Monday, September 24, 2007

Struggles and life

The last couple of weeks have been pretty tough. Obviously, the tour has come to an end now, and though I'm excited about the next stage of life, it's difficult to imagine life without all these people with me every single day. So, it has been difficult to say goodbye to this stage.

But even harder have been things going on in my "real life"...the life away from music and touring and career...even harder are the things that really matter.

My manager's daughter was pregnant and 8 weeks before the baby came, the child was diagnosed with a disorder that causes the child to be either stillborn or die within a short time of birth. They had the baby last week and, though the baby didn't pass right away, they have slowly watched a beautiful newborn child slip away. They think the child will die very very soon. Though I only know the parents in passing, over the last few months, I have come to love my manager and to see the pain it is causing him is tough to watch...and tough to empathize with.

I also recently received a call from one of my closest friends in the world to tell me that his family is going through a terrible crisis. I think that they will make it through, but it's tough to see a close friend have to go through so much pain.

So, please keep those two situations in your thoughts.

Finally, my wife and I are moving in a week. I am now officially unemployed. And October 2, I start an intense diet and workout program with a nutritionist and personal trainer. 3 incredibly stressful things are happening all very soon. So, please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.


Carianne said...

Oh Chris, Good luck with everything! I know with prayer everything will be alright.
I'll pray for you and your manager. Hang in there; things will get better.

Carrie said...

I hope you know this just made me cry my eyes out pretty much. I'm pretty lame lately when it comes to that. It's really not fair how stressful and hard life can be for people who don't deserve it. I have faith you'll be just fine, and I wish the same for your friends.

Anonymous said...

Dear, dear Chris,
It is an honor to lift you and the people you care about before the Lord. Only He can comfort, heal and bring any of us through all the world may throw our way.

Until that glorious day,

gdahimself said...
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gdahimself said...

To Chris Sligh,
From GDA,

Comments on the end of the tour appear under “Blessed”, which I think are of interest.

Your manager and his wife will need all support that can be offered.
The death of a child can destabilize a marriage, often causing divorce.

A change in circumstance and/or behavior is stressful on it’s own, three major ones at the same time is going to be taxing challenge. It is not an enviable situation to be in, and normally wouldn’t have been advised.

I trust that the tour has left you with a comfortable cushion and no immediate financial concerns.
I hope that the period of unemployment is brief, and that all proceeds smoothly with a large degree of serenity.

Vaya con Dios,


rosalee said...

Chris -

You must be exhausted. Here's something in anticipation of your homecoming:

Carmen said...

Just wanted to let you know that you and your manager's family are in my prayers.

I know that it is kind of scarey facing all the new changes that are coming in your life. It must seem like you are literally starting a new life. Just remember that you have the love & support of many people and I know that you are up to the challenge of anything that lies ahead.

I wrote the following the last day of the tour as I was thinking of all the new experiences that each of you on the tour will face in the near future.

Tonight is the end
Of a journey taken,
That started with a dream.
Whose path has led
To new friendships made
And memories never forgotten.
All journeys must end,
But you have not arrived
At your final destination.
A new path awaits you,
And tomorrow,
A new journey begins.

Thanks for allowing me to share a small part of your dream. I know you will go far.


HstryQT said...

Chris I know that you know that I am going through many of the same changes you are right now. And you know I've been praying for you and your friends.

My heart is just breaking at the thought of what your manager and his family are going through. That is my biggest fear right now. It's so hard to not be afraid. Just last week I was able to hear my baby's heartbeat, but it's still bittersweet because there are so many unknowns. I'll be praying for the best for your manager and his family.

They say the three most stressful things you can go through are moving, changing jobs, and having a baby. Exchanging the baby for an intense diet/workout program seems a fair exchange to me - so yes, I understand your stress (BELIEVE ME, I understand!!) It's also devastating to leave so many friends behind. But what I've learned recently, and what I'm passing along to you - is that it seems like when you couldn't be more stressed and overwhelmed, that's when God will surprise you with more blessings than you can imagine. You've said it yourself- the blessings have already started! ...They won't stop. You have so much ahead of you!

It might seem stressful now, but just keep your "Chris and Sarah Team" strong, look at it like a big adventure, and in a month things will be calmed down -you'll have your house and a solid routine,and your puppies- and you'll look back and thank God for everything it took to get you where you are.


It's ok Carrie - you can always count on me to cry along with you!

Marleybone said...

Chris - you certainly have been experiencing a gamut of emotions.

As you well know, you just have to turn it all over to Christ.

(Sometimes I'm ashamed to admit, I fight it.)

The good news is that as children of God we have access to His presence any time we need it. So you are in my prayers and I am sending strength, and lights at the end of tunnels.

Cathy Storms said...

Chris~I am so sorry for everything you are going through. My heart is breaking for your manager & his family.
As always you & Sarah are in my thoughts and prayers. And also your manager, his family & your friends.

Anonymous said...

Chris, our thoughts and prayers are with you, definitely. You have alot coming up ahead, and we are all sending all the love and positivity we can. *hugs*

I am sorry about the bad things that are happening in people you care about's life. A baby being sick, it is perhaps the hardest thing ever to deal with. It is a tragic thing, what your manager faces. I am sorry.

The diet and exercise thing, maybe it will be a good thing, who knows? (I could use the benefit of that in my life, myself!) The hardest part? Getting started. Just remember, people already like you, as you are. :-)

GDA--I saw the John Lennon song lyric your posted, and I thought it particularly appropo. Very, very nice.

As for the ending of the Tour, I know everyone there must be super-excited about new beginnings, but I'm still caught up in the things-changing and coming to an end part. Don't take our sorrow about that as anything against your future plans. We are truly proud and happy for you, and all your castmates.

DJ in AL said...


First, my prayers go out to your manager's family and for your friends going through such trying and heartbreaking times.

Secondly, ah, life is changing so fast for you right now. Closing one chapter, opening another. You know you aren't really saying goodbye to your AI friends. Those true friendships you made will endure separation.

I know I don't have to tell you this, but if ever there was a time in your life that you needed God's guidance, now is that time. You must trust him to show you the way. You are a smart and savvy guy, you will make the right decision for you and your future. Keep God and Sarah close right now and it will all fall into place.

In the meantime, take a deep breath and know you have your fans/friends here pulling for you!

Love from AL

risalea said...

Chris, you and Sarah continue to be in my prayers, as well as your friends. You are certainly facing a lot of changes at one time in your life. The best advice I can give you is to take each day one day at a time. (Especially the diet and exercise) And all moving boxes get unpacked eventually. If not, after a year, give it away. ;) Catch up on your sleep--it's easier to deal with stress when you are well rested. Take care, Risa
p.s. Sorry, I'm thinking a cookbook wasn't the best gift right now. LOL. I'll hunt for the healthy recipes in it, but in the meantime, all those AR scenery pics make it a great coffee table book. ;)

here i go with all my thoughts said...

I can't imagine what you are going through right now- after months and months of being with the same group of people every day, it must be hard to all of the sudden be pulled from it and expected to do so much more.

I am definatley praying for you and keeping you in my thoughts. Your manager and his family as well as your friend and his family are in my prayers as well.

Good luck with the diet and workout program- that does sound stressful, but just keep motivated! Good luck with everything, looking forward to hearing more <3 and God Bless, Megan

gdahimself said...

To Chris,
From GDA,

This seems appropriate at this moment.

More Than We Imagine, written by Michael Nesmith

More than we imagine
Gently step by step
The gaze upon the heavens
Stretches far above the test
Of groping mortal senses
And their self-inflicted wounds

More than we imagine
More than we even know
The fields are white with harvest
And unfolding endless rows
Harmony's sweet blossom
And the glint of joy's bright tune

Imagination's empty
It's bereft of what's in store
Beyond its meager boundaries
Available to all

For in Mind is no confinement
To reverie's light play
Conceptions are unlimited
They are reflections of the way
Pure consciousness provides for us
Ideas that light our day

And more than we ever can imagine
Life extends beyond our dreams
It spreads out its lasting promises
And shelters with its wing
It strikes down ignorance and want
It lifts the drooping heart
Love guides us back to where we are
Establishing our worth

As more than we imagine
More than we even know
The fields are white with harvest
The triumph has been shown
The fields are white with harvest
The triumph has been shown


Kacie said...

Chris, changes and moving all at once... very tough... doing it myself at the moment. I have a feeling it'll be a bit of an adjustment time... I keep telling myself that how I feel about it RIGHT now doesn't meant that's how I'll feel in a month... as things stabalize.

God bless, Chris.

Paula said...

Wow, Chris. I'm really sorry to hear about this. You and your friends are in my thoughts and prayers.

Love you much, and enjoy the memory of seeing you in concert in Auburn Hills, MI.

Emily said...

Chris, you and Sarah and of course your manager's family are all in my prayers. HE will lift you up!

Paula, another fro patro'er from Michigan! I didn't make it to the concert though. :(

Kevin Cabe said...

"Do not be afraid, for I have ransomed you. I have called you by name; you are mine. When you go through the deep waters and great trouble, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown! When you walk through the fire of opression, you will not be burned...You are honored, and I love you." Isaiah 43.

Chris, I've never wrote here but have followed you from North Greenville College where I was a student when you were. Bro, that verse means alot too me as my life and career are changing at this moment. I'm moving to Knoxville, TN from North Carolina. Without sounding so cliche let that sink in. You are in my prayers. Check out my blog and hit me up. Love to chat with you if you have a chance.

Marleybone said...

Oh - and one more thing. Just so you won't feel like the Lone Ranger - I am joining Planet Fitness today. See what a good influence you are!!!

risalea said...

Chris, one thing I thought of for your manager's family when the time comes, is grief counseling and a support group for the family. We had a young couple at church go through a very similar situation, with the added burden of it being a genetic disorder which affected their plans for future babies. Today, they are the parents of a beautiful bi-racial daughter who came to them through adoption.

While there will be no replacement for the precious child lost, God can bring a blessing out of tragedy.

Losing a child is every parent's worse nightmare, and my heart goes out to them. Risa

amandarhea86 said...

Chris, Im finally back. Just know that my prayers are with you and your friends.

I will eat all the unhealthy food for you, ok Chris. See im eating everything in the world, cause soon, its only hospital food lol.

Just 5 more days and my daddy is home. I talked to him today on his cell phone something i havent been able to do in 15mths. My family is in high spirits.

I love you guys, thanks for everything.

HstryQT said...

Chris this will make you chuckle - I was just on the phone with Nina and she says to me,

"Chris is losing the weight, and you're gaining it!"

It definitely will be funny to see my tummy get bigger as yours gets smaller!

Heh. Made me laugh anyway.

cdld1234 said...

Hey Friend……WOW…you have a great deal on your plate. Here are my thoughts.

Going consistently low price point does not cheapen the music. I and others listen to the radio as well as check out myspace, iTunes, and still the old fashion way by word of mouth. For me to buy tickets to a concert, it is the full package; the songs, the artist, the full concert environment.

If I were in you shoes, I would go with your last option. “The possibility to do things a little differently…direct deals with a retail chain”. It sounds like this would give you more control, and that’s what you want.

Remember…..“you either work for the man or are the man”… want the be “the man”.

My prayers are with you
Your Kindred Spirit

susan4455 said...

I once read a quote from an unusual source; it was Nixon's farewell speech to his staff when he left office. It's title was "Adieu", but my favorite part was this "Greatness comes not when things go always good for you, but the greatness comes and you are really tested, when you take some knocks, some disappointments, when sadness comes, because only if you have been in the deepest valley can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain." (Nixon).

Donna said...

Sorry to hear about your manager's daughter. Losing a child is one of the hardest of life's challenges. I'm sorry.

As for you, well, are you bored yet? I can't imagine how strange it must feel coming down from all that intensity. What a summer! I have to say, of all the seasons, I enjoyed this year's concert the best... really. It was fun and the friendship between you all was visible to the audience. You've got yourself some friends for life and who knows where the road will lead you.

You're starting a new chapter in your life, and as with the Idol experience, savor every second of it. You've got it going on!!!

Kevin said...

Wow. The story of your manager and is wife is just horrible. I'll keep both him and his wife in my prayers, as well as your friend. Hopefully, everyone will make it through.

As for you, Chris, well, moving can be difficult, but it can be a blessing, too.


Nique's Nana said...

Chris, I will be sure and add your manager and his/her family, your best friend's family and you and Sarah to our prayer list.

We have a strong prayer group. So much glory has come about for a lot of us from this prayer group.

God bless you and Sarah -

amandarhea86 said...

I wanted to give yall a bit of good uplifting news. I just saw my daddy on tv getting off the plane and landing in AMERICA!!! he landed earlier but to watch tv and see him get off the plane is amazing, but its so weird i miss him even more. Just a few more days and he will be here. But it was so great watching that and seeing my old english teacher and friends, and guys ive known since i was born get off that plane. Praise the Lord. Thats all i know to say. Our men are back home. I couldnt be more happier.

risalea said...

Amanda, was he in the group that stopped first in Wisconsin? If so, I saw that in the AR Dem-Gaz yesterday. How awesome that you guys will be able to spend some time together before you go in the hospital. God works it out perfectly, doesn't He?!

I know everyone has different opinions about the war, but I think we can all agree on one thing...our service men and women are AWESOME! Risa

p.s. Chris, how many boxes did you pack today? LOL Just kiddin'...we'll give you a day to rest up!

Anonymous said...

Chris, we'll all be here rooting you on in your next steps in life. Keep your spirits up because I know you can get through this. You have your family, friends and all of us on your side.

I'm sorry to hear about the baby. The loss of a child, no matter what age is something no parent should ever have to endure. We've been cautiously optimistic about my sister's pregnancy because she's older (37) and having her first child. So far things have been going along smoothly, thankfully but I know that things can change at any time.

*Lori* The reason why I only named Carrie in the post 2 blogs below was because we're not quite where you are in life yet. We're all the same age but you're married and carrying your first child. I still <3 you! I wasn't leaving you out of the young Sligh fan group :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,
Hope you are getting the well-deserved rest. I enjoyed your singing in the tour. When the tour started, you said that you will be writing a diary on the tour and will publish excerpts from that online (here?) when the tour is over. Are you still going to do that? Thank you.
-thankful one

annfrmtheham said...

hi chris, i met you in bham and got a pic of you and me hugging.. lol i was so nervous you had to show the guard how to operate the disposable camera... i have tried to keep up with your career.. you are so talented and nashville will be a great place for you and your wife. if you see bo tell him greeting from helena ala... keep your faith, you already have the talent and such a way with writing.. im excited to see your continued growth and success... hesterann29