Friday, August 04, 2006

Extensive Movie List (Pt. 1)

Part One:

This is one of my favorite films of all time, starring Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey. The story is a gritty look at a rookie idealistic cop who thinks he can save the world tagging along with an over-the-hill about to retire cop on his last job. That last job ends up being a serial killer using the 7 deadly sins as his guidelines in finding his victims. Riveting. Scary. Distrubing. 3 words that describe this film.

The Usual Suspects
Another film in a line of great ones that Kevin Spacey was a part of. This is the story of 6 men drawn together by a crime they didn't commit. The 6 men then decide to do one last job to make a lot of money only to find out they are working for Kaiser Soze. Who's Kaiser Soze? You have to watch the film to find out.

12 Monkeys
I am not a big Terry Gilliam fan. His films usually employ crazy visuals and wierd camera angles. It just gets tiring on the eyes after a while. This is really the only film of his that I actually enjoy. It stars Bruce Willis in a futuristic, mind-bending film with a surprise ending that really will blow your mind.

L.A. Confidential
This one is another one with Kevin Spacey, but with an all-star cast that includes Russell Crowe, Guy Pierce, Kim Basinger, Danny DeVito and a bunch of other character actors you will recognize. This film, set in the 1950's Los Angeles, follows a group of cops who are involved in a huge cover up of a movie star's murder. Well acted and well written.

A Time To Kill
A film based on the John Grisham novel of the same name. Story of a young black girl who is raped by a group of white men who are then killed by the girl's father. The story follows the ensuing trial of the father and the racial tensions in backwoods Mississippi. Beautiful film. The final scene has one of the best monologues (delivered by Matthew McConaughy) I've ever seen in a film.

A beautifully shot, beautifully acted film directed by Michael Mann. This is the last film that Tom Cruise will ever be taken seriously in. And he is really, really good in it as a hit man who hired Jaime Foxx's cab for the night so he can go and kill a string of people. Unfortunately, things don't go to plan and Jamie's character learns quickly about the plot, which leads to disastrous results. Jamie Foxx actually deserved the Oscar for this film, as well, but I guess people thought no one should win best actor and best supporting in the same year.

Lock, Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels
This film is also one of my favorites. It is rambunctious, thrilling and hilarious, all in one. This is Guy Ritchie's first film and it is an incredible debut. Ritchie also wrote the film. The film stars a group of then unknowns and it follows a group of friends who lose a bunch of money in a poker game and then have to pay it back, so they hatch a plot to steal it the money they need. Put this at the top of your list. It is great. And the ending is classic.

2nd film by Guy Ritchie. Same basic plot and the same basic cast - with inclusion of Brad Pitt in his funniest role yet as an Irish boxer. This film is probably funnier than Lock, Stock, but I'm not sure it is quite as good. Still, all the way around, it is a great film. And, as with Lock, Stock, the ending is classic.

Batman Begins
I hate superhero films. I especially hated the Batman series. When I heard that another Batman was coming out, I was not excited. Then I heard that Christopher Nolan was directing, it piqued my interest. When I heard it would star Christian Bale and Liam Neeson, I was a little more interested. Then when I saw the preview and saw how the film was shot, I knew I had to see it. It was worth it and it's the only superhero movie you'll ever hear me recommend. It is amazing. It is beautifully shot, well acted and has none of the excesses that superhero films normally have. It is just about a normal guy who takes responsibility for his own future; in doing so, he decides to rid Gotham City of anyone bad. How it all ends really is great.

Another Michael Mann film, starring Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro and Val Kilmer. Killer cast, right off the bat. The story is what makes the cast even better. Al Pacino is a cop. DeNiro is a robber. Cop tries to catch the robber before he can pull of a big steal. Cop and robber meet. Cop and robber respect each other. Robber pulls off heist. How it ends is for you to find out by watching this incredible film.

Before Batman Begins, Christopher Nolan directed 3 indie styled films made on shoestring budgets. His 2nd film was an interesting film called Memento. The story, of a man with no short term memory whose wife was killed, is played out in complete reverse. The first scene of the movie is the last scene of the story. Great concept and Joe Pantaliano is great in this film, as well as the Matrix's Carrie Anne Moss. Check this one out, too, if you haven't.


Anonymous said...


If you like those movies, you should see Jacob's Ladder. It is along the lines of some of the films you have listed and is great. Let me know what you think.

Anonymous said...


If you liked those movies, you should see Jacob's Ladder with Tim Robbins. It is along the same lines as the ones you seem to like. Also you may like the John Travolta movie Basic.

AshG said...

OK, this is a really great list. I pretty much agree here and like the choice of 12 Monkeys, I like Gilliam but he is often obtuse. I recommend checking out the doc, Lost In LaMancha about him trying to make the Don Quixote film, a beautiful train wreck. Time to Kill is a movie that often gets overlooked but is brilliant.

Paradise said...

Hey Chris! Enjoyed reading all about your favorite movies. I'm surprised that you didn't list one of my all-time favorites -- The Untouchables. I've probably seen it a dozen times. I think the biggest reason I like the movie is the musical score. Will we see you writing a musical score for a movie in the future? I'm convinced that you would be perfect for it!


Loki said...

You know, I'm willing to bet you'd like the movie The Boondock Saints. It seems to fit in a bit with some of these other films.

Jeanne said...

Okay, you really need to stop reading my diary. Heat, Memento, A Time to Kill, Se7en and the Usual Suspects are some of my faves also! Crazy town!