Monday, July 31, 2006

CD Review: Needtobreathe "Daylight"

4 stars out of 5

Every now and then you find a group that just resonates with who you are, what you like and falls into the kind of music that you just love. Switchfoot has done that for me with their last couple of album. MuteMath has done it with their debut EP and their debut full-length. Now, I find myself falling in love with this band from Possum Kingdom, SC.

The record starts off with a quiet "1,2,3,4" into the powerful opening chords of "Don't Wait for Daylight", which quickly becomes a blast of Brit-rock reminiscent of U2 or Coldplay. The band is clearly in love with Brit rock, yet still finds ways to introduce new ideas and different influences, ranging from Southern Rock to acoustic rock to just plain in your face rock and roll.

Standout tracks include the opening track, as well as "Gone", an in your face rocker; and "You Are Here", the first single and easily the best track on the album.

I would definitely recommend this album to anyone who loves pop/rock music when it is done extremely well. there isn't a lot on this album that you've never heard before, but it's rare to hear this old stuff done so well.

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Ethan said...

Daddy says that he agrees with you about this album. It rocks his socks off.