Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Recording Blog 1 (October 16)

Well, Adam and I have been trying to get together for weeks now to start working hard on getting the album tracked. As I said before, we're trying to have the album out for a January release, but with 14 songs that are all pretty complex from an arrangement and tracking standpoint, it will not be an easy task, especially with my foray in November coming up. So, we decided to start dedicating as much time as our busy schedules will allow to getting the record done.

We have a recording studio in my house that has pretty good equipment in it. I was telling someone yesterday that the equipment we have isn't top of the line, but it's good enough that with someone who knows what they're doing, we can get the sounds we want and need. Since Adam has a lot of experience with recording Nova77's album in Logic, and I have the experience of watching and learning from the great Stephen Leiweke up in Nashvegas for the HPF album, we decided to go ahead and try to work things out ourselves. We worked on "Know" originally to turn it in for the radio contest and that gave us the confidence to make a great album. But that was several weeks ago, so we really needed to get started.

We tracked drums several weeks ago for the whole album, but just hadn't had time for the last several weeks to work hard, so last week, Cole came and recorded the bass part for "Hero". So, "Hero" was the natural starting point for us to work on our guitar parts.

The studio had been based upstairs for the demos, but we figured out that we really needed to have sound separation in order to hear tone of guitars, etc., to we moved the control room downstairs and kept the tracking room upstairs. We bought a snake (though it hasn't gotten here yet) and moved the computer, monitors, etc. downstairs to the front bedroom of my house.

We tracked the guitars for "Hero" and then moved on to "Closer". Man, stuff is sounding great, and I can't wait for people to star hearing these songs in their new form. "Hero" has changed a lot from its initial demo, so it'll be cool to see how people react to the new arrangements.

Well, I'm excited and some more work will be done tonight....and even more done tomorrow.

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