Saturday, December 09, 2006

Major Musical Influences

Adam Duritz - hands down, my favorite writer. Everything he writes is great.
Bryan Adams - I know, everybody thinks he's cheesy, right? Well, screw you! The guy wrote hit after hit after hit...and his voice is freaking incredible. What' s a guy to do? He wrote some cheesy ballads, but they really were great songs.
Bob Dylan - well, of course. It took me a while to get past his voice, but I have fallen in love of late.
Paul McCartney - I'm a huge Beatles fan, though it did take me a while. Lennon's songwriting is good, but I think McCartney was the one who walked the fine line of making art and making great music the best.
John Mayer - I think of all the young songwriters, his stuff is the best. There are certain songs of his that just
send me into a different stratosphere.
Ben Folds - He's as close to Adam Duritz as anyone can get. I think his songwriting is remarkable.
Ryan Adams - His Gold album was incredible. The stuff since has been okay, but he is a great songwriter.
Sheryl Crow - the one chick who I will listen to and enjoy. And she's a darn good songwriter.

Muse - these guys rock my face off with their remarkable playing, songwriting and arrangements. Radiohead Light, my butt.
MuteMath - This is probably my favorite band right now. All of their music brims with creativity and they are never satisfied with normal instrumentation. I love how they take known sounds and make them almost unidentifiable. And their use of the key-tar definitely puts them high on my list. One of the best bands I've ever seen live, by the way.
Switchfoot - I love these guys. One day, I hope to tour with them. They are some of my favorite musicians and I love what they stand for. And Jon Foreman is one of my favorite songwriters.
The Afters - These guys are going to be freaking huge next year. They just signed a deal with Columbia and I hope they get a huge push. They're great songwriters and they are great musicians.
needtobreathe - a favorite new band. They're from around here, too, so I give them props. But, really, I listened to their CD almost non-stop after it came out.


susieq3c said...

I love switchfoot, too, and I've always thought that Jon Foreman doesn't get the recognition he deserves for songwriting. Lyrically, he's amazing. Saw them live at HOB in Myrtle Beach WITH Mutemath last year. Awesome time.

Jason Sperske said...

Saw your nod to Adam Duritz, and I 100% agree. I have seen Counting Crows live several time, followed their solo work (met a few of them) and even started a company just so I can one day meet Adam in person (I'm not kidding on that one by the way, Radio Mixtape really was stared for just that purpose, it just happens to also be successful on it's own, weird eh?) Good luck in American Idol, my wife and I are rooting for you!

Elise said...

It's hard to pick a favorite Beatle... but I'm with you on McCartney. He's a theglassishalffull kind of guy, which drives his music and makes it infectious. But Lennon does deserve props... Working Class Hero is one of my favorite songs ever.

shadow25 said...

Hey....I love Bryan Adams. I hate it when people say its cheesy!. He's really great.

Anonymous said...

I prefer Lennon over Paul in terms of songwriting just because he's more edgier and more political-y whereas Paul is more about love, sweet love or whatever. Even in his voice. But that's probably a matter of taste as opposed to skillz. Some people prefer their skillz with s's at the end. That kind of thing.

joe said...

ah you like needtobreathe too? theyre awesome. i discovered them about a year ago, and loved them ever since