Saturday, July 29, 2006

Movie Review: Miami Vice

2.1 stars out of 5

Michael Mann has long been one of my favorite directors. He makes movies that tell a story from start to finish yet still leave you longing for more on the characters. Heat has been one of my favorite films for a while. The interplay between Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino is, to me, one of the best dynamics between bad guy-good guy that I have seen on film. I felt Ali was underappreciated (especially the performance by Will Smith) and, let's be honest, Collaterall was in the top 10 films of its year. I'm a fan of Michael Mann.
Now, I should say that I have never been a fan of the tv series of the same name as the new film. I have seen perhaps 10 episodes and thought Don Johnson looked cool and all, but just never really got into it. So, when I saw that Michael Mann had manned (no pun intended) a film taking on the tv series, I knew that there were only 2 possible outcomes: it would either be really great or really stupid.
Actually, I was wrong. It ended up being neither great nor horrible, but somewhere between...somewhere in the void of mediocrity. Which is quite disappointing, considering all the things this film had going for it. I mean you take a great director/writer add in one of today's hottest (Oscar winning) actor in Jamie Foxx who has worked with said director with success in the past, along with one of Hollywood's most macho leading men in Colin Farrell and an incredible supporting cast to boot? I mean I thought it might work.
Okay, here's how all that potential ended up mediocre.
Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx play two vice cops in Miami (thus the name of the film). The film starts off with them trying to catch some high-end prostitutes in the act. Fortunately we are drawn away from that chase when Farrell's Sonny gets a phone call from a very distressed former infromant that was now helping the FBI. Apparently something bad had happened and the informant wanted to say goodbye. From there, we get our standard car chase, along with some bad news, a suicide, which then leads us to our main plot line....
Sonny and Ricardo Tubbs (Foxx) go deep undercover to try to A) catch them men who ultimately killed their friend the informant, and B) uncover an international drug ring. How fun.
If only it had been more fun.
Michael Mann has a penchant for long movies, and in the past that has been okay with me. Heat was nearly 3 hours, Ali a little over 3 hours. Both of those films worked at the longer lengths and yet still left you wanting more. However, in this case, the film should have been a tauter 1 hour shorter. At 146 minutes it is plodding and has too many of Michael Mann's beautiful shots of the sky or different pieces of high end Miami real estate. Michael Mann's films are beautiful films, and this film is no exception. It is shot beautifully and gritty and is cinematically exceptional...but as a movie, it doesn't work.
Another disappointment in this one was the writing. Usually, Michael Mann writes dialogue that keeps you on the edge of your seat. He's no Tarintino, but his dialogue is tight and focused. For some reason, this film really does nothing to shed light on the characters and who the characters really are. Perhaps he assumed that everyone would come into the film with a history with these characters (via the tv program), but I was lost.
Sonny is probably the most fleshed out character, and yet it was played by Colin Farrell with a monochromatic machismo. Farrell's accent drifts somewhere between his natural Irish brogue and a nominal midwestern accent all the way to a Southern accent. He plays the character as 1 color and that color is macho. Sonny is a cop who likes to play on the dark side. Unfortunately, we never learn why.
Foxx's Ricardo is played well, I guess. But we never really learn much about him except that he apparently really likes one of his partners, and the only way we really see this is by the fact that they take a shower together and then make love (fortunately we are spared nudity during the love scene). We never really see an emotional connection between the 2, so when the girlfriend is injured I have a hard time connecting with the emotion Foxx's character lets out.
Another problem, in my opinion, are the several characters who make appearances, seem like they will be major players and then are never seen again. Specifically, an FBI agent who comes in just never shows up for the last 3/4 of the film. Odd, I thought. It is unlike Mann.
The film finally starts to become the action film it should've been throughout for the last 15-20 minutes and we get the resolution everyone desires.
This summer, I watched Mission Impossible: III, a movie that was comfortable with what it was: a summer blockbuster action film. It was tight, short and to the point...and action packed. Miami Vice, in my opinion missed what it should have been. If it had been an hour shorter and the story had been pared down to the bare necesseties, the film would have been much more successful and would have been a blockbuster.
Unfortunately, this one is just a buster.


Anonymous said...


My name is Dottie and I'm from northern calif. I beleive you r still going to great things and have great success in the music industry. You have a God given voice and you weren't afraid to sing, at least I didn't see it. Stay in the race Chris, I'm praying for you and your wife. God Bless you

Jennie Lee said...

Chris had to leave my comment after seeing you on American Idol. You are so talented. Your voice range is great and you look so comfortable on stage. You certainly were not voted off because of your talent. Don't worry though, you know when one door closes the Lord opens another. Keep singing and believing.

Jennie Lee

princessinlove_2008 said...

Hey chris ,

You are so talented and i love you and your family keep god in your heart always and forever ... please read this comment and know you are in my prayers and heart even if i don't see that much anymore.

Your little cousin


Jeanne said...

Chris, the Miami Vice movie basically hurt me to the soul. I watched the series and this movie lost the entire essence of what was great. The casting was bad, the story was bad, the "adult content" was over-the-top and it just clunked along like a movie that had lost its' identity. Colin Farrell is wayyyy too greasy to replace Don Johnson. It just didn't work.

Too bad. Michael Mann is usually on the mark.

IknowIam said...

This movie had random sex scenes and make-out scenes in it. Me and my buddies had to keep waking each other up. I fell asleep finally and they didnt bother to wake me up. They figured nobody else was watching so they just let me snore as loud as I could. It was great.

Terrible movie... Although I wish I could get in a random boat and sail to some random island in/near Cuba without having to deal with trouble of any kind.

gdahimself said...
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