Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lyrics to the New Songs

Our Love (Chris Sligh)

So where did we go wrong that it's common place
For the world to think we stand for hate
One too many picket sign
Has deflected one too many times
The fact that all our lives were simply meant to give away
Oh, we're all messed up
Oh, but isn't that the point of love?

We are, we are
We are all broken people
But we've been set free and loved
We are, we are
We are the chosen people
Forgiven much
So where's our love?

We come into this mess, sin upon our heads
Born equals in a race that ends only with death
But we've been running in reverse
Since love conquered death's dark curse
Shouldn't we reflect His love to a world hung by a thread?
Oh, we're all messed up
Oh, but isn't that the point of love?


Gotta give, oh
Gotta give, oh, gotta give all our love
Gotta give, oh
Gotta give, oh
Gotta give all our love to a lost and dying world


So reach out, there's someone you know
That has never seen God's love
Reach out, someone you love
Feels like they've never been enough
Reach out, the untouchables
The un-reachables, the never-thought-ofs
Are in need, they're in need
They're in need of our love...

Sunny (Chris Sligh)

Well, you bring the wings and I'll bring the flightplan
Cuz you're an angel and I am just a man
But I've been a better man since you got here
And life is better, too, cuz my world revolves around you

Clouds are gone and skies are blue
There's nothing to bring us down, whoa...
Things are looking sunny
Things are looking sunny
Things are looking sunny since I found you

All of your skin looks good touching my skin
You're so pretty, I just fell in love again
It's love at each sight, over and over
My heels are over head, now it's me revolving round you


Everything's bright, everything clean
Everything's like my favorite dreams
Cuz my favorite dream is you
The turn of your head, the flick of your wrist
Everything about you, you don't need a list
To know my favorite dream is you, you, you, you...



Anonymous said...

Opening line of "Sunny": Brilliant!

Hischild said...

Oh,Anon. You are SO right.

Cathy Storms said...

The whole opening verse of "Sunny" is magical. Love it and the fact that it was written for your beautiful wife makes it even more magical.

Anonymous said...

These lyrics are wonderful. :-)
But the first one, Our Love? It brought tears to my eyes. I think I need to hug you now!((hugs))

Are we really all broken? Or is it that some of us get cared for by other human hearts? Is it too much to believe that we all have "something", or is it more a matter of, some of us reach out for love, and then try to give it in turn?

"Sunny" reminds me of when I was young, and how I hoped Spouse looked at me. One wonders as the years go onward, if he still sees all those little things. I hope his heart still remembers!

DJ in AL said...

Beautiful Sligh, beautiful.

ChrisSligh said...


I think that with the condition of sin we are all broken at some level...the point is to ask the church why we aren't loving when in fact as believer we are the same as those who don't believe...we have simply had the chance to encounter something out of this world...if that makes sense...


Cathy Storms said...

Bully, the way you talked about "Sunny" rings so true. It does remind one of the way their spouse saw them back in the day. And I think we all have moments that we wonder if he or she still see's us the same. Your words made me think about how we all change so much through the years.

Bina said...

Can't wait to hear the music that will bring these beautiful lyrics to life! :)

ChrisSligh said...

Bina, you can listen to the songs over at

Just the demos...


risalea said...

That old saying, "the church isn't a museum for saints, it's a hospital for sinners" might be apropos here. What we've got to do is get out beyond the walls of the place where we meet (which we so many times incorrectly call the church..the church is the people, not a brick and mortar structure) and share the good news. How do we do that? There's a song we sing in worship which says, "They'll know we are Christians by our love..." (I found this Jars of Clay version on youtube -- ) Of course, even in this, I think we pick and choose our outreach. It's far easier to love a hungry baby in Africa than a 50 year old homeless man on the street.

Per "Sunny," after a few listens and getting the chance to read the lyrics here, I kind of picture in my mind a couple who's been married for 60 years, who look wrinkled and gray to the world around them, but to each other, they still see the beautiful (or handsome) person they fell in love with and their devotion has grown deeper over the years.

Thanks, have once again worked your magic with words and music to paint pictures that make us think.

That's all my philosophizing for today. :)

Anonymous said...

Risa, You ARE a philosopher and I think you hit the nail on the head. It IS easier to love those in Haiti and text our $10 donation - than it is to love those snot nosed kids in the projects who came to church and brushed their dirty hands on our silk suits. Or to see them hanging around Dollar Tree but they can't buy! I am so busy, I don't see the homeless man at the redlight - I am usually working on a presentation while stopped... Chris' story of "Only YOU Can Save" hit home with me and for 2010I am trying to SEE those around me with new eyes. THANK YOU Chris for telling us what gives you ideas for some of your songs.... and for then putting it to music. The catchy tune of that one, keeps it in my mind.. and helping me to follow through! That one at least was a "sermon" for me.

risalea said...

Let me interrupt with a post that has nothing to do with the conversation of the moment (what else is new? LOL) I just wanted to post a link to a news story about our friend, Lauren, who was recently diagnosed with leukemia. She had been collecting can tabs for Ronald McDonald House for a couple of months before her diagnosis, and folks all over have started collecting in her honor since her diagnosis.

Returning you now to regularly scheduled programming!

Hischild said...

Hey Chris! Have you ever wondered what you would look like dipped in chocolate???
You gotta catch Justin Bay in the Chicago AI auditions.
Go Justin! :o)

Carmen said...

You know I thought the smae thing when I saw Justin Ray audition. He seems like a super sweet kid!

Love Sunny!!

risalea said...

I was watching AI Orlando DVR'd over at friend Carol's house and she had seen him the night before. That's the first thing she said--"Chris Sligh's brother from another mother was on Idol last night!" LOL

DJ in AL said...

I thought my hubby was crazy when he said the same thing about Justin and Chris being twins, los.

I didn't see it then, but I do now.

They say we all have a twin out there. I feel sorry for mine:)

Happy Friday Ya'll!

rosalee said...

Justin Ray Interview:

Justin Ray Performance:

Uncanny! LOL

Chris -
Nice songs - especially "Sunny".

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris-- Your answer had a beautiful ring of innocence to it. I truly hope that your life has been one where you have had only your own frailities hindering you.
While it is definitely true, that we ALL have sin we wrestle with, being born simple humans? I think some of us are savaged and cracked by circumstance, and by others.

We all ask for Help, for Grace, and for Healing. We all ask(I hope) for Forgiveness. When we have God's love with us, and have benefited from it's relief? We can offer it then, to others. The side effect of being Broken might really be, Compassion and Love to give. :-)

That sounds mildly preachy, but when we FEEL broken, relief is s beautiful thing. I learned the same year you wrote "Vessel", that maybe I was a broken vessel...but I wasn't worthless. Once patched by a Greater Hand, I was still good for serving others. So I try. Broken, but still of Use. It's a nice feeling to be "repaired", redeemed I suppose, from the refuse pile!

I really love it, that you are not afraid to use the word "Broken", because I think it does address the trials some of us have had to press thru in course of living. When I read what you write on this, I feel not alone. I feel comforted. :-)