Monday, April 14, 2008

Thanks for a great 3-0

I am packing up my equipment to go to a rehearsal studio to rehearse for tour, but I wanted to stop quickly and say thank you for a great 30th birthday.  I got the care package, and thank you!  I appreciate it greatly...GPS will definitely help with hard-to-find places!

Life is crazy and the blog has suffered, but please know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I love you guys!


DJ in AL said...

Thanks Chris, we needed a virtual hug dude! We miss you!

Safe travels!

Love from DJ in AL!

Cathy Storms said...

You are so welcome for the care package.
As DJ said, we needed a virtual hug.
Hope your birthday was wonderful.
When do we get tour dates?

Cathy Storms said...

Oh yeah...We love you to.

rosalee said...

You're welcome, Chris.

Carmen was the ringleader behind this one. I believe she programmed those "hard-to-find places" right into the GPS!! ROFL!!! You have no more excuses... See you soon.... ROFL!!!!

Carianne said...

Oh I am so excited! Chris Sligh just said he's going to a rehearsal studio to rehearse for a tour!! I can't wait!! I only hope he comes somewhere near SD...

Carrie said...

So now you have no excuse to not only come to Buffalo, but to my front door! Haha!

risalea said...

Well, at least you know when you're on the road, you've got a bed to sleep in and a hot meal waiting in a number of places across the country for hard times! (If you're lucky, even homemade!) : ) Take care, Risa

Anonymous said...

Great to hear from you again, Chris. And good to hear your GPS found its way to you. Those things are SO smart! And it makes answering my door a lot more exciting. :o)

Blessings on your tour preparations and remember to get your rest.

cdld1234 said...

Hey Friend....Birthday Greetings....I remember 30....Grrrrrreat Year! The Lord sure had blessed you and has blessed us with your love and spirit.

Be Safe
Your Kindred Spirit

Dr. Bob said...

Happy Birthday to yooouuuuuu!

Nique's Nana said...

Glad to hear you had a great 3-0! We love you too.

Looking for those tour dates/location - and Carianne, if he comes to SD or near we'll be sure to hook up with you this time.

BTW Chris, loved you on the Logan Show those 3 nights you were the host band - you really should have your own show!

-Di. said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I hope you have had a great day!!

EmilyBoo said...

Hey all, remember to keep praying for Amanda, she's running a fever and is very sleepy.

Anonymous said...

Just read Chris' EW review: It was nice to get an informed take on Mariah Carey night. I don't know ANY of her stuff. Just not into her or modern R&B. Was not thrilled w/David Cook for the first time ever and couldn't believe the over the top judge comments. Was wondering if they were being kind because of his brother but if Chris says it was a great rendition/arrangement of the original then, it was. I feel better now. :o)


risalea said...

I thought the guys did an amazing job with Mariah's stuff, which surprised me, I guess cause she is usually singing way up the scale into regions most humans can't even come close to hitting, and the guys were able to make it work for them.

I have to agree with Chris about David A. He's cute, he's sweet, and he has a great voice, but something is missing there.

I think Kristy Cook could possibly be the next Kellie Pickler....she's a smart cookie and she made a Mariah song sound like it could be a country hit.

Brooke is good, and there is definitely a nitch for her, but I think her vocal limitations compared to the ranges that Carly and Syesha have will catch up with her by next week.

Jason is just the most non-chalant, que sera sera guy ever. So not full of himself, and just having fun...I think his attitude has won over as many viewers as his vocals.

David Cook--if he doesn't win it, there is no justice in the world. Yet, wondering by past experience if that would really be the best thing for his career?

That's it for my "professional" review. It is a fun to read Chris's take on the whole thing. Y'all have a good day.

Victoria said...
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Victoria said...

Hey, Chris! I hit your various sites often because I love, I mean LOVE you! Nothing romantic, just an undying passion for your amazing voice and incredible songwriting ability. I've thought often during this AI season that your singing is FAR better than almost ALL of the contestants this time around. All anyone would need to do to prove it is listen to "In a Moment" just one time through. Gives me chills to hear it. Really.

And as far as your songwriting goes, I love so many of them, but I have to tell you that the words to "Empty Me" echo in my head and say, 'Listen up.... This is true and how it is!' You nailed it with that one, and I often consider those words as I go about my day. You have a truly God-given gift and it's changing and blessing lives.

Because I so appreciate you and your work, I feel compelled to comment on how disappointed I felt when I read your comments about David Archuleta. Talk about amazing talent. The boy has it, and it's evident in not only that almost magical voice, but in the goodness and light that seem to come through when he sings. It was pretty disconcerting to read one of my favorite musicians ever (really) dissing Archuleta. I felt conflicted and a little confused because it was so weird that someone so amazing would say such things about someone else who is so amazing also. I just felt like, "Chris, no! You gotta give credit where credit is due!" And it IS due, imo.

You know, it's almost funny, because I actually I felt the same outcry if anything less than oceans of glowing praise was ever said about you. Like, how can someone not see how incredible this guy is?? How can you not get it??

Anyway, I just had to say this, for whatever it's worth. I still think you're incredible, even if I do think you're a little off here, much to my surprise.


Badpacifist said...
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rosalee said...

Hey people -

Look at this (some Sam Sessa love headed this way) -

Badpacifist said...

David Cooks brother was there that night and he has brain cancer that has spread to his spine. A bunch of people chipped in so that his brother could fly there and see David perform. He needed a special medical flight because his condition is very grave. This was part of the emotion that he didn't say anything about when Ryan asked him. His family lives in the same area I live in.

ChrisSligh said...


I'm sorry you disagree with me on David A. I wasn't trying to I said in the article, I really want to like him, but I just don't get it. It's not for lack of trying, I promise. If you read back through my past reviews, you'll notice that when my opinion was that he was good, I definitely always give him credit.

Again, thanks for being kind about disagreeing...I really wish I got him, but I don't.

Peace and love,

HstryQT said...

Happy way-belated birthday Chris!

Heard that the midwest quake was felt in Nashville too - did it wake you or Sarah? It woke us up here in Indy - quite exciting. Freaked the cats out big time!

Its like being in Cali... but not!


rosalee said...

Well, Kristy Lee Cook finally got booted. They were even meaner to her than they were to Michael Johns, giving her a false sense of security by placing her in the group with David Cook. I feel that she should have left before Michael Johns. However, Michael J. almost always strained or shouted his high notes and his time was about up anyway.

They all performed well, making it hard to guess who will go home next. I guess the strongest fanbases determine that at this point, or the show does, since they never tell us the number of votes each contestant gets. Jason C. is too laid back to win. Carly is good, but her personality will do her in. Syesha is also very good, but not strong enough to compete against the two Davids. I wish that Brooke would stop acting like a real crybaby every time she lands in the bottom three. She made the tour – that’s what counts.

I still think that David Archuleta is a very talented guy and deserves to win. But like Melinda Doolittle, who always delivered consistently strong performances, it doesn’t mean he will win. David Cook is bit more interesting, but most of his arrangements were not really “original”. I don’t think either one of them has an “outgoing”, “show biz” personality. If David A. appeared a little more self confident, he might do even better.

So it’s come down to musical style preference - the crooner/balladeer vs the rock star. But although I prefer David Cook’s style, I’m still rooting for David A.

risalea said...

Anybody up for a chat on the fansite? How about tomorrow (Sat.) night the 19th, at 8 central? (shows you what exciting Sat. nights I have planned---wait, Sat. night with the Fro Patro--what better way to spend the evening?)

Be there or be square!

Carrie said...

I think it would be cool if we got AIM or MSN names and made a chat that way, too and held one every so often. I actually can't remember my password to get onto the fansite and I asked for it to be sent to me but I never got it...

Also I've been REALLY busy so I'm sorry I'm not around much. It'll be awhile longer before I can post much again.

becky said...

Chris, I'm sitting here listening to "Empty Me" on the radio and wanted to just say thank you and let you know how much I appreciate that song.

Hecansing said...


I have read your blog since the very beginning, and have also posted a few times here and there. Being a HUGE fan, I have followed your career since you left Idol, and find you immensely talented, both verbally, intellectually, and musically.

I'm trying to keep in mind that you have your opinions too, but I must agree with Victoria regarding your recent EW review of David Archuleta.

Amazingly, I find the same "magic" in his voice that I found in yours one year ago. I also feel that he has a deep spiritual sense about him that immediately created an emotional/spiritual connection with me (and many others); the same effect you created one long year ago.

I won't be surprised if DA winds up also as a Christian artist. (In fact, I think his voice would be quite lovely singing "Empty Me"!)

I'm just sorry you "don't get him".

Anonymous said...

I've never done a fansite chat but if I'm home, I'll try it out. Sounds like just what I need right now.

To hecansing: It's great to see you post again. I totally agree w/your assessment of Chris, of course. However, I am w/him on David. He may be the most vocally talented contestant BUT nothing about him especially endears him to me. Can't tell you why. The day human chemistry can be disected and fully explained will the day pigs fly.

And as far as David Archuleta making it in the Christian music industry...well, let's say it would be UNPRECEDENTED for a Mormon to do that. I guess stranger things *have* happened though.

Nique's Nana said...

Risa, I'd like to chat Saturday night, but after logging in and posting a comment when I click the send button nothing happens and at the bottom of my screen it shows Error - what gives?

risalea said...
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risalea said...

It might be your browser. For example, for some reason, I can never log on to the fansite if I'm on aol. And if I am on my sbc yahoo (my dsl), I can log in, but when I try to post they don't show up. I have to go directly through internet explorer. It's a bit of a pain, which is why I don't log in there as much and I just check Rosalee's updates.

Anyway, let's give it a whirl. Chris, you got anything on tap around 8? : )

Welcome, Victoria and hecansing. The thing to remember about Chris's opinion's just an opinion. Everybody's got one. It's not personal at all. I have the same feeling about David A....something's missing, but I can't even put my finger on it. But again, that's only an opinion and you guys and many others, obviously feel differently.

Takes all of us folks with different takes on things to make the world go round!

I hope you'll continue to visit here....we're a nice bunch. In my opinion. : ) Have a great Saturday...the sun is shining here today. Yea! It's much many places in AR are still dealing with flood waters. And yesterday, for the first time since the tornadoes hit a couple of weeks ago, I drove down through the neighborhood that was within 2 miles of my house that got hit. Quite eye-opening and scary to think how close it got. Keep all those folks in your prayers. Risa

risalea said...

Oh, an Amanda update. She had been moved back to ICU because of her fever, but she got to go back to her regular room yesterday. If you have time this weekend, I know she and her mom would appreciate your well wishes.

Cathy said...

I'll try to get on to chat tonight but can't promise.

Cathy said...

On Jon's myspace page tour schedule, it looks like Chris is in Texas today starting the tour. WhooHoo!!! I hope they are coming to Southern California. Only saw one date up there so far.

risalea said...

I may be totally wrong, but I think the TX date is something Jon is doing. I don't think Chris's tour is getting started until after the GMA events.

Carmen said...

You might not realize this but Glady's Knight happens to be LDS (a Mormon) and she has had albums in the Gospel/Christian market. Most people who are LDS consider themselves "Christians" so it is not inconcievable for someone who is LDS to do Christian music if that happens to be their interest. Actually there are quite a few well known performers who are LDS but most people just don't know it. Most of the general public imediately thinks of the Osmonds or the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (which has also sold quite a few albums in the Christian market). I think David A. could do quite well with a Christian CD but most likely he will probably go the pop route but I don't think him being LDS has anything to do with what choice he will eventually make.


Cathy said...

Risa I think you are right. After going back and looking I think just Jon is in Texas with Brandon Heath.
I just figured they would be together.
If you guys have never heard Brandon Heath, check him out. He has a web site and a myspace page. He is pretty awesome.

rosalee said...

Carrie -
For the fansite, just re-register. Passwords are not stored with the user-ids and email addresses. Kay's hubby would have to go looking for it. It's simpler just to re-register.

I'll try to be here later, Risa.

insaneinthesfv said...

Happy Belated B-Day, Chris! :D