Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Picnic

Just wanted to give you guys an official announcement. There will be more details coming, but we have a date: July 5, 2008. So, plan on coming into Nashville for that weekend. Yes, it is July 4 weekend, making it that much easier for you and your friends and family and extended family and in-laws to make their way to Nash-vegas, Tennessee!

More details to come. But you can check out for more information.


Cathy Storms said...

Yeah!!!NashVegas here we come...
I am so excited. I can't wait.

TimeYUPunishMe said...

Hey Chris,

That's my birthday. :)

How are you?

Have a g'daay.



debjinal said...

Dude, ya da man! Mucho thanks!

I'm gonna meet Chris in July, I'm gonna meet Chris in July, I'm gonna meet Chris in July, I'm gonna meet Chris in July!



Anonymous said...

Ooooooh! Thanks Chris for making time for us! Now I can set about finagaling my way out east. By hook or by crook! (and Lord willing, of course).

HstryQT said...

Woo hoo for an official announcement! :)

For those of you who tried the link a little bit ago and found it not updated - it is NOW updated for your viewing pleasure.

We also have *some* hotel information up. There's some behind the scenes work going on to see about deals at that hotel (Homewood Suites) as well as some others; so keep checking for updates. I'll be adding stuff later.

Also, if you haven't added yourself to the guest list yet - just use the email through the website to be added.

:) Lori

debjinal said...

Thanks Lori for the site info!


IknowIam said...

Sweet!!! An official announcement!!!

This will be awesome! I'll finally get to meet you all (and Chris Mwahahahahaaaaa.

I'm so excited, I might eat a whole bucket of chicken from KFC tonight...


IknowIam said...

Wow, it certainly has been a while since an update!! I can't believe it's been so long!

Time goes too fast.. :(

Someone make it stop, please.

risalea said...

Doing the happy dance in Sherwood, AR! It's kind of like having a family reunion.(except we'll probably all get along better than that! LOL)

And not only will I get to see Chris again, I'm meeting my long lost twin!

Only 162 days to go (not that I'm counting!) : )

Take care, Risa

rosalee said...

"Having been some days in preparation
A splendid time is guaranteed for all
And at night Mr. Sligh is topping the bill."

(Some slightly altered lyrics from "Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite" - Lennon/McCartney)

Carmen said...

Yeah! Yeah! An Official Announcement!!!
Nashvegas here we come! I can't wait until we all get to meet. It is going to be awesome!

Keri said...

Hey Everybody!

Sorry to have been gone so long. Been a bit sick here, I had pneumonia in both lungs and was in the hospital a while and then was plain ol' lazy and didn't feel like posting after that. Feeling better now - what a great way to perk a fro' patro'er up! Yea!! Nashville here we come! Can't wait for the album release either.

On another subject - I don't recall her name right now but was anyone else suprised the judges didn't give a golden ticket to that lovely girl who is also an air force pilot. Of course I have no musical ability myself to judge with but I thought she deserved a chance.

aka RadKca

rosalee said...

She deserved more of a chance than some of the others they let slip through. However, the only ones that matter are the top 24 and she might not have made it that far anyway.

Carrie said...

As of now.... I can't go. Unless I get a job. And it sucks, but I'll try.

My friend just got here and I woke up with the flu. What is today, seriously? :(

Cathy Storms said...

Chris~My 4 year old grandaughter Deliah (you remember, your best friend, she thinks so anyway) is already telling everyone she is going to see her best friend Chris...Hopefully it will work out that I can bring her. She is so excited....She still talks about you and how long ago was the San Diego concert? You made quite an impression on that little one...

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear you're sick especially after all you've gone through lately. I got sick when my mom died. Had laryngitis and couldn't communicate w/all our out of state relatives. Sometimes extreme stress (like a death in the family) just physically takes it out of you. Rest as much as you can.

Don't write off Nashville so quickly. BELIEVE Carrie! BELIEVE! I am looking at what I can sell on Craig's List or ebay. This place could use a BIG de-cluttering anyway. Also, will try to pick up extra nursery shifts at church and SAVE it up no matter what! Look for small ways to earn a few bucks. Opportunities are all around. Also, I think I remember a plan for others to donate to help some people who may be a bit short but Lori would know about that.
AND looks like Pres Bush and Congress my help immensely. They may give us $2100 of our money back. We PROMISE to spread ours around immediately. ha ha Maybe you will be getting something too?

And Keri, nice to hear from you again! You've really been through it. Glad you're back at your keyboard! :o)
And, yes, I would have sent the pilot to Hollywood.

Nique's Nana said...

OMG! OMG! I'm so excited - hey Cathy Storms, if my hubby doesn't want to go do we want to try getting together on this this trip? E-mail me - I'm not trying to pressure you. If you have other plans that's ok. I've given my hubby till Sunday to confirm with me if he's going.

Badpacifist said...

I'll be there with my wife and my grand girl. As time gets a little closer we could use some advice about hotels etc. close to the yet to be announced venue.

rosalee said...

I was disappointed to read today that "The Color Purple" will be closing on Broadway on Feb.24th. It seems that ticket sales are way down since Fantasia left earlier this month. Lakisha Jones had just started a role in that show in December. She had told me last week at her "Chicken Soup for the American Idol Soul" book signing that her run was good for a year. An interesting implication from the article:

"Closing of "Purple" frees up the Broadway Theater, one of the street's largest houses. Venue is said to be eyed by producers of the upcoming legit adaptation of "Shrek," set to bow on the Rialto this fall."

Yeah - Shrek. I wonder how that's going to turn out?

Here's the full article (I found it on MJ's):

risalea said...

I know Rosalee, GDA, and other northern friends will laugh at this. It sleeted for about an hour this morning and several schools in the area (including the college I work at part time) closed down for the day. We don't like the slippery stuff down here. LOL Of course, the problem is, we often get the ice that is impossible to drive on, instead of snow. Oh, well, we all love a SNOW DAY! Especially now that I'm not teaching and I don't have to make it up in June!

161 days!

debjinal said...


I feel ya! This past weekend they were "predicting" 3-4 inches of snow. I went to the grocery store on my regular day and they were, you guessed it, out of milk, bread and hamburger meat! Cracks me up, what do people plan to make with that combo meat-loaf? Anyway as is always the way when they go "predictng" we got a dusting! They have millions of dollars worth of dopplar this and dopplar that but at the end of the day they can't even tell us when it's going to rain!

gdahimself said...

A comedian once commented about how newsanchors needle the weathermen when they're off base or wrong. He would to like them retort "You get to report history, I'm trying to predict the future!"


Anonymous said...

Finally a date, yay! Hopefully most of us will be able to go.

Chris, from the spoilers I've read Brandon Green doesn't make the top 24 :( I thought he would but the worst part for him is that he is on the top 50 list so he wouldn't be able to try out again.

Still no baby yet, she's due in 2 weeks but my sister has a feeling she'll be here in the next week.

HstryQT said...

OMG Tawny; your sister being due so soon just made me re-realize how soon it is for Teddy's arrival! Ahhh!!

Hope your sister is comfortable and sleeping well. You better let me know as soon as you can when Emmy gets here!

I have my second baby shower today; being thrown by our friends here in Indy. This mornings going to draaag by waiting for the shower to start! I can't wait.

And GDA - I've always loved that joke about the weatherman. It's so true!

Carmen said...

Now that we have date for the picnic, we have to make arrangements for you to get to Jacksonville so that you can ride with me to the picnic.
I bet you are excited about becoming an aunt. Not much longer.


risalea said...

I just want you guys to know I'm throwing down the gauntlet and I'm out to win the prize for bringing the most people to NashVegas. (well, if there is a prize. LOL)
So far, I've got my husband, daughter and youngest son, my baby sister and her 2 children and 3 friends. I'm not done! : ) Risa

risalea said...

Whoops, meant to say congrats in advance to your sis, Tawny. I know those last weeks seem to drag. Where does she live, and is there any chance of us meeting her in July?

Anonymous said...

I think you already win, hands down! Wow!

I love the fact that this is scheduled over Independence Day weekend! More people should be able to make it. And there's no better time to get outta Dodge (Phoenix) than then.
In fact, the entire months of July and August should just be canceled. LOL

(thoroughly enjoying January)

gdahimself said...
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gdahimself said...

Why are we calling Nashville, NashVegas, it seems, all the time.
It makes it sound like the city has gotten gaudy and over commerialized in a decidely low class way, like a new developement where houses are described as McMansions.

risalea said...

GDA, you are being too serious. It's all in fun. Besides, I made a really cute (some might call gaudy...I call bejeweled) shirt that I wore to the AI concert in Memphis I can recyle and reuse that weekend..."Chris Sligh Blogger Girl" on the front and "NashVegas or Bust" on the back. : )

You haven't said...are you planning on coming? I promise you are going to have fun if you do. Tom in Atl, we haven't heard from you. There will be more details up on the picnic page after the weekend. Risa

Tom in ATL said...

HI All -

Sorry for being awol. Broke my hand playing basketball - had surgery the week my wife started a job - been a one armed Mr. Mom half the time - trying to type left handed -it's been nuts.

Right now I look doubtful for the picnic - got plans over the 4th but will try and shake loose and get to Nashvegas.

Peace -

Tom in ATL

risalea said...

Ouch, Tom! Hope you're healing nicely. Hey, there's nothing wrong with being Mr. Mom. My husband has been doing that the last few months and he's found out after 29 years of married life he can cook! He made a killer Italian Creme Cake for our friend's birthday last week. Who knew?

The picnic and concert are on the 5th, so maybe you can scoot in after your 4th plans. We'll save some BBQ for you!

rosalee said...

Today’s Adventure:

Constantine Maroulis Borders book signing – Chicken Soup for the American Idol Soul. 1/26/08

Well, I got there at the start at 2:00 PM. Of course, I wore a new Fro Patro shirt for the occasion. What a difference in attendance between last week with Lakisa Jones and today! Lakisha had about two dozen people on a weekday night, where Constantine had between 200 and 300 people this Saturday afternoon. The crowd was predominantly female, but was a mix of all ages. Yep – he had his share of grannies! Constantine’s relatives also came out to see him today (sister, cousins, aunt, uncle). You could see the family resemblance right away.

When people bought the book, they were given wristbands in different colors (pink, purple, orange, green, blue), about 40-50 people to a color. I am not sure of the reason for the different colors, other than as some form of crowd control. Radio station WMJC 94.3 (music of the 80’s, 90’s and now) was there to introduce him before his performance and they also had some games for the kids. Other than the Borders Books photographer, I saw no other media types present.

Constantine started promptly with his concert. He sang four songs (Girl Like You, Several Thousand, Everybody Loves, (all from his 2007 CD) and Kiss From A Rose). You can hear most of these songs on his myspace site He was accompanied by his guitarist, Ben Phillips (from FAMOUS). Phillips’ guitar seemed to overwhelm Constantine’s singing because the microphone volumes weren’t totally balanced properly. However, they both did a fairly decent job and entertained the crowd.

After the concert, the line formed for the book signing. The books cost $15.00. He was also selling his CD for $15.00 and small posters for $5.00. He spent an incredible amount of time with each person on line, taking multiple pictures with them. I saw no reporters, but the woman writer from last week was there and I schmoozed with her for a while. I made sure that I stayed in front of the barrier just opposite Constantine so that my shirt would get noticed and hopefully be in a lot of pics.

I was the last one in line to see Constantine. Harry didn’t go with me this time, so I made friends with the Borders photographer. He took my picture with Constantine and I hope to receive a pic or two to put up on the fansite. Constantine noticed my shirt, but didn’t know what “Fro Patro” meant. I had to explain that this is Chris’s fan base, just like Taylor Hicks has the Soul Patrol. However, he DID remember meeting Chris’s wife. THAT made an impression on him! Hear that Chris???
I told Constantine that I’d be writing about him on this blog tonight. He signed my book with “Rosalee Rocks!”

The event ended on schedule, at 5:00 PM. If the line had moved along quicker, he could have been out of there much earlier. I was disappointed that there wasn’t more media there, but I’m sure that Constantine picked up a few more fans in the process. He was very generous with his time.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious take off on Carrie's Jesus Take The Wheel. Maybe you all will enjoy.

Look at the rest of this comedians videos too. My stomach hurts from laughing so much!

Marley said...

I'm there!!! We need a countdown. Yikes Keri. I have pneumonia, too.

rosalee said...

Well, Risa -
We finally tried the Rotel tomatoes. I decided to forego the ground beef and just made the cheese dip. Apparently this Rotel is an acquired taste. It was much too hot for us! I couldn't taste the tomatoes at all. It just tasted like hot cheese! Oh, well thanks for trying. Better to find out now than at the picnic.(LOL)

Shalom left a message on the fansite in the comments on the front page. She lives on the west coast of Canada but has to be in Nova Scotia on July 5th for a wedding. Almost worth catching Chris's concert that night....

Anonymous said...

rosalee! I warned you about those Ro-Tell! WHOoooo-eee! :-)

risalea said...

Oh, gosh, I'm so disappointed. I had hoped you would like it. I don't like hot stuff, and it's not hot at all to me. All is not lost,though, there is a mild version of Rotel. We'll have to find you some in Nashville. : ) You might save your dip by add the taco meat we talked about and some more Velveeta.

rosalee said...

I'm freezing the rest of it until July 5th!(LOL)

Now I know the REAL reason why they wouldn't let that can of Rotel go north on that airplane!

(just kidding)

debjinal said...


Rosalee would probably like the Mild version better and personally I would make it with sausage or beef but maybe it is strictly a "Southern" thing.


gdahimself said...

Ro*Tel related

DJ “… I would make it with sausage or beef but maybe it is strictly a "Southern" thing.”

Sausage or beef - grilled, broiled or fried then sliced or diced?

The mostly “Northern” or more accurately New Jersey thing revisited:
“…Taylor Ham and Taylor Pork Roll? The proper name according to the manufacturer is, "John Taylor's Original Taylor Pork Roll, " but many of us in Jersey call it "Taylor Ham." Think of it as Kleenex is to tissues, Taylor Ham is to Pork Roll.

According to Eric of Taylor Provisions, people use the two names interchangeably.”

The above and the rest reproduced from Jersey Pork Roll site:

“Jersey is famous for far more than landfills, the Sopranos, overcrowding, …
From the Garden State came the genius of Thomas Edison, the talent of Frank Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, the first baseball and football games, boardwalks, salt water taffy, Jersey diners, and so much more.

So maybe you're not so grateful for Jerry Lewis, traffic circles, or the Miss America Pageant, but one of the best foods in the world also comes from New Jersey, Taylor Ham or pork roll!

Slice it thick or thin, tangy or mild, make the four little cuts around the edges so it doesn't curl when you cook it, and brown it till it's just the way you like it in a honest-to-God, Jersey Diner.”

Lori, they are one of several concerns that sell and ship. Add pickles if you choose.

The Wikipedia entry on Taylor Ham:

A micro-documentary from the blog
“Where is the line between North & South Jersey?: Taylor Ham Pork Roll and more :


Cathy Storms said...

This morning on our local Country Music Station US 95.7, they had an interview with Phil and played his new song again. I only caught the last part of the interview but it was pretty cool...

Anonymous said...

They've been showing Phil on the IdolWrap shows, a quick interview and piccies from his coming album. He seems content, and very relaxed in them.

(If they gave him some Ro-Tell that would put a fire in his eye! heh!)

HstryQT said...

The Fro patro picnic website has been updated.

debjinal said...


When I make it, which I confess isn't very often, I place ground sausage in a skillet and cook it, drain the grease and add it and the Rotel to the melted Velveeta.

Throw it on some Tostitos and you're good to go!

Carrie said...

I hope everyone can keep me up to date on the picnic. (things that go on outside of here) My biggest fear is flying out there all alone, rooming alone and just... being alone in a strange place. I have someone who may come with me, but I need to know one of you will help me out with things if need be so that I'm not left in the dust.

Also if we pitch in our money, what happens if we can no longer go? I'm getting a job so I should be able to, but I'm more .... really afraid of going in the middle of nowhere all by myself.

risalea said...

Carrie, if you will check in periodically at the picnic site, you'll know everything there is to know as it is finalized.

Carrie said...

I guess my only main worry is if my friend can come with me or not because I'm scared of staying alone in a hotel room. I'm a big baby haha.

IknowIam said...

Nice update! I'm probably going to be bringing -a- friend with me just so I don't get kidnapped and held ransom by a pack of hungry zombies.

Fan awards huh? How will that work exactly? I'm gonna win the one that says "Award for the least amount of posts from a Fro-Patroer on Chris' blog". lol.

I'm looking forward to the picnic!! I hope -all- of you can make it!

What's this Ro-tel you all keep talking about? Is that the nasty beans and rice stuff that comes in cans? Blech.... Nasty...Unless we have scoopable nachos!! hahaha yes!


rosalee said...

Norman -

Rotel contains no beans or rice. It's just diced tomatoes, but there are spices and hot chilis mixed in which make it VERY PEPPERY!

Deb in TN said...

Hey guys, I've been quick on and off here due to too many doctor visits and trips to Memphis, but oh goodie, a picnic and chance to have fun with all the Fro Patro characters...and equally exciting will be meeting Chris finally and hearing his beautiful voice again....I can't think of a better way to spend my 4th July weekend...Thanks to everyone who put this's fantastic!

Carrie, my condolences regarding the loss of your grandfather...I hope you are healing inside and that each day will bring you back to a happier day and time....hang in there.

Tom, hope that hand is healing well...Let me know if you need any Lefthanded tips...I'm a Southpaw myself....Look at the bright side--while you are operating Lefthanded, you will always be in your Right mind...that can't be so bad, can it? LOL

ashleykbearfield said...
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ashleykbearfield said...
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