Thursday, November 22, 2007

Obligatory Thanksgiving Post

Well, is it obligatory? Or is it needed? Probably not. The world isn't a better place because I ramble about life and the music business on the internet in my own little corner of the world. But you know, I'm better and my life is better because of this little blog. So, I guess thanksgiving is in order.

1) I am eternally grateful for the last year of my life. July 28, 2006, I made it past the first round of American Idol because a songwriter/publisher from Nashville, TN named LeAnn Phelan saw through my blunder of singing an original song and heard my voice and caught the vision for an image and an attitude I would carry until the 1st week of the semi-finals. So, I'm thankful that she saw past a fat guy in a little coat and put me on to the next round.

2) In February-May of 2006, I worked at BMW Manufacturing putting exhausts and bumpers on Z4's and X5's. I developed carpal tunnel and my hands were in so much pain that I literally could not squeeze a guitar. Scary for a guitar player. I then moved to a great job from May until I left for Idol at Level One, leasing apartments all across the nation. That job was an answer to prayer. And if I hadn't had that job, I could never have taken the time off to try out for Idol. So, ultimately God had a plan through all of this. So, I am thankful that it all was worked out for me to have a chance to make it on American Idol.

3) I am thankful for the fans who have been with me from day one. I remember reading my name on the internet before anyone had even seen my audition. I remember after my audition seeing on the American Idol boards people writing Sligh-kus and being fascinated and honored that people would take time to think about me, nonetheless write poems about me. And to have some of those same people (plus a lot more!) posting here on a regular basis is encouraging, exciting and humbling. So, thank you guys.

4) I am thankful for the lifetime friends that I have made through this process. It started with Rudy Cardenes. Then Blake and Phil entered the picture in Hollywood week (Phil & I were roommates and Rudy, Blake and I hung out all week long). Then at top 24, Sundance Head became a close friend, as well as Chris Richardson. Melinda and I hit it off the last day of Hollywood and got stuck in the Houston airport together for 5 hours with delayed flights. Gina and I hit it off immediately and stayed fast friends. Sanjaya took some time to grow on me, but became a close friend over the summer. And lately Haley has become a good friend of Sarah and mine. I could go on to everyone in top 10 or top 12, but I think the point is made. I went into it focused on relationships, and though I will readily look back and admit, I lost sight of that for a time, it is nice to come out on the other side with relationships being the most important thing to take away from this experience.

5) I am incredibily grateful for my management team. Mike Blanton and Mitch White have become close friends and I could not have gone through this whole signing process without them by my side telling me everything was going to be okay. I could not have made it past the freak outs that no one outside ever knew about without them patting me on the shoulder and telling me that it was all going to work out for good, even when it looked like nothing was happening or things were moving incredibly slow. They helped me to trust that God was in control. And I wasn't. How comforting is that. No one, including myself (no matter how much I try to convice myself otherwise) wants this idiot in charge. Of anything. Except this blog.

6) I am thankful to my family. My parents were in a tough spot. They are in an incredibly conservative religious denomination. Their peers would not see the good in their son (no matter how old) being a part of American Idol (if for no other reason but that it has the world Idol in the name). Yet, they were positive and encouraging and interesting all the while keeping their personal beliefs and standards intact. I can't imagine how tough it is to see your child go in a different direction than you had hoped, but my parents could not have done a better job of loving through the differences. So, I thank God for them.

7) Finally, and most importantly...Sarah. Good Lord, I don't know what I could've done without Sarah. She comforted me and consoled me and encouraged me through a process that was very tough and emotionally challanging. I went home way earlier than anyone predicted and, though I can see the good in that now, at that point it was a struggle and there was a lot of hurt. Sarah was there. Sarah is the most unselfish woman I can imagine. She would work 55 hours a week while I was on the show so that she could break away for 3 days to come see me once every 2 weeks. She literally and figuratively held down the fort. She was my rock. From a financial standpoint, I could not have followed this dream without her working hard to pay the bills back home. Sarah is the love of my life. She is perfect in every way. I am undeserving of her love. And on top of it all, she's hotter than heck. And I get to spend every night with her. How great is my life!

So, that's my list of thanksgiving. There's so much more that I could be thankful for, but words don't suffice. Thse simple words can't convey my heart, but at least I tried.


Carrie said...

Thank you so much for posting this. It makes my little myspace comment to you look so meaningless and sucky but that's because I'm obviously not always so good with words.

I also want to thank you for keeping this blog running despite everything because I value so much of EVERYTHING that is here. Have a happy thanksgiving.

ChrisSligh said...


your comment was incredible. Don't slight yourself. It doesn't make me feel any better about myself. I promise.


Anonymous said...

Chris, you've made this year a whole heck of a lot more awesome then it would've been without you. Getting to watch your journey through AI and now into your solo career has been awesome.. and I'll definitely stick around! I must like you because I wouldn't fly to Wisconsin to see just anyone, let alone to see the same show for a second time. :) Getting to see 'formally' meet you before the concert made it all worth it. I just wish I wasn't so quiet infront of you but I didn't really know what to say. There's a ton more I could write but I think I'll stop rambling on now...

Happy Thanksgiving!

(Carrie, yay for us both being cheesy!)

Carrie said...

I had to delete and re-write my last commemnt but wow okay so I pretty much just started crying and i feel stupid for it, but it's okay. Chris, you made me cry!! Haha. I mean after my concert I remember telling you that I almost cried and I really don't do that over things like awesome concert experiences and such but then just now, months after my concert, hi, crying. I feel a little insane but it's not bad because I'm laughing at myself at same time. You give SO much that really you deserve every great thing you listed up above and then some. Honestly.

And Tawny, I invented cheesy.

Anonymous said...

Carrie, because of Chris, I'm thankful for you too :P I don't know what I'd do without our random conversations at 3am... lol Happy Turkey Day Carrie! (Ham for me, don't like turkey)

I can't forget Carmen because she has been a great friend. She's so giving and always thinks of others before herself, offering me rides and sending me free Sligh stuff! It was fun hanging out with her for the show in Sunrise. Happy Thanksgiving Carmen!

To all of my fellow blogger friends, it's been great getting to know all of you through this blog.. Happy Thanksgiving!

Carrie said...

Yes, I am also thankful for my random IM conversations and phone calls with Tawny which would have never taken place if a certain someone did not make it on American Idol. There are so many caring people on here that I'm glad to know. :)

ALSO HELLO, HAM IS MY LIFE. Mention ham and I come running. ;) Brb booking a flight to FL so I can have ham instead of turkey tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Carrie, come on down! I told you I have a 9 lb honey baked ham sitting in my fridge waiting to be eaten tomorrow. We always have a huge turkey and a huge ham.

Chris, turkey or ham?

ChrisSligh said...


Not turkey. I'm a ham guy.

And like you, I find dressing disgusting.

Sorry to those who like it.

But I just threw up a little in my mouth just by mentioning dressing.

Tawny, thanks for being a part of this.

I'm going to bed.

Anonymous said...

Chris.. you mean stuffing? :P I thought you guys meant salad dressing until Carrie told me. Good choice picking ham. Goodnight!

xangelglitterx said...

ONE LOVE....................

gdahimself said...

To Chris,
From GDA,

"But I just threw up a little in my mouth just by mentioning dressing."

A little more information than needed or wanted.

Apparently dressing/stuffing is a dish that can evoke strong adversion and isn't a welcomed sight on every table.

The History Channel is showing a show on the History of Thanksgiving, which is presently explaining how Mrs. Sarah Hale pushed to make Thanksgiving a national holiday to unite the country as result of her concern about the raising political problems preceding the Civil War. Lincoln eventually adopted her proposed day with an understanding of it's potential healing value for the nation.

I trust you will have a good Thanksgiving and continued success on all fronts.

IknowIam said...

After reading this post, I had to say something.

First off, like I've said from the beginning of all this, I think it's very cool that you go through such lengths to keep in contact and interaction with your fans (even though it's such a click away). And the thing here is that most people in your position would be the typical celebrity and keep up a big ol' wall and make sure that line between fan and celebrity is not passed. But you have made it abundantly clear that you are not the typical. For that ( and I think I speak for every other fro-patroer here) I am very grateful.

Good for you, Chris. Happy Thanksgiving, and take care.


IknowIam said...

I meant "just a click away" :\ Isn't there an edit comment feature to this blogging system? lol

Badpacifist said...

My business card has Proverbs 24:16 on it. Its about the just man who falls seven times but rises again and again to fight the good fight. I always admire a man who knows how to truly be thankful to those seen and unseen. Profound gratitude is a very good attitude indeed.

HstryQT said...

Awww #3 and #7 made me cry!

It has been such an incredible year, hasn't it? Thinking of all of the blessings that have come about for you just gets me all choked up!

This year has been a huge year of change for me (being a newlywed, having a baby on the way, moving to a new state, buying a new house, changing career plans) - through it ALL your blog has been the only consistent thing in my life other than my husband being by my side. I'm so thankful for all of the friends I've made here, and to be able to have a place to come that doesn't change - no matter what part of the country I'm in, or how big my belly has gotten! And also, in the middle of my crazy year - because of you, Chris, I had a little break from reality at the DC Idol Concert and had literally one of the best days of my life! Thanks for being amazing to your fans Chris -although some of my family might not understand, it's definitely something I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving :). (I'm joinging Tawny and Carrie's self-proclaimed cheesy club!!)

Happy Thanksgiving to all :).

risalea said...

My shortest post ever: Your Thanksgiving musings: Well said.*

Blessings to all! Risa

*Well, except for the dressing comment. LOL

GirlyGirl45 said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Chris. What a year this has been for you. Thanks for blogging through all the ups and downs and sharing with us.
And Happy Thanksgiving to all the Fro Patroers here. Hope your home is filled with love and all those wonderful Thanksgiving aromas today.

Anonymous said...

Chris, this is a lovely post. Thank you, for that.*hug*

You do have a awfully nice bunch here, surrounding you. I'm one of the more newer additions here,but I hope that even though I feel more like a tagger-on sometimes, that I can be a part of the positive too for you.

It can be wierd sometimes, reconciling the blogger guy with the person I see on TV. I'm proud of the guy I see on TV, but it's the one that shows up here, that I feel like a I know a little bit.
Wishing you all the best for the adventure to come! Have a great Thanksgiving.:-)

rosalee said...

Yes, and we should all give thanks for this blog and the friendships that we have all forged here. It's all been very enjoyable. And thank you, Chris for taking us along on your journey.

A reminder:
If you get that Fox Sports Network channel, don't forget to watch Chris sing the National Anthem tonight at 7:00 PM CT at the Nashville Predators/Redwings hockey game.

Cathy Storms said...

Chris~You have had an incredible year and you have made mine better also. I am so thankful for you and your blog and all the friends that I have made through you. You have actually restored my faith in god this last year and I will be forever grateful for that.
I hope you and Sarah have a great Thanksgiving. Same to everyone else who posts on here. This blog makes everyone on here seem like an extended family.

Melissa said...

Just found your blog. I followed AI last season because of you! My brother was your suitemate for a semester and then you went to BJ where some of my other friends knew you. I loved your attitude, personality and your curly hair! Of course I loved your singing too. ;-)
Happy Thanksgiving!

Carianne said...

Okay, the paragraph about your parents? That made me cry... I had never before heard about your parents or their views on AI. The fact that they still supported you - even after you had chosen a career path that was different than they would have prefered - is deeply touching. I hope I can be a parent like that one day.

Now onto a different thought...
... What is Rudy Cardenas up to these days?? He was one of my two original favorites on AI 6, and I was so sad to see him go home first week.. He did not deserve it!

Carrie said...

Earlier my mom looked at me and said, "don't be mad but my sister and I visited your grandpa in the hospital earlier" and I pretty much double taked and said "wait, what? he's in the HOSPITAL?!" Long story short, everyone has been so busy that they kinda failed to tell me about this and he's been there for a few days now. So I'm going to call him when/if I see my dad because I feel HORRIBLE. On the bright side, he's doing okay. There was just a little scare. He's not going to be home for Thanksgiving which sucks, but I'm so thankful that he's okay. So if you all want to pray for him, I'd really appreciate it. I woke up feeling optimistic and just full of love, so while there's that mini downside to today and it's kinda depressing, I'm not letting it ruin my day. He'll be just fine, I know it.

Haha, dressing. I'm going to sit down at the table tonight and just start laughing when it gets passed to me. Of course, I'll take a little out of love for my grandma but I can't say I'll enjoy it. I'm brave, I know.

I hope you ALL have a wonderful day with your loved ones.

gdahimself said...

To Rosalee,
From GDA,

Regarding the National Anthem & Television.

risalea said...

From the Blackberry-I hope someone will put up a youtube for those of us who can't get Chris singing the National Anthem. Not the easiest song to sing, but Chris can hit those high notes. Hope y'all are having a great day. Risa

IknowIam said...

That would be wonderful if someone would upload Chris singing to youtube.


rosalee said...

I had asked MJ ( and Rickey ( if they could capture it. They're not sure if they can do it...Maybe we'll get lucky.

Well, this was tonight's menu at my brother's house:
Pea soup (yecch), stuffed cabbage, turkey, brisket, gravy, sweet potato pie with marshmallows, rice pilaf, stuffing (oops), marinated string beans and pepper, cranberry sauce, salad and soda. Dessert included coffee/tea, apple pie, peach pie, danish ring, chocolate pudding pie, pineapple and tangerines. There was plenty and we even got some to take home.

Well, tomorrow the malls start opening here at 4:00 AM. That's right - 4:00 AM!! That's not for me, though. I'll wait until the last minute. I hate shopping and I hate crowds even more.

On the way home from my brother's house tonight, on the radio in the car they were playing "one-hit wonders", so I was thinking that we can play a new game this weekend. Go to this site:

The songs are listed by current popularity on the front page. On the left, the songs are listed by decade. Pick a song from any list that evokes a memory (good or bad). It doesn't have to be a great song - just one that made an impression on you. Tell your story behind the song, state the year of the song, find the song on Youtube and put it up here.

I'll start.
The year was 1969. I was a hormonally moody teenager, as we all were to one extent or another, I guess. Anyway, when I was feeling down, my friend would sit beside me and sing me this song, just changing the name of the woman in the song to mine:

Now someone else carry the ball...

here i go with all my thoughts said...

Hi Chris- I hate to be all cheesy, but I just wanted to say thank you. You have contributed to making my past year really wonderful. I was going through such a hard time but you have helped pull me out of that and for that I will be eternally grateful. So thank you, and keep doing what you're doing, because I love hearing your updates!

Oh, and I saw you sing the national anthem on tv before the nashville/detroit game. Beautiful job! :)

risalea said...

The year--1976. The place--Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, AR, 1 hour west of Memphis. I was a freshman and Rick Dees, a fave DJ at WMPS in Memphis came out with the one track wonder, "Disco Duck!" I remember it vividly, as Rick was an extremely popular DJ and it was so cool that he had a hit record. Sadly, when looking it up on the internet, I see that although a bit of it was included in the classic disco movie, "Saturday Night Fever" the song was not included on the soundtrack, thereby costing him from then to now over 4 million dollars (at the then going rate of ten cents a track on royalties. Here it is for your listening pleasure:

And Rosalee, we've got stores opening at 4, too! In fact, there are people lined up at Best Buy right now, to get tickets for items that will be passed out at 3 am. CRAZINESS!

sandmoran said...

thanksgiving sligh-ku
(maybe just a tad bit late)
Happy Thanksgiving!

and Chris, you never
tried my mom's cornbread dressing,
it is really good.

Anonymous said...

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Great post Chris. Just priceless. Thanks for warming my heart.

Love the one hit wonder site, Rosalee. Finding SO many memories just in the first few years of the 70's.

This one in particular:

Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia
1973: All 6 graders at my school got to go to a week of summer camp in May. A real treat for us disadvantaged kids. On talent show night my group acted this song out. My best friend who I'd only met that year and who is STILL my bf today, was the pot bellied Sheriff, and I was the narrarator/singer. I think that we had no idea what we were singing about! As an adult, if my 12 yr old were singing this song, you bet I'd be cringing a bit. ha ha

I've GOT to get to bed now. Going shopping in 2 hours. Lord help me!

Anonymous said...

Risa! LOL-- I remember when Disco Duck came out too! OMG, we are so old. I was sitting on my bed listening to the radio(cause, that was all we HAD, in those days people) and they said that this was a new song, that finally had made it from CA to the Midwest. I laughed and laughed when i heard it!

That is so funny, you conjuring up that memory for me! I guess living really is a common experience, eh?

Thanksgiving was a feast that never ended, topped with family love and drama, like the dollop of cool whip on the pie. I came home, over-stuffed, carrying a pie, and grateful to just be Home again! LOL.
Oh-- and the stuffing I made out of sourdough bread was a big hit, altho I myself did not care for it.

Right now, the spouse and eldest child are at the store, doing some of the crazy early morning madness. Why am I up, again? heh.
Hope everyone had a good time. Can't wait to see the Anthem, if you can get it on YouTube.

gdahimself said...

To BullysE,
From GDA,

Oh My God!

Two thirds of time I see or hear this, I think of Sandy Dennis in "The Out Of Towners"* saying time every time a new problem occurred.

* not movie worth the price of admission or time, unfortunely.
The blot on Neil Simon's career.

rosalee said...

I remember both of those songs. There sure was a lot of corny stuff back then, but it's still fun to listen to, especially after not hearing it for so long. Now, Bullyse and GDA, you have to add one to the list. We can get a nice documentary of pop music going here if we get representation from each decade. However, I think many of us have the most vivid memories from our teenage years, which would put us into the late sixties and through the seventies.

Hey Chris -
How did you feel you did last night with the National Anthem? I think that most of us weren't able to see it.

risalea said...

Bullyse...O-L-D is a 4 letter word. Please do not use it on the blog. We're not old, we're experienced! LOL

My daughter, Linds, went out with the early birds this morning, and I just met her and her friends at Golden Corral about 7:30. Then we hit Bed, Bath and Beyond (where everything was 20% off) and Target, where I got a great deal on 1000 thread count sheets and some 3.98 DVD's! And a pat on the back for them, because that was around 10 and there was still plenty to be had. I get so mad when a store has a handful of what they advertise. Unfortunately, everything I bought was for me, and nary a gift in sight. Whoops!

Chris, anyone out facing the maddening crowds at your house this AM? Risa

robyn said...


I camethisclose to losing my beloved brother on the Thanksgiving holidays several years back and this year I spent it with him and his family. I have many,many things to be thankful for and having him still around is one of them. I could go on and on of course, but I do want to say one of the things I am thankful for is having found someone as genuine with such a sincere heart as you! I really do enjoy your talent and your goodness and I think you deserve all that God has guided you through and to!


cantnevercould said...

I lost my brother two days after Thanksgiving last year and am very close to losing another close relative this year.
We have spent the last two weeks on a roller coaster wondering if we will get off with tears or smiles. Yet, I am still grateful for soooo many things in my life.

I know that I have been blessed throughout my life by the people whose lives have touched me. My brother was 40 when he passed away extremely unexpected, but he had a good life and I am eternally thankful for those 40 years.

I could not have asked for a better brother or uncle for my children.

I find joy and love in so many places in the world, despite the pain of losing ones I love. I find it here, in the fact that you, Chris, take time out of your life to speak to teach us a little about the music life that most of us don't know much share your thoughts and feelings with us.

You have a wonderful, soulful voice that touches people. For that I am thankful also.

Sorry, for the long post, just wanted to say thanks.

ChrisSligh said...

Wow, it's nice to have some newer people...or at least names I don't recognize....thanks for stopping by.

It's always nice to have new people stop by.


vivian from missouri said...


ChrisSligh said...


Thanks for taking the plunge. I hope it wasn't too painful.

As far as the foot. I have stayed off it for 4-5 days straight...and it has started to heal nicely. Yesterday, though, I had to be on my feet for a long time for the Anthem thing, and I started to have some pain again. But I'm off it again and it seems to be doing a lot better.

Btw, the anthem went really, really well.


risalea said...

This is probably not important to anyone but me, but this morning I was just singing away in the car while I was out with my daughter, and she asked what song I was singing. And I realized I was doing the new version of "Empty Me." So it finally replaced the prior one in my head. And I sounded good. : )

Now, obviously, I need to send my daughter the link again for your myspace so she can be singing, too. (she didn't read my bulletin!)

Take care, Risa

Anonymous said...

Guess what Spouse is getting us for Christmas? DSL! LOL! I'm not over the moon yet, but the first time I get a YouTube Instanteously?? Yeah. Yup. Yeppers.
You'll no doubt hear me shreiking in glee.

My 1R album turned out pretty good, I haven't listened to the new Jordin one, and Spouse is fooling with his new low-cost sub-woofer listening to Eagles. It's been a long day for us Christmas shoppers!
Chris-- you might want to have Sarah check out your local Walmart. I got Spouse a couple of Eagle vintage-style T-shirts last week. They might still have some by you! He loves them.

PS. Risa- Remember "Convoy?" from like 1973?? LOL. I actually heard that on the radio last year! I about fell over!:-D

Carrie said...

I was going to go shopping this morning and said NAH and went back to sleep. My sister went camping outside of BestBuy at 9PM last night and came home at 5:30 this morning. She ran in the house and screamed because she aquired her Justin Timberlake concert DVD and I was just like ughh too early goodnight. Today isn't the only day ever to shop, so I'm okay with missing out on the screaming, shoving and possible shopping violence. I prefer my shopping to be stress-free!

Still no anthem video online. Sad. I had to miss it.

I also like the myspace layout change! I was going to say something the other night how the flash layout was cool and all, but wasn't good for when trying to get not-so-saavy people to add you. People new to myspace (and maybe the internet) aren't typically aware of how to navigate the non-standard layouts, so the new one gets a thumbs up from me. And it matches the banner!

debjinal said...


Happy Thanksgiving! Lovely post.I have often wondered about your parents and am so pleased to know that they have been in your corner throughout your adventure.

I wanted to take 5 from the shopping and eating and whatnot to come pay a visit to what has become a daily thing for me. 8 months ago it would have never occurred to me that I could get this caught up in the life and excellent adventures of some guy named Sligh, nor that from that interest I would find some of the most interesting and kind fans, some of which I call friends.

While it's easy to see how important this blog has become to you, you may never realize how important it has become to those of us who have come to love it.

I have enjoyed every word, every difference of opinion, every new music fact learned, every crazy, off the wall comment, and every edited post (but I can't admit that).

Your list of things to be thankful for Chris is indeed long, and I can't think of anyone who seems to deserve them more.

The only thing I'd like to add to my list of things I'm thankful for in 08 it that I FINALLY got to meet you.

Love from DJ in AL

Cathy Storms said...

Chris~you didn't tell us that you can now buy "Run On For The Long Time" on itunes or did I miss that entry? Just bought it and I love that song.

risalea said...

GO RAZORBACKS! 50-48, 3 overtimes, beat #1 LSU!

rosalee said...

Cathy -

If you order The Blood CD, you can get an autographed copy:

GirlyGirl45 said...

Welcome to Robyn, cantnevercould, and Vivian from MO (lapsed Catholics Unite! lol).

Okay, Rosalee, now that Smile a Little Smile has been rattling around in my head (better than DiscoDuck; Risalea, you are EVIL), it's payback time, baby!
This was actually a song for my 6th grade ballet recital in 1972, which regretfully I missed due to food poisoning. The costumes had shamrocks on them, and the dance was sort of Irish jiggy.

Or this one, which permeated any tv viewer's experience:

gdahimself said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gdahimself said...

To Chris Sligh,
From GDA,

I think this website worth a look.
Burning Grooves: Music, Technology & Stuff:

To Rosalee,

There was a VH1 special on one hit wonders tonight hosted by William Shatner. It pointed out that people who are innovators don’t often have hits. The lead example was Jimi Hendrix only placed one top twenty hit with Bob Dylan’s “All Along The Watchtower”.

That is one skewed list that is the front page of One Hit Wonder Central.

How did Mungo Jerry with “In the Summertime” get a pass from the Feminists with the line:
“If her daddy’s rich, take her out for a meal.
If her daddy’s poor then do what you feel.”?

I’m surprised that Iron Butterfly with “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” made it because, like Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven”, the lion share of the sales were for the album not the single (45) edit.

The recording that rates the Elvis Costello remark “I want to know the title so I can avoid it in the future“.
Blue Swede - “Hooked on a Feeling” is as pleasant of a listening experience as dressing/stuffing is for several of present company. It would be trailed by merely annoying Paper Lace with “The Night That Chicago Died”

I thought Howard Jones - “You Know I Love You... Don't You” would on the list for 1986/7 as it got a lot of MTV play about the same time as “Big Time” by Peter Gabriel did. I was always knocked out by the video, which here is a little washed out.
Howard Jones - You Know I Love You... Don't You:

Regarding The Flying Machine (not the same band James Taylor was once in), read the bios of
Geoff Stephens: &
Tony Macaulay: &

Charlie Dore by the way is a woman

To Risa,

I guess age is how you feel and how in touch.
I don’t remember who said the following.
“At eight o clock in the Morning, I’m the oldest man alive”

An interesting DVD to check on paper is: “Director's Series Vol. 6 - Work of Director Anton Corbijn (2005)”:

Music Videos
Propaganda - Dr. Mabuse
David Sylvian - Red Guitar
Echo and The Bunnymen - Seven Seas
Golden Earring - Quiet Eyes
Echo and The Bunnymen - The Game
Depeche Mode - Behind the Wheel
Joy Division - Atmosphere
Joni Mitchell with Peter Gabriel - My Secret Place
Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence
U2 - One (director's cut)
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - Straight to You
Depeche Mode - Walking in My Shoes
Nirvana - Heart-Shaped Box
Henry Rollins - Liar
Metallica - Hero of the Day
Metallica - Mama Said
Depeche Mode - Barrel of a Gun
Depeche Mode - It's No Good
Herberg Grönemeyer - Bleibt Alles Anders
Mercury Rev - Opus 40
Mercury Rev - Goddess on a Hiway
Joseph Arthur - In the Sun
Herberg Grönemeyer - Mensch
U2 - Electrical Storm
Travis - Re-Offender
The Killers - All the Things That I¹ve Done

Beck and Dave Grohl - MTV Promos
U2 - The making of 'Electrical Storm'
Some YoYo Stuff - Excerpt from a film about Don van Vliet aka Captain Beefheart
Travis - Love Will Come Through (A home made video with Fran Healy)
Depeche Mode - 'It's No Good' tour projections
Palais Schaumberg - Hockey (Anton's first music video)
Front 242 - Front by Front
NotNa - A documentary about Anton

Interviews and Commentaries
With U2, Depeche Mode, Travis, Samantha Morton, Metallica, Nick Cave, Echo and The Bunnymen, Mercury Rev, New Order, Joseph Arthur, Kurt Cobain, Herbert Grönemeyer, and others.

52 Page Book
Includes Anton's photos and drawings.

Legendary music photographer and video director Anton Corbijn is responsible for many of the most indelible images of the past two and a half decades. His latest bestselling book "U2 & I" is a photographic retrospective (the seventh of its kind) of his 25-year collaboration with U2. Later this year, Anton will direct his first feature film, Control, based on the life of late Joy Division singer Ian Curtis


ChrisSligh said...

Hey guys,

I'm watching one of the most incredible movies of 2006 - The Departed - as I write.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I uploaded the pics from my photo shoot last week up on myspace.

Check em out.


Carrie said...

I JUST SAW THOSE PICS! And left a comment on one. HAHA.

Anonymous said...

Chris, any special reason for choosing that main picture? lol It's pretty great. I won't say more than that until others go check them out. I commented 5 of them so far.

My sister is offically 29 weeks now... ack! That's only 78 days until her due date. I just hope she isn't late.. first of all because that'd suck for my sister and also because I want to meet her already :) Lori, how's Teddy doing? We didn't get to do the 3D/4D this weekend because the place my sister wants to set an appointment at never answered her calls this week. We'll try again monday.

risalea said...

GDA said: I don’t remember who said the following.
“At eight o clock in the Morning, I’m the oldest man alive”

And at 1:15 am when one wakes up after falling asleep in the living room chair 3 hours earlier! LOL

Yes, I do remember "Convoy." As Bullyse said earlier, radio was the thing, and if it was played, I bet most of us probably could recite back at least a line or two from most songs of our era even now. And Disco Duck? Definitely evil. : )

Cute pics, Chris.


Marleybone said...

Chris - that was a very endearing blog. What I find so interesting is that anyone who follows the blog, or your career for that matter, gets to to see all of the layers that make up who you are. You are complicated and simple. Innocently predictable at times, proud, humble, brave, cautious, a real paradox. And above all incredibly human. It's hard to explain to anyone who didn't hop on for the CS Journey. So thanks for being you. While I seem like an unlikely blogger girl, I have enjoyed every minute. Some more than others.

HstryQT said...

Chris I love the photo shoot pics! And your new Myspace default is just to die for; it got us all chuckling this morning - it's so your personality!

Had a great day of Black Friday shopping yesterday. And with the help of the in laws I was even able to sneak Danny's *huge* birthday gift right under his nose and get it out to the shed so it can stay a secret for another two weeks(one of those Craftsmen tool shelf things). It was a pretty successful day, over all.

Tawny - Teddy's doing good. Kicking his mommy's tummy up a storm, as usual. We get another ultrasound on November 29th to see how his kidney's are doing. Congrats on Emma's 29th week - it's exciting when they're far enough along to be viable out of the womb; there's a general sense of relief at that point. Don't get too excited to see her - the longer she roasts the better! :)


risalea said...

Lori, cute pic of you and hubby!

HstryQT said...

Thanks Risa! It's a cropped/zoomed version of our Christmas card picture :). I'm just glad the belly looks as big as it feels (and as heavy as it weighs!)

rosalee said...

I remember Convoy...
In The Summertime - love those muttonchops! The Howard Jones video was also a good one.

Girlygirl45 -
I programmed that Bach theme into my computer at work in the mid-1980's. Back then we only had a very primitive "music generator". You had to "code" every note with a pitch and a duration. And there was no polyphonic capability - you could only program melody.
Now I'm going to be stuck with THAT theme in my head for the rest of the day!

Chris -
That was a very nice set of pics from the photoshoot.

Cathy Storms said...

Lori~Love the picture of you and hubby. You look so cute...
Chris~Love the new pictures on myspace. Looked like you had a lot of fun doing this.

amandarhea86 said...

Chris this blog was beautiful. I hope all is well with you.

Hey everyone i really miss you guys, but here recently i havent felt like doing much but updating my caringbridge. Im still in the hospital and prolly will be here until they find a med that i dont have a reaction to that prevents and stops graft vs. host disease, which i have stage 2 of. Its not bad but it could get bad.

love to you all,

rosalee said...

We're glad that you feel well enough to post, Amanda.

Lori - I agree with the others - cute pic!

risalea said...

Amanda's caringbridge address:

Her mailing address:
Amanda Jones
St. Jude's Target House II
1811 Poplar Ave Rm 515
Memphis, Tn 38104

Thanks to all of you who have posted or sent her cards/gifts. I know she appreciates hearing from everyone. She didn't get to stay at Target House long at all until she was back in the hospital, but this is where she still receives her mail from. Pray that she is well enough to leave the hospital and head back there asap. Risa

gdahimself said...

To Rosalee,
From GDA,

"In the Summertime", I usually remember the hair, an extraordinary natural.

A interesting footnote,
Mike Hopkins (guitar) and Dave Walker (vocals) were hired to replace
Jeff Lynne in The Idle Race*. A cover of Mungo Jerry's "In The Summertime" on Liberty in 1970 finally got The Idle Race into the top 10 -- No. 1 in the charts in Argentina!:

Wikipedia does have a page for songs (natch) with the title “In The Summertime”: Http://

risalea said...

“GDA said: I don’t remember who said the following.
“At eight o clock in the Morning, I’m the oldest man alive”

And at 1:15 am when one wakes up after falling asleep in the living room chair 3 hours earlier!”

Been there, done that until my canine companion has rudely awoken me.


I trust you return is a signal of true health improvement.

*Jeff Lynne left, at Roy Wood’s invitation to join The Move, replacing Carl Wayne, to create The Electric Light Orchestra

amandarhea86 said...

Hey Risa i thought you would enjoy these pics. Thanks so much for coming to see me, i hope you can make it up here again.

I love all you guys.

Anonymous said...

Chris, You never said-- How did the Johnny Cash thing go with KMax?

We got our satellite hook-up today, and it is amassing power even as I type this. Soon? It will be powerful enough to cause a wormhole, that will suck the energy right out of a YouTube and play it all at warp speed.Ooooers.
It's like, Star Trek good.

Just the way internet was always meant to be...instant gratification. Me likey so far.

Christmas Decorations are happening today, there are merry boxes all over the place...and the old tree looks pretty as ever. *sigh*
It's been a good day.

Carrie said...

I'm still laughing at that picture over on myspace. I can't decide if that makes my 4 years studying graphic design amazing or a waste haha.

debjinal said...


That pic on MySpace, OMG,!

Lori-great pic of you and Danny.

Risa-already sent you a congrats email on your win against LSU, unbelievable game.

Amanda-sending you healthy vibes your way.


Carrie said...


All the pictures are great. Especially the one one of my friends told me I had to remake. HAHA. She asked and I just had to deliver. Too good.


Thanks for putting up with my craziness. It makes you all the more awesome haha.

risalea said...

Amanda....thanks so much for sending those. I'm going to change my avatar if you don't mind, to the one of us with you in the hat, since I remember you wanting a pic made with that on.

amandarhea86 said...

Perfectly fine with me Risa.

I just want to take a moment too, to thank you all for all your prayers. Also Chris I never thanked you for the note you gave me way in the begining of my transplant. I even hung it up on my wall. Love to you all.

Carmen said...

I really enjoyed this post. Sorry I didn't comment earlier but just got back in from Texas & visiting my son. He sure looks different. All of his long beautiful curls are gone.

I hope everyone had a great Turkey day.

HstryQT said...

Thanks you guys for the picture praise :).

Deb in TN said...

Chris, what a beautiful, heartfelt post! Thank you for sharing your heart and innermost thoughts with us....that was touching in so many ways....Hope your Thanksgiving was terrific!

And please...."idiot?".....I have to chuckle everytime you call yourself that...I hardly think so....and if you must, well then, you are my favorite idiot....LOL....please, don't ever change, Chris....and thanks for all the happiness you have and will give us.....thanks for hanging in there during the tough times....we are thankful.