Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Life is Crazy!

The last couple of months have been insanely busy. My record has been through flux and change and things came together, fell apart, got pieced back together again; arrangements have been combed over again and again to be as great as we think they can be; vocals have been recorded, re-recorded, then re-recorded again.

And now, finally, we are at the mix stage. The songs are being finished - albeit slowly, but they are being finished.

Literally the day I finished putting the final touches on my album, a guy named Brian Bortnick flew into town to start writing for his record, which I am producing for a new upstart label based in Portland, OR called BeePhonic Music. Brian is from Philly (born and raised in North Philly, so he's a stud). Brian's a veteran of the East Coast Music scene - played a lot of shows over his career as a mainstream rock artist. But more importantly, Brian is a really great guy with a really great story.

Brian is Jewish and grew up attending synagogue for the major holidays. When he was 8 his dad was a vending machine repairman and was on a job in North Philly and was attacked by 3 armed gunmen. Brian's dad attempted to save the girl working the register at the store and was killed. Come to find out, the girl he saved was actually in on the heist.

So, from a young age, Brian grew up struggling with hating the people who took his father from him.

As an adult he married a Christian girl and slowly, from her reading the Bible and different Christian books, he became interested in Christianity and slowly realized his need for Christ. After he became a believer, he slowly began to realize the need to forgive the men that took his father from him.

As we talked about his story, one thing he said really struck me hard. He told me, "You know, I grew up without my dad. But think about the families of the guys who killed my dad. They didn't have it easy. They didn't have their dads or brothers or sons for all that time."

I was blown away. I mean, only by the God's grace can anyone feel empathy for the people who killed your father!

So, I'm excited about Brian's album. It's vibey and cool and exciting to be a part of. His story is so vital (there are a couple of songs that deal with what has happened in his life) but the story for an artist is nothing if the music sucks. This music doesn't suck!!! We are going for an 80's pop/rock singer/songwriter vibe - you know: Bryan Adams, The Boss, Petty, Don Henley, John Cougar, etc. - but with a twist. While sounding vintage in a lot of ways, it will still sound really, really current. And the songs just feel good. You know when you hear a great 80's pop/rock song and even if you don't know it, it JUST FEELS GOOD. That's how this record feels to me. We are just listening to rough demos and I'm grinning from ear to ear because it just feels good.

This week, however, Andrew Witt is back in town to finish writing his record. Then over the weekend, he and I both have to fly out to do 2 shows, then we both get back Sunday. Sunday, we make final decisions on what songs will be on his record. Monday, we start recording over at the kindly Steve Bishir's studio with Mr. Jon Skaggs on drums! I'm really excited about this record, too! I have a feeling this record is going to be something special.

And I'd like to take a moment and say that Andrew is going through some tough financial times as a young guy trying to make a go of it. Some of you guys have graciously given sacrificially for Andrew. I am so thankful. If you are interested in helping Andrew, please let me know - he could use the help as he takes this next step of faith to move forward in his career!

I work on Andrew's record till the 24th, then I head out for 3 1/2 weeks of promo tour with the Word team! That is going to be fun! I get to see old radio friends, hopefully make new radio friends and just get to share my music in one way or another! I'm excited about that.

When I get back in June, Andrew will come back in to record vocals for his album! Then it's off to mix and master on that project.

The day we finish Andrew's record Brian will come in to start working on his record. That should last until early August.

Then in August, it's tentative, but there's a major label artist I'm working hard on pitching Steve Bishir and I to co-produce! Hopefully it works out!!!

Then September is a tour that is being finalized now (more on that soon!!!)will head out until the first week October and will pick up again for all of NOvember!

So, life is good.

But life is crazy.


rosalee said...

Best of luck to Brian Bortnick and Andrew Witt in their recording endeavors (and to Chris,in producing). Examples of Brian's work can be found at:


Andrew's work can be found at:


Today is Harry's birthday. We're celebrating by going to see Hair on Broadway in NYC over the weekend. American Idols Ace Young and Diana DeGarmo are in the cast.

DJ in AL said...

Good grief, no wonder you haven't been around lately, it's a wonder we've heard from you at all! Life does sound crazy but I sense that you prefer it that way. Glad you are so busy doing what you love, I am so jealous!

Brian Bortnick has a great, great story and the record sounds like a great combo if it's a mix or twist on the sounds of Bryan Adams, The Boss, Petty, Don Henley, and John Cougar. I listened to all of those in HS, er a long time ago! Loved me some Johnny Cougar and went to school with his sister, though we knew him as Mellencamp. Small world huh? Sounds like a really fun project.

Praying Andrews receives the rest of what he needs to get his career and record off the ground. You are wonderful to help him and we are happy to support such a great young man!

Thanks so much for stopping by to update us, it means so much! Hope Nashville is drying out and starting the recovery process.

Sending my boyfriend, dear Harry, Happy Birthday wishes! Have fun at Hair!

Kim V. said...

Pfew! You're making me tired just reading all of that. When's the baby due? I hope you get to take a bit of time off for that.

Good luck on your record and to Brian and Andrew as well. I am off to check out their music.

Cathy Storms said...

Wow..You are one busy guy.
Brian's story is really a tug on the heart strings story. I'm looking forward to hearing it.
I'm really praying for Andrew's success. He has such an amazing talent and deserves so much. He is really lucky to have you in his corner.

Happy Birthday to Harry...And he's my boyfriend also DJ...

risalea said...

LOL, Kim, I was reading all that, and then thought, um, yeah, and there's a baby in Oct. amid the mix!

Wow, thanks for sharing Brian's story. (and thanks for the links, Rosalee!) I think when there's a backstory like that, the music is made even richer. Someone who has experienced Christ's love and then can turn around and pass that love on with the act of forgiveness, it's just awesome. (p.s. All that 80's talk makes me want to go bouf my hair and put my shoulderpads back in...LOL...love the sounds of that decade)

Folks, I hope you will consider giving to Andrew's cause. His music is phenomenal, and Chris is being modest about his own contribution to Andrew's upcoming work. I think it's very exciting to have the opportunity to be part of a music project in that way. Another perk of being part of the family here!

So, the summer will be busy...doesn't look like a picnic this July, as several of us have family obligations, and Chris's schedule is nuts, but Carmen and I are thinking about coming to Nashville for the big benefit show on June 22 for the flood victims. Anybody want to go with us? Tickets go on sale Friday.

Anxiously awaiting your finished work, Chris! Guys, if you get a chance to catch the tour this fall, even if you have to travel a few hours to do it, you must go. The songs live will blow you away.

OK, once again, up too late for a 6 am alarm. Night, friends!

risalea said...

Oh, how could I forget Harry? Happy Birthday, Harry, and y'all have fun at "Hair!"

ChrisSligh said...

Happy birthday, Harry.

I'm excited about you guys hearing Brians' music. It is going to be cool.


rosalee said...

Harry thanks everyone for the birthday wishes.

The CMT Music Awards are being held on June 9th at 8:00 PM ET on Country Music Television. "Here Comes Goodbye" with Rascal Flatts is nominated for Group Video of the Year". Here's the article:


The CMT Music Awards is the only fan-voted awards show in country music.

Anonymous said...

Thanks rosalee for the tip on the CMTs! Here Comes Goodbye is still a great song. Not tired of it yet, and that is saying something, what with radio's repetitive efforts.:-)
Chris's version is still my fav tho.

Thanks for the Update, Chris! and watch out for snakes, down there by all the wet. I found some skins verrry close to the house, this week. EEeep!

DJ in AL said...

Happy Friday to the Fro Patro!

Hope everyone has had a great week! Mine has rather sucked but the weekend is in sight and I think I can make it, LOL!

Going to see Lady Antebellum and Tim McGraw tonight so pretty pumped about that. Dragging my poor hubby...hope he can stay awake. It's been about a million years since we have been to a concert together.

Chris, anxiously awaiting all the fruit from your recent labors, and Andrews and Brian's as well! You are a busy, busy boy these days.
Speaking of labor (how bout that for a segue?)Hope Sarah is still feeling good, would love an update on the Lil Momma!

Lori, I hear you are going to meet the cast of Glee-how cool is that? We will be expecting a blow-by-blow and pics!

Risa it sounds like you did the South proud with your dinner presentation to the future inlaws, hope they enjoyed.

Ok, that's all I got kids!

Have a wonderful day and weekend!

EmilyBoo said...

Look, a new blog post, how come nobody told me!

I'm listening to Brian Bortnick's myspace... are any of the songs there ones that will be on his new album?

I'm so looking forward to Andrew's next record. I'll see what I can do about donating to the cause, I got the letter he put out on facebook.

Can't wait to hear more about the fall tour! Your website is telling me you're in Michigan's upper peninsula today... I'll be waving as you pass the Detroit area. Unfortunately, the western part of the UP is way too far for me to go during the school year.

Which reminds me, Chris, did you see the tweets Lori and I sent you about doing a show in Fort Wayne in the summer? It's a halfway point for us and we want to meet!

Risa, I didn't know about the June 22 show... I already have a 1 1/2 week camping trip planned for June. It would be hard for hubby to take off more than that in the same month because he'll be super swamped when he gets back. We were looking for a long weekend trip opportunity for July. (psst Fort Wayne... or, I'm open to other possibilities, given enough notice!)

Have a great time tonight DJ!

Cathy Storms said...

It's Friday...WhooHoo!! Finally.
DJ, your going to have so much fun at the concert tonight. Maybe not as much fun as it is with the blogger girls but we'll be there in spirit.

My beautiful daughter,Audra,turns 30 tomorrow. Yikes..I don't feel any older. It still seems like yesterday when god blessed us with a daughter.

And yes Chris, we need an update on Sarah. I bet she is glowing.

Cathy Storms said...

Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter Audra..

DJ in AL said...

Happy Birthday Audra!!!!!

The Tim McGraw and Lady A concert last night was da bomb! LA are my new favs and Tim is quite the entertainer and still rather hot! Good time was had by all.

Got my yardsale fix, fabulous new coffee table a mere $35 and looks like it cost $200, a good day at the sales!

Think I'll burn some steaks tonight with frinds and call this Saturday freaking awesome!

Hope the Fro Patro is enjoying an awesome weekend so far.

Chris saw the tweet about the damaged equipment I'm so freaking sorry. dr

rosalee said...

Happy Birthday, Audra!

risalea said...

Well, I was a few minutes late getting on ticketmaster for the June 22 show, and all were gone, save auction tickets and $1000 VIP packages. So, will have to see if some come open down the line.

In the meantime, watch GAC, starting at 7 pm central Sunday night (the 16th), there's a huge benefit show at the Ryman, starring among others, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley, Lady Antebellum, Kellie Pickler, Dierks Bentley, Martina McBride and more! It will also be lived streamed at www.gactv.com.

Nashville is such a great city...If I had to pick some place besides AR to live, that would definitely be at the top of my list. And it's well-known all over. Magnus's parents are here from Sweden, and they didn't change their plans to visit there this next week, despite the recent flooding.

God bless the Nashville residents and those all around in TN as they continue the cleanup process.

Cathy Storms said...

Risa, sorry you didn't get tickets. But I know you and if there is a way you will certainly get tickets.

I agree with you that Nashville is such a beautiful city. I also would live there if I didn't have so many ties to San Diego. I fell in love with it the minute I stepped off the plane my first visit there.

risalea said...

Our minister had an article in our bulletin I shared on my blog about the the spirit of the folks of middle Tennessee and I thought it had good things to say: http://themarykaylady.blogspot.com/2010/05/in-honor-of-good-folks-of-middle.html

rosalee said...

So, Harry and I went to see "Hair" on Broadway yesterday. Although we live close by, this was the first time we has been to a Broadway show in many years. Of course, I took "Chris" with me. The cast put on a good show. At the end of the show, the audience is invited up on stage to mingle with the cast and dance to "Hair" and "Let The Sunshine In". So of course, we went up on stage. We danced on Broadway! I flashed my bag at Ace Young and asked, "Remember me?" He said "Sure!" I had introduced myself to him 2 years ago at a Chicken Soup book signing. I also said hello to Diana DeGarmo and got to speak to both her and Ace after the show. Here are some pictures of me, Ace and Diana after the show:






Here is a link to the video of the audience on stage at the end of the show. Play the performance of Sunday, May 16 at 3:00 PM. In the upper right hand corner of the screen is a counter. We appear twice - starting at approximately the 1:06 mark and starting at the 2:22 mark. We are on the left hand side of the stage in the middle of the crowd. I am to the right of Harry. "Chris" appears at the 1:09 mark.


Here is a freeze frame of us with "Chris":


So "Chris" got to the Broadway stage after all. LOL

Cathy Storms said...

Happy Birthday to Risa's oldest son...I remember because Audra is 2 days older..

EmilyBoo said...

Haha... Chris talking about Andrew Witt's new project.


Carmen said...

Thanks Emily for that link. Very funny!
Hope Chris gets around to doing that show in Fort Wayne. If he does it this summer I might even be able to go since I will be spending a good deal of the summer driving between Florida and IL. Would be good to see Lori again and get a chance to meet you.

EmilyBoo said...

Awesome! I would love to meet you too, Carmen!

Hear that, Chris? Another reason to do a show in Fort Wayne!

Anonymous said...

Hey Everybody! Hi Chris!
It is finally here: Graduation Day for my Eldest is looming large this weekend. If you could, please send a kind thought and a prayer for her, as she heads into this new phase in life. (Think of her parents too, who are struggling to wrap their mind around this big step..and new future away from her.)

Wasn't it just yesterday she was a little girl? Now she's a youth leader, and going to college. Freaking me out. Send hugs, plz.

risalea said...

(((Bully))) I promise it will be ok. There are lots of tears as you send them on their way...I remember so well when we took Lindsay to the dorm that first time. Ethan was 9 and when we said our goodbyes and walked to the hall, he ran back in her room, slammed and locked the door and threw himself on her bed, bawling! (of course, he denies that story big time at 19! LOL) But over time, you do get used to them not being there every day, and pretty soon, when they come home for the weekend, you're like, are you back again so soon? I'm teasing, we were always glad when they came home, but the dynamic does change for sure, after they have been out on their own.

Two down, one to go! ; ) Praying it will be an easy transition for you all.

DJ in AL said...

Oh Bully, girl, I feel your pain, I truly do. My son has lived at home for his 1st 2 yrs in collge but is leaving in Aug. to finish (4more years) away from home. He is an only child so you can imagine how well I am adjusting to the idea of my baby being gone! The closer it gets the more panicked I feel. I try to believe what Risa says is true as this is what EVERYONE tells me but can't imagine it yet. I hope to wrap my head around it soon but I'm not that hopeful:)

Sending you prayers for transition, please send me some as well:)

Janilou said...

It never ceases to amaze me how amazing our God is! How wonderful to hear your friend can forgive those people who took his father from his life.
Glad your record is coming together. I look forward to hearing it.

chamilton said...

So, a funny thing happened to me the other day.. I have recently made a move as many of you know to Washington. I was on the phone doing a follow up call with the site manager of the apartments that we have moved in to and she was telling me that they are going to have a block party this summer and they are looking to hire a band. I always trying to spred the Sligh love mentioned that I kinda know a former American Idol and she asked me was that bigger guy with the curly hair? I said all excited "yes" then she asked if we were related cubby curly hair for both of us I told you blogger girls I am bucking for older sister. LOL. So then she tells me that Mr. Sligh was a leasing agent, call center guy, or something for the company that owns the apartments and how disappointed they were when he left the show because they knew him too and he was such a nice kid. Can you believe that??? The Slighness is everywhere. So just wnted to share with all and let everybody know that I am allready trying to find someplace for Chris and the guys to play in the Seattle area.
Take care all

P.S. DJ, my mother was sad when we left home, now I think she is sadder when she thinks we might be coming for anything longer than a visit which she informed me was anything longer than 2 hours.. But then again you've met one of her children for whatever that's worth.

DJ in AL said...

LOL Candy you work it girl in true Blogger Girl style, gotta love it!

I don't believe for one second that your Mom wouldn't open you back with open arms! I know better! In spite of the fact that you are C R A Z Y!!!!

Love ya girl!

rosalee said...

Candy -
Can I have your new mailing address? We're in the process of making up DVDs of the April 18th concert and I need to know where to send them. You can email me at rosalee@optonline.net

Cathy Storms said...

Candy~handled like a true blogger girl. Always spreading the "Sligh" love...

bmorebamma said...

hellooooo..... everyone been out for a while at&t and i had another showdown, i sent them a packin. we had 2 major snowstorms here in the northeast. man that was crazy, now spring has a sprung, the snow is long gone anywhoo. here iam.

rosalee said...

Hi, Bmorebamma!
Long time no hear. Glad you're back!

Anonymous said...

The corn is shucked, the decorations are hanging in shiny bright blue, and the pop is chilling in the cooler! Headed towards the Big Event, and hoping all goes well. We put what we can into preparation and forethought, and then the rest? It's up to God. You buy lots of food, and make it as easy as you can, but still, you always wonder...ah well.

I have decided to try and enjoy the day, no matter what else happens. :-)

DJ in AL said...

Bully, sending a "high-five" to your accomplished daughter! May her future be so bright she needs to wear shades:)

Bmore-welcome back!

Happy, happy weekend Cris & Co., Fro Patro and Blogger Girls! Hope everyone is doing something fun with someone they love.

This is the day that Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it!s

Cathy Storms said...

Bully, give your daughter a big congrat's from me. I know how hard this is, I've been through it a couple of times. Not sending them off to college, but just out in the world. It is very hard and I still struggle with it at times. Just know that you have taught them all they need to know and they will be ok. I will pray for both you and your daughter.
As Risa said it does get easier and at some point you worry that they might actually come back. lol..

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much you guys, for your support in this growing up/graduation thing. It is difficult, and I struggle sometimes, with letting her go. She wants to go however, and I know life is just beginning. Life is still unwritten, all that.

Yesterday however, was very nice. I made up my mind to enjoy it and be glad, and goodness knows I'm stubborn enough to make it happen! LOL. It was simple, but heartfelt, the blessing of going to a small school as opposed to a giant behemoth like most of us went to in our youth. It sort of wraps up the idea I had years ago, at a friend's graduation there... that one day, this lovely ceremony would be for MY child. And it was. It was very gratifying.:-)

My mother got my daughter a set of luggage for her graduation gift --something that did not make me happy with her-- but I look at it as maybe she'll be going places now, and doing things she sets her mind to doing.*sigh*

Thank you again, for the support and understanding.

DJ in AL said...


So glad that everything turned out well and that you enjoyed it in spite of your reservations and emotions! Life can be so incredibly challenging and this whole empty nest thing is just plain painful, at least to me anyway. But the fact is it's life at it's best.

Happy Sunday to all, hope you've had a wonderful weekend!

Sending you love from DJ in a sultry AL!

risalea said...
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risalea said...

If this event wasn't so close to Sarah's due date and in the middle of the "Back to School Tour", I'd suggest we plan a picnic around this! ; )


(Hopefully, got the whole link this time)

DJ in AL said...


LOL, leave it you to find a Cheese Dip festival! That is freaking hilarious!

risalea said...

OK, I guess the overall disinterest in this season of Idol spilled over here as well, cause we haven't done much discussing of the contestants. I was pulling for Crystal, but knew Lee was going to win. The only thing that kept me watching this season were the tweetfests! ; )

The worst part of tonight was having my childhood memories crushed. Oh, Bee Gees and Chicago, you should have stayed home! (Peter Cetera, where are you?!)

EmilyBoo said...

Risa: "The only thing that kept me watching this season were the tweetfests!"


What a horrible season finale. Thank goodness for twitter.

DJ in AL said...

Ditto and ditto to what Risa and Emily said...sad but true on all counts. Pulled for Lee because he was cuter and well, a guy, but fully expected Crystal to win. Very surprised.

Going "off grid" for a few days...headed to the lake for the weekend with the fam & friends. This mini vaca couldn't come at a better time!

Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend with those you love!

Cathy Storms said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rosalee said...

For the finale, I actually voted. It was the first time I voted this year. Crystal got my votes.

It seems that the dark horse has won now for the past 3 seasons (Cook, Allen, DeWyze). Although Lee is talented, Crystal should have crushed him. It's too bad that the size of the fanbase has so much influence on the outcome. Too many people are voting not based on talent, but on looks, or just because the contestant is from their hometown.

Being that these fanbases tend to evaporate, let's see who gets the support when the Idol tour is over. Time will tell who will be the more lasting artist.

risalea said...

Totally agree, Rosalee, and the sad thing to me is women are not very good at supporting other women, especially when there's a cute guy around. The dark horse has won 3 years in a row, but this time, he wasn't deserving (of course, IMHO--I'm sure Adam Lambert fans have a totally different take on last year! LOL) I think she will find her audience, however. Knew Lee would win when I saw the Dial Idol numbers. They haven't missed a finale pick yet.

I think Lori had a much more interesting show to watch this week when she saw "Glee" in Chicago. She's got her recap up on FB, and I'm sure will bring a link here if it gets posted on Rickey's. I've seen several vids out there, including some from Lori--go watch some and get a look at some real talent. Lea Michele-unbelievable!

risalea said...

Oh, speaking of last year's Idol, I haven't told y'all that a bunch of girls are coming to town for the Kris Allen concert on Sat. in Benton. We've got folks coming from CT, DC, OH, MO, TN, MN, CA and MO! (a little deja vu, huh? LOL) There is a bunch coming over here for brunch Sat. morning, I think like 13, and we have a weekend of activities planned, including a tour of the Rivermarket, Clinton Library, a Katy Allen fundraiser, a tour of central AR and a BBQ and fireworks (courtesy of Riverfest) on Sunday! Looking forward to it and makes me wish we had a Fro Patro event coming up soon! Love y'all and Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Jesse santoyo said...

Sounds like you're super busy dude!!! Busy is good in times like these. Any advice for a new guy in town trying to write music? Its kinda tough being new in town and not really knowing too many folks yet. My wife and I love it here tons and hope to stay. See you around...

Cathy Storms said...

Risa, I bet you are having so much fun. Gaylon is going to be in heaven having all those KA fans at your house. To bad Kris and Chris aren't playing together and we could get the blogger girls and the KA girls all together.
Have fun

Anonymous said...

We really enjoyed the Finale show at our house-- but then, we always do. The reunion number was beautiful, IMO. I was really really touched to see all those familiar faces together on stage. :-) It made my night. Whether they were your favs or not their season, you find you just love them All.

Chicago was a disappointment, and that surprised us. Spouse esp is a uber-fan of theirs, and we have seen them many many times over the years. The lack of viable voices was disconcerting. However, I really liked Siobhan and the BeeGees together. For once, I thought she sounded great.

Lee is from my old stomping grounds, in the suburbs. Funny, that. It certainly makes me look at the people who work at Lowes and stuff a little differently. :-)
heh. j/k.

I don't really care for him, but I do think the friendship is sweet between he and Crystal. I like that comeraderie.

risalea said...

Hey, guys! Well, we had a great time this past weekend. We actually saw Bill at his presidential library and while he greeted us and told us to have a good time, no time for a pic. The SS whisked him by quickly...just like on a movie. In fact, I saw one guy talking into his jacket sleeve. Seriously.

Got to go to Katy Allen's fundraiser on Friday night and Kris paid a surprise visit to Katy (he had been in NJ), and the KA Fangirls got a picture with him.

Brunch followed at my house on Saturday, then the concert in Benton, a Sunday tour of the city, capped off by a BBQ at a local wine bar and RiverFest fireworks.

All in all, a marvelous weekend.

Chris, are you out doing your promotional stuff? We need an update when you have a minute.

OK, I let myself be a bum yesterday, but today marks the start of crossing things off on the summer "to do" list. Visit with the florist about wedding flowers today!

Later, guys and gals!

rosalee said...

Risa -
You should have asked Bill Clinton if he liked the HPF TACOSB CD I gave him a couple of years ago - LOL. It sounds like you had a very busy and fun weekend.

risalea said...

Dang, epic fail on my part, Rosalee! ; )

Cathy Storms said...

Risa, it sounds like you had a fabulous time. Wish I lived closer to have been able to hang out with all the KA fans. They sound really cool. Not as cool as Sligh Blogger Girls though...
Where is our fearless leader? We need an update.

DJ in AL said...


I commented on FB but the pics look like ya'll had a great time! NO ONE replaces the Blogger Girls. Just sayin. LOL

DJ in AL said...

Just in case there is a soul out there who hasn't heard Chris & Sarah are having a little girl! Congrats to the Slighs and their families on their exciting news!

And a big thank you for letting us know!

And a special "happy shopping!" to the Blogger Aunties!

risalea said...

Looking forward to that! Wish I was in Branson at the Carter's Outlet and could go crazy! Hmmm, maybe it's a good thing it's not so close by! LOL

Cathy Storms said...

I do have a Carters Outlet very close to my house. Probably not a good thing. lol..
That little one is going to one of the best dressed little girls around. Oh and the shoes.....Purses...hats...headbands...Oh my. To much to mention.

Nicholas said...

There's now a release date for Chris's album! I just checked allaccess.com, and under new contemporary christian albums, it lists "The Anatomy of Broken" with a September 14th release date.

No word on a first single though...

Anonymous said...

Speaking of stores-- here's a OpryMills update. They said the damage was so great to sh-Opryland that it would actually be cheaper to tear it down and rebuild it, than to try and just fix up the Mall. The only two stores that said they would rebuild so far is BassPro Shop, and some hardware store that is in there. That is rather grim, I think.

Some of the area stores and warehouses, like NIKE whom we dearly love, donated a bunch of stuff to low income groups to give away. Not all the stores will be able to come back from this flooding thing.

Hope you all are doing well. Congratulations Chris and Sarah, on the coming of a little girl! :-D So very happy about the news, for you. It is lifechanging, but in the very best and most cultivating of ways. Yup.

robyn said...

Hey Bully,
I know how you feel...My baby girl is graduating this friday! She won't even be 18 til the end of July! But I thank the good Lord I live in a good college town and she'll be attending right here! (Raleigh, NC) My son, did the same for the last several years but he's done and now want's to go to Appalachian way up in Boone, NC. So, I'm going to be missing him.(although he at least will only be a few hours away)

AND...on a brighter note...my Mom had a birthday yesterday. We celebrated her 86th! She's still cruisin' around town in her minivan and growin' the best tomatoes I get to eat in her garden!!!

EmilyBoo said...
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risalea said...

Happy birthday to your mom, Robyn! It's rough as kids transition...Lindsay's wedding is in Nov. and if I let myself think about it, I start bawling...not that I'm not happy, I am, but college was a tiny transition next to this one. Sometimes you just want to put a board on their heads and keep 'em little. ; ) North Carolina...excellent colleges abound. The assessments we use in my job were developed at UNC at Chapel Hill through the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute.

risalea said...

Bully, sad news to hear. Carmen and I will be there in a couple of weeks. I really love Nashville and hate what the flooding has done to the good folks there and throughout TN.

EmilyBoo said...

Congratulations,happy birthday, etc. to everyone who is celebrating something! Especially Robyn's mom, 86, quite an accomplishment! :)

I'm still sad about all the places in Nashville that have been ruined. I have never been there and know I have missed out. :(

Let's see if my new picture that I made to go with my new hairdo shows up. My daughter says it really looks like me. :)

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, EmilyBoo-- it's going to take more than some riverwater damage to stop Nashville! They will rebuild, fix up, and repair. The mecca sites, they must go on.(even if it does cost a fortune to fix it up) It's the Mall stuff and stores that will be hard pressed. shOpryland Mall wasn't doing very well financially anyhow. But where BassPro goes? There will be others that follow! heh. Not me personally, 'cause I hate the Malls...but the show must go on. If you build it, they will will come. :-P

Robyn and Risa-- I actually got a lump in my throat reading your posts. I found myself really proud, the day Eldest graduated, but reality is creeping inexorably. It is the elephant in the room with us, now. She is leaving. It almost doesn;t matter how far, as a concept.

Recently I saw a young couple with a little toddler girl in the high chair out at a restaurant. It reminded me so very much of when Eldest was little, I almost could have cried right there. I sort of feel sorry for Sligh, becoming a father to a little girl whom older folks like me will walk up to and fervently say,"I remember when my girl was this age. She's in college now! ENJOY this time with your little one! It goes too quickly!"

I remember when people did that to me, now, I am wistfully doing it to others. Time is a real mystery, how it disappears like sand at your feet.

DJ in AL said...

Emilyboo-love the new profile pic!
Hope you have a great time on your camping trip.

While I'm so sad about Nashville I am very confident that they will rebuild and who knows maybe it will be even better! Nashville is a really special place and I can't believe it took Chris Sligh and the Blogger Girls for me to find this treasure that was practically in my own backyard! Risa and Carmen we'll expect a report after your great adventure on how Nashvill is faring!

Bully, I totally sympathize with you as I am going through the same thing. This summer is turning into a very trying time for me emotionally. (well let's face it, I am a bucket of emotion 24/7-LOL!) It is bittersweet watching your only child accomplish his dreams while preparing to go out into the world on his own. I have come to realize like most Moms,I have poured all my hopes and dreams into this child and it is time for me to do some serious soul searching to determine what's ahead for me. I have found this summer to be one of serious introspection and I'm not altogether happy with all I am seeing, sigh. The good thing is I firmly believe you're never too old to change and get better:) I am looking ahead with hope at the possibilities and know God will direct my path and he will surely do the same for you too Bully. Good luck!

Well that was deep eh? LOL! Before I go on anymore......

Hope the Fro Patro and Blogger Girls are having an awesome week! Weekend is right around the corner ya'll!

Sending you all love from DJ in AL!

Anonymous said...

DJ-- Thank you. You have been a very comforting voice in this time of transition for me.:-) It's nice, not to feel alone it all all, you know?

Thought of you Chris, this weekend. Saw in People magazine HANSON has a new album out-- and geez, those boys have grown up! I like that, talent moving onward in life and maturity.

Also? Eldest gave me some feedback on that MercyMe album. She liked it, and said she can really see why you liked it so much-- it sounded a little like you, to her! heh.

Meanwhile, Spouse has a B-day coming up, and I got him not only an old EWF album, but a "LIVE at Budakon" CheapTrick album, circa what? 1976? Oh yeah!!! Traveling music! :-D

risalea said...

Well, today was an awesome afternoon of entertainment for me. The AR Women's Show was going on and Mandisa was the headliner for a show this afternoon. I was shocked at the low number in attendance, but I think a bunch of folks bought one day passes to see Paula Deen yesterday (I missed her as we were out wedding shopping...#epic fail!), and it was really slow today. Well, let me tell you, folks missed out on an absolutely thrilling, inspirational show. Just loved it. I put up a sad little video I took with my phone (I will apologize in advance), but I got to get my pic made with her, thanks to twitter. Kind of a long story, but it was such fun. She was so gorgeous, gracious and full of the Lord!



That was the beginning of my two week concert spree. Thursday, it's Kris Allen in OK, the 22nd it's Nashville Rising and July 1st, the Eagles! Y'all see who's missing from that list, don't you? Our fearless leader! I guess I'm going to have to be patient until the fall.

Y'all have a marvelous week!

risalea said...

Tomorrow (June 15) is the second anniversary of the passing of Amanda Rhea Jones. I can't believe two years have gone by. For those who never knew Amanda, she was a fan of Chris's, and a friend of many on this blog. Please keep Tammy and Amanda's brothers in your prayers. And in her memory, if you can, wear something green for her. It was her favorite color.

Cathy Storms said...

Risa, I can't believe it's been 2 years since Amanda left us. My thoughts and prayers are with Tammy and her family today.

DJ in AL said...

Sending prayers and love to Tammy and her family. As ya'll say it's so hard to believe she's been gone for 2 years.

robyn said...

Hey everybody!

I just wanted to post my niece's newsletter from Kosovo. She and her husband are over there as missionaries for two years. They heard the calling about a year and a half ago and spent that time raising the money to be able to go and do this work. Here is the link to their website where you can read their newsletter! I am SO proud of them! I wish I could go over there and help them, it sounds so great!

risalea said...

So today I had this FB comment from a friend who was introduced to Chris at his April concert here:

I have 5000 songs on my iPhone. I only shuffle my music. Today there was a song that came on--and I just had to find out who the artist was--I was driving btw. Chris Sligh and Cry Tonight. Excellent song-/-thought you'd like to hear the above--and without going to the benefit I would not have purchased any of his music. Thanks

Just had to share that.. ; )

Anonymous said...

Hey all--
Recently joined the FB thing, because of my girls. I'm not sure still what I think about it, but I DO like the Flair things! LOL. The variety makes me very happy, IDK.
Is there a hub page I should join there, to add you all? I am not terribly savvy at all this stuff. The social networking thing does escape me and my reasonings.

I hope Amanda is looking down at us, and smiling. Perhaps she is in a capacity that will let her help other people. She had a wonderful spirit.:-)

DJ in AL said...


You'll just need our FB names to find us and we'll need your to find you! Mine's easy it's Deborah Jones in Trussville, AL. Send me a friend request:)

risalea said...

Same here, Bully (Risa Buzbee Ratliff on FB), and Happy Birthday, Carrie!

Cathy Storms said...

Mine is seestorms. Please add me Bully. Give us your name on FB and we can add you.

Happy Birthday Carrie

Carmen said...

Just wanted to wish you Happy Birthday Carrie. Hope it was a good one.

rosalee said...

Happy belated birthday, Carrie!

risalea said...

We need a new blog post. That is all.

Anonymous said...

LisaCee is me, and I am pretty sure FB is more complicated than I thought it would be. *sigh* It's a mystery. (I found you tho Risa-- thanks!)

Hope everybody's weekend is going well.

Cathy Storms said...

This blog has been ignored for way to long. We need a new post as soon as possible Chris.

Hope all is good with everyone here.

risalea said...

OH, ok,Bully. I'm going now to befriend you! Once you get on mine, if you look on my friend list, you can find DJ, Cathy, Carmen, Lori, EmilyBoo, Amy, etc.

Anonymous said...

*TPs Sligh's metaphorical front yard and drives off, tires squealing*

Hey, when you leave your place unattended, stuff like this will happen! heh.

Nicholas R. said...

Exciting news for us to discuss while we wait for a new blog post! The first single from The Anatomy of Broken is officially "Only You Can Save" per allaccess.com. It's listed with a radio adds date of July 19th. The last part of the song is missing in the link provided, but you can hear the first 3 minutes here: http://www.allaccess.com/christian/future-releases. Just scroll down to the July 19th releases and click the play button.

EmilyBoo said...

I have a dilemma, guys! I have made plans to go to 2 days of Unity Christian Music Festival in August, where I will see Britt Nicole, Downhere, and Third Day on Thursday, and Josh Wilson, Sidewalk Prophets, and Casting Crowns on Friday. I have my tickets already.

My problem is that a concert at my church that I was really excited about (Building 429, and maybe Mikeschair? Mikeschair was originally scheduled but I'm not sure now.) has been rescheduled from September 11 to August 13. AND now I find out they're probably adding Phil Stacey to the lineup. Before the date was changed, I was going to volunteer at the concert, merch or something...

So, should I go to the first day of the festival and come home for the concert at my church the next day? I'd miss Casting Crowns, which would stink, but I'd see Phil Stacey, who I haven't seen before. It would only be a $30 loss, since the festival tickets are $10 per person per day, and my son is still at "free" age.

WWFPD? (What would the Fro Patro do?

Cathy Storms said...

EmmyBoo~I would keep my original plans. That sounds like a really awesome weekend. it sounds like it's a maybe that Phil will be there.
I hate it when things like that happen. I would still keep my original plans if there is someone you really wanted to see and hear.

DJ in AL said...


Tough one.....I'm kinda with Cathy, if Phil isn't definite you might change your plans for no good reason. I think when it gets down to it you have to decide who you truly want to see the most. Either way sounds like you will be having a real good time.

rosalee said...

Emilyboo -

It may become a non-issue if Phil's gig doesn't materialize, so put off making a decision until you know for sure that Phil will be there. Personally, unless the new act was a really major one like Paul McCartney, I would keep my original plans.LOL

ChrisSligh said...

phil isn't going to be worth missing that concert. Believe me, I've seen him live. LOL...seriously, though, keep your plans.


Hischild said...

I, too, would keep my original plans but that's maybe because I really, really like Josh Wilson.
Maybe you're not familiar w/him? You will like him too I think. He should make the pain of missing Phil a little bit easier.

But, I totally understad the struggle. I'd HATE to miss Phil (at my own church) no less. The other two groups - meh. (My daughter taught me that word).


Hischild said...

Oh my gosh! It's been so long since I commented here I had a hard time remembering my userID and psswrd. Sheesh!

carmen said...

Gotta agree with the rest of the Fro Patro. Keep your original plans. I have seen Phil a couple of times and though I like him, I think you will be kicking yourself about missing Casting Crowns & Josh Wilson. Maybe you could have someone from your church buy Phil's CD at the merch table if you don't already have it. That way you can still hear his music and give him your support. Just a thought.

EmilyBoo said...

Chris!! Hahaha, if I do stay home and meet Phil, I'm so telling him you said that! On a not at all related topic, have you heard from @theDefShepherd about coming back here? If not, I may have to make an appearance at Lakepointe this weekend and bug him...

Thanks for all the input, everyone! You all said basically the way I was leaning anyway. The festival has an awesome lineup... but that won't keep me from being slightly bummed about missing a great event at my own church.

Cathy, I <3 that you called me EmmyBoo. My grandma called me Emmy when I was little and I liked the nickname. I wonder why nobody else has ever really called me that.

EmilyBoo said...

Carmen, good idea about getting a friend to make a purchase for me at the concert at church. I'll keep that in mind. :)

Amy's Purple Poodles said...

Happy 4th of July everyone. I have many wonderful memories of last year at this time.


DJ in AL said...

Happy 4th Fro Patro, Blogger Girls and Slighs!

Back from my most excellent Chicago adventure...time of my life! Getting back to reality....man reality kinda sucks, LOL!

Feels a little weird being home for the 4th, missing my Chris Sligh family this weekend!

Hope everyone is well and happy and feeling blessed to live in this wonderful country!

Sending you all love from DJ in AL!

rosalee said...


The website, Chris-Sligh.info has met its demise. It has apparently been removed from cyberspace by Kay, the owner. We had some good times there, but now it's gone. It served you well, Chris.

February 2007 - May 2010

DJ in AL said...

Rosalee-well bummer that....I remember it well, it was where the Fro Patro spent it's early years...LOL!

Cathy Storms said...

Oh that's so sad. This is where we all met and became friends.
Is the blog being moved somewhere else?
Yep Amy, lot's of great memories from the 4th of July spent in Nashville.
It seems a little weird to not be in Nashville for this year.
Missing my blogger family and hope y'all have a great 4th of July.

Cathy Storms said...

I thought you were talking about the blog..I'm such a dork.

Happy 4th of July to y'all.Enjoy all the day has to offer. Hope you get to eat lots of burgers and hot dogs.

Please say a special prayer for a young man named Brad Donnahue. He is my son's roomate and he is in Afg. fighting for us all.

robyn said...

Hey yall!
Yesterday evening I spent helping to record a patriotic concert at an ampitheater. My favorite number was when they played snipets of each branch of our armed forces official songs and called for veterans of each to stand and we all cheered and clapped for them. After that number we said the pledge of allegiance.the last number was "Stars and Stripes Forever" with a standing ovation!! can't wait for Ted to mix it up and burn the CD!!!
Today he played in front of the Capital building and tonight he'll play with a different group opening for the NC Symphony at Koko Booth Ampitheater...then fireworks! WOO HOO !!

risalea said...
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risalea said...

Well, I'm late to this discussion, as I've been gone all weekend, but Em, I would have said go to your festival, too. Not that I don't like Phil, but the chance to see all those groups in two days, it's an experience that doesn't come around all the time. Now if Chris Sligh was coming to your church, well, that would be a whole 'nother matter entirely. ; )

Yes, it seemed a little odd not being in Nashville today as we've been the last two July 4th's, but spent the holiday in Memphis with some precious Buzbee aunts, uncles and cousins. (missed my Fro Patroers/Blogger Girls, though!) We have had a Buzbee reunion July 4th every 2-4 years for many years back. My dad died 25 years ago, and we are blessed to still have all his siblings (2 sisters, 4 brothers) still with us. One of my uncles has multiple myeloma, was basically given a death sentence a few months ago. He decided to get off all chemo, stopped taking dialysis, and went back to volunteering 3 days at the hospital, working in his garden (you should hear what he has growing) and doing 1 hour and 5 min. (yes, he was very specific about that) 3 times a week on the treadmill! He rests on Sunday, church day. He is a medical miracle, and I think it's because he's such a blessing to others, the Lord just isn't ready for him yet. He's 84! One uncle couldn't come as he recently had surgery, and he is next to oldest after dad. He's almost 86. I hope I take after them in longevity, for sure! The Buzbee brother political discussions are a hoot...they should put them on CNN/Fox. They love taking opposite sides just to stir the pot. LOL

All of my uncles served in the military, some of them old enough to have served in WWII, others the Korean War and the youngest in peacetime service. We owe everything to our service men and women. Prayers for their safety and others who work in dangerous areas of the world.

I had heard the sad news about chris-sligh.info. I'm sorry to see the archives gone, as so much of our history was there, but bigger and better things have come along, and we are lucky to have Rosalee taking care of the official site.

I know y'all have heard this song to death, but I love it. God bless the USA! (I'd love to hear you sing this, Chris!) A little impromptu version from Kris Allen last night. (however, the videographer was standing on his/her head, apparently. LOL)



risalea said...
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risalea said...
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Anonymous said...

Chris is Alive! Hey, good to see you about.

The Fourth weekend was a good one here. We saw a ballgame, and it was really really nice. We clapped and cheered and ate expensive ballpark food. It was great. :-) There was fireworks there that night, and then we had some more fireworks at a local church, cuz we know a guy. Lots of food in the fridge we are chipping away at, and everybody behaved themselves, so it was all-good.

The concert upcoming for our family is the EAGLES concert at this new venue in Louisville. On some of the tour stops Keith Urban is opening for them (*flails*) but we are not so lucky. So far however, our teenage kids are not interested in going with us. "Old" music, donchaknow. I am working on getting them to partake, but so far they are convinced it will be 2 hours of suffering.

We are not going to any of the Idol tour stops, past or present. (Emilyboo, totally go to your multi-group concert festival thingee. Don't pass up a chance like that.)

And for a Nashville update-- as of right now, there are only two stores at Opryland Mall that are signed up to rebuild and reopen. BassPro and some Tool shop. This other mall that has a Sears-- it is the ONLY store open there. They are doing *urban warfare* training there in the open/abandoned part. Can you imagine what it sounds like, shopping in Sears? The issue with these places seems to be lack of revenue making it worthwhile to go for it. (Also, apparently flood plain issues were not resolved as they thought, right?)

Gaylord has a reopen date sign. They had extensive remodeling to do, but there's no stopping them.
Just a little info for those interested...