Saturday, October 20, 2007

Working Feverishly

Well, I leave tomorrow morning for sunny City of Angels. I'm excited. But I am working feverishly to get caught up on demos. I wrote 8 songs this week and finished up 2 other songs. So, I have 10 demos that I'm trying to get done to throw into the mix for my record. As I said before, we have 15 that we're mulling over, but I'm hoping to write better songs to knock some of those 15 down the totem pole. I think I succeeded this week.

I wrote with Tony Wood on Wednesday and we wrote a new song and he helped me finish the lyric for another I had. The song we wrote together (well, he wrote lyrics, I wrote music) is called "Between Two Forevers" and is the idea that an end could come at any time, so we should live life to the fullest. The lyric is gorgeous. I put music to it, but am re-writing to make it even better. This lyric deserves my best shot musically. The song we finished was called "The Movement" but when we re-wrote the chorus and pre-chorus, the name changed to "Good Intentions". I really, really like it. It's very agressive musically and the lyric is really cool, and different for me. So I'm excited. I mean, we spent 4 hours just rewriting the chorus, so I hope it's good.

I wrote with Sam Mizell yesterday. Sam and I pushed out a song called "Hurts Just a Little Bit" which is a soulful piano mid-tempo rocker that talks about the idea of "if it hurts just a little bit, you're probably doing the right thing". The lyric and music on that one is really freaking cool, too. I am struggling to figure out if it fits on my record, but even if it doesn't it's one of those songs I could see getting cut really quickly. It's really cool.

Then later yesterday, I worte with a NY writer named Nate Campany and a Nashville guy named Chad Cates. We churned out a great 6/8 rocker called "Grace Finds Me". The lyric on the chorus is:

Somehow the night finds the day
Fall finds the spring, the rain finds the sea
And just as the wind finds its way
Jesus, each day
Somehow your grace finds me

I'm really excited about this one. I think this could be a strong CCM single. And that's what I'm trying to get right now. So, hopefully that works out.

Anyway, I must run to finish demos. But before I leave, I thought I'd let you know, I put "Good Intentions" up on myspace, so check it out and let me know what you think.

Also, I put up an acoustic demo of another song called "The Breakdown". Let me know what you think.


debjinal said...


Listed to The Breakdown, no surprise here, I love it. It is so exciting hearing the new stuff. You are no doubt pouring your heart and soul into these demos, and it shows, I mean sounds!

Keep doing what you do Chris.

Love from DJ in AL

Toni said...

Hi Chris,

Just listened to The Breakdown (and all the other songs, just cause I could!) As always, you're awesome!!

Thanks so much for sharing your amazing talent with all the rest of us.


Cathy Storms said...

Listened to both new songs on your myspace..Love them both.
How do you pick which songs will go on your new CD? It sounds like you put so much of yourself in each song it seems like it would be a really hard process.
I can't wait to hear your new CD.
Coming to LA tomorrow? Theres a Santa Ana coming in so expect some dry hot winds. It's actually my favorite kind of California weather.
How long are you going to be in LA?

Have a safe trip...

Anonymous said...

I really like "Good Intentions." It has a really cool vibe all around. I can't wait to hear "Grace Finds Me" the chorus already sucked me in. I'm really liking the vocals and lyrics in "The Breakdown"...

I hope I don't just come off as biased but I actually have liked eveyrthing so far, hopefully you still take everything I say seriously lol. Seriously though, you're consistently writing and recording great songs. I'm getting more excited with each new song/and or lyric we get.

My friend is currently playing "Kiss From A Rose" on her laptop next to me.. memories of someone's great audition.

Amy Bennett said...

Love the lyrics to that song...can totally hear it on radio.

Carrie said...

And people think you're doing nothing? HOW? I really like these a lot. I know that isn't some deep comment like I always try to leave, but know that is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Carrie, that's exactly what I was thinking. I'm just hoping that as things continue falling into place for Chris, those select few will be eating their words.

P.S-Who are you all rooting for in the world series? Rockies or the Indians/Redsox? I want to see the Rockies take it all.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris! Thanks so much for writing, before the big trek to LA! You have indeed had a great week, and productive too.

I really, really like the sound of what you've done. The lyric you posted really speaks to me, as I'm all like in everything has a time and a season, etc. I really love the sounds of that--and I'll check the myspace definitely. :-)

I hope you have a really good trip. Thanks again for taking the time to share, before you go.

risalea said...

Somehow the night finds the day
Fall finds the spring, the rain finds the sea
And just as the wind finds its way
Jesus, each day
Somehow your grace finds me

Love, love, love these lyrics. One of my favorite church hymns is "His Grace Reaches Me". And His grace that is so freely given to us is a wondrous thing. Can't wait to hear the melody. I'll listen to your new songs when I get home. Take care and safe travels, Risa

Carrie said...

Also can I just say I LOVE PIANO ROCK. I don't know how many people do but I do. A lot. So if you have songs like that, I will go crazy. I don't know if can even play the piano, but your songs where you have piano in it are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, Chris! I am jumpin' up and down excited to eventually hear ALL the stuff you write! Whether you record it or some other artist does.
LOVE the "Grace Finds Me" lyric. It's beautiful! And oh SO true!
I think I'll put my own tune to it for humming and memorization purposes until I hear YOUR totally awesome version that will, of course, make me cringe at my nominal talent and uber-appreciate your gift of music anew.

Blessings to you in L.A. next week.

(off to myspace to hear your good "stuff")

P.S. Must say I love piano rock too and thank you repeatedly for turning me on to Ben Folds. Will I ever be able to repay?? :o)

question said...

this is kinda off topic and i haven't been here since june. sorry for my random post. In a blog titled "RIP(till september":

""So, life moves on and my blog will be updated in September with posts concerning every show (I'll be writing as I go along, just not publishing the blogs).""

chris, you posted this back in June when you decided to stop blogging during the tour. You said you'd post about every show once the tour was over............are we ever gonna get to see those posts? i went to multiple shows and would love to read what you had to say about them

Carrie said...

hey anon person I'm assuming Chris is still busy with his recording and this question has already been answered, so I'll just go ahead and say what the answer is. I hope Chris doesn't mind.

Basically, he is going to just decide not to post anything from the tour because when other people are brought up, it often starts problems for some reason and he doesn't want something to come across and sound like it's insulting anyone else, etc and wants to focus on the now, so those blogs won't really be posted or anything. Maybe he'll have more to add.

Hope that helps though.

Anonymous said...

What Carrie said :P Yeah, he pretty much said he wouldn't be posting blogs about the tour because of privacy and the drama it creates when he mentions other's names.

HstryQT said...

The Breakdown is beautiful and there's so much truth to the lyric. It's great. And Good Intentions really rocks out! Very cool metaphor. :)

Have fun in LA!!

Oh and I just decided - I'm totally going with Steve Colbert for President 2008! :) Chris he's being sponsored by Doritos - your favorite! It's the "Hail to Cheese Stephen Colbert Nacho Cheese Doritos Presidential Campaign." Now we're talkin'! :)


Anonymous said...

Feedback on the two songs-
"Good Intentions", I like the sound of, but I'm tripping a bit with the metaphor of the gun in the lyrics. I dunno, scarey. The song is catchy tho.

"The Breakdown"-having gone thru times in life hat have broken me down, there's something about this song that strikes me as optimistic. There's a sweetness in it that seems to reassure you. Maybe it's the tone of your voice, but it's rather nice.:-)

We watched "Elizabethtown" the movie last night, and anyone who hasn't seen it, really ought to. Its a quiet movie, but apparently it speaks volumes to even men. It's one of those movies/stories that sneaks into your mind and hooks you. (One of our favorites now, next to "Cars"!)

Things don't have to be big-wow to hook you. Sometimes it's sinuous thought that does the trick. I like the thoughts that have been going into your songs of late, and I can't wait to hear the Grace one.

Marleybone said...

I know everytime you put up a demo I say it is my favorite. It's just so much fun to hear all of this new music. And I think you just keep getting better - closer to exactly where you want to be musically. I totally agree with Amy B. - The Breakdown belongs on the radio. You need to find someone who is writing a screenplay about a breakdown. Also would be interested in a discussion about "letting go". An integral part of the chorus in The Breakdown and seems to be the title of your next album??

DJ - what happened? You have to tell us:)

Marleybone said...

Doing some thinking....Although it is with great convictions that we decide to "Let Go and Let God," our compulsions may lead us to take back what we have given to Him. Therefore, this decision must be made on a daily basis.

chastity said...

Hey Chris, my son asked me to write and see when u are gonna send his prize from the lookalike contest he won. I know u have been really bust but he would REALLY be happy to get it. thanks!

risalea said...

Hey, guys. I got to visit with Amanda and her mom, Tammy, this afternoon. Amanda is hanging in there like a trooper. Her mom is a sweetheart. They are both so appreciative of all the good wishes that have come Amanda's way. Keep her in your prayers and keep posting on her journal and sending cards and notes. Some of you may have been a hospital patient at one point, and you know how long a day or two can seem, much less the length of time that Amanda will have to be in. Marleybone, your poster is on the wall opposite her bed, so I think Chris R. is probably the first thing she sees when she wakes up! : ) And Rosalee, she got your gift, too, and thanks you. She's loved every present and note sent her way.

If I've said this already, forgive me, but I've just got a greater appreciation of how decisions we make can cause that tiny ripple effect that changes people's lives. Chris decided to continue writing his blog and letting us share on here. Through it we had a chance to meet our Amanda, and now we're able to help her with our prayers and encouragement. Next summer we'll have a picnic and raise money for St. Jude's to help fund the wonderful work they do. So much good out of one guy's decision to share his thoughts with us. So thank you, Chris. I know God's hand is in it.

Love you all, Risa

Carianne said...

you LIKE the Santa Ana's? How strange! I can't stand them! Dry and hot is horrible! I prefer cooler weather..

I especially hate the Santa Ana's today because thanks to them my throat hurts from coughing, my eyes are burning from the smoke, and people are being evacuated from their homes!

Carianne said...

I didn't mean to imply that Cathy would be happy about the people evacuating their homes... I just reread my post and realized it might have looked a little funny. Sorry, I'm tired.

Cathy Storms said...

carianne~No I didn't think you thought I would be happy with that.

Your so right about the Santa Ana's. This one really sucks. Just heard my daughter is being evacuated with 3 small kids and a dog. I'm waiting to see if I can leave work if I can even get home now. She's coming to my house.

This has been the worst I have ever seen & I have lived in California all my life....

As you can tell, I am really nervous this time.

Cathy Storms said...

Chris~If your in LA stay inside & stay safe. It is really bad down here in San Diego. My kids & grandkids are all here at my house since they were evacuated.
I know I said that Santa Ana's were my favorite kind of weather, but I have changed my mind. This is the worst I have ever seen.
They have evacuated hospitals & resthomes in the area.

rosalee said...

Chris -

I see you’ve taken down the new songs as well as “Love is Raining Down”. From what I heard, there’s definitely “beauty in The Breakdown”. I hear faint echos of the Communion song and a touch of Rise in the chorus. “Good Intentions” is also nice, but the intro and chorus seem somewhat rhythmically similar to the intro and chorus of “Love is Raining Down”. Maybe it’s just the arrangements. I would put these songs on separate CDs.

I held off with your California send-off because you put out those new songs and I didn't want to spoil the mood. However, now that you've taken them down, here's a bit of the West Coast:

risalea said...

Chris, let us know how you're doing in LA when you get time--it sounds like bad stuff going on. My brother is in Temecula an hour out of San Diego and I'm trying to get hold of him to see if anything is going on there.

Darn it, I didn't get to hear everything! Risa

rosalee said...

"Potential" and "To The World" have low counts on them, so they may be new versions (probably with some subtle changes).

I think I have an idea of what DJ’s bad luck is. It might have to do with missing another celebrity at a concert or at an appearance somewhere. Amy Grant/Vince Gill perhaps?

DJ - are you going to tell us your sad tale?

Carrie said...

You can tell "To The World" is much different.

"Potential" is pretty much the same, just has somewhat of an added beat to the newer version.

Anonymous said...

So glad you are doing well. We wish you much success! These lyrics are awesome and can't wait to get your new CD! When is 'communion song' coming out?

A fellow Seacoaster

Cathy Storms said...

Risa~So far Temecula is safe. Closest to them now is Fallbrook but its burning to the west. We're still safe here in Vista ,just s/o Fallbrook. Its so weird. I really think we are being blessedright now because the fires have gone all around us. We hardly have any wind and the smoke is going around us.
We are still on full alert. This is so scary..
Chris, let us know that you are okay..

Carrie said...

I'm sure he is just fine.

Also that anon crap in the last blog? Needs to stop.

debjinal said...


No sad tale, but thanks for asking.
Nothing to tell, mark it down to a poorly written post. Sorry to disappoint.


Glad to hear you have escaped the fires so far. Keep us posted.


I'm with you on the anon garbage.

Carrie said...

I'm a little disappointed "Good Intentions" was taken down. I really liked it. Shaking my finger in disapproval!

Deb in TN said...

Hi everyone...I'm back from my Daughtry was great....Hope your week has started out on a positive note...if not, hope it will be better tomorrow...

Chris, love the new song concepts...really interested in hearing Between Two Forevers...will probably touch my heart deeply having had a near death experience myself a few years ago and also losing my Mother recently to MRSA(staph) suddenly after just talking to her on the phone the day before she died...I was on my way to Alaska to see her and help with her coming home...I didn't make it in time....She fell into a coma on Mother's Day and passed shortly after my arrival...She only went into the hospital to have a tiny diabetic sore treated and it was supposed to be a brief stay....You are right--you never know how much time you have so make it count and spend it wisely....what a great song that will be for so many of us...."Grace" lyrics are beautiful and flowing too....

Am very excited about the songs you may bring us....Hope you are safe in LA and having success with the demos....will wait patiently for your next update.....

Oh, and thanks for thinking of me, Chris, when you said you were going to leave the Blog open.....I did sign up for an account, but for whatever reason, it will not allow me to post here after log forces me to "anon or other" so I stick with Deb in TN so you will recogize me.....having said that, please know that I would never say anything unkind on your blog so any anons out there, don't get any brilliant ideas....I think you all know me by now and know I love Chris....just stating that for the record proudly...

Would someone please post the link to Amanda's site again...I can't find it...I'd like to send her a note if I may....thanks!

Again, Chris..everyone in Cali, stay safe.

Cathy Storms said...

I thought I'd give a fire update from here in San Diego. The fire that is closest (really close) to us is the witch fire. It has burned 145,000 acres, 500 homes destroyed with countless others damaged. Approx 200,000 people evacuated. All my loved ones are present & accounted for except my husband who is still out working in the fire area.
Keep us in your prayers as the fire is 0 percent contained.

Anonymous said...

I heard about the fires. I'll keep your family in mind!

The world series starts on wednesday night so..

Rockies or Redsox?

I'm rooting for the Rockies. This is only their 2nd trip to the post season and their first time in the world series.

rosalee said...

Deb -

Here's Amanda's site:

GirlyGirl45 said...

did I say you were on fiyah before?? good grief, I can't even keep up with all your demos, much less the agent meets, thoughts of acting, screenplays, etc., etc.

Thanks for putting up the demos. there are many that I like. You and your collaborators are gifted in writing catchy tunes. Many of them stay in my head after just one listen. I like Potential. I'm not keen on To the World, not because of the music but because it's just a little too Jesus for me, but that's why I appreciate your putting up a demo. Many of your fans here will be cheering that on and saying "Finally!" So, something for everybody. If I get a CD, there's always the skip button. But overall, the demos are making me consider buying.

Deb in TN said...

Rosalee, thank you.