Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Update on recording

Recording has gone well.

The first 8 songs were worked on starting 3-4 weeks ago with my buddy Steve Bishir. We got those done very quickly.

We then began work on the final 6 songs, 5 with Pete Kipley and 1 (entitled "One") with Steve and me again.

6 songs have lead vocals completed. We have moved vocals over to my home studio now for the last 3 that Steve and I are working on, as well as the many background vocals and double and triple vocals I'm laying down on this record, plus on Modern Liturgy (which will be part of the pre-release package - this used to be known as Requiem, btw). So hopefully a lot of that will be completed in the next week or so.

We already have had one string session. We brought in an 8 piece string section (4 violins, 2 violas, 2 cellos). We have put strings on Modern Liturgy, Beginning Not the End, Broken (beautiful), and Scars. I did the string arrangements this time around: my buddy Don Chapman is buried underneath Easter stuff, so with a little help from a copyist and the string contractor, I put together the arrangements...and man I'm excited about how everything sounds. Modern Liturgy sounds ridiculous.

So, what is left?

Well, as said before, I still have 3 lead vocals to do for the songs that Steve and I are working on. Then April 4 I'll be going out to Pete's studio/house in San Diego to cut the vocals on the 5 songs he's working on. I also have to lay down the vocals for Modern Liturgy, which is exciting.

I'll be going down in April to North Greenville College (my alma mater) to record my old choir on Modern Liturgy. I'm excited about that and it's a cool opportunity for them. Since Modern Liturgy has that classical element to it, it's great and natural to use those guys.

We'll have one more string session for One, Still You Love Me, and In the Weak.

Then it's on to mix.

Looks like F. Reid Shippen will be doing 7 songs and Steve Bishir and I will be mixing the other 7! And I will be mixing (with some thoughts from Steve) Modern Liturgy.

So, we're coming into the home stretch for this record!

Hopefully within the next 4-6 weeks you will hear the first single from this record on a radio station near you!


Cathy Storms said...

I can't wait to hear it. It sounds really awesome.

If you have time when your in San Diego, give me a call. I'll buy dinner...I know a little girl, who still thinks she is your best friend who would love to see you.

EmilyBoo said...

I'm looking forward to hearing the first single! Have you said what it is, or is it a surprise? My vote is Only You Can Save!

Hischild said...

I've been waiting w/baited breath for a good lengthy recording report (beyond the tweets, I mean).
Very exciting! 4 - 6 weeks for single radio play makes September for the complete album a bit easier to take.

Nice to hear of the upcoming choir. Jealous of the members. :o)
Please tell me the banjo is still on this album somewhere. :o)

Flying to San Diego on Easter Sunday?? I hope you get to worship w/the saints somewhere. There's just no substitute.

Mega blessings to you, Chris!

Nicholas said...

Can't wait to hear the first single! I hope it's available for radio play before mid-may so I'll get a chance to feature it on my college radio station, WWLR 91.5 Lyndonville VT before college is done for the year.

I'm still hoping you are somehow going to fit "I Am" and/or "I Can't Believe" on the album or pre-release material.

On a side note, what happened to your big plans to release "The Requiem" as a big multi-artist collabrative effort?

risalea said...

Well, this is exciting stuff, and I had no idea we could look forward to the first radio single in such a short time!

Just one thing...your April schedule is making me nervous. Remember, you've got a date with Arkansas and some Blogger Girls on April 18th...don't stand us up! LOL

Going back now to writing checks for deposits for everyone in town for this upcoming wedding. : )(Nov.13th, you're all invited!)

Rhonda said...

Loved the songs on Requiem, so can't wait to hear the finished songs!

Amy's Purple Poodles said...

Everything sounds so exciting! Like Nicholas, I am holding out hope that "I Am" will turn up somewhere.

I can't wait to hear the new CD!

Risa, I'm excited you finally have a date for the wedding-good luck with all the wedding planning.


DJ in AL said...

Super pumped about the speed things are moving, and very excited to hear the radio single is not that far away! And hey 4 weeks would hit my Birthday pretty perfectly:)

Maria said...

chris i think your record label forgot the press release

ChrisSligh said...


Press release wasn't forgotten.

Record label usually wait until they have the record done and a set release date, as well as a single chosen, when it goes to radio, etc before announcing.

I'd imagine a press release will be coming in late-April, early-May now.


Anonymous said...

Exciting news! Can't wait.

Hope you are feeling much better, Chris. ((hugs))

Amy's Purple Poodles said...

Hope you feel better soon Chris. Here's a hug from me and Jackpot sends a big slobbery dog kiss!


Carmen said...

Super excited about how soon I will be hearing some new Chris Sligh music on the radio. sounds great!. I know I am not the only One excited by the prospect either. I was in line the other night at the movies to see Bounty Hunter and started talking to the lady in front of me. She had a really cute and unusual purse and I told her how much I liked it, She then noiticed my purse and imediately recognized Chris.She told me she was a big Chris Sligh fan and listened to his CD almost every day at work. She was thrilled to hear Chris was working on a new album. We exchanged names and numbers and it turned out her name was Deborah Jones. How wired is that? It seems there is a DJ from Fl as well as AL. LOL

DJ in AL said...

Carmen, how funny, but KNOW this, this Deborah Jones will always be Chris's favorite Deborah Jones, LOL.

Wishing all my awesome Fro Friends a fabulous weekend!

Badpacifist said...

I've been for more Sligh. Can't wait to hear the finished tunes.

DJ in AL said...

Ok, where the heck is everyone? Missing comments on my fav Blog. Blogger Girls you are MIA too, what's up with that?

Happy Hump Day to the Fro Patro and Blogger Girls, and to Fro Head himself!

Cathy Storms said...

Happy Hump Day back at ya DJ.
Everyone is MIA. It's been one of those weeks here in California.

Hope everyone is doing good.

EmilyBoo said...

DJ, I'm always around at twitter and facebook. I check the blog for new comments every day, but if there's nothing new to comment on (or report on,) I stay quiet.

Sallie Putnam said...

I miss singing in the good old North Greenville Choir.

Amy's Purple Poodles said...

Carmen-I think that is so cool that you met another DJ who is also is a Chris Sligh fan!

DJ-Sorry I haven't e-mailed in 2 weeks. Just finished a big fundraiser with my ski group. I'm sure you saw Russell's genius move on last week's "Survivor". I saw on Twitter where Chris is a "survivor" nut like us.

Hope everyone is doing great.


ChrisSligh said...

hahaha...Sallie!!! Good to see you.

I do not miss that. Though, I am going down at the end of April to record the best of the North Greenville Singers for my prebuy EP Modern Liturgy.

It's been fun talking to Dr. Combs!


DJ in AL said...

Happy Friday to the Fro Head and Fro Patro! Hope everyone has an awesome Easter weekend! I love Easter it fills me with such hope!

Sending you love from DJ in AL

risalea said...

This MIA Blogger Girl has been chasing herself all week. Sister Cindy and fam are heading back to OH today. Back to LR to spend a bit more time with them, and hit another dress shop with Lindsay and then back over here for a tasting with a caterer we're considering.

Let's see, excitement this week, got to meet part of the Duggar clan. The Junior League took supper to them last night. I volunteered to do lettuce. I decided I'd get the romaine heads at Sam's cause they are so fresh and stay that way for days, unlike the bagged lettuce. I cannot tell you how long it took to wash, tear and spin 12 heads to make 4 good size bags. I have new respect for Mama Duggar. It must be like cooking Thanksgiving dinner every day! ; )

OK, that's it...Happy Easter, blogger friends and hope you all have a blessed weekend.

Two more weeks till the AR show! :)

Anonymous said...

I saw an episode of "Say Yes to the Dress" where they were on it, and I honestly couldn't stand it. They made me want to hurl. (The lechy husband just squicks me out, sorry.)

I hope everyone is looking forward to a nice Easter! Hippity Hoppity Easter's on it's way...Hooray!

*marshmellow peeps for everyone*

risalea said...

Bully, I think you're confusing your TLC shows! I can't see the Duggars shopping at Kleinfeld's! LOL

DJ in AL said...

Risa, I was thinking the same thing, can't see the Duggars at Kleinfelds. Think Bully has got another reality family in mind.

DJ in AL said...

Happy Easter Chris & Sarah & Baby Sligh and to the Fro Patro and Blogger Girls! And to the granparents
across the pond!

He is risen!

Cathy Storms said...

Happy Easter to all. May your day be filled with glorious blessings.

If you "tweet" go and look for Chris's "tweets" with his 2 of his new songs. They are awesome. Such a blessing for Easter Sunday.

Anonymous said...

"Scars" - just posted. WOW!

Anonymous said...

Bully is correct; the Duggars were on "Say Yes to the Dress" in episode prior to their renewal of vows. What a crowd it made for in the waiting/viewing areaa!
And, if you are a fan of the Peeps, be sure to check out for the winners of their annual Peeps Diorama is a hoot!
Happy Easter to all!

EmilyBoo said...

Chris, I'm loving all the song clips you've been tweeting. Thanks for doing that! And happy Easter!

DJ in AL said...

Anon-we stand corrected, thanks for clearing that up. Still quite surprised. Guess I should watch to see how Mr. Duggar was "squicky" very unique word Bully, LOL.

I heard an interesting comment about Peeps...apparently if you take them camping and roast them as you would ordinary marshmallows they are a bit like the top of creme brulee. Have to try that......running to store to snatch up 50% off Peeps...

Happy Monday, 11 days till AR!!!

DJ in AL said...

Forgot to say love, love all the new songs!! They are so, so good still your rocking pure voice but with a little more polished feel, or maybe that's just me.

Can not wait for this record to be completed. Is record still right. Prob not. I'm so old. Sigh. Bout to be older. Big sigh.

Cathy Storms said...

Happy Birthday Clarresa. Hope you have a very special day.

DJ in AL said...

Oh Happy Birthday Clearisa!!!!!!!
Hope it's Fab just like you!

Love ya!

rosalee said...

Happy Birthday, Clarissa!

Some birthday peeps for you:


DJ in AL said...

Clarissa sorry I misspelled your name. I have a really hard time with it for some reason.

risalea said...

Happy Birthday, Clearsa from Clarisa! ; )

Marshamallow peeps...gross! I can't abide marshmallow anything except in my Rice Krispie treats. LOL But to each his own, though I'm still trying to imagine the creme brulee thing. ; )

Final word on the Duggars...Jim-Bob was extremely nice, just seemed like a guy who is a tad bit overwhelmed, like any dad would be when his baby is in the hospital and he's left to take care of the other kids while mama is taking care of the baby. Course he's got a few more other kids than most people. He was extremely grateful for the dinner, asked if we could stay and eat with them and offered to give us a tour of the historic home they are renting while the baby is in the hospital. We declined both offers, though was sorely tempted to tour the of those that has been partially restored, beautiful woodwork and all that.

Been out hanging up posters advertising our April 18th concert and picked the hottest day of the year to do it---spring, where are thou?

Loved the new songs, some of which we were privileged to hear at the shows this past fall.

risalea said...

Just saw a link to this on FB. Rascal Flatts' "Here Comes Goodbye" video is up for group video of the year on the 2010 CMT Music Awards.

CMT Music Awards -- You'll Thank Us in the Morning

CMT turns the fate of the 2010 CMT Music Awards over to the fans as it announces finalists and opens up voting for country music's only fan-voted awards show. Beginning April 5, fans can vote for their favorite videos to determine the final nominees for CMT's ninth annual awards show. The 2010 CMT Music Awards show premieres live from Nashville on June 9 at 8 p.m. ET.

The first round of voting runs from April 5 through May 3, only at, where fans will select from the top eight nominees in each of the nine categories.

Videos that debuted on CMT between Feb. 24, 2009, and March 1, 2010, are eligible for the 2010 CMT Music Awards, and finalists have been determined by a blue-ribbon panel that includes noted country music journalists, as well as music industry and CMT executives.

Don't think this award goes to Chris, but I'm sure it would be nice for the song to get some more recognition!

Hischild said...

First chance to check the blog today. Thanks for all the birthday wishes Risa, DJ, Rosalee and Cathy - however they are spelled. :o) Amazed to think of how I met all you good friends and what you all have added to my life in the past few years. Wish I could join y'all (catch the colloquialism?) in AR but again I will have to live vicariously through all your reports.
Today was a day filled w/the usual stuff (dr appt, school, work, etc) but with many special and sweet surprises at every turn.
I hope everyone had a great Easter yesterday. I sure did.
Love that HCG is up for CMT award! I am off to see if a fella can vote more than once. :o)
P.S. Lori, so sorry to hear Butler lost - and in such a heartbreaking fashion too. What a triumph though to be that close. Amazing accomplishment.
Take care, everyone.

Hischild said...

Chris, congrats on your big purchase today! I know you're probably totally consumed w/figuring it all out. I can just see the instruction manuals piled to the ceiling! Honestly though, to me your description sounded like it was a spaceship with a guitar. :o)

Carmen said...

Happy Birthday Hischild!
Sorry I am late again. I need some sort of app that reminds a day in advance of fellow blogger girl/guys birthdays.

Chris love your new songs. They are really coming together. Also congrats on the big music equipment purchase. The only thing I recognized in all of the stuff you got was the 59 Classic Les Paul Custom 3-burst sunburst guitar. N-I-CE! You should have posted a picture of that.

Also I wanted to congratulate Meredith Andrews on expecting her first baby!

Hope all of my blogger friends are doing well. Less than two weeks till some of us meet in Arkansas.
Now headed out the door for IL to take a load of stuff up there. I will be thinking of the Sligh's as I pass through Nashville twice in the next 5 days.
Hugs all,

ChrisSligh said...


I'm up late, too. Working on this dang record!

Hey, text me and let me know when you're coming through..I may be able to break away and grab a meal with you, if you come through at meal time...


risalea said...

Chris, the difference is, Carmen was up early and you were up late! ; )

Safe travels, Carmen!! We gotta' have you in one piece for the caravan to AR!

DJ in AL said...

What Risa said Carmen, you are the lead car in the caravan to AR, can't do it without ya. Give the Fro a hug from me if you see him you lucky duck!!

9 days and counting till AR and a Blogger Girl reunion and face melting from my fav Fro!

Cathy Storms said...

9 days and counting to our blogger girl adventure in Arkansas. I am so excited. Can't wait to see the girls and a Sligh concert. WhooHoo!!
Plus it might be good to get away from this rockin and rollin Southern California. At least get away before we become an

DJ in AL said...

Hey Fro Patro, happy hump day!
Carmen could use our prayers and well wishes today. Her trip to IL, via Nashville has not gone well.
So far they've had a flat tire and had to pull over and add gas every 60 miles because of a fuel pump issue. Unless I'm wrong they left FL about 5 a.m. yesterday and didn't arrive until after 10:00ish.
Good news they did get to meet up with Chris at the local IHop.
They are currently at an auto shop trying to fix their problem.

Here's hoping our trip to AR goes much more smoothly:)

DJ in AL said...

Carmen Update*
Thanks for the prayers and good vibes, their truck has been fixed and they should arrive in Chicago by 11:00 tonight.

Carmen is contemplating a divorce but otherwise things are generally going alot more smoothly at last, LOL. Just kidding about the divorce though I think the word was uttered once or twice:)

Almost Friday!

8 days and counting!

risalea said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
risalea said...

Had a fun night at Heifer. It was an event featuring Bridge2Rwanda and Tom's Shoes, and we got to hear Kris Allen and his friend and band member, Cale Mills sing 3 songs. Got a chance to visit with Peg, Katy's mom and to talk with Katy and Kris's mom. I have a few pics, more coming. Yes, I'm a loser, I had camera issues. What is it with me and a camera that when I get close to famous people I have camera fail. Always. If you aren't familiar with Heifer's work, go to, wonderful organization. I used to take my K kids to the Heifer Ranch, and they have a wonderful new facility close to the Clinton Library. Oh, yeah, and I definitely decided I tweet too much. When I introduced myself to Cale, he knew my twitter name. LOL BTW, if you haven't heard Kris's song, "Send Me All Your Angels" he wrote with Daughtry that is only available on the Walmart version of his album, you should get it. I wasn't familiar and I loved it. I videoed a little piece of it.

DJ in AL said...


The pics of the Heifer (name still cracks me up) event are fabulous and Kris Allen is quite the hottie isn't he? You my dear look absolutely fabulous and I am totally jealous of your weight loss but proud at the same time.

Carmen is on her 2nd leg of her journey home and should be home by early this afternoon if she doesn't take another antique shop detour, LOL.

One week and counting till AR!!!!!!

Happy Friday Fro Patro!

Cathy Storms said...

Risa, I agree with DJ. Those pictures of you and Kris Allen are so cute. You do look fabulous.

Carmen, safe journeys. Boy do you ever have stories to tell us next weekend.

One week and counting. I can't wait.

risalea said...

Check out the awesome sign that Cornerstone Bible Fellowship has up for the concert on 4-18. Thank you, Cornerstone in Sherwood!

rosalee said...

Risa -
Great sign! And your concert photos are also very nice.

carmen said...

Well I finally made it home and spent today at church & the rest of the afternoon just resting. My travels to IL were definitely an adventure. While things were totally crazy on the way up, the return trip was actually quite delightful.

Big kudos to Chris for coming out at nearly midnight to an I-hop in Nashville to say hi to some very weary travelers. Your cheer and laughter were much welcomed after such a long day. The distinguished gentleman says you kept him out of the doghouse and that he owes you one.

Made numerous stops on the way home with my son Michael.(antique shops, corvette museum, mammoth caves, Jim Bean distillery etc) Lori I am sorry I didn't get a chance to see you while traveling through Indiana but Michael had a good friend that lives there and we ended up spending our time visiting with him. Maybe on my next trek up, we can get together. It has been too long.

Thanks for all of your prayers. I felt them with me as we traveled.
Now off to pack for a trip to Alabama then to Arkansas with a final destination to Utah and then a long lonely trip home to Florida.


DJ in AL said...

Happy Monday Fro Patro!

Carmen glad you are home safe and sound for well, only.......wait for it........4 days!!!!!!!!!

4 days till AR!

Hope the Fro Head, Fro Patro and Blogger Girls have a spectacular week!

carmen said...

It is now 7 minutes after midnight. Officially April 13th so let me be the first to wish you Happy Birthday Chris!
Hope your birthday is awesome. Remember:
Growing old is mandatory...
Growing up is optional !

Can't wait to see you in Arkansas!!


Anonymous said...

(Thanks Anonymous, for the back up. It's funny I watch Say Yes to the Dress like I do, when I barely cared about my own wedding dress, but yeah. Yup!)

IHop and Chris Sligh... now I'm jellus!! :-) An experience amde all the more yummy by the company.

Hope everyone had a nice Easter. Still remnants of plastic eggs and chocolate bunny foils in the couch here. heh. One package of nuclear-pink Peeps survived however, and must be consumed before they make their escape to the wilds!;-)

Happy Birthday Chris. Hope it's a terrific year ahead for you, and the new music pours forth in bucketfuls. ((hugs))

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to you, Sir Sligh! I hope this is the best year yet for you with lots of chart toppers. I saw somewhere you are going to be a father this year. Congratulations. THAT will be the show stopper imo. All the best...

Hischild said...

Twelve minutes past midnight in Phx. Stayed up to be the first in my time zone to send happy thoughts, prayers, wishes and vibes your way. May your day be full of unexpected treats.
Happy Birthday, dude!

EmilyBoo said...

Happy birthday Chris! God's blessings to you in this new year of your life.

DJ in AL said...

Chris, dude, Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!
Celebrating the day you were born for where would we all be without the Fro?

Seize the day dude, seize the day!

Much love!

P.S. You ready for us? See ya in AR!~

DJ in AL said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cathy Storms said...

Happy Birthday Chris May your day be filled with blessings galoure.
Hope it's an awesome day.

See you in a few days

robyn said...

Just stopped by to wish you a very Happy Birthday Chris!!!!

I hope you have a really great day!!!

rosalee said...

Happy Birthday, Chris!
Have a good one!
See you soon....

risalea said...

Happy birthday from the Fro Patroer in AR running around like a chicken with her head cut off. ; ) Hope you have a fab day, don't work too hard! And praying for safe travels for all of you!


Nique's Nana said...

Happy 32nd birthday Chris!!!!! Have a wonderful day. When u see Cathy Storms this week-end, give her a big hug for me.

gdahimself said...


Happy Birthday
I trust you're spending it the way you choose.

carmen said...

Hey all!
Up early & hoping to hit the road in the next few hours to start the caravan to AR to hear some Chris Sligh music, help out Risa, catch up with good friends and celebrate a couple of birthdays. Should be a great weekend. Then off to Utah and a return trip home to Florida. I think it will be a while before I do another road trip!

DJ in AL said...

Bring it on Carmen!!!! Mexican tonight then hitting the road early tomorrow a.m and AR bound! This Blogger Girl is uber excited!

Feels like Christmas:)

Happy Thursday Fro Patro and to the head Fro hope you are getting your vocals in face-melting shape!