Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Till Somebody Loves You

Head over to myspace.com/chrisslighsongwriting to check out a new song I wrote with my friends Bryan Simpson and Wade Kirby. I like it a lot...it's called "Till Somebody Loves You".


Amy's Purple Poodles said...

Chris-This is a really catchy song. I like it-it'll make a great country song one day!

Where is everyone? I guess their all out of town for the holidays. I'm just going over to my sister's house for Thanksgiving. My brother is coming in town from El Paso tomorrow. On Sunday, were going driving back to El Paso with him to see his new house and eat good Mexican food.


Brenda C. said...

Hi APP, I'm at the beach with my daughter. We didn't have family to spend this Thanksgiving with, so we're spending it in Myrtle Beach.

risalea said...

I likey. So does hubby. He sees Blake Shelton, once again, making a hit out of this song. The KSSN man has spoken.

Myrtle Beach and El Paso...sounds like fun. We're just driving up to Jonesboro for the day to have Thanksgiving with my inlaws and we're taking my mom. Then back home to go see "Blind Side" with Linds and Magnus and whoever else shows up and I guess I'm going to be forced to do the Black Friday thing with Linds. Either I'm getting old, or just gotta' have my beauty sleep, but I'm not feeling that this year!

risalea said...

OK, so going through the whole list on the songwriting page again. Gaylon REALLY likes TSLY, and he says he can hear Darius Rucker singing it, in fact, his words, "he just needs to throw that one up on the chopping block and he'll have 3 or 4 grabbing for it." He also says he can hear Martina McBride singing "Barely." Was that the one you wrote for Gina?

Cathy Storms said...

Chris~I still get so amazed by your songwriting talent. Have you ever thought about putting out a country album? I know, it's not your cup of tea, but man can you write those great country songs. And you can sing them. "Can Do Man", you rocked...

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. We are not celebrating till Saturday (hopefully) because I have come down with a light case of swine flu. If this is a light case, I can't imagine having a not so light case. YUK!!!!

rosalee said...
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rosalee said...

Cathy -
I guess it's no fun being sick on your birthday either. But try to have a good one....

Chris -
You're right - it's a very nice song. Hopefully someone will pick it up.

I see we have our work cut out for us at Sam Sessa's again:


Please leave a comment.

Cathy Storms said...

Thanks Rosalee~I hope you and Harry have a really good Thanksgiving..

Cathy Storms said...

Rosalee, I just read the link you posted. OMG..that doesn't even deserve a comment. I guess it's when they stop talking about you that you have to worry. If that's the case, Chris you have a very long, lucrative, career ahead of you.

risalea said...

Happy Birthday, Cathy!

OK, promised myself I would not get on here today, as I have to make Chris's favorite dish, dressing (BIG LOL!) and a couple other things to carry to my in-laws.

Y'all have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving and if you choose to get out on Black Friday, arm yourself well (coat for standing out in the cold wee morning hours, a list with specific stores and items you want so you can make a plan of action, and of course, the credit cards and/or cash in hand!

Take care, friends. Risa

DJ in AL said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Cathy, Happy Birthday to you!
Imagine my fine melodic voice if you can.

I'm sorry you're sick on your Birthday!

Love ya!

DJ in AL said...

I refuse to read Sam Sessa again. Had never heard of him the 1st time and not giving him any more read time. Hater!

BTW, I'm on my way home to do the turkey thing, stuck in the kitchen until tonite. If I don't get an opportunity before tomorrow Happy Turkey Day to all! Hope everyone has something to be grateful for, my list is long!

Amy's Purple Poodles said...

Cathy-Happy Birthday! That's pretty crappy to have swine flu on your b-day. YUCK!
Chris-I wonder how you'd look in a cowboy hat?-you, know, since you've been putting all these great sounding country songs. I remember the blog you wrote about Thanksgiving and how just writing about turkey and stuffing made you sick. I thought that was so funny. It made me laugh! I don't like turkey, but I love dressing-and all the pies of course. I hope you don't have to eat turkey & dressing tomorrow, and don't make Sarah watch football-unless she wants to!

Everyone have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Don't eat too much. Gobble, Gobble!


Amy's Purple Poodles said...

So I hear there's another hater out there. I'm not even going to read what he wrote. I just want to know if I can sic the poodles on him!


risalea said...

Well, here I am again. I thought y'all might like to read this. Ro*Tel started following me on Twitter (GDA, too) and they are having this contest about your first time with Ro*Tel....so I had to tell our picnic story. Maybe we'll win the grill to bring to the next picnic!

rosalee said...

Risa -
Nice story. It looks like you have a lot of competition, but I hope you win.

For those who are interested, there's a TV show tonight on the History channel about the Beatles, "The Beatles On Record".

Everyone, have a very nice Thanksgiving!

Cathy Storms said...

Risa, thats a great story. I hope you win.

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. It really means a lot to me.

Hope everyone has a great thanksgiving. We're doing small (very small) tomorrow, cornish game hens, stuffing ,mashed pototaes (my favorite) and asparagus. Just hubby me and my mom. Were doing a big Thanksgiving on Saturday as long as no one else comes down with this really yukky flu. Just praying my mom doesn't get it.

I'll be thinking of everyone tomorrow and add y'all to my blessings..Chris you and Sarah have a great Thanksgiving. And if I have to watch football allday I guess she should also. lol..

DJ in AL said...

Sending Happy Thanksgiving wishes to all of the Fro Patro this morning and to the Head Fro and his fam as well!

I'm hoping wherever you find yourself today you have much to be thankful for and are surrounded by those that you love and love you!

Sending you nothing but love from a very blessed DJ in AL!

Cathy Storms said...

It's Thanksgiving here in a very warm Southern California.
Hope everyone is having a great day with family and friends.
Happy Thanksgiving to all my blogger family.

Carmen said...

Belated birthday wishes. sorry I am late. I just got to a computer this am.
Also wishing all my fellow members of the Fro Patro a happyThanksgiving.
After our phone conversation on dressing yesterday, hubby went and got a small box of cornbread dressing to make just for me. I am sure it won't be as good as the stuffing you are having but at least it is cornbread.

Thanksgiving wishes from Oregon.


risalea said...

That's a good man you've got there, Carmen! We are in Jonesboro, waiting on Gaylon's brother to arrive. Tried a variation on the dressing this year with a recipe that has LOTS of onion-guess everyone better eat dome in self defense! LOL.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving, friends. Very thankful for all of God's blessings, and I count all of you as blessings in my life! Risa

ps. Carmen, we're eating greens and cornbread in your honor today. ; )

Carmen said...

Love me some greens and cornbread dressing.! Gotta laugh, alot of the yankee relatives tried the cornbread dressing and actually liked it better than the bread stuff.
Turkey was great and so was the potatoes. Now feeling the effects and am tired.
Sleepy turkey greetings from Oregon.


Amy's Purple Poodles said...

Sounds like everyone did the same thing I did yesterday-stuffed themselves full of good food and visited with family. I hope all of you that got up in the wee hours of this morning found some good black Friday deals!
Carmen-I'm glad you got your cornbread stuffing.

Chris-hope you got to watch all the football you could handle. How was the turkey and stuffing (just kidding)I'll sic the poodles on myself for that one!

Now its time to get out the Christmas music!


risalea said...

"The Blind Side"-y'all gotta' go see this one if you haven't been. Took the whole family from age 82 down and there wasn't anyone who didn't love it. But take your Kleenex for parts of it. DJ, you'll have to watch for a chance to see Tuberville one more time. ; )

DJ in AL said...

Hope everyone had a Fabulous Thanksgiving, the Jones Fam certainly did! Did a little stimulating of the economy yesterday starting at 5 a.m. then watched my beloved Tigers come oh-so-close to beating their #1 rival and #2 team in the country. Sigh, oh well we'll get 'em next year! Hopefully we tired them out enough to allow FL to crush them next Sat. lol!

Today is decorate the house day, movie day (Risa-going to see Blind Side-will look for Tommy), and pasta night.

So far an amazing Thanksgiving holiday. Much to be grateful for especially spending time with the fam.

Sending my Fro Patro love on this beautiful crisp morning in AL!

Cathy Storms said...

Happy Sunday everyone. Hope ya'll had a great Thanksgiving weekend.
Carmmen, thats for the birthday wishes. I don't remeber when you said you coming home, but have a safe trip.

I finally feel like starting to join the living again. I knew I was starting to feel better late yesterday when I felt that if I had to watch one more football game I was goino to go crazy. Hubby ha been so good I couldn't tell that more that 5 games a day were just a few too many. Good thing I slept almost all day. I shoud'nt complain, he has been so good giving up his whole weekend for me and I love him so much for that.

Anonymous said...

I likey!!!

Wontle said...

Really enjoyed that, Chris! Definitely a sing-in-the-car-song. ☺

Anonymous said...

For those that are interested the dread Sam Sessa reviewed, favorable, Susan Boyle's "I Dreamed a Dream".

He also note that his review copy came with the first ever "As seen on YouTube"

"I plugged Boyle's name into YouTube, and did a quick tally. Boyle-related videos have been watched more than 100 million times."


DJ in AL said...


I love Susan (for the underdog appeal alone) but hate to give Sessa any credit for managing to get something right.

I still fail to see anything in his credentials that make him any kind of expert on the music industry though. Certainly hever heard of him until he bashed Chris.

As far as his writing style, well I think it plainly sucks and lacks integrity. But hey, that's just me:)

Happy Tuesday!

risalea said...

I don't think Susan is the most technically perfect singer out there, but who doesn't love her story? Seriously, she has been afforded what we all would like...the fulfillment of a life-long dream. I have listened to the album, and don't think I want all, but will definitely download a couple of her songs.

It has been a really busy week so far, and doesn't look like it is going to ease up any. I can't believe it is December! Wishing I had a Sligh Christmas concert like last year....I'm just not feeling that holiday spirit yet.

OK, I know I am repeating myself, but if you haven't seen "The Blind Side," run, don't walk to your nearest theater. I ended up seeing it twice before the weekend was over, and seriously would consider going a third time. It's that good.

OK, hoping to hit the hay early tonight. Later, friends.

Anonymous said...

On the topic of Christmas Music, Casting Crowns has a christmas album that my teenage daughter is wearing out these days. Me-- I bought the Idol one I found at ToysR Us, but I haven't listened to it yet. I had Wings Greatest Hits on yesterday whilest cleaning the house, and it was made of deliciousness. Just saying.:-)

I really love Christmas Music tho, and I am tempted by a few of the new albums I've seen advertised out there. (Not Susan Boyle however, IDK.) My Idol fav doesn't like holiday music, so I'll just have to get babyDavid's. :-) I think he's lovely.

risalea said...

Casting Crowns will be here in concert Friday, Bully. Seriously considering going, if I can still get decent seats.

Amy's Purple Poodles said...

Hi everyone,
I just got back from El Paso a few hours ago and am glad to be home. I have the TV on the Grammy Nominations Concert and Rascal Flatts was nominated for "Here Comes Goodby" in the country music category. I think that's pretty cool!

I bought Susan Boyle's CD and I really like it alot.

Cathy-Glad to hear you're feeling better and that you survived 5 football games in one day-I don't think I could make it through one!

P.S.-I have my Chris Sligh Christmas EP in the CD player.

risalea said...

To be specific, Rascal Flatts got nominated for HCG for:

Category 38 "Best Country Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals (For established duos or groups with vocals. Singles or Tracks only.)"

I'm assuming this one goes to the artists...if I'm wrong, correct me. What an honor to have RF nominated for the performance of your song!!

LA, Fro Patro, Jan. 31st? ; )

Anonymous said...

Hi risa--
I hope you can get to the concert. If they do their Christmas stuff too, it could be really nice. :-)

I like them alright, but there is something about an artist doing something "different" than they normally do...or doing covers of older songs, you know? It is familiar, and touching somehow. When a fav artist sings a Christmas standard, and you can recognise their voice? It's thrilling to me. :-)