Monday, October 30, 2006

Short Movie Review: Thank You For Smoking

Nick Naylor is the Devil's Advocate. Literally. Naylor is the spokesperson for Big Tobacco's "scientific" arm. He speaks on talk shows and tv programs and to anyone who will listen to merely say that there is no scientific proof that is conclusive to proving that Tobacco is addictive, nor is there any proof that nicotine kills.

And he is the world's best debater.

This movie is truly pure genius. Aaron Eckhart leads a fine ensemble cast of characters as we see the world of lobbyists and the "other side" of D.C. from the inside out.

The film is sarcastic, but has a heart, which I think is the best thing one can say about a satire.


jsligh said...

I really would like to see it. Sounds pretty good.

AshG said...

This movie flew too far under the radar, it deserved a better chance than random arthouses. GREAT movie.