Sunday, November 18, 2007

Just when things couldn't get any better....

Well, I'm sitting on my couch, watching football, my foot propped up by 3 pillows. Friday morning I woke up and got out of bed and crumpled because I couldn't put any weight on my left foot. I went the whole day in pain, but could put a little weight on my foot from time to time. Sarah and I went to see Steven Curtis Chapman and Sanctus Real play here in Nashville (more on that later) and by the end of the night, I couldn't walk any more. I woke up yesterday morning and my foot was swollen and bruised and I could no longer walk. In probing around my foot, I have found that the pain is coming from the bone coming from my 4th toe (the one next to the pinky toe). In playing sports, I have had sprains, I have had tendon strains. But this pain is much different...I asked some people who have been through stress fractures to describe it and also read some stuff online, and I'm pretty sure it's a stress fracture. From what I understand, with a stress fracture, they pretty much tell you to stay off of it, and you can get a booty if you I don't really want to spend the money to go to the doctor. So, I'll be on crutches for a few days. And I'll be doing a lot of icing and heating of my foot.

Anyway, the bad is out of the way.

Friday was a great day (outside of my foot killing me). My friend Ash, who is doing my video stuff, was coming into town for a few days to do some video stuff with Sanctus Real, a Christian band. Sanctus Real is on tour right now opening up Steven Curtis Chapman with Bethany Dillon. Anyway, the tour's Fall leg was ending here in Nashville, so Ash invited us to the show. We showed up before the show and hugn out backstage with Sanctus and got to know those guys a little bit. We watched Sanctus's show and then Ash went back with the band to do some video stuff during Steven Curtis's show. Sarah and I stayed out for the show.

Steven Curtis Chapman is on my list of heros. Ultimately the decision to make a CCM record came down to the fact that 3 of the records that I looked at as life-changing were Steven Curtis Chapman albums. As he went through a list of his hits and some songs from his newly released album, I realized I was singing along with every song and knew every word. It was great to see SCC again in had been probably 5 years since my last concert with him.

Afterwards, we went out to Sanctus Real's bus and hung out for about an's funny musicians usually don't watch AI, but are fascinated by the show and what it does, so the band had quite a few questions about the was fun to talk about it. We talked about my record coming up, and about their record they just finished. That was fun.

Then Sarah and I went up to the meet and greet with SCC. It was great. In line was SCC's keyboard player Scott Sheriff...we talked for a long time just about everything (he's been with SCC for a long, long time), and decided we should hook up and hang out, so that'll be fun. Then we finally got to SCC. It was the most surreal thing...SCC comes, knows who I am, and thanks me for doing Christian songs on the show. Weird...I will never get used to people who I have loved for a lifetime knowing my name. I thanked Steven for his ministry in my life and told him that I was working with Brown (who produced most of Steven's biggest albums). We talked for a coupla minutes and then took a picture. It was one of the best experiences of anything that has happened through this whole thing...I got to meet SCC!

Yesterday, I woke up and was in a lot of pain with my foot. So I took some painkillers and they made me a little woozy. I was supposed to meet Clint Lagerberg to write at 10am, but I called him and we put it off till after lunch. So, laid down to take a nap. Then, I went and ate lunch with Ash and a tv host named Logan. After lunch, Ash and I went to Clint's house, where we worked on a country song for Phil. Ash filmed the whole thing, which was interesting. It's tough to ignore the camera. Clint and I got 2/3 of a great, great song that reminds of a Hank Williams Jr. type song. Clint and I will finish it on Tuesday.

I got home, and rested my foot a little bit then Sarah and I went to dinner with Mitch, my manager, and his fiancee Suzanna. It was a great, great time. We stayed till almost 12, just getting to know them better and talking about life, and some music. It was a lot of fun. Suzanna broke her foot this summer so she had crutches, so after dinner, we went to her house and grabbed the I have crutches now.

So, that was the last few days. Good times.


Carrie said...

Oh no! My mom's actually broken her toe before -- more than once and I remember her saying that there really isn't anything you can do about it other than just let it heal so take care of yourself!!!

Glad everything else is great though.

Good times, indeed!

Cathy Storms said...

Sounds like you had a great day.
Take care of your foot, I know how much that hurts. Never broke anything in my foot, but had chin splints from soccer and they hurt soooo bad. Broke my wrist and anything you break hurts. Good day to stay in and watch football (go Cowboys, even though I don't even know if they are playing till Thursday) lol.....

risalea said...

As someone who puts off going to the doctor, (and broke my big toe in college, never going to the doctor and it is crooked to this day!) I really think you need to think about going if you don't get better in the next couple of days. Self-diagnosis...ummm, not so much. You're going to make your living rocking around on the stage, so I wouldn't recommend treating a possible stress fracture lightly.

That is exciting you got to meet another one of your musical heroes. And I would imagine one of your Christian heroes as well. I'm sure there's more of that to come!

Y'all have a great rest of the weekend. I'm touring the homes one more time today, hoping to get some design inspiration. By the way, since we had talked about Sarah's design talents, this is a great time of year to put them to work. My good friend, Terry Williams designs through the year, but decorates a ton of his clients' homes from now through the first part of December. I don't know if that's her thing, but it's something to think about. After seeing the homes in that area, I'd think there would be a great market there.

Take care! Risa

gdahimself said...

To Chris Sligh,
From GDA,

As per Risalea, I think after a couple of days, if there is no improvement, it is in your better interest to spend the money on the Doctor's appointment.
All the things you have talked about doing or have been offerred depend on being mobile and comfortable on your feet.

It must be a lovely, if not heady experience, to be meeting all these people who have influenced and inspired you. The golden moments of this time in your life, rare and precious things to be savored.
Continue to appreciate, learn, and enjoy.

Deb in TN said...

Hi everyone....I'm back...been sick with that respiratory coughing crud that is going around in TN...wicked virus that lasts 3 weeks...Look out Chris, and up your vitamins, my friend...I may have accidentally coughed in the direction of Nashville...sorry...LOL

I hope your foot gets better...glad you got your hands on some crutches, but don't wait too long before seeing a doc...3-5 days tops and no longer if you are still having weight bearing pain after resting it...

Have you mastered stairs yet....oh boy, how I remember trying to get up steps and in/out of doors with one hand and a shoulder holding the door careful and take good care of yourself...let people help you....

Glad to hear that you are busy writing, adjusting to your new home, and having some fun all at the same time....of course some of your heroes know your could they not with a voice like yours...they definitely had better keep an eye on you....*Chris Sligh, rising singing sensation*....I'm looking forward to it!

Hope everyone's weekend finishes out on a good note.....AMA's tonight...hope my other Chris buddy wins tonight..Go Daughtry!

Love ya, Chris! If I get snowed under in Thanksgiving tasks and don't make it back here this week, you and Sarah have a wonderful Thanksgiving and safe travels if you are traveling. Same to all my FroPatrol friends here. :)

HstryQT said...

I'm definitely a Steven Curtis Chapman fan and I can imagine how cool it was for you to meet him ...and for him to know you! That's really great. Will you be posting your SCC pic on myspace? (Haven't checked yet).

Hope your foot feels better and I agree going to the doctor wouldn't hurt. Although I know how it is to be in a new town and not have a family doctor yet; it's annoying to get all of that stuff sorted out.

Random fact: I have no feeling in my toes and my right knee is twisted outward (they think I had a pre-natal stroke during birth and that was my nerve damage). Because of my toe issue, I can't wear slip on shoes because they fall off, etc, and I also tend to jam my toes into things unknowingly... until the pain spreads up to my foot bones and then it's KILLER. I'm always always breaking my toes, and it's really annoying. So I feel your pain; but your situation seems worse. I know that's super random. But hey - now ya'll know about my random hidden deformity! :) My point: breaking toes or doing anything to your foot really hurts; if it doesn't feel better soon - go to the doctor :)

amandarhea86 said...

Sounds like a good couple of days. Sanctus Real did a show at my church they are really sweet.

Well guys i just thought i would let you all know im at the target house, finally out of the hospital and it feels great.

GirlyGirl45 said...

Jumping on and jumping off here (toes intact, lol), I'm on a monster freelance project. Chris, follow others' advice here and go to the doc. Don't be like Lori and randomly break your toes on a regular basis (ouch, Lori, i feel for ya). This made me remember that at Neil Young the other night, a fan in a cast and on crutches made her way all the way up to her nosebleed seat--why on earth the venue couldn't accommodate her is beyond me, but she was the picture of a dedicated fan. She wasn't going to miss Neil for anything.

AMANDA!! glad you're feeling up to dropping in. Nice to see you here.

risalea said...

Hey, Amanda!! That is wonderful, wonderful news! I know you will miss all the medical staff that attended you the last several weeks, but today is the first day of the rest of your life! Woo Hoo!! What's the time estimate on how long you are in Target House?

((((Amanda)))) Big Hug that I'd give to you in person if I could! Risa

Carrie said...

Amanda, glad to see you over here! I guess you must have saw my comment in your guestbook. Or if not, good coincidence. Yay!

I brought in as many people as I could to vote in the blogger awards thing. Chris is up to 54 votes now and in SECOND PLACE! If you all haven't voted yet, go do it now! And tell everyone! I was posting bulletins over on myspace last night. I know people don't like to register for things but it literally takes two minutes to do the entire thing. SO DO IT! :)

Badpacifist said...

Tell me it wasn't your time keeping toe tapping foot!

Carrie said...

Hey everyone, here this might help:

let me know what you think. :)

Anonymous said...

While going to the doctor might help--getting a bootie, to keep from injuring the foot further I expect-- getting a set of crutches was a good thing. Definitely rest it. Alternate Tylenol with Advil, for pain and swelling. Rest it...yep. Unless it's displaced, there won't be much else you can do.

Okay, the pragmatic part of my imput over--
Yay! on meeting one of your musical heroes! That people know your name, and know what you sang on Idol--pretty cool. I bet you'd be surprised at how many people you impacted, yourself. Just sayin'.

I love hearing how creative you've been lately, songwriting and such. That's really beautiful, even despite all the pain.

Nique's Nana said...

Chris, sorry to hear about your foot. You describe what exactly my husband just experienced. A month ago he woke up with awful pain in his right foot. He took pain medication to aliveiate the pain, which helped. Our son's wedding was in Las Vegas and he had to hobble around on a cane all weekend. When we got home he finally went to the doctor and found out he had a broken foot! You're right, there's not much they can do and they did put his foot in a booty and gave him crutches. Tomorrow he finds out if his foot has to be put in a walking cast.

So Chris, if your pain continues, please see a doctor, just to be safe.

God bless -

luv247muzac said...

I hope your foot gets better. I love Sanctus Real. They are one of my favorite bands. Have a good day.


Who Am I? said...

I'll pray for healing for your foot.

I love Steven Curtis Chapman. His "Heaven in the Real World" album was the first CD I bought after becoming a Christian in 1995.

debjinal said...

Had to delete my comment bc I added a sentence to Amanda's paragraph that should have been added Chris's. Just typical DJ "mess up Monday" stuff.

Anyway, hmmmm.. oh yea what I said was, Chris go to the Dr. dude, stop being such a man. And at least you had some very cool distractions while you are in pain. And did I miss how you hurt your foot?

Amanda-I know you are glad to be at Target House, I hope you are starting to feel better! We have missed you around here!

Lori-random breaking of toes? Weird and painful.

I think that about covers it, hope everyone has a Happy Monday (is that an oxymoron?)

Love from DJ

gdahimself said...

To DJ,
From GDA,

"Chris go to the Dr. dude, stop being such a man."
What he is doing has less with being a man and much more with being a stoic or possibly having an adversion to doctors which, in this instance, may not being serving him well.

"hope everyone has a Happy Monday",
is a wish, which if like what you do for a living is no problem.
Recently hear an expression "if like what you do, you'll never work another day in your life"

Remember our host is loving what he is doing for a living.

Have a nice day (read this at face value)

debjinal said...


Hmm...ok, well I have worked in HR in the area of Benefits for many years, and based on trends, data reports, and national statistics, typically, men go to the Dr. at least half as much as women do. To that, I will add based on my experience with my husband and my son, who both happen to be men, it is a proven fact that they will wait until they are at death's door before succumbing to the idea that they need to go to the Dr. So, like I said, it's a man thing!

The Happy Monday was for the masses, it's pretty much a given that aside from his hurt foot, Chris will be having a happy Monday.

Ok, that should cover it!

Hey GDA, have a Happy Monday, and if you are feeling unwell, stop being a man and go the Dr. (sorry couldn't resist:)


gdahimself said...

To DJ,
From GDA,

Machissmo aside,
"if you are feeling unwell, stop being a man and go the Dr. (sorry couldn't resist:)"

I'm not that much of a stoic for physical misery or have an adversion to doctors. Not a problem.

Cathy Storms said...

Hope your foot is better.
Went to Kelly Clarkson last night in Hollywood. We went to upgrade our tickets & just as the guy said "We have 2nd row" the song Typical came on. I started dancing right there on the streets of Universal Studios.
Had to have been fate.
The concert rocked as usual. Her band is awesome and she is beyond awesome.
Great show & great night..

sandmoran said...

can't stay on your toes
if one of them is broken
(some sligh-ku wisdom)

-Di. said...

It might be a good idea to get a doctor to look at the foot and perhaps some x-rays. Your injury might require rest but you can do permanent damage if you are not careful. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Take care of yourself!!


Anonymous said...

OUCH! I hope your foot feels better asap. I can imagine that it'd be pretty amazing for a longtime favorite artist of yours to know your name, pretty freakin sweet!

Jeff & Allison Smith said...


Yeah! You met SCC!!! I am the same age as you... and now that you mention it, I would probally know every word to every SCC song too... even the verses! That is nuts... I guess all that "replay" hitting in college has caught up to me. :)

I got giddy reading your encounter with SCC... I bet that was sureal...

Keep up all the good work with your album... continue to take risks and challenge people. I am looking forward to hearing your music. I hear you putting lots of effort into making it personally and spiritually relevant, but retaining the musical quality. That is a new thing in the generation of CCM...

Keep it up!