very Happy Birthday!!

rosalee said...

Chris -

Another "probably premature" question - Do you envision the HPF songs on your new album having new arrangements, or will you be keeping the old sound?

I hope that when you tour you'll be playing some club here in NY.

ChrisSligh said...

Definitely Colts.

And we'll be doing a mixture of clubs, churches, and other venues.

The festivals will be the Christian festivals next summer...I mean, I'll be doing one literally every week, sometimes twice a week.


Keri said...

I am really excited for you Chris. I have one concern about your line-up. There is so much violence in the world today it worries me that love could be compared to a 'loaded gun'. With the war, school shootings, accidental deaths of small children, and suicides that comparison kinda makes me - well I don't know I just can't say it sits well with me. Of course I haven't heard the whole song and it may be a matter of context. Sorry jusy IMHO.


Cathy Storms said...

Go Colts...Sorry Lori.
Be sure and tell Sarah we all wish her a very happy birthday. Today is my stepsons birthday also.
Actually, its go Cowboys!!I really have to win that bet. I already have my husbands Kelly Clarkson t-shirt.
Brenda~way to go. As Risa said, been there, done that. It was one of the hardest things to go through. You should be really proud.

HstryQT said...

Cathy - I'm Colts! Don't be mistaken! I'm all about adopting my new Hoosier-ness. Danny on the other hand is a different story :).

Off to clean before the football guests arrive!

debjinal said...

Adding my Happy Birthday wishes to Sarah! Have an awesome day!

Colts fan, one more reason to love Chris!

Happy Sunday to all!


rosalee said...

Chris -

This is an excerpt from the comments field on the fansite under
news item "Chicken Soup for the American Idol Soul":

"Chris or webmaster,
I have a Private Christian Recording Studio fully equipped with Recording and Sound Equiptment between Anderson and Greenville For Sale."

Additional info is in those comments (4th comment down). I know that you wouldn't be interested given the location, but maybe one of your friends would be. Anyway, the info's here in case you want it:

Tom in ATL said...

Hey Dude -

Wow. Love the lineup for this record. This record has so many songs with Hit potential - Several from TACOSB, "Running Back", "Potential", "Empty Me", Grace Finds Me", I will be dumbfounded if it doesn't chart high with massive crossover appeal. Good luck sticking with the small venues if that happens.

So many artists take years to build a catalog of songs as good as this - I was wondering if you ever considered holding a few of these back - kind of like Aces up your sleeve - for Sligh Album #2. Selfishly - I love having them all right now - but I think you could keep a few back (Like Know, and Cry Tonight) - and unleash them later on all the new fans you'll have after this first release. I'm sure you'll keep cranking them out - I guess this is all part of the strategy of what goes into making a record. A great problem to many great songs to choose from.

I'll probably pull a muscle sprinting to the store to buy this thing.

Peace -

Tom in ATL

Carrie said...

Anyone want to finish my photography assignment for me? I'm stressing out something major right now.

risalea said...

Tom in Atl...hey! we've missed seeing you around. Don't be a stranger!

Tom is right...this will be one jam-packed full of hits album. I hadn't thought of holding back a few for the next one, but marketing strategy in the music industry is not one of my many talents (LOL), so I'll leave that for someone else to figure out.

Thanks for offering that school assignment, Carrie, but I think I'll pass! Given my camera issues of late, you'll be glad I did! : )

Take care, Risa

-Di. said...

I can't believe Tunnel Vision isn't on there!!!?!?!? This song has top 10 written all over it. It's a feel good, catchy, pop song without being to saccharine!!

I understand you can only have so many songs on the cd and not all of the songs from the HPF album can be on it.

I do have a question: Will you be remixing the songs that were on the HPF album?

(as an aside we should go back to calling a collection of songs Album because it translates nicely in this digital age....)

Thanks for the updates,


Carrie said...

I wouldn't worry about the songs from the HPF album that didn't make the cut. It was obviously hard to pick just five from a CD that Chris is pretty proud of. The plus side of only having five on the new album is that when researching those songs, you can easily see that they came from HPF's CD FIRST, and if you become a huge fan of his through hearing the new album, you may be inclined to seek out TACOSB if they're still going to be offering copies for sale. So it's kinda a win/win situation.

Also I can't really say TACOSB without thinking mexican.

Time to go somehow throw together a decent project for photography. Wish me luck!


love, love, LOVE the selections you have made and I am REALLY glad to see HERO make it----if that song isn't commercial, I don't know what is(and by that I mean film or tv) super great rock out song. Looks like things are going well for you and I am really happy that you are thinking about smaller venues---connect with the people---that brings long term fans, I think, and is a better experience for everyone. Be well.

debjinal said...

Tom, dude, where you been?

DJ in AL

Carrie said...


Ode to you in my latest photography project.

Hah. Not the mad skillz I'd like to have shown but it works I guess.

Marleybone said...

I second the comments that I love the line up. All of my favorites from TACOBS made it, so I am happy, plus of course love the new ones - especially when you explain their meaning. Can't wait to hear how they all sound one after another, as I love the way you make an album blend into an experience.

Happy B-day to Sarah and if anyone has some extra prayers to spare - Amanda needs our to help her engraft. Her body is fighting to do this - you can look it up but it is vital for her speedy recovery.

risalea said...

Thanks for that, Marleybone, and thanks to everyone who paid Amanda a visit via her journal this weekend. It really helps her to know there are a lot of folks pulling for her. Here's the link again if you find time to post there this week:

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear Amanda's having a hard time. :-( She's gone thru alot just to get this far.

Happiness in Muddville tonite, because the Titans won, and the Colts lost. Family, food, and Dirty Jobs on the tv...a recipe for good times. Hope you all are feeling the same.

Kevin said...

Well, judging from the songs that I've heard that will make it onto the album (which is just about every one what with the HPF record and the myspace demos), this will be a killer album. Can't wait to buy it. You should definitely remix or at least re-record the HPF songs, though. I know that, unless I'd save money or the HPF songs were noticeably different from TACOSB, I'd just buy the new songs on iTunes, and that doesn't count for album sales. Example: if there were 8 new tracks and 5 old, and the album was selling for $7.99, I would probably buy the CD if the songs weren't that different, but if it were selling the same album for $9.99, I would definitely buy the new songs instead of the album, and that obviously hurts album sales. Then again, I have the original TACOSB and the re-released one on Brash. Just my 2 billion cents.

Tom in ATL said...

Hey DJ and Risa -

Good to see ya'll loyal Fro-ettes are still doing your thing. Hope all is going well for you -

Sorry been AWOL - it was a real bummer when the warden cut off our internet privileges for a few months, ....

Just kidding - just been busy -still check in when I can - Glad to hear Mr. Sligh is about to go into studio - it got me jacked about the new album.

Peace -

Tom in ATL

ChrisSligh said...

To answer a couple a people's question:

The songs that are being taken from HPF will be re-recorded and possibly re-arranged (though we did try several different arrangements with each one when we did the HPF album, so I think we zeroed in on what works). But they will sound way better than the original HPF.


Nique's Nana said...

Ah Chris, I love your choice of songs. I am so exicted and can hardly wait to buy the new album. My most favorite is "In a Moment". I can play that one over and over, and I agree with Cathy Storms, it will become an all time wedding classic.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the Patriots comeback in the 4th quarter >.< I was definitely expecting the Colts to hold on and win the game. I just wish someone would step up and beat the Patriots but unfortunately they have a pretty easy schedule. The Giants may have a chance against them but that's about it. I'm just sick of every single Boston sport this season doing well, don't mind me.

I can't believe it's November already, this year has flown by.

HstryQT said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carrie said...

UHHHH I dropped my laptop this morning. Not pleased. I bent part of the side where a connection goes in so I'm kinda mad but I'm more paranoid I screwed up my inner motherboard because it's all one piece. So far everything seems to be working but I'm freaking out because if my laptop dies on me, there goes all of my photography. I sorta need this for college!!

Good thoughts on my laptop. Good, good thoughts! I know it isn't a "human" but my future is pretty much a few files on here that I need to burn to CD when I get back home.

gdahimself said...

To Carrie,
From GDA,

You need to make backups of your Photography work so if your laptop takes another hit or you lose it you have your files that you can load into another machine.
With importance you expressed I'd be doning it at the end of every day.

Usual procedure is to have at least two set of the media you can write to and alternate/rotate between them so you have really two sets of backups at all times in case one goes/proves defective.

I think you do this pronto!

Carrie said...

I actually have backups of all of my projects because I've been handing them in, but I haven't had time to back up a lot of my other stuff. Right now though, I'm freaking out and will probably work on doing that when I get home from my class. My laptop seems fine but if I lose all of my work I will cry.

Cathy Storms said...

So sad the Colts lost, but the Cowboys won. Husband is going to look so cute in his Kelly Clarkson t-shirt. Sunday night game is Chargers & Colts.
Hope Colts win but since I live in San Diego thats a secret. But if Colts win, then it is a given that I win the bet & he will really have to wear the shirt....
I love football...

Anonymous said...

Lookee what I found at MJs--
'Melinda Doolittle appears in the fundraiser “Melinda Doolittle and Friends” for the Boiler Room Theater, at The Factory at Franklin TN Liberty Hall, 8 PM. 11/9.'

Is this where you are going to be singing, Chris? :-)

debjinal said...


I can't wait to find out whether we will be having a new girl Fro Patroer, or a new boy Fro Patroer!

Course either way, it's all good!


Cathy Storms said...

Lori, I can't wait either to find out what your new or should I say our new baby is going to be....

HstryQT said...

Thanks guys; I can't wait either :).

risalea said...

It's funny how much we depend on computers now. I actually got two degrees without one! LOL Of course, I wouldn't go back to trying to put footnotes on a research paper without one for love or money. And how did we live without the delete key? Risa

P.s. I thought it might be fun for us to share Thanksgiving traditions/memories in the next few days. If you agree, join in! Chris, we'd love to hear yours. (and we're hoping to give thanks for your label signing this week!)

Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday, because of memories of my dad. He always fixed the turkey and dressing and giblet gravy that day, and mom did everything else. I always helped him in the kitchen and was the official dressing taster. (one of my many carb downfalls!) It was just such a family day. We had the big crosstown Little Rock football rivalry between Central High (the one you may have read about in the news earlier this fall with the 50th anniversary of the Little Rock Nine) and Hall High (my alma mater) and we always played the "Turkey Day" game on Thanksgiving morning.

Mama and I had to research dressing recipes and try out a few before we found one that satisfied us after daddy died. Daddy's recipe wasn't written down, just concocted as he went. (of course, we're talking Arkansas, so I'm talking cornbread dressing!)

We lost him in '84 to melanoma. I'm very thankful I had him in my life and I regret that our oldest two children were too young to really remember him and our youngest never had the chance to meet him. But every Thanksgiving, we retell our stories of daddy's kitchen escapades, and hopefully we've made some Thanksgiving memories for our children over the years as well.

Cathy Storms said...

Risa~Thats a beautiful story. As a young girl, Thanksgiving was all about aunts, uncles, cousins. Usually went to my grandparents house.
Now that most of my family is either gone or in other parts of the country, its my kids, grandkids. We make it very casual. I do all the cooking & I love it. We watch football all day. We go through all the ads in newspaper & get a plan of action for the Friday after Thanksgiving. We get up really early on Friday & go shopping. We have had this traditions for years & all of us really look forward to it. We always buy ourselves new pajamas and when we get home we put them on, have turkey leftovers & watch either football or old movies. Thats also my birthday weekend so we make it last at least 4 days. Not very traditional but its a very special time.

Brenda said...

Thanksgiving! My childhood was spent rotating between grandparents for this holiday, and all the relatives would come. The women would gather in the kitchen, the men would gather in front of the TV, and the kids would play and sit at the card table for dinner. I had to grow up before I got a spot at the adult table! We always had turkey, ham, and fried chicken, loads of veggies and salads, and cherry delight for dessert - plus cookies, pudding, and pumpkin pie.

Now I'm 500 miles away, so I've gotten creative with our small family Thanksgiving meal. I HAVE to make the traditional family cranberry salad, but otherwise I go ethnic. One year we had an Italian meal. One year it was German. One year I did Tex-Mex. One year I went South African! I've also done the traditional turkey dinner. It's fun to experiment with new recipes.

It's also a tradition to watch the parade on TV. Then it's cartoons the rest of the day, a sort of family fun day. I have several Thanksgiving Day children's books that I used to read when the kids were younger. I especially love the historical one about Squanto.

xangelglitterx said...

PEACE & LOVE.............
ONE LOVE.....................

rosalee said...

This is one of the holidays that my side of the family gets together, along with my father, his friend/girlfriend, and some aunts and uncles.

My aunt used to work for a caterer, and she still brings the present she gets from them every year - a large turkey, gravy, soup, sweet potato pie, marinated vegetables, cranberry sauce, etc.. The gathering of about two dozen people is usually held at my brother's house. My sister-in-law usually makes stuffed cabbage along with it and adds tons of desserts. I'm so lazy - I just bring the soda and paper goods.

I don't see my brother very often, although he lives only 30 minutes away, so this is a time when we get to catch up on things. Yep - Thanksgiving is all about family.

Anonymous said...

I have nice family memories, from when I was a child at my grandma's. We had a big family then, lots of cousins, and I remember the year Grandma went and got 3 banquet tables to put in a long line, so we all could sit together. That was a Big Moment!
End to end, we all array of food there.
Anticipated favorites like jello mold she made just for me with strawberries in it.I'd be all smiles, when I'd see it! I remember the salads, and esp our favorite German potato, and endive salads when in season.yup.

We would often have a giant turkey, and then sometimes a goose, which my uncle would do, because he always liked to do things fancier. Grandma thought that was really neat.:-)

With as dysfunctional a family as we had, those holiday times, and being together are some of the best memories I have. Isn't that funny?
I can understand more now, why it is the older folks get despondant at the Holidays, remembering times past. It can be depressing. Luckily my children are still young, so they bring joy to my times. But I think of grandma, who is gone..and the place in Heaven she is sprucing up for all the family that's gone to join her(including my dad)? and I get a bit of a lump in my throat.

My family was/is a collection of characters. I am too, if displaced. In a houseful of colorful people like that? There was a nice belonging. My desire for more, and a healthier life is what drove me away, that's all.

Anonymous said...

Went to your myspace. Your songs sound generic...couldn't tell one from another. I don't know...a no-name signing with a small Christian label.I can't see your album sale go anywhere. Maybe you should open for bigger acts if they ever allow you. I doubt it though.

gdahimself said...

I guess fair play, recordings proceeded and followed by generic harping