Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tour Dates Thus Far

For some reason, good ol' myspace is giving me the "technical error" page every time I try to update my tour dates.  So, I'll put everything I have so far on here, so at least the fansite can have it!

24 - 8:00pm @ Exit/Inn (2208 Elliston Place - Nashville, 
TN 37203)
benefit for American Neighbor
$10 at the door
Daniel Moore

  1 - 10:00pm @ Wild Wings Cafe (15 W. Washington St - Greenville, 
SC 29601)
full show with special guest Jason Walker
Free show
Rob Lamble 843-881-0039

  2 - 10:00pm @ Wild Wings Cafe (729 Lady St - Columbia, SC 29201)
full show with special guest Jason Walker
Free show
Rob Lamble 843-881-0039

  3 - 6:00pm @ The Warehouse (Seacoast Church Mt. Pleasant)
leading worship with The Warehouse's band
Free show

  3 - 10:00pm @ Wild Wings Cafe (664 Coleman Blvd Mt. Pleasant, 
SC 29464)
full show with special guest Jason Walker
Free show
Rob Lamble 843-881-0039

  4 - 10:00am @ The Warehouse (Seacoast Church Mt. Pleasant, SC)
leading worship with The Warehouse's band
Free show

4 - 6:00pm @ Secoast Church Mt. Pleasant, SC
full show with special guest Jason Walker
$10 at the door or at church bookstore

5 - 7:00pm in Nashville, TN
private dinner

7 - 7:00pm @ Seacoast Church (212 Roper Mountain Road Ext, 
Greenville, SC 29615)
full show with special guest Jason Walker
$10 tickets
Chris Surratt

9 - 6:00pm @ The Refuge (4917 A Mercer University Dr, Macon, 
GA 31210)
full show with special guest Jason Walker

10 - 6:00pm @ The Crystal Cathedral (Garden Grove, CA)
I'm being presented an award for being a believer in the mainstream

11 - 9:30am @ The Crystal Cathedral (Garden Grove, CA)
singing "Vessel" for the televised church service
Free show

11-17 - El Salvador
Going to El Salvador for Compassion International

20 - 8:00pm ET @ American Idol Final 2 performances
going to the finale pt. 1

21 - 8:00pm ET @ American Idol Finale
going to the finale pt. 2

21 - 8:00pm PT @ KIIS FM Idol Finale party
performing a short set for Finale Party

24 - Zellwood Festival (4235 West Ponkan Rd, Zellwood, 
FL 32798)
performing full set for festival
Marvin Barrett 407-886-0014

29 - 7:00pm @ KXOJ Riverwalk Crossing (Main & Riverside, 
Jenks, OK 74137)
full show with special guest Jason Walker
free show
Bob Thornton 918-492-2660

31 - @ JFestival (323 Camp Jordan Parkway, East Ridge, 
TN 37412)
performing several acoustic sets throughout the day

1 - 6:00pm @ the Grove Theater (Anaheim, CA) for the 
Well Done Awards
serving as the house band and performing several song for Awards show
Leesa Belessi -

28 - 7:00pm @ Celebrate Freedom (Dallas, TX)
doing a full band set for a festival put on by radio station KLTY

5 - 12:00pm @ Centennial Park (Nashville, TN)
Fro Patro' picnic!
$15 per person

5 - 7:00pm @ 3rd and Lindsley (816 3rd Ave S, Nashville, TN 37210)
full band all ages show!
$10 for over 21, $15 over 21 (sorry, guys, venue rules in order to 
have all ages)

6 - 9:00pm @ The National Cherry Festival (Traverse City, MI 49685)
full set for festival on the Bay Side Stage
231-946-1400 or contact WLJN in Traverse City

12 - Lifest (OshKosh, WI 54901)
full band set for a festival
For tickets check out

18 - 7:00pm @ Sun Valley Community Church (456 E. Ray Rd, Gilbert, 
AZ 85296)
full show
$15 tickets (buy one get one free)
Extreme Faith productions

19 - 7:00pm @ Cornerstone Christian Fellowship (1595 S Alma School Rd,
Chandler, AZ 85248)
full show
$15 tickets (buy one get one free)
Extreme Faith Productions

20 - 7:00pm @ North Ridge Community Church (6363 E Dynamite Blvd,
Cave Creek, AZ 85331)
full show
$15 tickets (buy one get one free)
Extreme Faith Productions

23 - 7:00pm @ Youth Alive (1815 Union Ave. Chatanooga, TN 37404)
full band set for Youth Alive
Amber Lee 972-276-3168

26-31 - Northwestern Alaska Cruise with KTIS Minneapolis, MN
leading worship on the cruise

1-3 - Still on cruise

3-6 - @ Idol Camp
I'm a guest advisor for the Idol Camp series in California

7-8 - @ GMA in the Rockies
I'm co-hosting a night at the Seminar in the Rockies with Mandisa
& performing an acoustic set

10 - 5:00pm @ Indiana State Fair (1202 East 38th St, Indianapolis, 
IN 46205)
full band set for Indiana State Fair
Mike Clark

31 - 7:00pm @ Last Blast of Summer (Route 220 Tipton, PA 16684)
full band set for festival
George Palmer 814-684-1515

6 - 5:00pm @ Ledyard Fair (Ledyard, CT 06339)
performing 3 songs acoustic & signing autographs


rosalee said...

Thanks, Chris! Much appreciated.

risalea said...

AZ? Are you sure you don't mean AR? (and I'm sure DJ is going, "NO...he meant AL!" LOL) ClarissaNaz, coming your way! And on the AI finale...way cool!

On the concert of picnic night, I think Chris meant $10 for UNDER 21 and $15 for over. If that's not right, correct me. And I know those tickets will be limited. Chris, let us know when there's a link we can post on the picnic site.

This is neat! (That was for you, Deb! LOL) Thank you, Chris!

ChrisSligh said...

No, actually, they charge $5 more for under 21...basically the house makes their money from alcohol sales, and they can't sell to under 21, so they charge $5 more.


risalea said...
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risalea said...

OK, I will stop commenting about things I know nothing about. For the moment. : ) Thanks, Chris!

Cathy said...

Thanks Chris~You are going to be very busy...

Cathy said...

Your going to El Salvador? Wow...

Do you know when tickets will go on sale for the concert after the picnic. Since I am driving for 3 days with 3 little kids, just to get there, I really don't want to miss the concert...Deliah would be so disappointed.

Cathy said...

And a guest advisor for idol camp? Are you performing at the finale for AI?
I know, I should read the whole thing at keep re-reading it and finding out more information. lol...

Jane said...

Oh, I'm so excited! See you at Wild Wings in Columbia, SC on May
2nd, and probably again at Wild Wings in Mt. Pleasant on the 3rd.

Can't wait!

Your pals,

Jane (and Dean)

Carrie said...

Great set of tour dates, though I'm sad there are none near me. Someday, I hope!

ChrisSligh said...

The CT date isn't that far away from , I don't think, Carrie.

And Jane! So good to hear from you!

Can't wait to see you.

By the way, there are more dates coming, these are just the ones that are confirmed.


Carrie said...

Chris! Haha! I mean I'm trying to go to NASHVILLE... I don't think I'll have money left come CT! I'll see at least ONE of these shows somehow.

dgmommie said...

OMG, you're coming to Tulsa!!!!!! (Jenks, same thing). And it's free as well. I'll be there! :)

EmilyBoo said...

I can't afford the trip to the picnic since I have a friend's out of town wedding coming up as well... BUT I see you'll be in Michigan the day after! Traverse City isn't exactly in my area, but I might be able to get up there for a camping trip, if the parks aren't already all booked... which they may be because of the cherry fest and the holiday weekend. But I'll check into it!

Badpacifist said...

Well then I guess I am going to have to stop my personal whining about how busy I am....gee whiz

slimpickens said...

Wow! This came out fast! I say this because I just got an email Thurs night w/a phone # to call if your church would like to have you come there. I shot off an email to our worship leader faster than my fingers could fly. I've gotten no response yet. :o( We've such a large church the process may take the approval of 5 pastors in triplicate. ha ha Anyways, it's GREAT to know you are coming to several places within 50 miles of me.
Makes me feel like a glutton when many of you have NO shows nearby.
Hopefully, they'll be added later.

My daughter's boygfriend gets his bookings through Extreme Faith Productions locally. What's the possibility of him opening up for you, Chris?? Is that asking too much?? I'd understand, if it is. He's opening for Bebo Norman on May 9th. His biggest date yet.

len6638 said...

hey chris.i know your a big coldplay fan.if you get a chance check out youtube and type in "fix you"by young at heart.the guys name id fred knittle and he is 92 years old doing a cover of fix you by coldplay.its already had almost 800,000 views.

GirlyGirl45 said...

Oooh, this is exciting. I'm thrilled that you're involved with the AI finale (will you perform on the show or just at the AP?) and with the Idol camp. I've been curious about that camp (always thought Sanjaya would be great with the kids and could do a "be yourself" session). Actually, many of the top 10 alums from season 6 would be terrific advisors for the camp kids; will you have some of your AI6 colleagues there, Chris?

Badpacifist said...

len6638 thanks for that link .../tear

HstryQT said...

OMG I was sloooowly scrolling down the tour dates, every single detail... and I didnt think I'd see Indianapolis... and YAY! THERE IT IS!! :) I'm so excited you'll be at the Indiana State Fair you just have no idea (ok well maybe you do).

Daughtry and Carrie Underwood are performing at our fair and tickets already went on sale and Im sure they're already sold out - Im very glad you arent going to be there for their show (Im assuming) because I probably couldnt get tickets!... Rambling.

Take Away Point: I'm excited. :)

SoCalJulie said...

May 11 at the Crystal Cathedral? Happy Mother's Day to me!
Can't wait.

Cathy said...

If you haven't already done so, you must go to Kellyville and listen to Kelly Clarkson singing "Ava Maria" for the pope...Amazing....

rosalee said...

Nothing yet scheduled for Baltimore?
Sam Sessa will be crying in his soup!

Badpacifist said...

Una voce ad honorem ad maiorem dei gloriam!

risalea said...

Prayer request for Amanda....she's had to go back to ICU this evening. Risa

DJ in AL said...

Well it's a good thing I got to see you when I did, it doesn't look like you are coming anywhere near B'ham anytime soon! Boo!
Oh well, I've always got the picnic, have to settle for that!

I can't believe you are going to El Salvador! Wow, that will be quite the experience!

The tour sounds great, a good variety of venues that should help you keep it fresh!

Happy Monday, sending you love from DJ in AL!

Cathy Storms said...

It's official...May 6th is going to be "Chris Sligh" day. We are having a contest and yes there will be prizes. More details to follow.

here i go with all my thoughts said...

I hope theres more dates in Michigan added!! Traverse City is going to be packed that weekend, but I might try to come!! This is very exciting Chris! OH! and you are going to be in Nashville this weekend? I will be there for the Country Music Marathon, cheering for the team of Melinda's backups who are running to raise money for Malaria No More. You should stop by :)

BullysE said...

Hey Everybody! *waves*
This listing of Events sounds Great! :-) Good to see so much stacked up, and ready to be tackled. Atta Boy.

Things have been busy here for me, both with the Family(school, sports) and Blaker Fandom. I hope all is well. I am still definitely planning on going to the picnic at Centennial Park, so I need to get penciled in for that, turn in funds, whatever soon. :-) Centennial is a great big park, near the Colliseum, so there should be room for everybody. It will be very cool to see everybody at long last, and see Sligh up on that stage.

Happy Birthday belatedly Chris. I hope the year ahead is blest.

bmorebamma said...

and out of all the folkes who live here ya gotta find one bad apple in the bunch. hey i live here , and i don't have a clue who sam sessa is. but i do know what the balto sun is and it looks like they are getting a hard on with finding respectable intertainment reporting here. lol

bmorebamma said...

oops btw i almost for got . the GMS'S are in nash vegas , i know that the local christan radio station was gonna be there, so i left it on this morning becuse they said that they were gonna get mr. sligh to do a interview , WRBS they seem to really like you . so i got to work at 7:am an low and behold who was their first guest . i heard most of the interview, and he even sung empty me it was great .

Badpacifist said...

Remember last year when we found out about TACOSB and we became huge Slighfans....Just downloaded David Cooks Album “Analog Heart” it is the #1 MP3 download on Amazon. After one listen I can see why.

rosalee said...

Bmorebamma -

I just put up links to Chris's WRBS performance of "Cry Tonight" as well as to some WRBS photos from today's interview. Check it out.
Sam Sessa is really ok - he just likes to lampoon people. And he did redeem himself by wishing Chris a Happy Birthday.....

Carmen said...

Oh I downloaded Analog Heart tonight. It is awesome! It kinda reminds me of Daughtry meets Creed. I am really enjoying it. I wonder do you know if he wrote the songs for this? If you guys haven't checked it out, you really should.

Susan said...

You're going to be in Traverse City! wooo hooo!!!!! It's a four hour drive from my house, but my in-law's live there! So I will pester my husband to let us go.

and emilyboo, if you want to get a camping spot, you seriously need to look now because that state campground is often booked over a year ahead of time.

risalea said...

Hey, folks! This has been a LOOOOOONG day, as in had to leave the house at 6 to get to a site 2 hours from here, and just got done uploading my report. And have to turn around and do it tomorrow. I need my beauty sleep! LOL

Let me encourage those of you who are coming to the picnic who haven't registered to get on it! We are looking forward to a big crowd and can't wait to meet all you blogger friends.

Dang it, I wish I could be in Nashville Wed. for the Dove awards. I can't get them live here unless we have the top tier of digital cable and we are too cheap. (economically sound-LOL)

OK, beddie bye time! Risa

risalea said...

Oh, I love you, Rosalee! Just saw the link on the fansite to where you can watch the Dove awards live. Woo Hoo! Head there, people, if you are in the same sad cable boat I'm in.

gdahimself said...
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gdahimself said...

The nearest locales, Tipton, PA and Ledyard, CT the two most accessible places, in at least theory. I live some inbetween since I never heard of either of them.
Not encouraging.

EmilyBoo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
EmilyBoo said...

I know... I haven't checked, but I'm sure the state park is booked, being not only a holiday weekend, but cherry festival weekend as well. Oh well, I'm having second thoughts about the camping idea anyway, because I tend to dislike camping on holiday weekends; they seem to let in way more people than the capacity of the park should allow, and it's very crowded and far from relaxing. I'll try to find a different place to stay, or hope for more Michigan dates to choose from!

How about the peach festival in Romeo, Michigan (labor day weekend,) or the Armada fair (August 12-17.) I would love to see you in Armada! It's the only place where I've ever had the chance to meet the band I was there to see! (Lonestar, some 8 years ago.)

clarissaNaz said...

YES! Rosalee! You're the greatest! A link for the Dove Awards Live!!! I'm in same cable boat as Risa.
Now if only I hadn't agreed to fill in for someone at church Wednesday. Well, at least I can see the first 90 minutes. I'll have to hope Chris' medley comes early in the game.

I'm very sad Jordin can't make it now. But at least it's looking like she only needs vocal rest instead of this being a career ending illness like I'd first heard. Yay!

robyn said...

Hi guys!

I'm sad Chris isn't going to be coming to NC but I'm psyched about the picnic! I havn't blogged in a while but I read it ALL the time!
I found this when Chris first appeared on AI and I was hooked for life! I will see some of you at the picnic. I really enjoy finding out about everyone. I will try to say stuff about myself sometimes. I pray for Amanda. My daughter's name is the same.
She is such a sweetie. I hope she is doing well. I heard Chris's
piano solo of "Empty Me" on K-Love
this morning that he did when he was there at the station and it really moved me!
So, I'll go for now...gotta work!


clarissaNaz said...

Cool Robyn! I just love it when only readers finally post. I'm looking forward to meeting you at the picnic.

To anyone:
Is it too late to pre-order the CD and how do I do that? I've never seen it on any of Chris' sites. Did I just miss it?

Cathy Storms said...

Robyn~I am so excited you are coming to the picnic. We are going to have so much fun. I can't wait for July....

Tawny said...

Too bad there's nothing in Georgia in June, I'll be there for a few days. I'll probably go to Wisconsin again this summer so I'll see if I can plan that around your show up there.

gdahimself said...

To ClarriaNaz,
From GDA,

Regarding CD pre-release ordering go to,

robyn said...

Thanks Clarissa and Cathy!
I'll not be a wallflower anymore!!
I've only asked a few questions now and then to Chris, But I like talking to ya'll!!

I think the picnic will be so much fun! Oh, and thanks for the link GDA...I just went and pre-ordered a few CD's...gotta have one for the car and one for my desk at work...and one to give as
a gift.

I'm bringing my two teenagers to the picnic as well. My son looks a bit like Chris so that should be fun! He's pretty big though, even though he's only 19. He's about 6 1/2 feet tall and over 260 lbs. He has beautiful curly hair but I don't know if I can get his favorite hat off his head!!


risalea said...

I hadn't heard about Jordin have voice problems. Hope that all works out for her with rest.

I've noticed that a lot of folks on here have sons who favor Chris somehow. OK, that doesn't sound quite right. LOL Y'all know what I mean. We need to line 'em all up for a group shot at the picnic. We need to get them all some black glasses like his. I'm glad to hear of another teen coming. Mine is 17 (thinks he's 27). He's got that curly hair thing going on as well, though he has that dishwater blonde/light brown hair like his dad, not dark like mine. And other than ringlets when he was little, he had straight hair until he hit puberty!

Anyway, looking forward to meeting you and your family, Robyn. Risa

Cathy Storms said...

Robyn~my son favors Chris also. He's 25. Don't know for sure if he's coming to the picnic yet but I hope he does. There is a trophy for the most Chris look a like so it sounds like it might be a tight contest. My grandson looks like Chris when Chris was little. He's 2 and he is coming to the picnic.

clarissaNaz said...

Thanks GDA. Went there, ordered some. So simple. how could I not have known THAT???
Oi Vay!

Funny. I have a 17 yr old son TOO.
Well, he'll be 17 on May 8th. But he looks nothing like Chris and we're leaving him at home. This trip is for my husband and I's 25th Wedding Anniversary. Not very romantic but an exciting getaway nonetheless. kiddos tagging along.

It'll be great to meet everyone's family.

bmorebamma said...

hey july 8th my b-day btw

clarissaNaz said...

bmore: What a great way to spend your b-day. Gathered w/a bunch of new friends and great music! Yay!

Just saw the posted AI tour dates this summer. I have the privilege of going to the first show July 1st - Glendale AZ! What fun to be able to give a review on the forums!

So...I start off July at AI7 concert, 3 days later leave for the picnic, 2 weekends later Chris is in town for THREE shows. OH MAN!!!! What a month!
Now I'm supposed to get some sleep???

robyn said...

Hey Risa!

A lineup of Chrises! what a site that will be! ha! I'm glad there will be other teens there too. I'm sure my daughter will be glad for some folks her age to talk to also, although she and her brother are very tight.
I just went to Amazon and pre-ordered a couple of Chris's CD's...just want to rack up some good Amazon stats for him also!! They are a few bucks more, but I got free shipping on 'em so it all evens out!! Thinkin' ahead for Christmas...or maybe birthday gifts...


Cathy Storms said...

DJ~Isn't it a special day for you today?

Happy Birthday....

DJ in AL said...

Thanks Cathy! How you remembered in light of your week is beyond me, makes it all the more special:)

Cathy Storms said...

As we all know, May 6th is the special day that Chris's new CD drops. WhooHoo!!! So with that in mind, we are officially making May 6th "Chris Sligh" day.
We are having a contest with prizes. Go to the fansite for all the details.
Lets make this day special....

risalea said...

OK...your "sister" is now in the doghouse, cause I didn't remember that! (did I know?) I'm horrid with birthdays unless I put a post-it note on my forehead.

So now, the birthday song:

Happy, happy birthday
On this your special day!
Happy, happy birthday
Is what we've come to say! Hey!
Happy, happy birthday
May all your dreams come true!
Happy, happy birthday
From all of us to you! Hey!

It's so special to have a older sister in Alabama. (and I'm lyin' like a big old dog. LOL)

HstryQT said...

Welcome Robyn! So excited that you're coming to the picnic!

And happy birthday DJ!


risalea said...

Speaking of ordering CD's, Robyn said it well. Copies of Running Back to You will be great Christmas, birthday and other special occasion gifts. Another idea, guys, is to order them for your church youth group. How thrilling for the kids to get the CD as a gift, and even autographed! And I'm assuming that a donation to your church like that is tax deductible (legal note here: financial advice is not being given. I obviously don't know much as the IRS chopped down my money tree this year--consult your tax advisor for complete information-LOL)

I was looking at the calendar and was just amazed at how fast this month is going and how soon the picnic is coming up!

rosalee said...

Happy Birthday, DJ!!

Carrie said...

I'm so behind on here, tired as heck and have to get back to working on my final projects but I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY DJ!!!!

DJ in AL said...

Thanks guys, and yes ma'am sister dear, sisters should definitely know their own sister's birthday no?

I kid-no biggee, my Mom hasn't even called me yet, so you are doing better than she is!

Thanks to all for my birthday if if "The Man" himself could throw me a Birthday Wish my day would be complete. Suppose that is asking waaay too much huh?

Oh well! Happy hump day to all!


AnnW said...

Hey, Chris, your people need to talk to KLTY's people again.

That is not a "small" event. It's the annual July 4th extravaganza and draws thousands of people.

And while I'm sure you know, for those who don't, KLTY is a giant in the Christian music sphere.


risalea said...

WAH! The web link is not showing the Dove Awards. I'm majorly sad!

risalea said...

Ann, be happy he's coming your way. That's actually the weekend of June 27-28, I believe. Sounds like a great event.

robyn said...

thanks hstryqt!

I hope that all who can will order some cd's from amazon to send Chris's numbers way up...

Anyway, I LOVED, seeing him on the Dove awards last night!!! I think his part was the BEST!!!! I got to watch it on Gospel Music Channel. They are showing it in repeats a lot this week and next also. He and Mandisa and Phil Stacey sang at the end.

I can't wait to see & hear him at the picnic. I haven't seen where to buy tickets to the after concert yet. Does anybody know?


Dr. Bob said...

This is totally off topic, but I was really hoping to see the Dove awards. We didn't get them out here. Any thoughts on how to see the performances?

rosalee said...

Dr. Bob -
Many of us were not able to see the show. I will post what I find on the fansite,, as information and performances surface. Later today I will be posting some items from GMA Week and hopefully the Dove Awards,too.
You may try,,, etc. to search for videos, as well as

In the meantime, here's some info from last night's awards show:

risalea said...

Robyn, we have the same info that Chris posted on the dates concerning his concert at 3rd and Lindsley the night of the picnic. His management will set up a link to buy tickets and we'll post that on the picnic site and announce on here and on the fan site as soon as we have that information.

Lucky you to have seen the awards!
We don't have the GMC on our regular cable options here.

EmilyBoo said...

Found the performance from the dove awards!

EmilyBoo said...

I was so excited when I found the video, I had to post it without watching it first. It was beautiful! This video cuts off before they're finished singing though, so I'll keep my eye out for a complete video.

rosalee said...

Thanks, Emilyboo!
I inserted that link into my fansite post. Like you say - maybe a better one will turn up later. I just love it when they misspell Chris's last name. They don't make the search any easier....

robyn said...

yes, thanks emilyboo! I like to watch it over, and over even though I did get to see it last night. I tried to look for it on you tube this morning but with no luck. I kept putting in Chris's whole name...didn't try anything else.
His part makes me all goose bumpy...

HstryQT said...

Whew! Agnus Dei was amazing - thanks for posting emilyboo!

gdahimself said...


I've not yet viewed the clip and my klowledge of Latin is minimal. Does Agnus Dei mean lamb of God?

Badpacifist said...

Yes gda it does in Latin

risalea said...

WOW! I won't make the mistake of missing this next year, cause I have a feeling Chris will be picking up his first Dove. Awesome. Thanks, Emily!

gdahimself said...


Thank you.
My forays into Latin tend to be precarious.

EmilyBoo said...

You're welcome everyone! LOL I actually didn't even notice they misspelled his name. (oops!) After searching "Chris Sligh Dove Awards" didn't turn up anything, I just searched "Dove Awards" and sorted it "most recent." When I saw "American Idols," I knew I'd found it.

len6638 said...

chris.saw your show last night in sounded great and the album will be aewsome.the crowd seemed kind of lame but thats because most of them were drinking.and i guess that they dont appreciate "REAL MUSIC".what was your opinion of the crowd?i think the handle bar would be a better venue for you.have fun with the rest of the tour.