Thursday, September 20, 2007


I really need to shave. I mean, like 3 days overdue for shaving. I just left my razor in one of the many hotel rooms we've been in lately. I can't remember which one. But I really need to shave. Later today, I'll have a runner go out and buy a razor for me so that I can shave and look decent for the show tonight. I just got into the hotel I'll be in for maybe 8 hours and looked in the mirror and was reminded once again that I really needed to shave. And it got me thinking on how blessed I have been by this whole American Idol experience.

Sure, maybe it's because things are coming to a close: 3 more shows to go; in 5 days I'll be sleeping in my bed. So maybe I'm just a little reminiscent. Or maybe I'm just delirious because it's 4:36am and this weird schedule I'm on has me sleep for 4 hours, wake up go into a hotel room, take an hour to settle down and then to sleep again. Or maybe I'm just blessed.

I remember a year and a half ago, going to the grocery store and staring at razors trying to figure out which one I should buy because we literally didn't have the money to buy groceries, nonetheless a $15 razor. Sarah and I had made the choice for me to turn down several high-paying job offers over the years in order to continue to pursue this dream of mine. We were poor, hurting and trying to make the best of it. But it wasn't easy. Financial matters are the number one cause of divorce, and though you say for better or worse, when it's worse, all you can think about is surviving and that can come in the way of being a good husband or wife.

When we started this whole American Idol thing I was making $9 per hour. Over the course of a few months, I had moved up to $13 an hour, but that's hardly crazy money. We were living paycheck to paycheck. I would work 40 hours a week and the band would play 5-10 shows a month on the weekend. The band had made a decision to move over to the mainstream from playing churches and youth groups, places we were making great money to playing places where we were getting paid nothing. How Sarah ever put up with it, I don't know. So much work for so little money.

Then American Idol happened. I didn't know that much about American Idol. I didn't know if you got paid. I didn't know about the tour. I didn't really know anything. But it looked like a good opportunity. I didn't think I'd make it, but a friend offered to pay for the first trip down to Birmingham, so I took it, and now over a year later, I'm coming to the end of my American Idol run. Dreams coming true, money in the bank and eternally blessed.

I'm blessed because for the first time in my adult life, I have money. Not a lot of it, but I actually have money in the bank. I am by no means a rich man financially, but I have the ability to buy the equipment I want and need, I am able to buy nice things for my wife and we are able to make a move that we have wanted to make for years but never had the money in moving to Nashville. I will probably never be "wealthy" but for the first time we're able to be comfortable.

I'm blessed because I have the most giving, wonderful wife who I am truly undeserving of. But she was there before the whole American Idol thing. But this whole experience has caused me to really understand how much I appreciate her even more than before.

I'm blessed because I have come away from this experience with 9 great friends. Some closer than others, obviously, but 9 friends (10 if you count Shyamali) that I know will be lifelong. Phil and I will be living 5 minutes apart and Melinda is close by. In the fall, I'll be co-producing a project for Gina. Haley will be coming in and out of Nashville meeting with my management, trying to find the right fit for her musically. Rich and I are hoping to go see some NFL (yes, the Colts are going to kill the Broncos) together. Blake will always be my brother. I mean, to get 10 friends you love out of this is way more than I could've hoped.

Finally, I have intentionally created a culture with my fans that I hope can continue throughout whatever career I am able to have. There is a line between fan and friend that I think can never truly be crossed because of the distance between us. But I want for the Chris Sligh fan to feel as much like they are my friend as possible. That's what this blog is for. There have been some down times on the blog, there have been times of bad decision-making on my part on what to challenge. But we've found a place where we can come, hang out, have fun, discuss and simply be friends. And that's just the way I wanted it to be.

I am incredibly and inexplicably blessed.

And just some encouragement to those struggling. Without being cheesy. Without being over the top. Just know that the blessings are there already. The blessings are there for you plain to see, even though it's hard sometimes in the tough times. But stay the course...blessings are there and there's more on the way.


Carmen said...

What a beautiful post. You have indeed created a place here where so many of us have become friends. I have been fortunate to meet a lot of the folks who hang out here. It has been great. I also feel like I have some great friendships with some of the folks who I haven't had the chance to meet. That has been great too.

I am not sure if you realize how many of us email/call each other. Sometimes it is just to wish the other person to have a great day and let them know we are thinking of them. Other times we email/call each other to share our problems and look to one another for advice and comfort. That is the type of folks who post on your blog and it is because of the type of person you are that so many good people have found there way here.

You have let all of us share with you a part of your dream. Your dream has become our dream. All of us here want so much for you to succeed at that dream. As we see it coming to pass, we are excited and happy for you.

Your thoughts on going from having nothing financially to being comfortable really struck a chord with me. I remember when my husband & I were first married and had nothing. It does put a strain on your marriage but somehow it also made us closer. It made us more determined to work together as a team and we became stronger as a result of it. I think that as you get older you realize that those times even though they were hard, are what makes you humble and appreciative of everything you get later on. You also realize that having money is fleeting. It can always be taken away at anytime. Knowing that you will still have spouse next to your side no matter what the circumstances is a very comforting feeling.

I am so glad that you are getting to enjoy some of the fruits of your & Sarah's hard labor.
You are such a well grounded guy who at a very young age understands what is truly important in life--- your relationships with other people. Some folks never figure that out. I hope that the Lord continues to bless you & Sarah. You both are truly deserving.


Carmen said...

You creating an atmosphere where your fans feel like your friend too-- I posted on my a blog those same feeling earlier this week. Read it sometime if you get the chance.

HstryQT said...

It is so great to hear from you and to see you so upbeat. It's amazing to hear of the sacrifices you and Sarah have made through the years, and I'm sure many of us understand the trials of those first years of marriage, coupled with financial difficulties. It is a blessing to have someone *truly* there for better or worse; it's easier said than done.

It has been so much fun watching your successes along the way - and there will be so many more to come! And I consider myself a blessed fan, actually, to have a place to connect with you and show support, and to connect with so many other AMAZING people who share the same enthusiasm I do.

Carmen is right, there are so many of us who have become friends through this site - and our friendships have gone well beyond Fro Patro-based conversations :). They're true friends - from a spunky newly-21-year-old who we've all come to love... a fellow DC-native Fro-Fanjaya...a sweet and music-savvy NY photographer-to-be, to one of my newest best friends DJ, and of course the rest of my "peep-ettes." Thank you for providing a way for us to all come together Chris - it's just blessings all around for the Fro Patro.

(And this is for real my last post for a few days - ended up back in the wi-fi apartment for the night. But it's back to moving into the house today. Oh and I heard the baby's heartbeat yesterday at the doctors! Yay!) :)

Love to you all!!

Lori :)

cdld1234 said...

Hey Friend…..I truly am thankful for your words of “wisdom”. I am blessed to have a “true friend” in you. You make me understand that the Lord does work miracles even though we questions why we go through what we are going through, but your words make me understand never to question the word of the Lord. You are truly a rare “GEM” in that you are a “gentleman”.

Thank you
Your Kindred Spirit

robyn said...


Just this morning on my way thru traffic as I decided to change from radio chatter to hear your voice and hit that button...I was thinking how much hearing you inspires me because you are so upbeat and positive. I also was thinking how wonderful it is that someone like you gets a break like this and that we get to reap the benefits of your talent. How awesome to think that the words keep flowing right from you onto a page (or screen?) and songs are waiting to be recorded by you and others for the world to experience! And I can't wait! I want to hear more! And I am so glad that a truly great guy like you gets to do what you were born to do. Cuz you got the music in you! And it inspires! And you are real! And I love it! We all do!!!


fanbrux said...

Chris, again, I am jealous of your move to Nash Vegas. It is sincerely the greatest city on the PLANET!!!


Stuck in Louisville,


Nicole Wilson said...

what a great post...

hope you got to see the pictures from the Greensboro show.

continuing to follow,

here i go with all my thoughts said...

I seriously just got teary-eyed. Although I am new to your blog, I have been a Chris Sligh fan you said people told you that you looked like Christina Auguleria. Your dedication to your fans, music, and God are truly remarkable. Your compassion and generosity is obvious, and that's what makes you Chris Sligh.

As far as the other Idols group, NEVER have I hard as hard of a time as I did this season of "picking a favorite" you are all so wonderful and different! I love that each of you have influenced SO many different people.

Enjoy these last few nights, I'm sure they will go by quickly. Wish I was going to be there for the last show, I can only imagine how much energy there is going to be!

Congratulations on everything so far. We fans are very proud of you. I am SO looking forward to your cd! (And your project with Gina). God Bless! Megan

Badpacifist said...

Chris thanks for being our fan and for looking at your life with a true sense of "profound gratitude." So bet your new house won't look anything like a hotel room. I really think you should install one of those big ole ice machines just for the memories.

luv247muzac said...

Hey Chris. Thanks for taking us on this wonderful journey with you. Good luck with what the future holds for you and Sarah. We've been blessed to have the music you've created and look forward to hearing the new stuff. Thanks, Darlene

risalea said...

I'm running late (what else is new!), so I'll post more later, but loved this post. Chris, thank you for sharing with us, giving us a chance to know you, for you to know us, and for all of us to know each other. I wish we could all have a group hug. : )

How's this? ((((((Chris and the Bloggers))))))


DJ in AL said...


You know how in life how there are people that have something wonderful happen for them and you are just so thrilled and happy for them all the while never having met them, but still just feeling in your heart that the person really deserved their good fortune? Well you are that person for me. We haven't met (yes, I know whose fault this is), yet I am as happy for you as I would be for one of my friends. Frankly, I have never been much of a die hard fan of anything/anyone in my life. But for some unexplained reason, I have become immersed in being a Chris Sligh fan. I know what the word fan means, and I have experienced what the word friend means. And I do agree that there is a line between the two but I think you have done a wonderful job of blurring those lines for your fans.

So while you are receiving and enjoying your blessings know that because you are the person that you are, your fans have been blessed as well.

I hope you and Sarah will cherish every minute of what you have been given and have the time of your lives!

And because I can't jump off here without out saying ditto to what my blogger buds said, I am stunned by the friendships I have made here. It is so unexpected for me and yet I can't imagine not knowing the wonderful people I have met through your blog. I have you to thank for that.

Ok, that's about all of the emotion I can deal with this morning. If I knew a joke I would insert here, but I've always sucked at joke telling.

We love ya Chris, fan, friend, whatever you want to call me is fine with me. Like I told one of my blogger buds yesterday, us blogger girls, we got your back!

Love from AL!

Cathy Storms said...

Chris~Thank you for the beautiful blog. I can only ditto what the other people have said. I am a Chris Sligh fan & feel like a Chris Sligh friend also. I am so excited about the future for you & Sarah & feel blessed that you have taken us on the journey with you.
I also have met some really wonderful caring people on your blog. Although have only met 1 in person I feel like I know the other "peepets" & look forward to talking to them everyday. They have become my sounding board in so many ways & I thank you Chris for bringing them into my life.
Have fun in the final days of the tour. I can only imagine how bitter sweet it must feel.
Thanks again & always know that my grandaughter Deliah will always think of you as her best friend.

rosalee said...

I echo everything that's been said on this blog so far. And we are honored to have you as OUR friend (in spite of the distance). Shall we say that we are all CYBERfriends?

And now it's time to get sentimental:

Simon and Garfunkel:


The Rembrandts:

Michael W Smith:

Prince's Trust 1987:

xangelglitterx said...

GOD SPEED CHRIS...........
PEACE & LOVE ........
ONE LOVE....................

Anonymous said...

I was talking a week or so ago, about the phenomenon of us fans of the AI Show (in general) feeling so personally invested in you performers. I guess that is the reason for the adulation, and the presents, and the hugs and kisses and all the outpouring of friendship-feelings, because we really do feel like you guys are "one of us". We want you all to succeed, to have your chance at a dream, and thru the magic of tv we get a chance to participate in that dream, and try to help it to fruition.

You all are like the person we know from church, or school or the neighborhood-- and we really want you all to have the chance at your dream. Maybe the performing of the show and the Tour has cast a divide now, between Us and Them, but we still wish you well.

This season6 has made a real effort to love the fans back, and that has been a treat. Thanks for that. No matter what happens next, now after this, we do appreciate all you have given. Love and blessings to you, and all your cast mates.

GirlyGirl45 said...

So did you shave?? keep that soul patch though, okay? lol.
3 shows left. Everyone must be feeling sentimental right now, as well as excited about your futures. I'm so thrilled for you that AI has been a great launchpad for your career and has given you and Sarah a solid financial base on which to build. All of your struggles make success that much sweeter. It’s so nice that you’ll already have a little community of AI pals to turn to when you and Sarah move to Nashville. I worry a little about Sanjaya moving to big ol’ LA, but I’m sure he built some connections while you all were in Hollywood, and if anyone has proved he can land on his feet, it’s that rascal, and his loving family will be there with him.

Thank you for letting your fans in, Chris. While part of it is good business to build your relationship with your fans, you have built a very cozy, comfy community whose company I enjoy. Your struggles on your blog have given us insight into the person who is Chris Sligh; it has been a pleasure to see you work it all out and grow from the experience. And about that “undeserving” label you speak of now and then . . . Here’s why you’re deserving: You have talent that you’ve worked hard to move forward in the direction that best suits your values and your business sense; you are compassionate about your career, your fellow peeps, and your devotion to your beliefs; you are open and honest about your insights; you’re open to new opportunities; you are able to make mistakes and learn from them; you realize the importance of connecting with people; you can laugh at yourself; you can laugh with others; and to sum up, you have heart. You deserve all the good things coming your way, Chris, whether that’s business opportunities or additional meaningful relationships in your life, and I know you’ll be able to deal with any curve balls, for all the reasons outlined here.

Your writing is a gift, as is your voice and musical talent, and I look forward to keeping up with what you have to say, whether it’s sobering memories of 9-11 or whimsical musings over Chuck Taylor’s. Now go have that runner get you a superturbo mach5 quintuple platinum blade razor—you’ve earned it, haha!

Marleybone said...

Chris - plans are falling into place for you and we couldn't be happier. Financial security for a person with compassion can only be a good thing.

I remember your early blogs, one in particular where you questioned if you were a good husband or not. My experience has been, if you are thinking about it, you are probably on the right track. Play back the video of Sarah watching you on stage. Priceless.

I remember the first time you mentioned putting on a pair of jeans that cost $150. You said you hadn't paid $150 in the last two years for your whole wardrobe. So sweet, too funny.

You are blessed and so are we.


Tom in ATL said...

Dude -

Best. Post. Ever.

Got nothing to add - you've got it all figured out.

Peace -

Tom in Atl

Anonymous said...

Hello Chris,
What a heart felt post! Take that depth, honesty and raw sincerity into your song writing and you will touch so many. The wonder of being human is never knowing what each new day might bring. Financial security does give the breathing room to sit back and count blessings. Wishing you and Sarah much happiness.

John said...

Chris, thats a sweet post. Looks like you are back to health before the tour ends. Thats a good thing. You would wanna enjoy every moment towards the end. Your relationship with your wife is so touching. I bet she will have similar sweet words to say about you :)

GirlyGirl45, you are so right about Chris' righting. Actually when reading his post about 9/11 I was in a very depressed mind frame. Even though the post dealt with a very sad event, the wisdom in simple words in his posting actually made me feel better. And the comments section also with a nice community of people feels so good and relaxing to go through. People like Chris, Rickey, etc will never know how many times their blogs make the days for their visitors.

John said...

At 31 I have really aged very fast.. more like 81. I meant to type "Chris' writing" but typed "Chris' righting." lol

jennifer said...

This is interesting to me for many reasons. I can definitely relate to your former financial situation, Chris, since it's a situation I very recently found myself in and I know it's very difficult to envision one's self in any other circumstances. However, it was the comments on the nature of the blog itself that I wanted to mention, and I hope it doesn't sound bad or negative for me to post this comment because that isn't how I intend it at all.

I've been following this blog since you started actively posting in it since your elimination. I guess you could call me sort of a lurker, a term which I don't really like since it has sort of a weird/creepy association on the internet. I've been reading posts and comments for what seems like ages, and I've watched from the sidelines as exactly what you described began to happen: a close-knit group of fans began to form who found a nice casual atmosphere within this blog where they could hang out and be friends.

I'm not sure exactly why I never participated in the discussion myself. I'm occasionally shy and reluctant to interact with new people, even though I have a good friend who has been posting here for quite a while. I don't doubt that you're all a very friendly, welcoming bunch, but something has been holding me back from ever actively participating in discussions here. I guess I worry sometimes because this is such a close-knit environment where so many of the fans and posters know each other not only by name recognition on this blog but outside in other aspects of life, anyone new jumping in at this stage of the game might be perceived as late for the party. I don't want to intrude. Is that weird? I don't even know. I just know you've established such a strong group and I feel bad trying to edge my way in.

People who have been posting here since forever, what are your thoughts on this? I'm just curious now.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful read this morning! I just LOVE music and rags to riches stories. I think that's why I'm *such* a AI addict. Of ALL the contestants from 6 seasons, I have latched onto you. You are SO deserving of the money, the fame and whatever other perks come your way.

I never was a "fanatic" about anyone else, not even as a ditzy teenager. I don't have posters of you plastered across my bedroom walls or anything but I find I get a bit cranky if someone else is on the computer when I want to read your blog! Can't wait to be a follower on the sidelines watching your brilliant future unfold.

Please feel you are welcome here. No one here is marking down when so and so came into the room. If you love Chris, we love you! Chime in whenever you feel like it, sweetie. Catch the wave!

~who is getting excited about leaving for Mission Beach San Diego
for the weekend.
I'll be thinking of you, Cathy Storms! I know you're out there somewhere!

Cathy Storms said...

Jennifer~Jump in..Like SlimPickens said.."If you love Chris, we love you". So chime in & get to know us & we can get to know you cyberworld anyway...
clarissaNaz, your coming to San Diego? Yeah..although it is really stormy here right now. Snow expected at 6000 feet. In Sept? Should be nice for the weekend though. I hope you have a great time. I'll be thinking of you also...

rosalee said...

Jennifer -

Please come and join in. And if you want to, please visit and register at the official fansite, Chris-Sligh.Info. I guess if you've been reading this blog, you know by now that we hang out there, too.

Anonymous said...

Really? It's stormy? I hadn't checked weather yet. We were SO hoping the water would NOT be too cold to get in.

Yeah, we couldn't afford a real summer vacation and I was kinda doing penance for spending SO much money on the AI Glendale concert. I got stuck w/several tickets but have certainly learned a lesson on greed and/or on salesmanship - ha ha

Looking forward to enjoying your lovely city, storm or not!

I meant to say it's a blessing for us to see so many blessings coming your way. Hugs and touchy-feely's all around!


DJ in AL said...


Please join in anytime! I know that is what Chris would say. If you are a Sligh fan then you have to be ok right?

There are no rules. I lurked for a while, but being the big mouth I am, I couldn't lurk for long. Besides the appeal of Chris dropping by for a chat was too much for me to pass up!

Carrie said...


I read this, of course, and wasn't going to even leave a comment because I'm in the middle of my "figuring things out" phase, but then I saw the last paragraph and knew that I had to say something. Being completely honest here, finances have always been a problem within my family for as long as I could remember. I've been lucky enough to afford a few material things I need here and there and I don't know if I'll ever be financially comfortable, but as long as I'm happy I can't be too worried. There's so much I'm thankful for I can't even get into in here because it would take all day.

While I am not super close to the people to who post here, I've gotten to know and become used to a lot of them. I'm one to usually distance myself from these situations, so I hope everyone understands how hard it is for me to actually post on here, but I want to.

As for the last paragraph, thank you. You have no idea how much. No one really deserves to struggle, but it's a learning experience.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Cathy Storms said...

Slimpickens~Yeah sorry but its stormy today & probably tomorrow. I am praying for good weather over the weekend for you. I hope you enjoy our beautiful city.
Chris~yes the blessings are there. We don't always see them but yes they are there..Thanks.
Have I told you lately that you rock!!!!

Carmen said...

Please by all means join the party. If you are a Chris Sligh fan you are already one of us and we want to get to know you better.

What is so nice about the folks here on this blog is that even though we all come from different walks of life, have different opinions, etc. we are united in our desire for Chris to achieve his dream. It is Chris's dream & music that has brought all of us together.

Having had the opportunity to go to some of the concerts with different people who post on this blog has taught me that the more the merrier. So, please never feel like an intruder here. We always have room for one more.


Nique's Nana said...

Chris, love your post! I have always known and said that you and Sarah are truly blessed. I also know that the Lord will continue to bless the two of you as you continue on this wonderful journey.

Isn't it just so amazing what a year has brought you?

I know exactly where you were coming from when you talked about struggling finacially. My husband and I were there once too when we were starting out. We struggled, but love kept us together and the Lord has blessed us with a comfortable life.

This has been a great place to come to and "chat" with all the other Fro Patro, and make friends.

Chris, thanks for sharing your fantastic journey with us. Thanks for making me your friend.

Hugs and kiss -

ChrisSligh said...

I say this to anyone who stops by the blog:

If you can play nice, please post. Everyone here, including me, is trying to build a nice community of people who like music, who like movies, who like tv, who just like stuff! Every discussion may not be for you, but I'm sure you'll find stuff to discuss and enjoy discussing.

A lot has been made of the "core group" away from here...that's crap, I think. There is no "core group", just a bunch of people who like to hang out here. Anyone is welcome to join in at any time.


risalea said...

Here I go again. If you hit the wrong key on the Blackberry, posts turn into toast!

Jennifer, we were all new on here at one time or another--feel free to jump right in. I think you'll find this to be a welcoming group.

I bet most of us can relate to being short on finances at some point in our lives. It is great when you come to the point when one wrong number in the checkbook doesn't mean an automatic disaster. But as Chris stated so well...blessings are all around us, and they certainly aren't all monetary. We had a huge blessing like this in our family yesterday, and it is beyond my ability to express how good it was. God's gifts come just when you need them the most.

Chris, Sarah must be bursting with pride at the success you've achieved so far. And we all know, behind every good man is a great woman! :)

OK, I'm volunteering at my Junior League's booth at Market AR today. I LOVE doing trade shows. Chris, if you ever need a volunteer for one, I'm there! Risa

Kara said...

That was so nice. It just made me BREATHE. I am so happy for you. You sound like the greatest guy and a wonderful husband who has a wonderful wife. You are very lucky. Thanks for sharing your blessings with all of us :)

Carianne said...

Glad you finally started posting! Don't worry at all about being new.. Heck, I've been here for several months now, and a lot of these people still probably don't recognize my name! LOL
I look forward to getting to know you! ^_^

WOW! What a great post! During my Sophmore year of Highschool, one of my classes had an assignment that every morning each of us students had to write down three things we were greatful for. We started in August, and, as you can imagine, there were plenty of filled pages by June! It was such a rewarding experience, and your blog has made me decide that I should pick that habbit back up. I think it is very important to remember how blessed we truly are - evnen during the hard times.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris! It's been a long time since I've written on your site here, but I've been checking up on you from time to time, reading whatever comes my way about you. I am very happy for you (and your wife)! You are truly deserving of all that comes your way! Giving God the glory is the best way to give thanks! So, just wanted to say hey and keep staying WHO you are!
R. Romero
Det., MI



amandarhea86 said...

Chris, that was so well written. There isnt much more i could say that my moms, sisters and friends havent wrote.

Chris i needed this blog this morning. I woke up and i felt numb, i was in pain and thats what i focused on. I didnt take the time to realize the blessing of the day. But i read you blog and it opened my mind once more.

Chris, you have given me many more family members. I got to spend 2 shows with my momma Risa, and there is no one else i would of rather spent it with. Thanks for the family you have given us.

OH about the Chucks, i have room for you sig. on mine. Blake signed one and Chris the other.

Chris if you get a hug from a richness lady tonight that is from me ok. Since i didnt get to see you last week, im sending a hug through someone else.

IknowIam said...

That's what I'm talking about! Like some others here, this is exactly what I needed. For some reason, I've been down in the garbage (or dumps as you Americans would say). Not really being able to let go of a few things and being generally weak. It's nice to get a refreshing and friendly reminder every once and again to count your blessings. You could say I forgot completely how to do so this past week.

Thanks for this, Chris. Encouragement comes in the strangest places.

As for Jennifer, word of advice for you! As you've probably seen already, people here do not like MACs. I don't know why..I love em! Anyway. Just don't talk about how awesome MACs are. Some people (Risa) are cut-throat about it!
Talk at ya later!


risalea said...

It's Thursday, September 20th, and WHERE IN THE WORLD IS CHRIS SLIGH? Bridgeport, Connecticut!

Bridgeport is the most populous city in Connecticut, and the fifth-largest city in New England....estimated population is 137,912 and is the core of the Greater Bridgeport area, which itself is considered part of the labor market area for New York City.

The city is quite marked by its attachment to famed resident, circus-promoter and once-mayor P.T. Barnum. Barnum built three houses in the city, and housed his circus in-town during winters.

Bridgeport's early years were marked by a reliance on fishing and farming, much like other towns in New England The city rapidly industrialized in the late-19th century, and became a manufacturing center producing such goods as the famous Bridgeport milling machine, brass fittings, carriages, sewing machines, brassieres, saddles, and ammunition.

The deindustrialization that took place in the 70's and 80's did havoc to the Bridgeport economy. In the early 21st century, Bridgeport is rebounding after a loss of jobs and population, and is transitioning into a role as a center of service industries and as an outlying region of the New York metropolitan area (for example, the city itself is an oasis of relatively low-cost housing in an otherwise extremely expensive region).

That's it until Saturday, when we visit the last stop on the AI tour...Manchester, NH.

risalea said...
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risalea said...

Oh, my gosh, Amanda, you brought tears to my eyes. Chris, Amanda is one of those blessings you spoke of. Whenever I am feeling sorry for myself for one reason or another, I think of Amanda, and her strength, willpower and faith, and I am ashamed of myself for being such a whiner.

I truly believe that God is using your blog for the purpose of bringing people together who can offer so much to each other...friendship, encouragement, faith. I hope that's not too sappy for anybody.

And folks, we are going to raise a BOATLOAD of money for St. Jude's if we can get our gathering together for next year.


And Norman, you better watch out! LOL

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of "If" by Rudyard Kipling


........... If you can dream - and not make dreams your master;
If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same; ..................If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with kings - nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much;

If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds' worth of distance run -
Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
And - which is more - you'll be a Man my son!

Anonymous said...

I really like this Rudyard Kipling poem, Anonymous! The last paragraph, that might be the hardest challenge of them all, be they Man or Woman. :-)

Sending love and prayers to you, Amanda, and to all the friends here who make her life sweet. That is really nice, and the kindness, a blessing to us all.

risalea said...

Shout out to Carianne--I was able to successfully put the Communion song on as my ringtone using the mobile17 website you recommended. I'm going to try to put some other Sligh songs on...that was just one I had saved to my computer, and is one of my very faves. It took me a few days to figure out where the darn thing had gone to...this phone screen has way too many icons! LOL Thanks again, Risa

GirlyGirl45 said...

Hi, John: "And the comments section also with a nice community of people feels so good and relaxing to go through. People like Chris, Rickey, etc will never know how many times their blogs make the days for their visitors." Yes, you put it well, even if you are 81 ;-)

Jennifer, welcome aboard, just jump in with both feet. It's a good crowd.

Amanda, you are just the sweetest thing--saving room on your Chucks for Chris's sig and sending him hugs through a Richness girl. Hang in there, and get them to give you the GOOD stuff.

Risalea, I was just wondering where in the world the Idols are tonight, and there you have it!!

Remember when the anonymous posters were not so nice? Well, now they're sending beautiful poems. Great food for thought, Anonymous 7:21
(I still think that looks like a bible reference. The book of Anonymous 7:21, haha)

Midge said...

You make it very hard to remain a lurker, Chris! Great post, and like DJ in Atl...I have nothing to add. I just wanted to stop in and say hi to everyone. :)

LLL said...

chris, what a lovely post. i'm so happy for you that you're starting to have your dreams come true. and kudos to sarah for standing by you all this time.

there is something incredibly special about the ten of you on this tour this year. as i type this, i'm sitting in the philadelphia airport on a layover on my way to see you guys in NH. i've watched AI every season, but i could never have comprehended taking one road trip to see the tour, much less two in one summer. it's because of the connections that all of you have made with your fans that we are so dedicated. i hope i will get the chance to see you this weekend and say thank you in person, but in case i don't, i'll say it here - thank you!

p.s. who's the colts fan? because i am, too! \o/

HstryQT said...

Chris tell Jordin congrats on the Relly Award!! :)

(If you hadn't been gypped out of an appearance on Regis and Kelly, you would've won, IMO. They'll have to make up for that later and let you GUEST HOST. :).

Cathy Storms said...

Guest host on Regis & Kelly? I like it.....

julie said...

Like Jennifer, I read here often but don't usually comment, because it does seem as though everyone knows each other. But there's a very warm feeling about the interaction.

Chris, what a great post. My daughter is still over the moon about meeting you, Phil, Chris Rich, Blake and Haley after the show in NJ. She's told everybody how nice all of you were, and that you gave her a hug! I really can't repeat often enough how good it is to see such a nice group of people succeed. The show really missed the boat this year in focusing on guest stars and other filler when we wanted to hear about all of you. Fortunately the Internet was able to fill the gap to some degree- through fan groups and things like your blog and Blake's friends' videos we were able to get to know you anyway.

Anonymous said...

AMEN to that!
AI producers really screwed up this year. Funny, that it's also the year of the BEST top 10 EVER!
And I must say the tour producers did a GREAT job. And the decision to raise ticket prices by over $20 was a case of TPTB getting too big headed.

I just watched Pop-Tarts webisode 14 and got all teary eyed feeling the idols bittersweet emotions. I REALLY, REALLY wish I could be in Manchester this weekend to wish everyone a fond group farewell.
I know they'll miss this time in their lives. They've made great, deep friendships and built many good memories. I pray the best for all of them.


gdahimself said...
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Christine said...

I follow your blog regularly, although I don't often post. I am really enjoying reading about your journey, and watching you grow through this experience.

I had to write today because this post touched my heart. I am struggling badly right now, and your message gave me the boost I needed to see through that to my blessings, which are abundant.

Thank you Chris. Enjoy the next few days.

A Silent but Fervent Fan and Fro Patroller!

Christine said...

p.s. oh yeah, I also love your music, brother - so rock on!


gdahimself said...

Chris guest hosting on Regis & Kelly would probably be a lot of fun but serious case of lightweighting.

I wish Julie's daughter's show night was my night.

ClarissaNaz - it may be that I waited until a month before to buy my ticket, but price on the ticket was a fairy tale compared to what most ticket outlets were selling them for. A twenty dollar increase over the price printed on the ticket would have been more attractive than the actual sale price.
Spilt milk.

julie said...

Clarissa, I agree- the tour producers did so much better than the show producers at showing us the top 10 and their talents!

GDA, we were there on Tuesday 8/28, gda, and waited by the tunnel. Chris Sligh and Phil were first to come out and spent lots of time signing and greeting, as did the others. Sanjaya also came out, but was pulled away quickly by security, probably because it was almost time for the buses to leave. I stayed back behind the kids with other moms because it was really too loud and hectic to start a conversation with Chris or any of the others, but they were all most accommodating, even though they must have been very tired.

It was a special birthday for my daughter so I bought our tickets- floor seats but not right up front- at full price as soon as the presale began, just to be sure. I know people who've scored front-row seats for $40 a pair online- to quote Gina's song, who knew?

risalea said...

Good afternoon, all! GDA, I was surprised at how the ticket things go. For instance, I bought my NLR tickets early with the Poptarts code. I had floor seats but was probably 11 or 12 rows back. Amanda came in to NLR on the day of the show and got tickets next to the aisle, several rows ahead of me.

I didn't get my Memphis tickets until 2 days before I left. I was 6 rows back on the floor.

Apparently, procrastination pays, at least when it comes to some tickets through Ticketmaster.

Just be glad you're not trying to get Hannah Montana tickets. Several of my friends have been trying to get them for their kids. It's utter chaos and prices that are out of sight! Carol (who went with me to Memphis), is taking her niece who is flying down from Montana (how ironic is that...LOL) and she had to join the Hannah Montana fanclub for $30 to even get a code to try and get tickets early. Risa

gdahimself said...


I am pleased that your daughter had such euphoric birthday experience.
Wednesday 8/29 was not as energized of evening, apparently the anomaly of everyone else's experience.\
It wasn’t my evening on any level.

I guess $40 for a pair of front row seats must of been sold by someone dumping them as some ticket sellers were charging as much as $495 each for front row.
My case, printed ticket price $72.50*, offered for and charged $110.00 plus $16.50 handling fee, end cost $141.00 then $15.00 FedEx
For me buying only one ticket was complicated by the fact that ticket sellers wouldn’t sell a single ticket if available group of seats was four or less, in those cases they would only sell pairs, making this a singularly odious endeavor.
My seat was a little more than a third of the way from the stage.


* this was discovered only after receipt of ticket.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Ticket sales--Spouse bought our's for Louisville online, thru Ticketmaster, $49 each. (He did check out stubhub but the prices were outrageous.)I had heard that Louisville was sold out a week before the show, but the stats later reported did not concur with that.

We of course we thrilled to be going PERIOD, but our seats weren't bad-- we were on the side, not far from the catwalks.

Hannah Montana sold out before the tickets went on sale. People that waited overnite/came early at the outlet windows weren't able to buy ANY. They say scalpers got them all, and want something crazy like $1,000 each. We bought the album, but didn't even think about the fanclub helping secure tickets or whatever! I don't go in for fanclubbing, as a rule. Guess we aren't going to that one.

As a sidenote, we bought the Poptarts shirts, and the girls looove them. Offer ends Sept 30th, you all. For $4.99 it's a nice thing.:-)

John said...

GirlyGirl45, haha thank you :)

rosalee said...

I ordered my first pair of tickets at the start of the presale in May and got 14th row floor seats for Aug 24th. I got my second pair of tickets also through Ticketron just two hours before the second show (Aug 25th) and ended up in the same row. Go figure.

And I just received my Pop-Tarts shirt. I also opted to buy just one box of Pop-Tarts and send $4.99, but that one box of Pop-tarts probably cost me a couple of pounds!

Cathy Storms said...

I got my t-shirt also. I also bought the one box of pop-tarts, but I brought them to work & let everyone else add on the pounds...

Jamie said...

Nice blog, very inspirational!

Carianne said...

I'm glad the site worked for you! ^_^

and you are absolutely right about waiting to get good tickets. It's a risk (the venue might sell out), but if you wait you can usually get better seats the last minute.
I've only ever had front row tickets one time in my life... I bought the tickets the day of the show.

risalea said...

I had a message from Amanda...she wanted to let everyone know she'll be off the blog through the weekend, but should be back on Sun. or Mon. She goes back to St. Jude's mid-week and may find out if she will go in for the transplant on the 30th. As always, please keep her in your prayers. Risa

risalea said...

Rosalee, after reading your Poptart/adding pounds comment, I must share with you the latest scientific study done by Kellogg's. All calories in a Poptart are negated if you drink SKIM milk with it. It's the same principle as drinking a Diet Coke with a cheeseburger and fries, just totally brings those calories down to zero. Seriously. : ) Risa

Keri said...

Sorry I haven't posted in a while - work has kept me hopping! I am so very happy for you Chris. I was inspired by a previous poster and I have to add my favorite poem of all time and which I think is very appropriate for how Chris is feeling.


Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth

Then took the other as just as fair
And having perhaps the better claim
Because it was grassy and wanted wear
Though as for that, the passing there
Had worn them really about the same

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet, knowing how way leads onto way
I doubted if I should ever come back

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence
Two roads diverged in a wood
And I took the one less traveled by
And that has made all the difference

Robert Frost

risalea said...

Rudyard Kipling and Robert Frost on the blog. Gotta' love it!

OK, I had to think about this for a day and ponder how to word it. Chris made this comment earlier: "A lot has been made of the "core group" away from here...that's crap, I think. There is no "core group", just a bunch of people who like to hang out here. Anyone is welcome to join in at any time."

While I'm sure you meant that in the nicest way, meaning that the group here is not "exclusive" and everyone who can comment with decency is invited to join in (and I would agree with that 1000%), remember the term core group was just meant to identify those who showed their support for you. Apparently, others have made fun of the term. That's too bad. When I think of the core group, I think of people who have taken time out of their day to stop by, offer words of support, share with each other, learn something new. I don't even think we've really used that term much at all in the last weeks. Still, I don't see it as a negative term, nor as an exclusive one. Core group, bloggers, blogger girls, Fro Patro, just different monikers for folks who like Chris Sligh. A big family getting bigger by the day.

OK, anxiously awaiting Carmen and LLL's reports of the concerts coming up in NH! Chris, wishing you the best two concerts ever as you finish this incredible journey before embarking on the next one!


rosalee said...


I guess it just gets harder after you reach that "certain age" to keep off the pounds. I never had a problem until about a year ago. Then I just exploded (sort of). Oh, well.

Turning back to a 2 month old topic, the art gallery finally sent me the photo from my encounter with the Great One. Here's the picture with me, my husband Harry and Peter Max.

If I had given him the HPF CD beforehand, I would have had him hold up the HPF CD in the picture. Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way.

Anonymous said...

Times and things are changing
The winds of autumn blows in
Things new, things different
to go with temperature and season.
I shrug into my old flannel jacket,
reaching in the pockets for safely put away gloves,
and think wistfully of summertime.

Cathy Storms said...


ChrisSligh said...

Yeah, what I meant by the core group comment is simply to say that when we talked about core group and I mentioned core group, it was in no way an exclusive was simply people who could come and play nice. At that point, there were a lot of people who weren't "playing nice". We have Fanjayas, Rich fans, Blaker girls and more who post over here. Good for them. I don't think that you have to choose 1 contestant and reject everyone else...I don't do that with Muse vs. MuteMath...I like both bands. In "real life" we like multiple artists why wouldn't we like multiple contestants. Sure, MuteMath is my favorite band, but I would love to hang out with Muse fans, too.

My point is that the core group is not an exclusive's simply a way of quantifying what we have here on this blog.

Thanks for bringing it up Risa.

Peace and love,

Ellery said...

Hey Chris... I've been following your AI experience since January and I find that you are truly a remarkable musician, down to earth person and a wonderful husband with a wonderful wife. I wished that I would've seen you perform when the tour came to Houston, but I know that we'll be hearing alot more from you. Congratuations on your experience and I know it will take you beyond your wildest dreams (as if you aren't already there! :) ) I look forward to your first album.

risalea said...

You're welcome, Chris, and thanks for expanding on your thoughts.
Rosalee, what a great picture!

And now, for the last time on the American Idol 2007 Summer Tour (drumroll please.....), WHERE IN THE WORLD IS CHRIS SLIGH? Manchester, New Hampshire!

Manchester is the largest city in New Hampshire and the largest city of northern New England, an area composed of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. The estimated population is close to 110,000.

The area where Manchester lies has been called a variety of names through the years. Pennacook Indians called the area Amoskeag, meaning "good fishing place" -- a reference to the Amoskeag Falls in the Merrimack River. In 1722, John Goffe settled on land beside Cohas Brook, where several years later he built a dam and sawmill. The community was called Old Harry's Town. In 1735, the Province of Massachusetts Bay granted it as Tyngstown to settlers from Massachusetts. A decade following the separation of New Hampshire from Massachusetts, Governor Benning Wentworth in 1751 chartered the town as Derryfield.

In 1807, Samuel Blodgett opened a canal and lock system to allow vessels passage around the falls. He envisioned here a great industrial center, "the Manchester of America," like the Industrial Revolution's Manchester in England, the first industrialized city in the world. And sure enough, the town was renamed Manchester in 1810 after the opening of the area's first cotton spinning mill.

A rapid growth of mills producing many kinds of products brought many immigrants to the area, especially French Canadians. Many current residents are descended from these workers.

The city has been left with some of the finest Victorian commercial, municipal and residential architecture in the state, due to the mill town's 19th century affluence.

Manchester is nicknamed the Queen City. More recent nicknames for the city are ManchVegas and ManchHattan.

Manchester is a sports town, home to five professional teams in the fields of basketball, hockey, arena football, baseball and soccer.

Its metropolitan area is the fastest growing in New England. On top of this, Manchester is one of New England's best places for finding a job. Its economy has changed greatly, as Manchester was a textile mill town just about 20 years ago.

Manchester has a thriving downtown area, with more restaurants and stores being established all the time. The venue for this weekend's concerts, the Verizon Wireless Arena, has become the centerpiece of downtown Manchester.

And, in an interesting tidbit of info, according to Wikipedia, Nashville, TN is a sister city to Manchester. about that?

That's it folks!

rosalee said...

That was great, Risa! And thanks for doing it all summer! Now here's my tribute to you for all your hard work:

And of course, a reprise:

risalea said...

Rosalee, loved those! Where were the Animaniacs in 5th grade when I needed them? Rockapella, how fun...Blake's inspiration, perhaps? :) And Simon and Garfunkel brought tears to my eyes. Chris, I know it's been difficult to take in many of the sites as you've traveled with the AI schedule, but I hope you get many opportunities to really see the country in the future. We are lucky to live here, indeed.

Thanks, friend! OK, the boys are in the woods (you'll hear that a lot from me from now through Nov.!), so I better make good use of my quiet weekend! Risa

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

I'm a lurker, but I've been here since the beginning of your post-AI blogging. I don't say much, though, since I'm naturally shy. But do know that I'm supporting you and some of the other contestants - and there are probably a lot of others like me who intensely keep up-to-date on everything but feel like they don't want to waste your time with comments.

In that regard, thanks for making this such an inclusive blog. You even made me get out of lurkdom to post! ;)

God bless you on the last two shows and in the whirlwind that's about to begin. Are you still planning on posting the tour blogs here once the tour officially ends? I'm looking forward to hearing the city-by-city experience and how things have changed and you have grown over the summer - even if we're not reading it in real-time.

Take care!

HstryQT said...

Thank you Risa, and to Chris for clarifying your Core Group comment. The whole "core group is crap" thing kinda didn't sit well with me - - didn't know if it was a case of my hormone-induced over-emotinoal-ness, so I thought better than to post about it. :)

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!! Good luck with the final shows Chris!


Anonymous said...

Hello Chris,

I would think there is a "core" in any mammal group. However...

Friend : one that one chooses. Fan: one that chooses one. Content to be fan.

ChrisSligh said...

Lol...good one Shalom (I know that's probably not your name, since it's a greeting, but since you sign in that way, it's easy to identify)


risalea said...

Chris, if you by chance are reading the blog this afternoon, I'm posting this for Carmen. She's in NH, and wondering about M & G for after tonight's show. The word on the street is that everyone is heading out after Sunday's show and there won't be one then. Don't forget her! : )

gdahimself said...
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gdahimself said...

Chris Sligh needing to shave, that recalls viewing one of the post show fan photographs of him, clear skin and baby faced, followed by a minute speculation how heavy a beard or great the need his to shave was*.
This curiously recalled the story of why Oliver Hardy was called Babe by close friends.
Basic story, while in a stage show, he and fellow actors frequented an immigrant Italian barber. After he shaved then applied talcum powder would end with playfully patting his cheeks and saying nice a baby.
I’m often amazed and sometime perplexed by what is retrieved by certain observations.

To Chris Sligh & All,
From GDA

There is a sunset glow that is being cast on the whole American Idol experience, while anticipating the expiration of the excitement and exhaustion of several months the road. You all are ready for the next era where there is liberty to pursue the future with much more self determined goals.

It is hoped that your success has ushered in a more golden period to your marriage to Sarah and that you are able to maintain the nine or more new friendships that don’t have the continued benefit of daily meeting.
Whether blessed or serendipity, don’t lose sight of what’s been gained or take it for granted.

We await to see what the grows from your career. While currently expecting an album to be the next accomplishment, there are some wild flowers seeded in your career that may bring a surprising blossom, i.e. the possibly of playing Shrek..

Whether by intent or evolution “this” has for some has gone from being kind of an extension of pen pal activity to something of a social center where several of “the Blogger Girls’ have come together to pursue common goals, so far, attending the AI shows and Risalea’s case meeting with Amanda.

“The blessings are there for you plain to see” - Then some of us need a more trained eye for they appear as obvious as finding Waldo in a field of activity.


* Regarding shaving, I’m in agreement with the Paul McCartney quote: Shaving is the curse of mankind.

Carrie said...

Chris, you are amazing.

Just thought I'd stop by and throw that out there before disappearing again.

risalea said...

GDA, I told myself I was through posting today...I have hit "publish your comment" too many times, but I had to tell you that I think meeting you on here has been a blessing to many of us. You always have something interesting to say, and I always learn something new. Meeting new friends is always a blessing to me and this forum has provided that. Look forward to hearing more from you as Chris's career moves onward and upward. Risa
p.s. if you think shaving is a curse, you should try having to keep your legs done! : )

rosalee said...

Did I hear someone say Shave?

This is how Chris must feel by now:

This take is for GDA -

rosalee said...

One more for the road:

The title of this Sept.20th blog reminded me of this song. It's used in a different way, but it's a nice song. Lori, you'll probably like it.

gdahimself said...

Did I hear someone say Shave?

Did I hear someone say Sparks? (listen to the words of the song)

This take is for Rosalee -

Bless You - John Lennon

Bless you wherever you are
Windswept child on a shooting star
Restless Spirits depart
Still we're deep in each other's hearts

Some people say it's over
Now that we spread our wings
But we know better darling
The hollow ring is only last year's echo

Bless you whoever you are
Holding her now
Be warm and kind hearted
And remember though love is strange
Now and forever our love will remain

Anonymous said...

Chris, this is an amazing blog and perfectly worded. I can't really say much more than that because I haven't been through the same expierences you've been through. I'm glad that you and Sarah are now at a stable financial situation, you've both earned it.

I feel like crap that I haven't been posting much recently >.< I've had homework and tests for class and I've gone to lots of baseball games (The regular season is ending next week.) It sucks that no one in here seems to be big baseball fans because I love it!

I'm definitely not going to go this long without posting again. I admit that at times I don't feel like I have much to say which is why I don't post... one reason is because I'm at a different stage in life then most people who post here (Besides Carrie :P) and there are times where I simply don't know what to say but I still love it here.

Anonymous said...

Chris, I see you mentioned the NFL. I'm a Dolphin fan, I know they've sucked for a while now.. but they're my team. The bad news is that the Dolphins are 0-2, the good news is that the Jets are also so SOMEONE has to win tomorrow. :)

Carrie said...

WELL. Since I'm from Buffalo, I have to support the Buffalo Bills. Even though they've been pretty bad since um, as long as I can remember. Plus the whole recent helmet collision with Everett really freaked me out. He was paralyzed and now the news is he's hopefully going to be walking again... So I REALLY hope so. It makes me so sad.

Also, I kinda prefer hockey. Buffalo Sabres are my love.

HstryQT said...

Tawny - You, Carrie, and myself are all the same age. Don't forget me :).

Football Teams? - Being new to Indy, it's easy enough to begin supporting the winning Colts. (Woo hoo! :) After being in DC for so long and dealing with the Redskins, it's a welcome change!

Rosalee- I did like the video :). One of my favorite Elton songs is "Your Song," but to show my age- the way I first heard it was through Moulin Rouge. (Sorry!! :). I used to sing it to my toddlers at nap time, and I fully intend on singing it to my baby once he/she's here :). So here's one back at ya...

HstryQT said...

Amanda sends double the hugs, love, and well wishes! She asked me to also post for her because she'll be without the internet for a couple of days - and when she does have it it blocks the blog.

She sends her love!

And by the way, our Amanda is even more of Idol royalty now, because Gina used one of Amanda's Memphis pics as her default pic on Myspace. I thought that was pretty darn cool when I noticed that. :)

Badpacifist said...

Well since people have mentioned the NFL I thought at least the people here in the Missouri area might get a chuckle out of our very own leave Brittney Spears alone inspired parody . In honor of the K. C. Chiefs and head coach Herm Edwards.

risalea said...

Tawny, you've got as much to say as anybody else. That has nothing to do with age. So don't be a stranger!

We're not much into pro teams at my house, more into college football. Go Razorbacks! (even though they now have lost two SEC conference games in a row). Gaylon follows a lot of the college teams, I do good to keep up with the AR ones. And Chris, my alma mater, Arkansas State Univ. got trolloped by the Tennessee Volunteers last night. They couldn't keep up with the Vols passing game. ASU's team is the Indians, but this is the last year for that. We're one of the teams that has to change their team name because of the NCAA. Don't get me started on the political correctness thing. : )

OK, got to go get ready for church. Later, folks! Risa

Marleybone said...

Risalea - what you said was really meaningful, but I didn't have my glasses on and thought you said, "A big family getting blogger by the day." Which is pretty funny.

Lori - please let Amanda know she is in my prayers.

P.S. - I really don't think about age. I love to hear what everyone has to say.

rosalee said...

Well, what can we say but this:

Karen Burns said...

Chris, I guess I am a lurker too. (lol) I agree with many that this post was awsome.
When the world got the first glimpse of Chris Sligh and was blessed to hear the voice God gave to you, to reach out and touch so many in so many ways. You have inspired and soothed troublesome lives. Brought joy and rest to many.
My mom (64) who was dying of cancer was a big fan. She said you had a voice of an angel. On may 20th I put your cd in for her to listen, a peace seem to come over her. As I prayed over her and your angelic voice sang, she went home to Jesus. I cannot describe the experience I had that day, the peace and most rewarding spirtual event that transpired. My faith even stronger now.
I too am blessed that God broght you into our lives for all reasons.
Today I thatnk God, for giving you Sarah and your friends. For giving you the support and understanding to be able to give to us. I am so glad to hear the future path you have chosen.
I was unable to make any of the AI concerts. But I am saving the penny's for the "party"
Take care, God bless.
If your ever in southern FL, you have a place here :)

More Albums please.....

risalea said...

Be sure and read Amanda's Caring Bridge page (linked off her blog). She talks about her dad coming home from Iraq in just a few more days. It touched my heart as a parent, and made me think of my own daddy, who had to leave us far too young, almost 23 years ago. So glad Amanda's dad is going to be here to support her in the coming weeks and months.

Karen, so sorry about the loss of your mother, but how wonderful that she had peace at the end. Moments like this, when a singer/songwriter is able to touch someone's life in a meaningful way are the true mark of success to me. Not success as the world measures it, but in bringing hope, faith, and peace to others.

Cathy Storms said...

Karen~your story truly touched my heart.
Risa~I read Amanda's journal & am so excited that her dad is coming home. Yeah, it made me think of my dad also who left us way to early 34 years ago...

Cathy Storms said...

On a happier note...happy last concert of the tour Chris. I know it must be bittersweet.
Wish I could be there...

risalea said...

OK, I think the blog is eating my responses now. HMMM, may be trying to tell me something... : )

Marleybone, you gave me my laugh of the day. Remember, don't leave home without your reading glasses. (I've got multiple pairs cause I'm bad about losing them!)

Rosalee, loved the video! And perfect!

ahhh, reminiscing about Elton one and only EJ album was "Madman Across the Water", circa 1971 (which, if I'm not mistaken was a Christmas gift that year when I was in 9th grade)...I can still sing the lyrics to "Tiny Dancer" and "Levon".

granmax2 said...

Chris, Times have been tough in life for me lately and I guess for the first time in my life I was not the happy-go-lucky person who thought she could conquer the world. But, following your journey has been such a blessing for me. I am really at a loss to understand how, at my age (over 50), a stranger seemed so important in my life. Your talent and your faith just truly touched me. I was honestly wondering if you would actually be the warm, caring,"nice" person you appeared to be through your blog and got my answer to that at the American Idol tour concert at Hampton Virginia on 9/18/07. I was the "crazy" lady screaming your name at the buses before the show. I just could not believe God had blessed me and given me the opportunity to actually meet you and have you sign my HPF cd. You were so very nice even though you must have thought I was a nut case screaming at you like that to get your attention. Anyway, your sincerety in caring for your fans definitely showed and that means so much to us. I don't think you truly have any idea exactly how much you are deserving of the love your fans have for you. But, believe me, you were used by God to bless this person's life as I know you are used to bless so many others. That, too, must be a wonderful feeling.

And, on a lighter note, the show at Hampton Virginia, even though it is the home of Chris R, was a wonderful show. I took my 12 year old grandaughter and even I felt like a teenager (and acted like one). You were great, it was so wonderful to hear you in person and especially to hear you play the guitar, exceptional!! God bless you and Sarah, Chris, cause he has sure blessed us through you.

Billie (bspaz2)

Cathy Storms said...

I am amazed at how many lives you have touched..Now thats a blessing.