Saturday, October 31, 2009

Much Needed

Well, we got home at noon on Monday after driving through the night from Enid, OK. We unloaded all of our crap and I proceeded to fall into bed and take a nap to make up for the hour and a half sleep driving all night in the van. I ended up sleeping for 6 hours. Guess I needed it.

On Tuesday I jumped right back into things...maybe a little too fast. Mitch and I caught up over lunch then I went straight to a writing session with a worship leader named Jon Abel. We wrote for a couple of hours and then he headed off and Sarah and I caught up on some tv shows we'd DVR'd during my absence. Glee is incredible. Mad Men is marvelous. And Survivor this year is really good. That's the basics.

Wednesday I went over and sang a couple of demos for a couple of writers named Wade Kirby and Bryan Simpson. One of the songs I co-wrote with them...called "Till Somebody Loves You". Really cool kinda Bryan Adams-esque lyric with a cool country tune. Then I sang a really cool song the two guys wrote together called "Everytime". It was really fun to sing on demos...but by the end of that 2 hour session I was tired. Just still lagging from the tour.

On Thursday morning, we headed to Mt. Vernon, IL to play a one-off show for a church there. The show went great. The crowd was surprisingly really into it. Sometimes smaller towns seem to have a harder time when we rock out, but for the most part the people were really into it! We combined new and old songs, playing the 3 new songs we debuted on the Back to School Tour II plus songs from our regular set list. It was a fun voice barely held up...I think the 2 months on the tour and not enough sleep over the 2 days off didn't give my voice the chance to get back into 90 minute show shape.

So anyway, we got back yesterday afternoon and Jon Skaggs and I went and saw a movie together. Good fun.

Hopefully rest happens asap. Shows not until next weekend, so I've got some time!


risalea said...

Hope you can put up the demos so we can listen. Love to hear what you are working on for others, as well as for yourself.

"Glee" it! I usually end up catching the episodes later, because I am on church nursery duty on Wed. nights (it's mine and 2 other friends' psychotherapy session...babies tell no tales..LOL) This iTunes thing on the iPhone is so a button on your phone...ding, you've downloaded another song. I've got several Glee tunes in my collection.

You deserve some rest, and I hope you'll listen to your body and get some, instead of jumping into the next thing. (Oh, Lordy, there goes that Mom Hat again) I'm telling ya', one night of driving into the early morning hours last weekend did me in...I don't know how y'all do that night after night.

Happy Sunshiney (thank you, Lord!!) Saturday!

EmilyBoo said...

You take care of yourself! You need more sleep or you're going to get sick. Flu is here early and is hitting hard this year! Good to hear you have a nice little break.

I'm loving Glee SO much. I was sad that it wasn't on this week!

Carmen said...

Ditto to what Risa said. I did the weekend in Florida and then the two shows up in OK & Mo and well it wiped me out. It took me three days to catch up on my sleep. You, JS & TL need to get in a boat and do some fishing! Just kick back and relax. I know of a great guide!

Would love to hear the songs that you are working on. So put some up when you can.

Hugs from a finally rested Carmen in Florida!

Amy's Purple Poodles said...

Chris-I don't know how you do it. Where do you get the strength? After going to the three concerts in FL, I was dead tired-and my ears rang for days after. I hope you get some rest so you don't get sick!

I love Survivor. I've watched every season since it started and can't imagine Thurs. night without it, but I CAN'T stand Evil Russell!

Chris, I hope you put up the songs so we can listen to them.


Cathy Storms said...

It sounds like the tour was a huge success. That is awesome. I'm so bummed I didn't get to go to at least one show. Maybe next year.
Get some well deserved rest.
Hope you put up the songs so we can all get a listen.

Hope everyone had a happy Halloween. Today was Ephraim's 4th birthday. I don't know where the time has gone.

DJ in AL said...

Glad you're home for a littl bit, get yourself recharged and ready for whatever is next. I know Sarah is glad to see her man!

So bummed that I didn't get to a BTS concert this Fall, you only got close once and it was my Dad's b'day, sorry you didn't get to see me, LOL!

Home from my AU weekend and we rocked the Ole Miss game-ginormous fun and we are getting to a bowl this year, prolly not a great one but a bowl nevertheless! War Eagle!

Beautiful Fall day in AL, chillin with my fam and loving life!

Sending you love from a Happy DJ in AL!

Brenda (BBC) said...

Mom asked me a week ago about Chris' name, and then she told me that she had heard that he was coming to play at a church in Mt. Vernon, IL. She doesn't live too far from there!

risalea said...

Christmas is slow (and it wasn't me this was youtube being cranky) From the pre-show acoustic set in Springfield, Mo.

Chris wrote this in the aftermath of the tragic death of one of his former band members, but I never hear it without thinking of our dear Amanda.

risalea said...

Oh, one more this from Mandy Eames over on can go here, and click Chris Richardson's name at the top and get a free download of one of his songs:

robyn said...

My Daughter Amanda and I LOVE to watch Glee! and Mad Men is a favorite of mine. We just switched our cable provider and can now DVR shows all over the place and it rocks! so now I can record all kinds of stuff and get back to it...
oh, yeah, what Risa said...would love to hear any demos you could put up for us!!!

Cathy Storms said...

I have to tell a really funny story. Hubby has been working on one of his muscle cars for like forever and whenever I go out in the garage he has this hang dog look so I started singing "Trouble" to him whenever I see him with his head hung down. I always makes him smile. Ok, so I've been blamed for setting off a few car alarms and making dogs howl. Yeah..whatever..anyway, he said, where have you heard that song? So I made him a copy of you Chris singing it from idol and also the one with Ray singing it. It is now hubby's favorite song. He like your version better than Rays and wants to know if you might sing that in concert sometime. Now when I have that hang dog look he sings it to me or even his friends. It's a real crackup...In fact last night when we went out to dinner the first thing he asked me was if I had the CD with you singing "Trouble" in my car. Yeah, like I ever don't have a Sligh CD in my car....

Anonymous said...

Yep, I know where Mt Vernon's at. Mid state IL corn country. Yep yep yeppers.

You sound tired even in your writing this. Hopefully some down time and being at home will make all the difference. (Sunshine today I'm sure didn't hurt either!)

We watch Glee too here. It's humor is sometimes surprising! The music is enjoyable, but then, I'm a musical kind of gal...doesn't bother me at all. Kurt is my fav character-- the football team/Beyonce show was amazing.

risalea said...

"Compassion (Change the World)"

risalea said...

"Here", by Andrew Witt, accompanied by Chris.

This one and the previous one were made at Broken Arrow, OK.

Anonymous said...

LOVE that Compassion(change the world) video, Risa. Thanks for sharing that! :-)

BTW, something to look for-- Krispy Kreme has Pumpkin Spice flavored donuts. Yum! Just saying.

Nicholas Russo said...

Danny Gokey's first single was premiered on his local country station earlier today. It has religious overtones to it, this one could definately crossover into Christian. Just click on the loggg link below to listen:

Hischild said...

Thanks for the new single alert! I listened and I think it's GREAT!
He's in VERY fine voice. Hoping it's a smash on country and Christian.

DJ in AL said...

Happy Saturday Fro Patro!

It's a golden day in the deep South! My fav team won easily and SEC football is on my t.v. All is well!

Headed to my fav Mexican joint for dinner, life is good!

Missing my Blogger Girls though, and boy do we need a new subject to kick around on the blog or what?

Sending you lots of love from DJ in AL!

risalea said...

What a weekend! I have a dear friend who helped immensely when my oldest got married, so I've been helping her with her niece's wedding this weekend. Just as I was leaving today, I got a call from my frantic daughter, that my mom had fallen while walking with her. Luckily, while she was skinned up on her face, and knocked one of her front teeth loose, she didn't hit her head or break any bones.(she's 82) In fact her first question to Linds while blood was pouring from her tooth was..."Linds, look at my ring...did I knock any of the diamonds loose?" (did I tell y'all my mother is a tough old lady?) Feel very blessed it wasn't worse. And blessed that she has a dentist who opened up his office at 9 pm tonight after coming back from a youth hunt with his sons, so that he could look at her tooth and reassure her.

That's my weekend...I'm exhausted and heading to bed! Hope it's as beautiful where you are as it has been here.

Cathy Storms said...

Risa~I'm so glad your mom is ok. She is a tough lady. The face that she still walks with Linds is amazing.
My mom broke her hip in a fall a few years ago and has never recovered.

DJ~sounds like your having a really good weekend. I'm missing my blogger girls also..

Saadi said...


Check out the 'Play On' review by me and leave a comment!

The link is

DJ in AL said...


So glad your Mom is ok, scary stuff! Not surprised she's a tough ole bird considering what her daughter is like, lol!

Gorgeous Sunday in the South, rain headed in for the work week, ugh, like it's not bad enough eh?

Happy Sunday Ya'll!

risalea said...

OK, the blog has been blah this week. Chris, you need to post some of your fun times at the BMI awards from last night. Are you going to the CMA's?

Seriously, folks, if you don't have a twitter acct., get one just to follow Chris. Funny stuff.

Off to another school. Later!

Anonymous said...

Lots of Carrie Underwood news, this week. The award show should be a good one! Can't wait, love those things.

I am dismayed by all the Lambert hype on the blogs, don't like the depressing "inspirational" tone of Gokey's new song(do we really need music to make us guilty for living?), and really am not much of a Kris Allen yeah, I'm really looking forward to some other distractions. Bring on the next Season!

By the way, go and get ChrisRich's new free Walmart download. It's very pleasant.

Carmen said...

Gotta agree with you. Serious funny stuff on the twitter.
Here is a link to a nice photo of our favorite curley headed guy at the BMI awards last night. He is looking mighty good in his new threads! Like I said before, I totally love the new look Chris!!

Cathy Storms said...

Yep, Twitter stuff is pretty funny.

Chris, details on the award show last night. Also, are you going to the award show tonight?

risalea said...

Not a Kris Allen fan? Someone bring me my smelling salts. LOL Actually, though his album doesn't come out until 11-17, you can listen to the whole thing at Some really good songs on there: my faves include "Before We Come Undone", "Alright With Me," "Truth," "Red Guitar," and "Need to Know." I got the Chris Richardson song. I like it, too! And sorry, just not feeling Danny Gokey for country. Honestly, I doubt he's feeling it, either. I think it was an economic decision, not one from the heart. IMHO.

Chris, love it when you are stylin' and profilin'.

DJ in AL said...


Fab pic of you at the BMI awards-dude, you look smokin! (that's ok to say right?) Thanks Carmen for the link.

Sending love to my fellow Fro Patroers on this Veterans Day. And love to any Vets that visit the blog, thanks doesn't begin to express gratitude for making the USA the land of the Free!


DJ in AL said...


I need an explanation of the following tweet:

"Great night. Look for me in the tabloids, though. I kissed Bucky Covington on the mouth and interrupted Taylor's acceptance. LOL"

Seriously, Bucky Covington? Was he your best choice?

Start 'splanin!

DJ in AL said...

So I was gonna boycott the CMA's but well there's nothing else on t.v. So an hour in and here's what I think:

I may have a tiny girl crush on Carrie Underwood! It's so not fair that she looks like that and all I can say is how dumb is Tony Romo?

Darius Rucker, SO happy to see him do well. He paid alot of dues at beach bars in SC, he deserves success.

Lady Antebellum, love, love them!

I know Taylor Swift is precious and I love her to bits but I think I'd rather hear Carrie sing.

Ok, that's my 8:00 report.

P.S. Can't help thinking one day in the future we'll see Chris on stage for song of the year.

DJ in AL said...

Ok, it's the Blog hog back for hour 2 of the CMAs. Thoughts:

Forgot to say last time Zack(sp?)Brown Band, good lord those boys can play!

Tim McGraw, sigh. I don't know the story of why he hasn't been at the CMA's but I sure did enjoy seeing him tonight. sigh

Brooks & Dunn-missed the story of why tonight's their last time and the whole d.i.v.o.r.c.e thing.

Precious Talor, this girl is gonna just keep getting bigger and bigger. Hate that she writes her own stuff.

Jimmy Dickens.....LOL.

Ok, that's it, I'll likely be asleep before the end so someone else can takeover the blog.


risalea said...

Just catching up with the CMA's. Went to a birthday pottery painting party for a friend turning 50. We did themes based on things she likes or likes to do, and she gets all the plates. Cute idea...mine was so good, I'm thinking about quitting ASU and going on the craft fair circuit. LOL

OK, off to watch!

risalea said...

Taylor Swift, Entertainer of the Year? Seriously? OK, she can write a mean song, she has good stage presence, but come on, whatever happened to paying your dues?

19. Wow. And now what?

Cathy Storms said...

I agree DJ, Carrie Underwood is hot!!
I also really like Lady Antebellum.
Sugarland is wonderful.
Zack Brown

Tonight is the last time Brooks and Dunn will perform at the award show since they are retiring.

Taylor Swift, entertainer of the's still on here but I already read on AOL that she won. That is one talented young lady.

Oh my gosh..that little boy "Drake" who has a video on youtube is on the award show..What a cutie pie

DJ in AL said...

Saying 1st that I think Taylor makes a great role model for 19 year olds and I think she has talent in songwriting particular for songs geared towards her age group I just don't see Female Vocalist of the year. Entertainer of the Year?, not sure about that either, she might fill the bill when you consider how much face/air time she got in 09 but she wouldn't have been my choice but I don't know what criteria is used. Honestly anytime I have heard her in a live performance her voice is shaky and wobbly and a tad off key. Anyway just my 2 cents on Taylor.

Enjoyed the awards, funny how long it takes to give out 10 awards but alot of the performances I thought were great. Loved me some Tim McGraw, Darrius Rucker and Lady Antebellum. Carrie and Reba still have the power voices to me and I expected Keith Urban to take something home.

Anyway, seeing how tv sucked last night the CMA's filled the time.

Happy Thursday!

DJ in AL said...

Yes, I know this isn't MY blog, but

Welcome Home to Michael Metcalfe!

that is all..........

Cathy Storms said...

Welcome home Michael!! I bet your are over the moon Carmen..

I agree with you DJ, Taylor Swift is amazing, but her voice is sometimes off key and wobbly.

I actually enjoyed the show last night. When they introduced Rascal Flatts for an award nomination, they played a clip of "Here Comes Goodbye". That was pretty cool.

Tim McGraw, oh yeah..He is so sexy. And Kris Kristoferson..yeah he's still got it going on. Very sexy...

HstryQT said...

<3 Glee, especially the recent Sweet Caroline cover. *melt.* My mom AND my mother in law are Neil's biggest fans... can't get away from it. (My mom's license plate was LUVS NEIL for years. No I'm not kidding).

Wondering how Liberty University was for you? My sister coaches their volleyball team and is an alumnus. I don't know if she was able to make it; she's super busy.

I'll be in Roanoke, VA next week for a conference (hop skip and a jump from Lynchburg, Liberty)... frustrating to be so close to a show at the WRONG time. Ah well. I'll hopefully make up for my lack of shows this year with extra next year :).


Carmen said...

DJ & Cathy
Thanks for the shoutout for my boy Michael. It was so good for him to come home to us. Two years is a really long time. I did my best but still managed to cry when I saw him getting off theplane and I got to hug him. I am loving having him here and all the great stories he has to share. He did say that while he was in Utah was frequently asked if he was Chris Sligh or his brother.
He has already asled when * where Chris will be playing so we can go and see him perform. I knew there was a reason I loved that kid! LOL

Anonymous said...

I had some post-CMA traffic thru my workplace that night, and a couple of very disgruntled musicians made comments about Taylor Swift winning everything, and Entertainer of the Year really? comments. Geez. I told them,that she has had a really great year, people are relating to her and what she has to say, and she's a super talented person. If Faith Hill and Martina McBride want to get some kudos, they need to start doing the same, again.

I hate that "Paid your dues" talk. (Taylor Swift has been in the Biz since she 13) People make it not because they are necessarily backed by "big dollars", but because they have something to add to people, that makes them embraced, IMO. Particularly relevant people make an impact, right away. Look at Lambert, up for a People's Choice award already! It's all in how you appeal, and what culture is feeling.

Carrie Underwood has turned into a paragon of Beauty, IMO. She's come a long way from a girl out of OK who dressed like I do! She's a real star, and I just don't think that's going away any time soon.

BTW, she was on a syndicated show that features here on The Beaver country radio, and they played songs from her new album. She was super nice. I think that means alot. :-)

Anonymous said...

HstryQT-- I hate to admit it, but that Sweet Caroline ep made me actually like that guy a little now. heh! If he is capable of a song like that, "Jewish"-based or not,he can't be all bad! LOL.

I have a total John Denver weakness, so I am NOT one to judge harshly one's Neil D. addiction.;-) We're from the 70's! Acoustic guitar ROCKz!

Anonymous said...

Cathy-- re Tim McGraw?
It's worth watching "FLICKA" just to see Tim riding a horse. Just sayin'.
(He is the best thing about that movie, and the roping scene was hott!)

That's it, I'm done with comment spam.

HstryQT said...

LOL Bully, after Neil, John Denver is a close second for my mom's (and mother in law's) most favorite musician ever. I guess the two lend themselves to the same fan base :).

DJ in AL said...

Did I miss the memo about Chris' EP being released on Itunes??????


Happy Saturday, it's a glorious day in the Deep South!

Carmen said...

Was wondering if you will be doing any type of a Christmas tour. Espcially since your Christmas EP has been recently released on itunes. Maybe with Natalie Grant?? Please let us know--- cause I am sure that there are plenty of us who would like to come.


DJ in AL said...


What Carmen is not saying is that her son Michael home from the land of far is one of the "plenty" who is dying to see you. How can you NOT do a Christmas tour knowing that? LOL

No pressure.

HstryQT said...

Thanks for the heads up DJ! I apparently missed that too. And it was released October 19th! I'm almost a month late - gesh!

Thumbs up on Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (since I suggested it and all... just kidding, I like to take credit for things I had absolutely nothing to do with :). But for real, I love that my favorite favorite Christmas song made the EP!!

Christmas has officially begun folks!

HstryQT said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nicholas R. said...

I was just coming here to post that Chris's christmas EP was released on iTunes, but I see everyone's beat me to the punch. I was lucky to pick up a physical copy of the CD and meet chris himself at a concert in albany last year.

rosalee said...

I saw Chris in Albany last year, too. That was a great show with Brandon Rogers and Blake Lewis. I stayed for both shows and the after-show with the fireworks. This year he's been scarce in the Northeast.

Cathy Storms said...

A Christmas tour would be awesome!! As long as you remember we celebrate Christmas here in Southern California also. hint. hint. hint...

risalea said...

Deb, if you'd look at your Twitter once in awhile, you would have seen the EP info! heehee
I'm such a good fan, I bought it again, just for a chance to play with my iTunes app on my phone. :)

Just back from Sligh concerts to distract me from my shopping mission this time, so it was power shopping all the way. I have NEVER seen it like it was Saturday morning. Folks parking on the gravel in back of Liz Claiborne at Tanger it was so hard to find a parking spot. If there is a recession, someone forgot to tell them up there, and the bargains...well, let's just say I did my part to stimulate the economy this weekend! True patriot, here! LOL

Hope wherever you are, that your weekend was glorious. I'm thinking I need tomorrow off to recoup. Hubby and son are in the deer woods till Tuesday, so I get my chance to have a little peace and quiet.

Chris, hope you had a blast in Greenville w/your brothers! They are super nice young men.

rosalee said...

Some photos on Flickr of Chris (from a concert at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA - Nov 6th):

There are more photos in Flickr of the other band members, but I just selected the ones of Chris because there were too many.

DJ in AL said...


I can't check Twitter during the day as easily as I can the Blog, I wish I could but alas I can't. I aspire to have the size of your bankroll one day so I can buy all the electronic goodies and aps that you have to keep you in the know Sista dear. In the meantime I'll have to rely on my dear friends to keep me in the loop. So how about helping me out a little, dear friend? heehee

Happy Monday all and Chris love the Christmas EP!

risalea said...

Deb--You can't pull up from work? Do they ban it? Didn't know you did iTunes. I really didn't till I got my iPhone. You have a hard copy, don't be whining. LOL When I decide to remodel my kitchen like you, I'll have to cut back on my toys. ; )

risalea said...

Rosalee, thanks for the picture links of Chris! If you pull up one, you can browse through the others with the arrows on the right side of the page. Some good shots of Clint, Jon and Tommy as well!

DJ in AL said...


Yes our security wall bans it, I'm surprised they haven't banned the blog, I look for them to ban it one day. That will be a sad day indeed.

I haven't used my ipod in a very long time. I'm hoping to upgrade my cell phone for Christmas so maybe I can get hooked up then but I'm technically challenged on a good day.

I'm not whining Sista dear-just defending myself from your love swats at me:)

Cathy Storms said...

Rosalee, thank you so much for posting those photos. They are awesome. Some great pictures of Chris and the boys...

DJ in AL said...

Question for the fans in the know?
When you go to Chris' site I notice that the tour info seems to start on 11/29 going forward, but where are concert dates prior to then? I have missed a date close to home recently but I never saw it on the tour date schedule so I suspect I am doing something wrong or perhaps my work computer is blocking something.

Inquiring minds need to!

Anonymous said...

the tour info starts on 12/29 going forward to 3/13/2010, the end of the cruise.

DJ in AL said...


You are right, I'm sorry, 12/29 not 11/29 but that's not my question. My question is, isn't he playing somewhere between now and 12/29? I know he played in GA a couple of weeks ago but I didn't see this date on the tour schedule making me wonder what other dates am I missing between now and 12/29? Does that make sense?

rosalee said...

DJ -

You're not missing anything. I post what I am given to post. There just are not a lot of tour dates at the moment. You can also check on or

DJ in AL said...


I was actually looking at the other site, not the one you maintain, I know you keep us up to date:) I should have checked your site for the GA date.

I will definitely check or, thanks!

rosalee said...

DJ -

I maintain AND I can only post what they give me on Occasionally they leave off a date, but for the most part it's been accurate.

DJ in AL said...


I didn't realize you maintained both sites, geez it's beginning to sound like I don't know much about anything. LOL

I just happened to see Jon commenting on FB about a gig in GA that I didn't realize was happening. Hate to miss anything close to my neighborhood. But no worries as you say, you can only know what you know:)

Think I'll call it day, I haven't gotten too much right today, I need to start over fresh tomorrow!

Carmen said...

Hey Chris,
Looks like you need to post on the blog and let everyone know if there will be any dates before the end of Dec. Inquiring minds want to know. Besides we are feeling a little neglected over here. Throw us a crumb! :)

Anonymous said...

Who is Chris' management these days?
The link to the previous site no longer works.


Anonymous said...

*still is jellus of rosalee getting to see Blake and Chris at the Christmas thing in Albany last year...*

Kris Allen was on GMA this morning. He seemed slicker than what I'd seen last of him, more polished. They told him how darn nice he seemed, and I still think that is a fine quality to have. As an Idol performer, I think it helps keep the fanbase loving you, definitely.

Anyway, it's neat when you see the progression, on how the Idols grow over time and performing. :-)I was watching S5 Hollywood review show on TVG thinking that very thing yesterday. It's nice, if even in a second hand way.

Hope all is well for you Chris. If you see B.Reith, tell him to hang in there!

rosalee said...


Although management firm Blanton, Harrell, Cooke & Corzine no longer exists, Chris still uses Mitch White as his manager, now at Moose Management.

Amy's Purple Poodles said...

Hey Everyone,
I just got back from spending a week house and dog sitting for my brother while he went hunting. Talked to Carmen this past Sat. I'm so glad Michael is back home and you are happy, Carmen!

I watched the CMA awards at my brother's house, and was not suprised to see Taylor Swift win Entertainer of the Year. I don't like her as much as I like Carrie Underwood's voice. My niece really likes Taylor Swift.

Like DJ, I'm technologically challenged so getting into more technology would just be a mess.

What's up Chris? Let all of us who aren't on Twitter know what's going on with you.


EmilyBoo said...

This lack of posted concert dates is a problem. What if I miss one close to me? I STILL haven't seen a Sligh concert.

risalea said...

The tour dates are much more up to date since Rosalee took over putting them on Chris's website. My guess is there may be some tentative dates that aren't as of yet confirmed, and therefore they don't send them to her.

gdahimself said...

Amy's Purple Poodles

Investigate Twitter, it appears that's where information appears first, if at all.

EmilyBoo said...

For a while, I was checking for concert dates at but there is only one date currently listed there, for August of next year! Is Chris still with that agency? If so, I don't understand why they have no other dates posted, not even the cruise.

I know Rosalee can only post what she's given, and she does a great job!

risalea said...

Come to Arkansas, April 11th is the date we hope to nail down!