Friday, November 10, 2006

Recording Blog 5 (November 9)

Well, it's down to crunch time. We wanted to have the album done by this time, but we just didn't have enough man-hours to get 'r' done, so to speak. But last night we did get a LOT of work done.

The way that we recorded bass parts was to record them straight into system "direct" and then once we had a decent track, then we would route the track out to the bass amp and record the "live" sound off the speaker cabinet. This works out well because bass tracks, like a lot of musical stuff, take a long time and can be very, very loud, making the house rattle as you try to get that one section just right. We came up with this system, because you can record and re-record and re-record direct and not have to have a lot of sound. Then, once we have several bass tracks, we'll drop them all at one time to the bass, we have a shorter time rattling the house.

Anyway, we had a few songs left that we had to drop the bass for, including several of the instrumental tracks that we had been working on. So, we started off by dropping those. Then, we listened to several songs and decided if they were truly done or not. Unfortunately we listened to Naive and we realized that my vocal really kind of sucked. So, that would be on our list for the night.

Adam went and picked up his wife from work and they came back and we unveiled some of the songs for the first time to her, and she was duly impressed. Songs that she didn't like from the demos finally made understand why we liked them in the first place - Closer being the prime example...that one has made leaps and bounds.

After we listened to some stuff, we then headed out to get some food. Mmmm...Zaxby's makes Chris happy.

We came back with bellies full and got right down to vocals. My voice felt pretty good, so I thought we might get a couple of vocals done. We started off with Somewhere and we got off to a pretty good start. I nailed the choruses and then moved onto the verses. Unfortunately the verses didn't go as good. For some reason (and I've heard other vocalist do this, too) I will nail parts of the song, then have 1 line that I can't seem to sing right. There was one line in Somewhere that I took like 5 takes to do whereas the rest of the song was 1-2 takes. Oh, well. We finished that pretty quickly.

When we moved on to Need pretty much the same thing happened. I nailed the choruses then had 1 line that took me way too many takes to nail. However, I finally got it down.

After we finished, I realized that my voice still felt pretty good. Usually, I am only able to get 2 vocals a day just because after singing as hard I do my voice is ragged. But for some reason my voice felt really good, so we decided to try to get Naive and I actually nailed it. I was really happy.

So, the album is basically done...I just have 5 more vocals to pull off and it will be done and ready to move on to mixing. Happy days!


Raffy said...

Hey there, just ran into your blog and I'm surprised that it doesn't seem to have wide readership (based on the number of comments / inbound links.) This raises a couple of questions that I'd like to pose, whether they achieve a response or not:

Has life-as-you-knew-it totally exploded since your first appearance on Idol? Do you realize that it probably will - that you will be under a lot of scrutiny and subject to much inquiry in the near future? Lastly, do you consider yourself famous yet? Because if not, you should know that you will be very soon. Just wondering what all this might "feel like."

natalie said...

Thanks for sharing your story! I'll be following you... Best of luck!